Amanda Sleep Mattress Review

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Amanda Sleep Ratings
  • Motion Isolation
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The Amanda Sleep Mattress is a uniquely designed high quality mattress that is available in three different firmness levels and two different models.

The mattress is customizable and presents a great level of motion isolation. It has been specially designed to provide a cool sleeping surface by dissipating heat through the foam layers.


  • Great value for your money – get Queen for just $900
  • Supportive and comfortable with enhanced pressure relief
  • Made in the USA
  • 365 Night risk-free trial, with free 100% money back guarantee


  • Slight new mattress smell

Full Amanda Sleep Mattress Review

The Amanda Sleep Mattress is a unique type of quality mattress that has been designed and developed by the company Amanda with the motive of providing a smart solution for the sleep problems faced by most of the people.

The experts at Amanda have put in their experience of more than 13 years to develop a mattress that tracks your sleeping patterns, notifies you about your sleep quality and health analysis, and provides you with tips on how you can improve your sleeping patterns as well as enhance your overall quality of sleep.

This process has been achieved by integrating an advanced bio-sensing technique into the foam layers of the mattress.

The technology layer contains a hospital verified and clinically proven smart tracking device that helps in reducing all types of sleep issues by providing daily sleep analysis and health reports.

The mattress not only solves minor problems like pains and aches but also provides proper sleep therapies for problems like insomnia, sleep apnea, hypersomnia, or any other sleeping issue.

The mattress is presented with a RUBIFLEX pedic foam layer that has been introduced for the first time in the mattress industry and is basically a cooler, more breathable, durable, flexible, and a comfortable foam for bedding in comparison to memory foam.

The Amanda Sleep mattress is one of the latest products in the mattress industry and the company believes that they have crafted the perfect sleep system that will provide a comfortable sleep to sleepers of all ages, sizes, and sleeping habits.

What type of Mattress is the Amanda Sleep?

The Amanda Sleep Mattress is constructed using superior quality foams and materials to provide the customers with a deep, restorative sleep.

It is presented in two different models, one of which includes an advanced bio-sensing technique and is named Amanda Sleep Smart Mattress.

the amanda sleep mattress with a heart

The other one is made using the same comfort layers but does not include the technology layer in itself and is known as Amanda Sleep Rubiflex Mattress.

Both the models have been designed to provide a comfortable sleep to almost all types of sleepers as both the models are presented in three different variants of firmness.

The company focuses on providing a better and a healthier sleep to their customers by using a special anti-bug cover in the mattress which is made out of all natural bamboo fiber.

You can also customize the cover and choose a 100% polyester cover in case you want a hypo-allergenic cover.

The mattress has been designed to provide its sleepers with utmost comfort, great support, good bounce, and a cool sleeping surface.

The revolutionizing RUBIFLEX technology used in the mattress provides a great balance between comfort and support and helps in improving blood circulation, decreasing joint pain, reducing pressure-buildup, providing proper spinal alignment, and also offering increased levels of energy when you wake up.

The Amanda Sleep Smart Mattress uses the bio-sensing technique to capture your body signals and provide you with a report on how you slept throughout the night.

This report helps you to understand the problems in your sleeping patterns and also provides you with tips on how to improve the overall sleep quality.

The Amanda Sleep Mattress uses its best-in-class smart foam to provide you with an amazing sleeping surface by adjusting according to your weight, figure, and sleeping positions, thus ensuring a great, relaxing sleep night after night.

How Firm is it?

Most of the mattress companies provide a single level of firmness in their mattresses, however, the Amanda Sleep mattress has been designed and crafted considering the demands and requirements of almost all types of sleepers, and has been presented in three different firmness options.

The three different variants of firmness available in the Amanda Sleep are luxury firm, plush soft, and firm.

As the name suggests, the plush soft option has been designed for the people who prefer a soft, plush feel in the mattress. This model is about a 4 on the firmness scale, 10 being the firmest.

the mattress in a nice roomThis variant provides a great amount of hug and contour, and allows the body to sink in while also providing accurate support. This variant is ideal for side sleepers as it relieves pressure from hips and shoulders, and also conforms the body nicely.

The luxury firm variant of the Amanda Sleep presents a medium level of firmness and is about a 6 on the firmness scale, 10 being the firmest.

The luxury firm is designed for the majority of sleepers as this level of firmness is preferred by almost 75% of the sleepers. Luxury firm is ideal for back sleepers, and people who prefer a combination of a contouring comfort and good support.

