Aviya Mattress Review: An Affordable High Quality Choice

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A premium mattress that offers consumers a wide range of unique quality features and benefits, the Aviya is every bit affordable as it is comfortable, supportive, luxurious and attractive.

With its high quality wrapped steel innerspring coil system and its three firmness options as well as its good support and overall comfort, this mattress is fast becoming one of the most sought after mattresses on the market today by consumers looking for quality, luxury and affordable prices.


  • Great value for the money - $999 in Queen
  • High quality Marshall coil system
  • High density, high grade and highly expensive foams
  • 100 Night risk-free sleep trial
  • Eco-friendly materials, components and production processes – Certi-PUR Certified


  • Up to two week wait for delivery
  • Only available for purchase online at their website

Full Aviya Mattress Review

In this review we are evaluating the Aviya mattress. Aviya offers consumers an affordable, luxury mattress with dynamic support and extreme comfort as well as a high quality wrapped steel innerspring system.

With its high density polyurethane foam cushioning, a true ‘upholstery grade foam,’ consumers are sure to experience a quality night’s sleep night after night along with the unique supple feel it affords unlike any conventional foams on the market.

Offering consumers attractive, state of the art features and prices that are every bit affordable, the Aviya mattress has earned a spot in the market as one of the most favored mattresses by consumers today.

Based on the data reviewed, the Aviya mattress lasts longer than other competitor mattresses, with the company crediting this long lifespan to the Marshall coil system, which is the most qualitative available but also the costliest to manufacture.

the aviya mattress from the sideHaving well over 75 years in the industry, Aviya’s multi generation family business has mastered the art of creating and developing quality mattresses with innovative, leading-edge sleep systems making them a recognized leader across the country.

The company has earned a comfortable position in the marketplace and continues to offer high quality, superior products at affordable prices.

According to our research, not only does the company offer cutting edge customer service that can’t be beat, but the data revealed that, though Aviya is significantly less expensive than similar companies, their product is of a higher overall quality.  

What type of Mattress is the Aviya?

The Aviya is a luxury innerspring/foam mattress developed and manufactured with dynamic support, comfort and a high quality wrapped steel innerspring coil  system. In addition, it offers 3 layers of high density polyurethane foam cushioning, a true ‘upholstery grade foam.

A 1” premium quilted layer combined with 1” of cooling comfort foam, a 1” layer of no-sag comfort foam, followed by a 1” layer of support foam, and finished off with a 3” foam edging for a larger, more comfortable mattress feel.

In addition, the Aviya is constructed with a premium stability base that greatly contributes to its overall unique hybrid design.

How Firm is it?

The Aviya mattress offers sleepers three different firmness options and levels, allowing consumers to select the ideal combination of comfort and support that satisfies their individual sleep needs.

It’s three firmness levels, plush/soft, firm and luxury firm afford consumers the opportunity to choose the sleep surface that is both responsive and comfortable to their sleep habits and needs.

The high density foams that make up the firmness levels maintain their overall height much better than typical conventional foams, and minimize any sagging issues, uneven surface issues and even body impression issues.

How Many Layers Does It Have?

Quite a conforming mattress offering a great deal of support and comfort, the Aviya is designed with:

  1. The Aviya mattress dissectedthree layers of high density, superior foam including the top 1” layer of cooling comfort foam, the 1” layer of no-sag comfort foam, and the 1” layer of support foam
  2. the individually wrapped innerspring coil system (Marshall system)
  3. a premium stability base
  4. a 3” foam encasement for edge support.

It’s important to note that there are two types of coils used, to provide better lumbar support (the darker grey area near number 2).

According to the data used, the mattress fares well above average in this category and many others.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The Aviya mattress, with its innerspring coil system and high density foams are not only state of the art, but its premium hybrid construction absorbs motion easily causing no disruption by your partner’s tossing and turning.

This same premium hybrid design provides a perfect balance of comfort and support and effectively minimizes any sagging or sinkage.

With these advanced features, the Aviya mattress presented with a high rating on the motion transfer test.

Does it Sleep Hot?

Even if it features a memory foam layer, the Aviya mattress, regardless of firmness level, tends to sleep cool primarily because of its premium quilted top layer combined with its 1” Cooling Comfort Foam.

