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The Alexander Signature hybrid mattress offers consumers an original blend of convoluted memory foam and pocketed coils within its five layers of innovative construction.

With its unique combination of innovative copper infused memory foam and high quality pocketed coils, the Alexander Signature is recognized by consumers as one of the most comfortable mattresses available today.


  • Good price - only $1,049 with $150 off coupon TED150
  • High quality
  • Five Layers of Convoluted Memory Foam and Pocketed Coils
  • 100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial


  • Some slight heat retention

Full Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

The Alexander Signature hybrid memory foam mattress is a luxury mattress that presents with a variety of unique and highly innovative features.

It’s made by Nest Bedding, a popular firm with a long history in the industry.

It is not only recognized for its extreme comfort but for its multiple, state of the art mattress features that have consumers all across the globe talking and raving.

It has five innovative layers consisting of a soft quilted cover, copper infused gel foam, Visco foam, and Smart Flow foam along with its Solid Edge Support Base Layer.

Also, with its three firmness levels, great back support, and its unique Thermic Fuse Change Cooling fabric, this mattress, according to our research, is quickly climbing the charts as one of the most sought after mattresses on the net.

What type of Mattress is the Alexander Signature Hybrid?

The Alexander Signature is a luxury hybrid memory foam mattress designed and developed for great ergonomic support, comfort, and consistent relief from pain. 

The multiple layers of innovative foam, measuring 12.5 inches in total thickness, not only deliver truly state of the art comfort and support, but also keep this mattress feeling and looking like new, year after year.

full view of the mattressThis hybrid mattress is designed with a soft quilted top layer of cooling fabric that provides a super comfy and appealing surface which is ergonomically supportive and far more breathable than typical memory foam.

In addition, the Alexander Signature provides support that extends to the edges of the mattress as well, and serves to accommodate sleepers of all sizes and weights.

Furthermore, data revealed that the Alexander Signature satisfies individual sleep needs by supporting all types of sleeping positions. 

How Firm is it?

Still further, setting the Alexander Signature apart from its competitors who present with the ‘one mattress for all’ model, is the fact that consumers can choose from three levels of firmness, soft, medium and firm.

This is yet another distinguishing feature of this innovative bedding coupled with its five unique layers of varied, innovative foams and pocketed coils that contribute to its overall popularity in the marketplace.

The innovative pocketed coil system used in the Alexander Signature supports weight all along the perimeter of the bed.

Regardless of where on the mattress you may find yourself sleeping, you will still enjoy complete support, while experiencing a noticeable bounce as well.

This hybrid mattress presents with a motion transfer rating that is much less than that of other coil/hybrid mattresses on the net making it, according to our data, highly favored by consumers.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

Quite a comfortable yet supportive mattress, the Alexander Signature is constructed with five different layers of varied foams and pocketed coils that easily mold and contour to your body.

Offering 12.5 inches of extreme comfort and coziness, this luxury mattress is well worth its value and is fast becoming a favored mattress of choice by consumers everywhere in search of a truly comfortable, supportive, and durable hybrid mattress.

the alexander hybrid mattress' sectionThe top layer, a soft quilted cover designed for comfort and cooling is 1.5 inches thick and provides a truly cool and comfortable sleeping surface.

While the second layer, constructed with 2 inches of Copper Infused Gel Memory Foam that successfully pulls heat away from the body, affords sleepers great ergonomic support.

The third layer, constructed with Visco Foam measures in at 2” and contributes to the high level of comfort and contour this hybrid mattress delivers.

The fourth layer constructed with a SmartFlow air flow system and 3 inches of thickness, is a transitional support poly foam with multiple breathable layers that provide maximum air flow.

Combined with the innovative Thermic Phase Change Cooling fabric, this Alexander Signature hybrid mattress is billed by many consumers, according to our research, as the ‘coolest’ of all beds.

The fifth and final layer is a Solid Edge Support Base Layer measuring in at 4 inches that easily accommodates and delivers support needed by sleepers of all sizes.

