Full Purple PowerBase Review

The Purple PowerBase is another good adjustable base which boasts easily adjustability with the assistance of a remote control.

Purple has made a name for itself thanks to its widely successful Original Purple Mattress and the New Purple Mattress we reviewed some time ago.

In the meantime, the company released other successful products such as their pillows and a quality mattress protector.

view of the Purple PowerBase adjustment

Anybody who wants a nice adjustable base for their mattress has plenty of different options to consider

If you are still deciding whether or not an adjustable base is right for you, start by considering why you need one, and which features that you need the most. 

In many cases, people choose to get an adjustable base because they have back problems, snoring problems, acid reflux, and so on. 

The good news is that adjustable bases are great at countering problems like these.

The Purple PowerBase stands out for its potential benefits towards painless and higher quality sleep, along with various other bells and whistles which we will fully describe below.

What is the Purple PowerBase?

The Purple PowerBase is a nice adjustable base which allows you to adjust both the head and foot positioning.

If two partners want to share a Purple PowerBase, it can be purchased in a split-format which allows both of you your own customization.

This adjustable base offers a nice level of adjustability, and also has features such as massage functionality, under-bed lighting, USB chargers, and more. 

Since adjusting the mattress position sometimes causes the mattress to slip, this base also has a clipping mechanism to hold your mattress in place permanently and fight gravity from making it fall. 

Pain Relief and Sleep Benefits

Many people who want an adjustable base also have common problems which can affect your quality of sleep.

Full look at the Purple PowerBase with a mattress

This includes back pain, snoring, and acid reflux.

Various studies have determined that your sleeping position can actually help relieve symptoms for problems like this

As a result, anybody who wants an adjustable base to relieve pain and/or increase the quality of their sleep usually see good results with the Purple PowerBase. 

Adjust Foot and Head Position

This is the feature that people might be the most concerned with when they are shopping through adjustable mattress bases.

As long as your mattress is designed to work with an adjustable base, the Purple PowerBase is a great option to consider. 

Keep in mind, though, that certain mattresses (spring mattresses in particular) are not designed to be used with an adjustable base, and can ruin your mattress.

With the right mattress, you can even adjust your head and feet to make it so you sit upright.

The level of adjustability offered by the Purple PowerBase is very comparable to what we find when we compare it with other adjustable bases. 

Can Give You a Massage

There are few things more relaxing than to let off all the tension at the end of a hard day’s work and receive a massage. 

Now, if you purchase an adjustable base like the Purple PowerBase, you can receive a free massage whenever you want. Just pay electrical charges. 

Using the included remote control or mobile application, you can control turn the massage on or off at the touch of a button.

The massage can be done either on both the top half and bottom half of the bed and works really great when you pair this base with a mattress designed for an adjustable base. 

Under-Bed Lighting

View of the Purple PowerBase underbed lighting

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, get a drink of water, or something similar, and weren’t able to see?

If you don’t find a way to navigate quickly, you can easily find yourself completely awake and not able to fall back asleep.

There are many ways to counter this, from installing nightlights in wall outlets to having personal flashlights. 

Since this bed has built-in lighting underneath the bed, a simple touch of a button is all that you need to do to start walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

USB Chargers on the Sides

Many people like to charge their electronic devices while they are sleeping so that they are fully charged in time for their wake up call.

Since many devices these days are powered by USB cords, this mattress includes powered USB ports so that you can charge devices straight from your bed.

The USB ports are located on both sides of the bed, making it so that two partners who share a bed will be able to access their own ports. 

The catch here is that they aren’t power outlets, so certain devices will naturally not be able to plug into the mattress base.

Adjustability Settings

The level of adjustability that the Purple PowerBase offers is very consistent and comparable to other adjustable bases. 

Both the head and feet of your adjustable bed 0ffer the ability to move up and down into the position of your choosing. 

Tilting Positions & Benefits:

  1. Custom head position
  2. Custom feet position
  3. 8.25-inch max leg height
  4. Zero-Gravity and Anti-Snore Positions

A popular position for people to use in this position is to place your feet above your head. This is a zero-gravity position which is great for back pain. 

If you are more concerned with snoring, raise both your head and feet up to get into the anti-snore position of this adjustable bed.

Programmable Memory Settings

Once you get accustomed to using your Purple PowerBase you will quickly find yourself with a favorite set of positions, or one in particular that you like.

The good news is that you will never have to spend too much time getting back into your favorite position. 

Using the remote control or by connecting your phone to the mobile application, you can revert to preset memory settings whenever you wish. 

Purple PowerBase Durability

The Purple PowerBase contains parts which are designed to hold the test of time.

With certain exceptions (for fragile materials like fabric) and electronic components, this adjustable base is actually very hard to break.

This is probably why the 20-year limited warranty is included. 

Just keep in mind that certain components (like the electronic components) are not covered under the warranty for the full 20 years.

How is it Delivered?

The Purple PowerBase comes with free shipping.

That is, as long as you live in the mainland United States. 

If you live in a place like Alaska or Hawaii, you will typically need to pay a little bit extra to have your Purple PowerBase delivered to your door.

If you are concerned with your ability to install the base on your own (it comes in a box and needs installation), then you should take advantage of the White Glove Delivery, which includes installation.

How Much Does the Purple PowerBase Cost?

In order to get the Purple PowerBase, you will need to have a pretty nice budget at your disposal.

Style view of the Purple PowerBase

Due to the fact that this adjustable base is much more advanced than your typical box spring base, you should expect to pay the proper price.

This is the price list as of this review's date:

Since the Purple PowerBase also comes with a 20-year limited warranty that will cover any sort of factory defect.

Purple PowerBase Review – Our Verdict

The Purple PowerBase stands out as a good option for anybody who wants an adjustable mattress base which is great for back support and snoring. 

This mattress comes with various positions (including zero-gravity) where problems such as back pain, snoring, and acid reflux can all be relieved. 

It also offers other nice features such as the ability to give massages, under-bed lighting (for waking up in the middle of the night), USB chargers, mattress clipping, and a 20-year limited warranty for certain parts.

If you want to look at some other great adjustable base options, be sure to also check out the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base and the Nectar Sleep Adjustable Bed as they offer great value at a lower price.

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Updated at September 5, 2021