With that said Aviya provides noticeable comfortable temperatures as you sleep.

Does the Aviya Mattress Smell?

CertiPUR-US logoWhen first unpacked, the Aviya presents with a slight “new mattress” smell, much like most other memory and latex foam mattresses. However, the odor disappears in just a matter of a few days.

As the Aviya is eco-friendly and Certi-PUR certified, the smell is non-toxic and therefore not harmful. Opening the windows to let the air circulate will help dissipate the light smells quicker.

Does It Require a Foundation?

Consumers are not required to purchase a foundation for their Aviya mattress, especially if they plan to use their Aviya on an existing solid surface or a platform bed.

If you plan to use your new mattress on an existing foundation or box spring that is less than five years old, is in excellent condition, and is both supportive and level then there is no need to purchase a new foundation.

However, if your existing foundation or box spring is more than five years old then it is recommended that you purchase a new foundation with a solid, sturdy support and even surface.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Aviya Mattress?

The mattress requires no flipping since it is designed as a one sided mattress with all of its comfort layers on top. It is recommended, however, that you rotate your Aviya mattress every few months to equally and evenly distribute its use.

Rotating the mattress will prevent it from wearing and sagging and will provide an even greater consistency and overall comfort throughout the life of your mattress.

As for typical cleaning, like most memory foam and latex mattresses, simply use cool water and a mild dish detergent to remove dirt and stains. For stains, rub gently in circular motions in order to lift the stains.

What about Durability?

the aviya mattress in a nice roomThe Aviya mattress is manufactured right here in the USA. With a lifespan that fares better than that of its competitors, the Aviya with its combined innerspring coils  and top of the line foam structure offers high levels of durability and endurance.

Its unique hybrid design is an indication of its superior comfort and support. This plush mattress with its premium construction of wrapped innerspring coils and state of the art, luxury foams provides a product that not only you, but your back and entire body will come to love.

During our review and research, the data used suggested that the Aviya has a rating of 86% owner satisfaction.

Size and Shipping

The Aviya mattress is available in six popular, traditional sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. The mattress presents with a total thickness of approximately 13” tall. Easy to lift and move, the overall weight of the mattress is entirely dependent upon the model and size of the mattress.

Shipping is free with delivery times typically within two weeks after completion of your order. The company offers a “white glove” delivery service for customers who have the need and charge an additional fee of $99 per mattress for this specialized service.

100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

Your Aviya mattress purchase is protected by the company’s 100-night, 100% money back guarantee. If, within the first 100 days, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the mattress for a full refund with no shipping return charges incurred by simply calling 844-327-7421.

This 100 night risk-free trial affords consumers ample time to try out and experience the mattress. The company has no minimum length of time required before you can return your mattress, but strongly suggests consumers try it out for at least three weeks before making a final decision at which time you can contact them directly to generate the return process.

The company offers hassle-free returns with free return shipping and no hidden fees, surcharges, restocking and/or delivery fees.

How is the Aviya’s Warranty?

The Aviya offers a 10 year warranty that begins from the date of delivery to your home, not from the purchase date. It is a 10-year non-prorated warranty and protects consumers from any mechanical defects and body impressions of 1” or greater.

Should you feel your Aviya mattress is defective in any way, simply call the customer service group at 844-327-7421 and request a self-service warranty assessment form to be filled out and sent back to the company for review.

The dedicated Aviya warranty team works with consumers every step of the way with regard to the product’s 10 year warranty and the return of any Aviya products.

How Much Does the Aviya Mattress Cost?

The Aviya mattress ranges in prices from $699 to $1299. The prices vary depending upon the size of the mattress and whether or not you choose to order the specialized sturdy foundation along with it or elect to order their “white glove delivery service.”

  • Twin mattress $699
  • Twin XL $799
  • Full $849
  • Queen $999
  • King $1299
  • California King $1299

The Aviya mattress, as per our research and data acquired, fares on the upper end of the spectrum in comparison to other memory foam and/or latex mattresses that are more costly. With favorably consumer ratings across the board, the Aviya mattress is a very good buy for the money.

Currently there is a $75 discount coupon available for the purchase of any sized Aviya mattress for new customers only.