The firm level of firmness provides the customers with a solid support and does not give the ‘sinking in’ or ‘stuck in’ feeling at all. The firm variant is about an 8 on the firmness scale, 10 being the firmest.

This level of firmness is ideal for stomach sleepers and people who do not like softness in their mattress, and prefer a good solid support and firmness.

Overall, the mattress provides an enhanced level of support and comfort in all the three variants and the firmness option can be selected according to your needs and requirements.

The Amanda Sleep is also ideal for couples and sleeping partners who have different sleeping postures and prefer different levels of firmness, as on request the company also customizes each side of the mattress which implies that one side can be more softer or firmer than the other.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

The Amanda Sleep mattress has been designed and crafted to present an excellent level of comfort that envelopes your body and adapts to your body shape to provide a sleep to the full potential.

Both the Amanda Sleep Mattress models are constructed with a mixture of 4 different foam layers and a customizable cover that have been put together to produce an 11.5 inch high mattress.

The top layer of the Amanda Sleep consists of a 1 inch Pneumatic Visco-Gel layer that acts as a unique temperature regulating layer and helps in providing a cool, comfortable sleep. This layer also helps in amplifying the comfort by conforming the body and adapting according to its shape.

a lady sleeping in the amanda bedThe second layer of the mattress comprises of a 2 inch of RUBIFLEX Pedic foam layer that has been introduced for the first time in the mattress industry, and provides pressure relief and proper spinal alignment, regardless of the position you sleep in.

This layer has been designed to remain cool, thereby offering comfortable sleeping temperatures by continuously dissipating heat.

The third layer of the Amanda Sleep consists of a 2 inch high density support foam layer that is quite durable and has been used to provide a good amount of support to the body, and also prevent the mattress from sinking in too much.

Additionally, this layer helps in aligning the body properly and providing a deep, comfortable sleep.

The fourth layer comprises of a 6 inch indispensable support foam layer that is highly durable and long lasting, and also acts as the foundation of the mattress.

This layer is a little softer than the support layer above it, but still provides an excellent support throughout the night and also decreases pressure.

It combines with the 2 inch support layer above to provide an overall shape and support to the mattress, and also prevent it from sagging or bottoming out.

The Amanda Sleep Smart Mattress consists of an extra layer, known as the technology layer which is integrated within the foam layers. It helps in providing the bio-sensing technique to capture the body signals.

All of these layers are wrapped in 0.5 inch quilted cover that can be customized according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

As compared to most other mattresses, the Amanda Sleep Mattress does a great job with motion transfer and sinkage.

The Visco-gel layer adapts and adjusts according to the movement of the body, and therefore restricts any motion transfer.

The RUBIFLEX foam layer contours the body well, and absorbs and restricts motion to the particular area.

The support foam layer also provides adequate support to restrict motion from spreading to the other areas of the mattress.

All he layers of this mattress work very well together to provide a great level of contour and resilience which helps in absorbing motion and restricting it to a particular area.

The Amanda Sleep mattress has minimal to almost no motion transfer which implies that you will not notice your partner’s movement, or even the movement of your baby or pet while you are asleep.

This mattress is highly recommended for couples who have partners that toss and turn all night long.

Does the Amanda Sleep Mattress Sleep Hot?

No, the Amanda Sleep mattress does not sleep hot at all! It has been designed and developed to provide a cool sleeping surface to its sleepers for a comfortable and a restful sleep.

The top layer of the mattress is made up of Pneumatic Visco-gel that repeatedly keeps on regulating the temperature of the mattress to provide a cool sleeping surface to the customers.

The Mattress uses a state of the art RUBIFLEX technology that continuously absorbs and dissipates the heat which your body produces, thus helping to keep the mattress cool.

The cover of the mattress is very thin and is made up of natural bamboo fiber that also allows continuous airflow and provides a cool feel.

Overall, the mattress presents a great heat dispersion system and provides an optimal temperature for a comfortable sleep.

Does it Have any Smell?

The Amanda Sleep Mattress, just like the other bed in a box mattresses does have a slight nontoxic ‘new mattress’ smell initially when it is first unwrapped from the packaging.

CertiPUR-US logoAlthough the smell does stay for some time but it should not be a cause of concern as this is common amongst compressed mattresses and the smell dissipates almost completely in about a couple of days.

Amanda Sleep does not use any harmful or toxic substances in the construction of their mattresses, which implies there will be no off-gassing or toxic smell once the new mattress smell dissipates completely.

The company uses superior quality foams that are CertiPUR-US certified which ensures that the construction process does not involve any ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, or other heavy metals.

