Full Casper Adjustable Bed Review

The Casper Adjustable Bed Frame is a good choice for anybody who wants to be able to easily adjust their sleeping position.

If you already have an all-foam bed from Casper or another manufacturer, then this might be the perfect base for you to complete your bed.

Using a remote control and an internal system of motors which effortlessly moves your bed frame into your desired position within seconds, this is a very easy bed frame to use. 

With the ability to easily adjust the head, neck, and feet positions with the touch of a button, this is a great product for helping you boost comfort and alleviate pain.

What is the Casper Adjustable Bed Frame?

The Casper Adjustable Bed Frame with a pillow and blanket elevatedTo be clear, this is not a mattress. This is a bed base which is designed to hold your mattress.

You will need to already have a foam mattress ready in order to use this product.

This product is a great option for anybody who cannot or will not sleep flat on a foam mattress, and instead want a little more customization.

Featuring a pretty reasonable price, durable build, and simple functionality, this is a great option for anybody seeking a nice bed frame for a foam bed. 

Remote Control and Internal Motors

In order to adjust your position on some of the classic adjustable bases meant that you would manually have to adjust the position of your head and toes.

Using a system of gears where you manually detach move and then lock in your bed base into the position you want, this was a hard and strenuous system. 

There is some good news with this product, though.

Since it comes with a remote control and a system of internal motors which adjust your bed position, it is very simple to adjust this mattress base. 

This makes this a great option for elderly folks who do not have the energy to manually adjust their bed base or those who simply don’t want to put forth the effort. 

Works with Foam Mattresses

As we have tried to make clear, you will not be able to use the Casper Adjustable Bed Base unless you already have a foam mattress.

Unlike some other adjustable bases, this one is not designed to work with many different types of bed.

If you have a mattress made with something like latex or memory foam, though, this base will work well for your needs.

Easily Adjusts to Many Sleeping Positions

This is the most popular reason why people want to get an adjustable base in the first placeClose-up of the texture on the The Casper Adjustable Bed Frame

Offering the ability to easily adjust both the head and feet positions, all you need to do is touch a button in order to adjust your sleeping position.

Tilting Positions & Benefits:

  1. Independent head positioning
  2. Independent feet positioning
  3. Zero-gravity & pain relief

One of the most popular positions that you can do with this product is the zero-gravity sleeping position.

To do this, simply elevate your legs above your head using the remote control. 

Usually, you will also slightly raise your head up while in this position to be more comfortable.

Acid Reflux & Snoring Benefits

There have been various studies which assert that your sleeping position can have an effect on acid reflux and snoring problems. 

Accordingly, those who have problems like these are common candidates for getting a nice adjustable base like this one.

Since both snoring and acid reflux can be calmed down with the proper use of an adjustable base, a product like this is a great way to add in some extra relief.

By elevating the head and torso, many people have noticed relief from snoring and acid reflux symptoms by using an adjustable base.

Pain Relief and Other Bodily Benefits

A split Casper Adjustable Bed Frame with pillows and blanketsIf you have a problem like back pain, sleeping can easily turn into a stressful part of the day. 

Life is already hard enough when we have to sleep without back problems. 

Those who have back problems, then, should do everything in their power to have a comfortable night’s sleep each time.

one of the best ways to do this is to get a mattress base like this one which you can use to customize and fine-tune your position perfectly until your back is comfortable. 

Casper Adjustable Bed Frame Durability

This bed is made with high-quality and durable parts that will easily stand the test of time.

With solid wood, steel, foam and woven fabric parts making up the materials of this product, it is made to be both strong and attractive.

There is also 20-year limited warranty that comes included with each Casper Adjustable Bed Frame.

How is it Delivered?

Anybody who lives in the mainland United States will be able to receive the Casper Adjustable Bed Frame without paying a dime the The Casper Adjustable Bed Frame viewed from the sideextra for shipping and handling.

However, if you live in places like Alaska or Hawaii you will need to chip in a little extra to pay for shipping.

Those who live along the Southern border of Canada in one of the major urban hubs can also receive free shipping and handling with this product.

Those who live in upper-Canada in places like the Yukon, Northwest Territory, and so on will need to pay extra charges for shipping.

Very Easy to Assemble Out-of-Box

The Casper Adjustable Bed Frame with a pillow and blanketOnce you receive your Casper Adjustable Bed Frame, you will need to do some basic installation.

The good news is that everything you need to assemble your bed frame is included right in the box.

Typically, even those who have no idea what they are doing will be able to set up their bed frame within an hour or two. 

All screws and necessary tools are included.

You won’t need to purchase any separate parts to get your bed frame set up out of the box.

How Much Does the Casper Adjustable Bed Cost?

This is the most affordable bed frame from Casper. 

This doesn’t mean that you won’t need to budget a little cash in order to afford this mattress base, though.

As we write, these are the best available prices:

As with other mattress products, the larger the size you want the more that you will need to pay. 

Casper Adjustable Bed Review – Our Verdict

As a whole, this is a great option for anybody who wants the ability to easily adjust their sleeping position.

Especially those who suffer from problems like excessive snoring, acid reflux, and/or back pain. 

Since this product includes a remote control and internal motors for easy position adjustment, you will never have a difficult time adjusting your sleeping position ever again!

The Casper Adjustable Bed Frame comes with a 20-year warranty and works great with any sort of foam mattress.

Although this model is a little more affordable than we typically find in other adjustable bases like this one ($1,095 for Queen), it will still be out of many peoples’ budgets. 

If you want to see some other options, make sure to check out the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base!

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Updated at September 5, 2021