Aviya Mattress Review – Our Verdict

Aviya offers a premium product at a very affordable and attractive price, that satisfies consumers of every class. With its three firmness levels, the quality Marshall innerspring coil system and innovative hybrid design, the Aviya mattress delivers features and benefits that definitely set it well apart from industry competitors.

the aviya mattress reviewed from the frontAbsorbing motion easily, causing no disruption to your partner’s sleep, manufactured in the USA, eco-friendly materials and processes, superior construction, perfect balance of comfort and support and its 3” wide foam edging for a larger mattress feel, makes this an all-round very good purchase.

In addition, its 100 night risk free sleep trial, 10 year warranty, white glove services, easy return/refund policy and the company’s 75 years of experience and expertise in the industry finish off the laundry list of special features, options and benefits afforded consumers at time of purchase and thereafter.

Overall, we think the Aviya mattress is a very good purchase option (especially with the current $75 discount offer to new customers at this link.)

However, if you are still uncertain that the Aviya mattress is the perfect mattress for you, then check out our Best Mattress Guide that offers a wide range of other mattresses available for purchase on the market today.

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Dorothy Pollock

I reordered the Aviya and the smell issue is not a problem. That queen size one smelled for the entire time I had it. Slept well last night. Ordered a full size this time and no foundation. Same luxury firm and am glad to be done with this adventure ;=)

Justin @ Aviya Mattress

Awesome! So glad you love your Aviya. We’re very happy to have you as a customer. Sleep well!


I love my aviya! I sleep on my stomach and my wife on her back… it’s perfect for us both. The price is the best I could find online, which is why I bought it, plus I read a lot of other good reviews. They are all correct, its a great mattress. I’ve been telling my friend how much better I’m sleeping and I think they’ll be getting one soon too 🙂

*I see the review above about the smell. I didn’t notice any smell at all. One reason I chose aviya was it shouldn’t have offgasing since it isn’t rolled up and stuff in a box.


Well my Aviya is gone and refunded painlessly. I am still looking. It was a very nice comfortable bed but I could not get past the issues I had. I think it’s down to Leesa vs. Sapira. I have to do something – I am back to an older bed mattress that is going to do me in ;=)

Bummer to have to pay sales tax here in NY. I may go into Manhattan to their gallery to try both – or maybe order one and see. Everyone seems to love the Leesa and they highly promote as there are coupons everywhere via the net.

I just wonder if others are used to foam more than innerspring and find the Leesa great in comparison to those.

One reviewer told me the Aviya is more memory foam like and the Sapira is more innerspring like.

You read reviews where people say there is odor that’s awful, to thers not. Some say hard as a rock, others complain too soft…lol. It’s hard to know. I may end up on the floor! ;=)

Justin - Aviya Mattress

Dorothy, we’ve never had issues with smell. Like Stacey said, this is not common at all with our mattress due to the fact that is is not compressed and is shipped full size. If you liked the Aviya feel, but for some reason think it had a smell, I would consider purchasing another one. I don’t think you will have the same issue! We are here to help and want you to love your Aviya!

Dorothy Pollock

Thanks Justin – It may come to that as I miss the mattress and another bed I am trying is proving to bed too firm although comfortable. It must just be the foam and true of all these mattresses whether a rolled hybrid like Sapira or the Aviya until they really air out. I guess I will just have to get over it or maybe like you say and see if the issue was a fluke.

I thought this would be an easy task, but it is exhausting and with the firmer new bed, proving to be a bother to my hips and neck. If I haul one more mattress up/down the steps I am going to need an orthopedic surgeon;=)


Did you ever try the Sapira? How is the Aviya holding up? I purchased a Kaya and found that it sinks more than we prefer, and sleeps somewhat warmer than I am used to.


“When first unpacked, the Aviya presents with a slight “new mattress” smell, much like most other memory and latex foam mattresses. However, the odor disappears in just a matter of a few days.”

I had hoped this would be the case, however, a week in and there is a smell that does not want to go away. My eye burn and it irritates my throat. The bed is comfortable but the smell is driving me crazy.

If this persists, it’s going back.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Dorothy,

it’s the first time we hear this complaint, so by all means return the mattress as there must be something wrong.

Dorothy Pollock

I returned it today – I’ll miss the comfort but not the smell that although greatly reduced, still persisted.

Still have the problem of needing a bed though ;=)


Thank you.