One complaint many consumers voice is that they cannot find the right pillow or mattress and no matter what they do, a good night’s rest cannot be had.

Many times the problem is quite simple: it isn’t the mattress, the pillow or their sleep position . . . it is the fact their bed foundation is inadequate!

The solution: get an adjustable base.

In this review we cover the Lineal Adjustable Base, a foundation alternative produced by the Saatva Company that allows the head, feet and knees to be positioned in virtually any angle for maximum comfort.

What Kind of Adjustable Bed is the Lineal?

The Lineal is an electrically powered adjustable base.

The head, feet and knees can be positioned independently so the user can find the proper sleep position.

People who enjoy reading, watching television, surfing the internet or other activities in bed will also love the Lineal to find that perfectly comfortable and relaxing position.

Does the Lineal Provide Good Motion Isolation?

The Lineal adjustable frame provides a level of motion isolation that is far superior to a traditional box spring or steel frame or wooden base.

Lady sitting on the Saatva Lineal Adjustable baseIt’s constructed using sustainable birch for the base, as it’s very durable.

The Whisper Quiet mechanisms are mounted under the base for noiseless adjustments.

It is important to remember that the foundation is just one part of motion isolation with the other being a mattress that has a good motion isolation design.

When a mattress is properly supported, it can use all of its springs or other features to provide motion isolation.

This means mattress selection is critical because the foundation will make the mattress perform as designed.

So with the Lineal, it is important to choose a high quality mattress with excellent motion isolation to get the maximum benefit from the foundation.

Does this Adjustable Bed Come in Split and Single Bases? Why is this Important?

The Lineal is available in both split and single bases for a variety of mattress sizes.

A split adjustable base is important for users sleeping with partners, as an individual’s personal sleep Saatva Lineal Split basesposition preference typically differs from their partners.

A person who likes to sleep with their head angled up or with their legs elevated might have a partner with different desired sleep position, which would make the base a burden for both.

The Lineal split adjustable base allows for each person to select their own sleep position without disturbing the other.

The base can be moved silently and without disturbing a partner, a tremendous benefit for people who like to change positions throughout the night.

How do I Control the Lineal Adjustable Bed? Are There Preset Positions?

The Lineal remote is elegantGlide the Lineal into position using the Lineal one-touch remote control.

As you can see from this picture, the remote has an elegant design and operates wirelessly, as opposed to most other brands offering control devices connected with a cord.

Elevate the head and feet individually and ease into any position with one tap.

The back-lit remote includes a preset mode, three customized settings, and a button for features like under-bed lighting and massage.

Split bases, for example a split king base, will come with two remotes, so both sleeping partners can adjust the Lineal to their preferred settings.

Can I Fit a Decorative Frame Around the Lineal or Use a Headboard?

The Lineal Adjustable Bed will fit inside most standard bed frames.

It can have a headboard, footboard and siderails.

The Saatva Lineal Adjustable Base from an angleThe legs adjust 6″ – 10″ to accommodate different frame styles.

If the frame is custom made, it may or may not fit, so make sure to take precise measurements before ordering.

All slats must be removed, as nothing should be under the Lineal.

Headboards can be mounted directly to the frame if desired.

Does the Lineal Come Pre-Assembled?

Lineal offers in-home delivery and installation.

Simply choose a room and the delivery team will set-up the Lineal Adjustable Frame for you.

What Other Features Does the Lineal Come With?

The Lineal comes with a gentle massage feature, with the choice between three speeds for head, foot, or full-body wave massage.

There is under-bed illumination that can be switched on via remote to avoid disturbing a partner.

The base legs can adjust 6”-10” to accommodate different frame styles. The total height can be adjusted from 14” to 18”.

There are sleek corner retainers to hold the mattress in place.

How Long Can I Expect the Lineal Adjustable Bed to Last?

the lineal's coverThe Lineal is the premium adjustable base offered by The Saatva Company and is expected to provide a lifetime of use.

The base is constructed from steel and covered with a durable, anti-microbial upholstery in Textured Granite.

The whisper-soft motors are high-quality that should continue to operate as designed for the lifespan of the base.

What Sizes Are Offered for the Lineal?

This platform comes in the standard US mattress sizes:

  • Twin – 39″ x 75″
  • Twin XL – 39″ x 80″
  • Full – 54″ x 75″
  • Queen – 60″ x 80″
  • Split King – 76″ x 80″
  • California King – 72″ x 84″

How Much Does the Lineal Adjustable Base Cost?

Prices vary according to the mattress size.

Queen Lineal base is priced at $1399.

The Split King is $2498 (comes in two Twin XL pieces either synced together for a King or split for use with two Twin XL mattresses).

What Kind of Warranty Does the Lineal Come With?

The Lineal comes with a 25-year warranty which includes full coverage for the first 5 years.

As warranty terms can change from time to time, remember to have a look at the Official Website before purchasing.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Lineal Adjustable Base?

We believe the Lineal Adjustable Base is a great platform that can sensibly improve the sleeping conditions of anybody, as long that a proper mattress is combined with it.

As we can’t find real negative points about this base, here is a summary of what we believe are the strongest qualities:

  • Lady lying on a mattressInfinitely adjustable head, knee and foot positions for optimum comfort
  • Split foundations provide motion isolation and desired sleep position for each partner
  • High quality construction for quiet operation and longevity
  • Can be inserted in decorative frame or used with any headboard yet looks appealing all by itself
  • User friendly remote to control every aspect of the foundation for each person

As with most adjustable bases, the mattress must be purchased separately. For a seamless experience, we suggest you buy a Saatva mattress and add this base during the mattress configuration.

Otherwise, have a look at our mattress guides for other interesting ideas.

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Updated at September 5, 2021