This layer of pocketed coils is designed to serve as the foundation for your Alexander Signature, while providing deep compression support, great bounce and an overall balanced feel as well.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The Alexander Signature goes above and beyond the norm when it comes to good bounce and motion transfer. It has a noticeable high level of bounce, but still presents with little motion transfer.

Despite movement in the night, individuals can still get a restful night of sleep and not be hindered by their partner’s movement.

Though it is not quite as good as an all foam mattress, it does deliver a very nice balance between both the bounce and the motion transfer.

With regard to sinkage, this state of the art hybrid mattress presented with a mere 1.5 to 4.0 inches of sinkage, depending upon whether sleeping on your back, your side, or your stomach, and whether you are sitting on the edge or standing in the middle of the mattress.

Keep in mind, however, that sinkage results will definitely vary from person to person depending upon body weight and type.

Does the Alexander Signature Hybrid Sleep Hot?

Our research revealed that most consumers found no issues with heat retention, though a slight number of owners did complain of bothersome and ongoing heat retention.

However, this number came in at a mere 15% and did not cause much concern to most owners.

Does it Have any Smell?

CertiPUR-US logoWhen you first take your Alexander Signature out of its packaging, there is a slight “new mattress” smell, and a slight bit of off-gassing resulting from the overall packaging process.

However, the smell dissipates in just a couple of days.

The Alexander Signature is an eco-friendly mattress.

All foams are Certi-PUR certified. and this USA made mattress is constructed with durable certified components that are built to last.

Does it Require a Foundation?

The Alexander Signature hybrid mattress requires a foundation or non-flexible slats with a center support. The company does not recommend the use of older style box springs.

It is best to keep your Alexander Signature Hybrid on a foundation that is breathable and has no flex. If you choose, however, to use non-flexible slats, be certain that they are no more than 4” apart.

What type of Cover does it have?

the nest bedding mattress reviewed from the topThe cover of the Alexander Signature is made of a blend of rayon (80%) and polyester (20%) with a polyurethane foam pad added to provide additional pressure relief and comfort.

This special blend also delivers great cooling and breathability as well. As for aesthetics, this cover is both fashionable and stylish.

A mix of blue and white colors all along the perimeter of the mattress and a modern floral design with a leafy pattern that is woven right into the cover, is every bit eye-catching as it is appealing.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Alexander Signature?

This hybrid mattress is typically a no flip mattress, however, rotating your Alexander Signature from head to foot can help minimize any excessive wear or sagging.

It is recommended that you rotate your Alexander Signature once per year in order to extend the life expectancy of your hybrid mattress.

If you find it necessary to clean your Alexander Signature, then simply use cool water and a mild dish detergent. 

Always make certain to use gentle rubbing or blotting when trying to remove dirt or stains from your new mattress.

What about Durability?

The Alexander Signature is made right here in the USA with the highest of quality control standards. This hybrid mattress, according to our data, presents with a greater lifespan and longevity of life as compared to typical memory foam mattresses.

Our data also revealed that the Alexander Signature fared above average in this category and presented with an 84% owner satisfaction rating.

Size and Shipping

The Alexander Signature is available in the typical Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King Sizes, and is also available in split King, and split California King.

Once your order is placed, your Alexander Signature will be shipped free, direct to your home within 3 to 5 business days, but shipping time will vary depending upon your specific location.

Upon delivery, your Alexander Signature is easy to unbox and is easy to set up as well.

100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature stands firmly behind their product with their 100-day, 100% money back guarantee.

closeup of the mattress' sideIf you purchase the Alexander Signature and find you are not happy with it for any reason at all, you can return the mattress for a full refund and no shipping charges.

You have a full 100 days and nights to test out your new Alexander Signature to ensure that it is the ideal mattress for you.

This 100 night risk-free trial affords consumers the opportunity to try out and fully experience their new Alexander Signature.

If you do determine that the mattress is not for you, just call customer service, and make arrangements for your mattress return.


The Alexander Signature offers a 10 year full replacement limited warranty. 

For 10 years from the purchase date of your Alexander Signature mattress, if you experience a defect covered under the warranty, the company will repair or replace your mattress at no cost.