The cover of the mattress is also made out of natural bamboo fiber which ensures a clean and a healthy sleeping surface.

Does it Require a Foundation?

The Amanda Sleep Mattress does not require a specific type of base or foundation, and is compatible with almost all types of foundations and bases.

The mattress can be placed on any flat and even platform bed, box spring, or a slatted base, just ensure that the slats are not more than 3 inches apart.

The layers of the mattress are quite flexible, and therefore the mattress works quite well on an adjustable base as well.

The mattress has high density and long lasting support layers at the base that act as the foundation of the mattress, and thus the mattress can also be directly placed on the floor.

However, just make sure that the surface is even and not prone to moisture as this may harm the layers or the cover of the mattress.

What type of Cover does it have?

The cover of the Amanda Sleep Mattress has been uniquely designed using an all natural bamboo fiber fabric that makes the cover environmental-friendly and also ensures no harmful or toxic chemicals are used.

The cover is quilted and has total thickness of 0.5 inches. The cover is thin which ensures breathability for a cool sleep.

The default cover is white in color and has a textured design that looks like small double lined circles. The side panels on the head and the toe of the mattress are purple in color, and have the name of the company sewn into it on the left side.

the amanda has a strong coverIn addition to this, it is extremely soft and plush, and adds to the comfort of the mattress.

The cover has been awarded Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1 certification as it is designed and crafted with an organic fiber that is completely suitable for children.

The use of bamboo fiber in the cover provides a clean and safe sleeping environment, as it makes it anti-bug which helps in keeping all insects and other creatures away from the mattress throughout the night.

The cover has a zipper under the mattress and can be removed for washing.

In case you do not like the design of the cover or the quality of the material, then you can get the cover customized according to your preferences. This feature is beneficial for people who are prone to allergies as they can get a hypoallergenic cover customized for themselves.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Amanda Sleep Mattress?

The Amanda Sleep Mattress is very easy to maintain and care for if used with proper instructions.

The mattress has a removable and a washable cover that can be hand washed as well as machine washed. However, it is not recommended to wash the cover often as this may harm the fabric.

In case of small stains, the spot cleaning method is recommended. A sponge should be dipped into a mixture of water and a mild detergent, and should be rubbed in circular motion over the stain until it goes away. Make sure no harmful or harsh chemicals or detergents are used to wash the cover.

The cover should be hung to dry and should be placed back onto the mattress once it has dried off completely, as a wet cover can harm the layers of the mattress.

The mattress should not be flipped as the comfort layers have been placed on the top side, however, it should be rotated from head to toe after every 4 to 5 months as this will provide an even wear and prevent the mattress from bottoming out.

It is also recommended to vacuum the mattress after every 3 months to avoid any dust and dirt from settling in.

Will it Last Long?

The Amanda Sleep Mattress has been constructed using superior quality, uniquely designed foam layers that not only provide great levels of comfort and support but also provide a long lasting durability.

All the foam layers used in the mattress have been developed from the best quality materials and present a good amount of density which makes them quite durable.

The RUBIFLEX pedic foam layer is much more durable than memory foam and retains its shape for a much longer time period.

The support foam layers of the mattress provide a great foundation and overall support to the mattress, and also restrict it from sagging or bottoming out.

The mattress is completely manufactured in the USA by leading craftsmen and workers of the mattress industry. This ensures that the best quality products and foams have been used in the construction of this mattress.

Size and Shipping

The Amanda Sleep mattress is available in a number of sizes, same as the standard US mattress dimensions and can be selected according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

Amanda's shipping boxFollowing are the sizes available:

  • Twin size: 39in x 75in x 11in
  • Twin XL size: 39in x 80in x 11in
  • Full size: 54in x 75in x 11in
  • Queen size: 60in x 80in x 11in
  • King size: 76in x 80in x 11in
  • CAL king size: 72in x 84in x 11in

Once the mattress gets ready, it is compressed and vacuum sealed in a plastic wrap. It is then folded over and rolled into a cardboard box which is headed out for shipping.

The box of the mattress is purple in color and has the name of the company printed over it in white. The box also has handles on the sides to make it easy to pick up and carry.

It looks simple yet appealing and the size of the box is 19in x 19in x 42in which makes it easy to maneuver and store the mattress until it is unpacked.

The company provides free shipping to all the states of the US including Alaska ad Hawaii, and ships the mattress in about 2 to 6 business days from the date you make the purchase.

In case you choose to customize the mattress, the shipment will get delayed by about 10 to 12 days.

