2920 Sleep Mattress Review

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The 2920 Sleep Mattress is a high quality, all foam mattress that has been designed to address the leading causes of poor sleep.

It provides topnotch comfort, great support, good motion isolation, long lasting durability and a cool sleeping surface.

The mattress is presented in a medium-firm level of firmness which is preferred by the majority of sleepers and provides a comfortable sleeping surface for almost all types of sleepers.


  • Great value for the money – get Queen for just $945  with our coupon SLEEP50
  • Made in the USA
  • 100 Night risk-free trial, with 100% money back guarantee


  • Slight new mattress smell

Full 2920 Sleep Mattress Review

The 2920 Sleep Mattress is a product of the company 2920 Sleep, a recently formed company that is committed to providing quality sleep products for a better sleep for its customers.

The objective behind deigning and developing the 2920 Sleep Mattress is providing a bed to the people that is a solution to the most common causes of poor sleep.

The 2920 Mattress provides utmost comfort, great support, pressure relief, temperature regulation and minimum motion disturbance which helps in fulfilling the objective of the company and delivering a great sleep night after night.

What type of Mattress is the 2920 Sleep?

The 2920 Sleep Mattress is an all foam, bed in a box mattress that has been developed after researching for more than 2 years to achieve a mattress that has all the best attributes required for a deep, restful sleep.

The company uses high quality, exclusive foam layers that are laboratory-tested to provide a durable and a long lasting mattress that presents a balanced level of comfort and support for almost all types of sleepers.

The company has labeled the 2920 Sleep Mattress as “the internet’s most supportive mattress” on their website as it provides an excellent level of support.

How Firm is it?

The 2920 Sleep Mattress has been designed and developed to provide a level of firmness which is ideal for the majority of sleepers and can provide a comfortable sleep to almost all types of sleepers.

the 2920 mattress from the side

The 2920 Sleep Mattress is presented with a medium-firm level of firmness which is about a 6 on the firmness scale, 10 being the firmest.

The mattress is neither too soft nor too firm and sits right in the middle of the both.

In addition to this, it provides plenty of support for the stomach sleepers. proper spinal alignment for back sleepers and good contour and pressure relief for side sleepers.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

The 2920 Sleep is a 10 inch, all foam mattress constructed using 4 different superior quality foam layers to provide an unmatched level of comfort and support.

  1. section of the mattressThe top layer of the 2920 mattress comprises of a 2 inch layer of new generation foam. This layer has millions of micro air coils which help in dissipating heat and keeping the mattress cool. This layer also contours according to the body shape and provides great pressure relief as well as motion control.
  2. The second layer consists of a 1 inch of premium foam layer. This layer provides the best qualities of latex and memory foam in a single layer. Additionally, it makes the mattress highly comfortable and enhances the support level.
  3. The third layer is made up of a 5.5 inch of high density support layer. This layer acts as the core of the mattress and provides the overall support to the body as well as to the mattress.
  4. The fourth layer consists of a 1.5 inch of edge-to-edge base layer that provides support on each corner and side of the mattress as well as provides a larger sleeping surface to the customers.

All of the above layers are wrapped in a fire-protection sock to meet the fire safety standards and avoid the use of dangerous chemicals. They are further covered with an elegantly designed mattress cover.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The 2920 Sleep Mattress much like other all foam mattresses performs well in the motion transfer and sinkage tests.

The company has focused on the issue of motion transfer as it is one of the major causes of poor sleep and has designed the mattress using foam layers that limit the motion transfer by absorbing it and confining it to a particular area.

The mattress provides a great level of support which helps in providing an accurate amount of sinkage, and it does not give the feeling of sinking in or being stuck in the mattress.

The base layer of the mattress provides edge-to-edge support which helps in providing a larger sleeping surface and support at the sides as well.

Does the 2920 Sleep Mattress Sleep Hot?

The 2920 Sleep Mattress has been specially designed to provide comfortable sleeping temperatures to the customers and therefore does not sleep hot at all.

The cover of the mattress uses an adaptive temperature control technology which helps you sleep cool and dry.

The new generation foam at the top also helps in dissipating the heat and providing comfortable sleeping temperatures as it has millions of micro air coils.

Does it Have any Smell?

CertiPUR-US logo

The 2920 Sleep Mattress does have a little new mattress smell initially when it is first unpacked which is common amongst boxed mattresses.

However, this smell disappears in a few days as the mattress is allowed to air and cannot be felt once it dissipates completely.

All the foam layers used in the 2920 Sleep Mattress are CertiPUR-US certified which means no harmful or hazardous products have been used in the construction process of the mattress.

Does it Require a Foundation?

Consumers are not required to purchase a special or specific type of foundation for their 2920 Sleep Mattress and can rather use the mattress on any flat and firm foundation provided that the mattress gets proper support.

The mattress can be used on a box spring, a metal frame with foundation, a firm platform base, and even a slatted base with slats thick enough to support the mattress.

The foam layers of the mattress are flexible which allow it to perform equally well on an adjustable base.

The 2920 Sleep mattress can also be directly placed on the floor, in case you do not have an old foundation and do not wish to buy a new one.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the area should not be prone to moisture as it may harm the cover and the foam layers of the mattress.

What type of Cover Does it Have?