How Much Does the Alexander Signature Hybrid Cost?

The following are the prices you can get by using our exclusive coupon TED150, which will grant you a $150 discount on any size!

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$999$749
Cal King:$1,399$1,349
Split King:$1,998$1,649

Our research revealed that this memory foam hybrid mattress fared average in the cost and affordability category.

The mattress did, however, rank very well in comfort, construction, support, temperature, and overall satisfaction.

Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review – Our Verdict

Alexander Signature offers a truly state of the art, quality hybrid memory foam mattress that delivers all the features and benefits consumers need for a relaxing, restful sleep night after night.

With its five layers of convoluted, innovated foams and individually pocketed coils, its comfort, contour and support, its soft quilted cover, and its fashionable style and design, the Alexander Signature sets itself apart from its industry competitors.

happy people near the mattressAbsorbing motion easily, minimal motion transfer issues, manufactured in the USA, and eco-friendly Certi-PUR certified processes make this a favorite among consumers. 

In addition, its 100 night risk free sleep trial, 10 year warranty, and easy return/refund process finish off the roster of specialized features and options afforded consumers at time of purchase and thereafter.

Overall, we think the Alexander Signature is a very good buy (especially with the current $150 discount offer with our code TED150).

However, if you still want to continue your due diligence in search of the perfect mattress, and are not convinced this is the mattress for you, check out our Best Mattress Guide that offers a wide range of other mattresses available for purchase on the market today.

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This mattress is super comfortable. I’m using king size together with their easy breath pillow. 100% recommended!


I had been watching reviews on Saatva for almost a year or more. After deciding to go ahead with a purchase , I decided I’d look around a bit more. I did and found several reviews regarding weight and position as being factors in discomfort with the newer foam type mattresses. They are not good for big people that sleep on their side. I have bought several high end mattresses, 3 in the past 2 years. The choice for big or heavy people is rather small. I was surprised to learn 225 lbs and up, sleeping on ones side explains why I’ve not found something I can get a good nights rest on. I think 3 or so perhaps a few more, were rated for 300-350 lbs per side. This is one of them. The edge is firm when sitting, and it just seems to make sense that the construction and that it is said to be one of the better choices for heavy side sleepers would make this a long lasting excellent choice for anyone 200 lbs plus.

It was a bit of a surprise to see it arrive in a box, since it’s a king . However, Fed Ex brought it right inside the house and was willing to put it in any room i wanted. I had him drop it inside the front door and got the room ready for the Alexander Hybrid , it was much easier to put it in the room than taking the other one out. It was the easiest one I ever put in a room. Watched a video of someone setting one up and did the same and Bam, like magic it took shape in seconds, perhaps a min. No smell like the foam mattresses that need a day or so to air out. It smelled like new for a few minutes , but when we removed all the plastic and the box, it was gone.

It does often take a week or 2 to get your body used to being in a new position. Remember, if your mattress had been sagging over time ,your body also was, and now it’s all at once in a proper position. It’s like going to the chiropractor, it’s sore the next day and then it starts to feel better. I choose the Luxury firm. My wife is 120 lbs and when I moved and tossed and turned she got moved too. This mattress, so far, allows me to get comfortable and reduces the need for so much tossing, but even when I do move,she is not affected. I’m able to move with ease when i do move and we both are happy with the choice. It arrived within a few days of my ordering it. It does need to breath, so you need to have it off the floor on a solid (sturdy) frame so air can pass through top to bottom. The design is such with the coil springs and padded top area ,it needs to be flat on a hard surface to allow those springs to work with the top 5 layers of foam. This is the best of both worlds in my opinion. Traditional inner coil spring design with 5 layers of memory foam in a smartly quilted soft classy looking cover. So, if your over 200 lbs and sleep on your side, unable to get comfortable and need a good nights sleep. This Alexander Signature Hybrid might be just what you need. I got $200.00 off and free delivery and no sales tax, but more important, I have been getting more restful nights sleep. That to me is priceless. Cool and sleeping in Florida, at least for now.