Full Casper Adjustable Pro Bed Frame Review

The Casper Adjustable Pro Bed Frame stands out from other similar bed frames due to its nice features and design. 

For this reason, though, this product is also a tad more expensive than your typical bed frame.

If want you want is one of the best adjustable bed frames on the market, though, this is also a great option to consider.

If you have been seeking a nice adjustable bed which comes with all the bells and whistles, so to speak, this might be the best option for you to consider.

What is the Casper Adjustable Pro Bed Frame?

View of the Casper Adjustable Pro with head tilted up

This product is a high-quality adjustable bed frame and nicer than the other adjustable bed frames since it comes with many different premium features. 

Coming with a remote control, you can easily adjust your body position, give yourself a massage, and even charge your USB devices in bed.

As a whole, this is a premium adjustable bed frame which is a great choice for anybody who doesn’t want to settle for anything less than one of the best bed frames around.

When paired with an all-foam mattress, this adjustable bed frame can help you experience optimum comfort and pain relief. 

Full Body Motor Adjustability

This adjustable base simply wouldn’t be worth the investment if there weren’t advanced features such as an internal system of motors and a remote control.

To adjust your position in bed, all that you need to do is tap a button.

The motors are designed to allow adjustability for both your legs and head.

If you want a zero-gravity position (which is great for back pain relief), move your legs up past your head. 

View of the split-king Casper Adjustable Pro

Massage Functionality

Have you ever dreamed of getting a free massage in bed every night?

With the Casper Adjustable Pro Bed Frame, this doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. 

This bed features a built-in massage system which works at both the top and at the base of the mattress base.

The massage can come in three different potential intensities and can be turned on and off easily using the included remote control.

Pain Relief and Bodily Benefits

Adjustable bases like this Casper Adjustable Pro and the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base both are great for assisting those with problems such as back pain. 

In addition, having an adjustable base like this one can also help you with common problems like acid reflux and snoring. 

To do this, the most common position to use is the zero-gravity position which puts your legs above your head.

Features which offer relief from bodily pain like this product has been one of the most typical reasons that people will try to find a high-quality adjustable bed frame in the first place.

Wall-Hugging Design

View of the Casper Adjustable Pro in zero-gravity

It is a common problem for people that use an adjustable base to encounter problems with space. 

Due to the nature of products such as the Casper Adjustable Pro, the adjustability features aren’t always designed with the idea of saving space in mind. 

This is because the motors don’t always adjust your position in a manner which also conserves space. 

Since this product has a wall-hugging design, though, it is designed to adjust its position without wasting any of your precious room space. 

USB Chargers on the Sides

Having plenty of power for your tablet and smartphone, as an example, is a reason why people love the USB chargers included in this product. 

These USB plugs are powered by your power outlet and don’t require a separate adapter other than your USB cable for you to plug and charge.

There are also USB ports located on both sides of the base, making it so both partners who share the bed will be able to access their own power. 

Adjustability Settings

In order to know what to expect with the Casper Adjustable Pro Bed Frame, let’s go ahead and explore what the adjustability

View of the Casper Adjustable Pro with split mattresses

settings look like. 

The maximum height setting for this adjustable is 16.3-inches, leaving you more than enough room to find your own custom settings.

Tilting Positions & Benefits:

  1. Custom head position
  2. Custom feet position
  3. 16.3-inch max height
  4. 3, 6, 9, or 12-inch leg height settings

The legs have four different adjustability settings which can raise your legs up 3 – 12 inches in the air.

In order to experience the zero-gravity settings, raise your legs up to the 9 or 12-inch settings. 

Programmable Memory Settings

Once you find the settings which really help add convenience to the user is that there are memory presets that can create and program with your remote.

Once you find the position that you are most comfortable in, simply add it into your memory settings and you can instantly recall it later on with the tap of a button!

Since it can become a chore to manually set up your adjustable frame into the perfect position each night, memory positions will help you save time and effort on your way to sleep.

View of the Casper Adjustable Pro frame

Casper Adjustable Pro Bed Frame Durability

One of the best reasons to et the Casper Adjustable Pro Bed Base is that you can count on getting your money’s worth. 

Especially in terms of the durability of this product. 

This base is constructed using strong materials like steel and wood. 

For an aesthetic touch, there are also various fabrics knitted into the base to make it both attractive and high-quality. 

How is it Delivered?

Typically, once an order is processed, our friends over at Casper are attentive and will start the shipping process right away.

Best of all, those who live in the mainland United States won’t have a pay a dime extra for shipping.

The same goes for those who live near the Northern border of the United States, in the lower portion of Canada.

However, those who live in places like Alaska, Hawaii, or any other location will need to pay extra shipping and handling charges. 

Free Home Installation

One of the main perks to getting the Casper Adjustable Pro Bed Frame is that you won’t’ actually have to install the adjustable base by yourself. 

That’s right, you can just sit back and relax while a technician handles everything for you.

You can leave the screwdriver and hammer in the garage. 

Elderly folks and those who have bodily problems which might otherwise inhibit them from installing the base on their own tend to see this as a top selling point. 

How Much Does the Casper Adjustable Pro Bed Frame Cost?

View of the Casper Adjustable Pro without a mattress

If you want to get a high-quality adjustable bed frame like this one, you will need to spend the extra funds.

Here is the current price list:

The price of your adjustable bed frame will go up as the size increases.

If you purchase a Casper bed frame, you can receive 20% off of a mattress on the same order.

Casper Adjustable Pro Bed Frame Review – Our Verdict

The Casper Adjustable Pro Bed Frame comes with premium features and a price which accurately reflects the quality of the product. 

If you have the extra budget, then, this is a wonderful adjustable base for you to consider.

With the ability to fight problems such as back pain, acid reflux, and snoring, having an adjustable bed frame like this can be very beneficial.

There are also premium motor remote control and massage features which help make this a premium bed frame which is worth the extra cash.

If you want a model which is a little more affordable, be sure to check out the standard Casper Adjustable Bed Frame.

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Updated at September 5, 2021