The cover of the 2920 Sleep Mattress is made out of a high-end Belgian fabric blend that combines polyester, viscose, and Lycra.

the mattress coverThe cover also has an adaptive temperature control technology which helps to wick away moisture and keep the mattress cool. This technology is usually used in sports apparel.

The design of the cover looks appealing and it has a nice stretch which helps it to fit well on to the mattress.

In addition to this, the cover has a zipper and can be easily removed for washing and cleansing.

What is the best way to Care for the 2920 Sleep Mattress?

It is very easy to care for the 2920 Sleep Mattress, all you need to do is follow these steps:

The mattress should be rotated from head to toe as per schedule to ensure even wear over the lifetime of the mattress. It should be rotated every month during the first six months and then it should be rotated once after every 6 six months.

In case of small stains on the cover, the spot cleaning method is recommended using a sponge and a mild detergent. However, you must not use any harsh chemicals or bleach.

In case the cover gets too dirty, just unzip the cover, hand-wash it in cold water, and air dry to avoid any shrinkage. The cover should not be machine washed or tumble dried.

A mattress protector can also be used but it is not recommended as it may change the feeling of the bed.

A heating pad can also be used with the mattress but make sure it is set on the medium setting and not too hot as this may damage the foam layers.

What about Durability?

The 2920 Sleep Mattress is quite durable and has a long lasting life as the foams used in the mattress are of superior quality and the company uses the best quality materials in the construction process.

The mattress is completely manufactured in the US which ensures that the highest quality products and materials have been used in manufacturing the mattress.

The company also ensures that the product will last for a long time by passing the mattress through a rigorous independent testing and providing a 10 years warranty with the product.

Size and Shipping

The 2920 Sleep Mattress is available in a number of sizes:

  • the 2920 sleep shipping boxTwin size: 39in x 75in x 10in
  • Twin XL size: 39in x 80in x 10in
  • Full size: 54in x 75in x 10in
  • Queen size: 60in x 80in x 10in
  • King size: 76in x 80in x 10in
  • CAL king size: 72in x 84in x 10in

The company provides free shipping within the continental USA, Hawaii, and Alaska via UPS.

It ships the mattress within 24 hours of receiving the order and it will reach to you in about 3 to 5 business days depending on your location.

The 2920 Sleep mattress comes packed in a cardboard box and is very easy to set-up. All you need to do is slide out the mattress from the box, onto the foundation or floor, unroll it from the wrap, cut open the plastic wrapping, and the mattress will start to expand immediately.

The mattress will take about 2 to 3 hours to expand about 80% of its actual shape and will completely decompress in about 12 to 24 hours.

100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

The company believes in the quality of its product and therefore offers a 100 night risk-free trial with the 2920 Sleep Mattress.

The company suggests on using the mattress for at least 45 nights before making a decision as it takes some time for the body to adapt to new comfort levels.

In case a purchaser feels, for any reason, that they are not satisfied with their 2920 Sleep Mattress within the first 100 nights from the date of delivery, they can simply contact the company.

The company will pick up the mattress and will either donate it or recycle it to minimize the impact on the planet.

Once picked up, the company will refund all your money paid at the time of purchase and deduct an Environment First Return fee of $99 to minimize environmental and landfill impact.


The 2920 Sleep Mattress comes backed up with a 10 years limited warranty.

The warranty begins from the date of purchase and is only applicable for the original purchaser of the 2920 Sleep Mattress who has purchased the mattress directly from 2920 Sleep or an authorized distributor.

However, it cannot be transferred if the mattress is sold or gifted further.

In case you face any defects in the manufacturing or the craftsmanship of the mattress, you can simply contact the company and they will at their option either repair or replace the mattress. Shipping costs required to return your mattress will be paid by the company.

You can also get the mattress upgraded in the warranty period by paying the difference amount between the two mattresses. The upgraded mattress will come with a new 10 years warranty.

Shipping costs associated with shipping the replaced or repaired mattresses will be the responsibility of the customer.

How much does the 2920 Sleep Mattress Cost?

The 2920 Sleep Mattress ranges in prices from $600 to $1,150. The prices will vary depending on the size you choose.

  • Twin – $600
  • Twin XL – $675
  • Full – $850
  • Queen – $945 with our coupon SLEEP50
  • King- $1,150
  • Cal King- $1,150

The 2920 Sleep Mattress has a quite reasonable price as compared to its competitors and is rated above average in this price range category.

Our coupon SLEEP50 gives you $50 off of any size!

2920 Sleep Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The 2920 Sleep Mattress is a premium quality all foam mattress that provides a comfortable and relaxing sleep to almost all types of sleepers with its medium-firm level of firmness.

the 2920 sleep mattress reviewed from the frontThis mattress is designed to overcome all the leading causes of poor sleep and provide a deep, restful sleep to its customers.

It not only provides great comfort and support but also resolves the issue of motion disturbance, temperature regulation, and durability.

The cover of the 2920 Sleep Mattress has been specially designed with an adaptive temperature control technology which is also used in sports apparel, to provide a cool and a dry sleeping surface.

The company provides a 10 years warranty, 100 night risk-free, and 100% money back guarantee with the mattress which further adds to the list of features and benefits of the mattress.

Furthermore, the company offers the mattress at very affordable prices and it is priced lower than most of its competitors.

Overall, the 2920 Sleep Mattress is a great value for money product and is a great option to consider if you are seeking a new all foam mattress that is highly comfortable and durable.