Complete IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base Review

When it comes to getting the perfect mattress, products like the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base can help create the perfect sleeping environment.

This is especially true when we look at the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base.

With the ability to easily customize your sleeping position with the push of a button, the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base is designed to provide the optimum experience for IDLE mattress users.

Those who have snoring, acid reflux, and back pain problems are some of the most common candidates for receiving the relief that the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base can provide.

Those who use electronic devices in bed love that this adjustable base contains dual USB charging ports conveniently located on both sides of the base.

If you have been searching for a premium adjustable base for your mattress, this model from IDLE Sleep may suit your needs perfectly.

What is the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base?

the idle sleep adjustable base with a mattress on top viewed from the side

When you purchase a mattress, one of the first things that you need to ensure is that you have a place to set it down safely.

The IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base stands out from among other mattress bases out for its versatility and modern set of features.

In addition to being an adjustable base for both head and feet positioning, this product can also charge your electronic devices.

Once you find the incline and decline settings which you like the most, you can save them into your own preset memory settings.

Superior Weight Capacity

Each mattress base is designed to hold weights between 500 – 100 pounds.

As a comparison, the IDLE Sleep Budget mattress base can only support weights up to 650 pounds.

As a result, being able to hold a mattress and two average-sized people is very easy for this mattress base to do.

Keep in mind that the weight capacity of an adjustable base like this also needs to account for the mattress weight.

Works With Any IDLE Sleep Mattress

The IDLE Seep adjustable base from an angle

Since mattresses from IDLE Sleep all work flawlessly with this adjustable base, many people who already own one of these mattresses see this as a great add-on to consider.

This product works really great with IDLE Sleep mattresses such as the IDLE Sleep Latex, IDLE Sleep Hybrid, and IDLE Sleep All-Foam.

Those with King size mattresses can take advantage of a particularly nice feature. By using two separate Twin XL adjustable bases, two partners can share a bed and independently adjust their positions.

Those who use a Queen mattress adjustable base, though, will have to purchase a one-piece adjustable base. 

USB Charging Stations on Both Sides

the idle sleep adjustable base without a mattress viewed from the frontOne of the nicest features that come with getting a premium mattress base like the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base is that you can access USB ports on both sides of your bed. 

While you are getting ready for bed, you can plug in all of your devices and make sure they are fully charged by the morning.

This is especially nice since it doesn’t require any separate power strips or adapters for you to access USB ports to power devices such as a Kindle, tablet, and smartphone.

Can Easily Adjust Sleeping Positions

One of the primary reasons people get the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base is because of the user’s ability to easily adjust their own sleeping position.

Outside of having an easy ability to watch TV in bed, many people find products like this to be necessary for getting into a perfect sleeping position.

Tilting Positions & Benefits:

  1. Independent head incline from 0 – 60°
  2. Foot incline between 0 – 45°
  3. Can help with acid reflux & snoring

Since you can adjust both the head and feet position using this adjustable base, anybody with the right mattress can depend on getting a perfect position every night. 

Typically, those who use the head and feet incline or declines won’t need to extend past the maximum settings, as the IDLE Sleep Adjustable base offers plenty of adjustable space.

Wireless Remote for Adjusting Position

the idle sleep adjustable base remote control

In order to access the adjustable settings, you don’t have to move out of bed.

This adjustable base comes with a remote control that can adjust your sleeping position to perfection.

In addition to helping you program your incline and decline settings, the remote can be used as a flashlight.

Batteries come included for the remote. 

Programmable Memory Settings

Often times, those who use an adjustable base like this one will play around with the settings for a while until they find the sleeping position

which works the best.

Since this adjustable base allows you to save sleeping positions into the device memory, once you find your ideal position you can adjust to it instantly.

Acid Reflux & Snoring Benefits

the idle sleep adjustable base with a mattress on top viewed from the front

Tests have demonstrated that your sleeping position can have an effect on acid reflux.

Scientists have also recognized that being in a perfect position can also help tame snoring problems.

Although anybody should always take into account the opinion of their doctor beforehand, getting an adjustable base like this one can help you fight problems such as acid reflux and snoring.

Pain Relief and Other Bodily Benefits

One of the reasons that people will choose to get an adjustable base like this one is that it can help you sleep in perfect posture every night.

As you toy with the head and feet positions, you can quickly find the perfect position using your adjustable bed for supporting your entire your body.

When you raise your legs up past your head using the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base, you can simulate zero-gravity conditions.

For those who have lower back problems, the zero-gravity position is one of the best positions for pain relief.

IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base Durability

Outside of the fact that this product has a metal frame that is very difficult to break and ruin, this adjustable base also comes with a 10-year warranty.

This gives the customer some piece of mind that the adjustable base will at least last this long, as it can be quickly replaced within this time frame.

An adjustable base like this one is designed and built to last a lifetime. 

How is it Delivered?

Typically, shipping an adjustable base like this one can be pretty expensive.

Since this device has a folding hinge, shipping is a lot more affordable.

When an order is placed, it typically arrives within 10 business days. 

Keep in mind that unlike other IDLE products, this device does not come with a trial period or a return policy.

Very Easy to Assemble Out-of-Box

One of the biggest hassles with any sort of bed-related purchase can be the installation process.

This can be whether you are dragging a mattress up or down stairs, or in this case, assembling a metal mattress base. 

Thankfully, the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base is designed to be taken out of the box and be set up within 5 minutes.

How Much Does the Adjustable Base Cost?

Although this adjustable base clearly has many nice features and potential benefits, it does come at a pretty sizable cost. 

When you consider how durable the base is, though, purchasing an adjustable base like this can ensure a lifetime of comfortable sleep.

If you buy today, you can get a nice discount of $275 + 2 free pillows with our coupon PILLOWS, resulting in these low prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$1,150$875
Split King:$1,999$1,724

The Twin XL and Queen adjustable bases come in one-piece sets that will fit mattresses perfectly right on top.

Those with a King-sized mattress, though, really end up purchasing two separate TWIN XL adjustable bases.

This allows two people on a King mattress to have their own personal settings at the same time. 

Since the mattress base also has USB ports on both sides, two people will each have their own separate charging stations. 

IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base Review – Our Verdict

Here are some of the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base’s key features:

  • 500-1000 pound weight support
  • 10-year warranty period. 
  • USB charging ports on both sides
  • Wireless remote included
  • Memory settings
  • Acid reflux and snoring benefits

This mattress base helps you find a comfortable and painless position each night.

For the price ($1,025 for Queen Size), many see that this is worth the investment.

With the ability to control both the head and feet incline while in your mattress with a wireless remote, many people never go back after trying one of these adjustable bases out for the first time.

Due to its durability and overall high-quality, we see the IDLE Sleep Latex Adjustable Base as a great option for anybody who needs the extra sleeping position customization. 

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Updated at September 5, 2021