The company also ships to Canada and Mexico and is looking forward to provide the facility for other other countries as well,

The mattress is very easy to set-up once you receive your package. All you need to do is unbox the mattress, lay it over the foundation, and cut open the packaging.

The mattress will start decompressing itself the moment you cut open the package and in about an hour it will get expanded to almost 80% of its natural size.

The mattress can take up to 18 to 36 hours to decompress fully and reach its proper shape.

365 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

Amanda Sleep believes in the quality of its product and offers an industry best 365 night risk-free trial with its mattress, which implies that you can return the mattress within the first 365 nights from the date of delivery if you are not convinced with its quality or comfort.

The company suggests on using the mattress for at least one month before making a decision as it takes some time for the human body to adapt and adjust to new comfort levels.

If for some reason, you are still not satisfied with the mattress, then all that you need to do is contact the company within the first 365 days from the date of delivery and they will schedule a free pickup for the mattress.

The mattress can only be returned if it is clean and intact, and the company will not accept the return request if the mattress is dirty or damaged.

Once the mattress gets picked up and the quality of the mattress is checked, the company initiates the full refund of your money that was paid during the time of purchase. There will be no hidden, shipping, or transportation costs charged or deducted from your refund.

The 365 night trial is only valid for the customers who purchase the mattress from the company’s website, and reside and use the mattress in the US.

The company also offers exchange for the mattress in the first 365 nights if the mattress is clean and intact, and all that you need to do is contact the company and they will initiate an exchange.


Amanda Sleep is highly confident about the durability, elasticity, and the overall quality of their sleep system and therefore backs up their mattresses with one of the best warranties of the mattress industry which is a 25 years warranty.

This implies that any manufacturing defects and faults in craftsmanship faced in the first 25 years from the date of purchase of the mattress will be repaired or replaced free of cost by the company.

The warranty of the Amanda Sleep covers indentations and sagging that is more than three-fourth inch deep and is not caused due to an unbearable weight placed on the foam. The warranty also covers tears in the fabric and physical faults in the mattress or sensor that causes it to not work properly under normal usage.

However, the warranty does not cover any damage or issues that have been caused physically to the mattress by improper use. Discoloration that occurs with time or due to stains and blemishes, and personal issues like allergies and aroma of the fabric are also not covered under the warranty.

The replacement of a mattress does not extend the warranty or begin a new warranty period.

The company does not charge any thing extra for return shipping or handling charges in case of a warranty claim.

The warranty can be claimed only by the original purchaser of the mattress who has purchased it from the company’s website or from an authorized retailer. The warranty does not apply if the mattress and the tracking device have been purchased from any third party.

The warranty is not valid and will be void if the purchaser or claimer is from outside the United States. The warranty does not transfer if the mattress is sold or gifted further.

How much does the Amanda Sleep Mattress Cost?

The Amanda Sleep Mattress is a superior quality mattress that provides an unmatched level of comfort and technology, and a very reasonable price.

To reduce the rates of the mattress and make it more affordable, the company has skipped out on middlemen and cut out on pointless commissions.

However, the price of the mattress depends on the size you choose. The Amanda Sleep Smart Mattress ranges between $650 to $1200 while the Amanda Sleep Rubiflex Mattress ranges between $500 to $1,100.

Amanda Sleep Smart Mattress:

  • Twin $650
  • Twin XL $750
  • Full $950
  • Queen $1,100
  • King $1,200
  • Cal King $1,200

Amanda Sleep RUBIFLEX Mattress:

  • Twin $500
  • Twin XL $600
  • Full $800
  • Queen $900
  • King $1,000
  • Cal King $1,100

Amanda Sleep Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The Amanda Sleep Mattress is a uniquely designed quality mattress that has been developed to provide a good level of comfort to almost all types of sleepers.

The mattress is available in three different levels of firmness, uses the latest technology, and also presents the RUBIFLEX layer which makes it unique.

the mattress in another nice roomThe mattress has a customizable feature which makes it ideal for couples and people who prefer a personal style.

It also provides a good level of motion isolation and sinkage, providing a fair balance between comfort and support.

The company backs up the mattress with a 365 night risk free trial and a 25 years warranty which is great compared to its competitors.

Amanda Sleep has been specially designed to provide a cool sleeping surface to its customers by regular dispersion of heat through the foam layers.

The smart technology used in the mattress allows people to track their sleeping patterns and easily adjust according to the tips provided for a deep, restful sleep.

All in all, this mattress is a value for money product and is an ideal buy for people looking for a luxurious, high quality mattress that provides a great, comfortable sleep.

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