Best Mattresses Reviewed For 2019

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Top Mattresses Reviewed By Real Sleepers!

A top-quality mattress is one of the most important investments you will ever make.

The typical person spends a third of their entire life in bed, so it just makes sense for you to know what you’re doing when it comes to choosing the right fit.

A good night’s sleep is often the key to a better, happier life, so it only makes sense that you should take the time to get this one thing right.

The problem is, though, there are just so many choices out there today!

Jump directly to our top picks for each category:

It’s a good problem to have, but with all the hundreds of varieties of mattresses on the market today, the process of buying a mattress can be confusing and at times frustrating.

And that’s exactly why we wrote this guide.

You shouldn’t have to do this by yourself, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Don’t compromise on your sleep.

The perfect mattress is out there right now, waiting for you!

What is the Right Mattress For You?

couple trying to find the best mattress for them
With so many choices and so little clear information, finding the right mattress is a tricky thing

To achieve better sleep, new technologies and mattress designs are released every year.

If you’ve browsed through mattress reviews online, you know that there’s been an explosion in the type of materials and methods used to produce mattresses.

For example, memory foam has become quite popular among specialty mattress brands.

But as a customer, you may find the ever-increasing options a bit overwhelming – and we believe that having a handy guide of the top-rated mattresses available today can be pretty helpful and time saving.

Although there’s no particular mattress type that will be suitable for everyone, it is nonetheless helpful to know how previous users have rated the major kinds of mattresses in terms of durability, comfort, satisfaction and value.

So in this review, we’ll display the differences between 5 main kinds of mattresses using data gathered from various specialized review sites and our own research.

You’ll find information on everything from the best cheap mattresses to top of the line options.

Additionally, we’ll also compare some major mattress brands to reveal which deliver the best value.

Given the huge range in mattress prices, finding the best mattress for you is all about price.

Read On For The Best Foam, Innerspring, Latex, Air & Water Mattresses!

Best Memory Foam Mattress In 2019

hand leaving a print on a prmeium memory foam mattress
Memory foam is the most popular choice when searching for the best mattress.

First developed by NASA scientists back in the 1970s, memory foam is by far the most popular type of non-innerspring mattress on the market today.

There’s good reason for this, too.

A good memory foam mattress can provide virtually unmatched motion isolation and support, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of sleepers.

Memory foam mattress reviewers tend to compare products using variables such as the type of foam (plant based foam, gel infused foam, traditional foam, etc.), foam amount, and density.

The denser the materials and the more foam a mattress uses, the more the price is likely to increase.

If you’re looking for a new memory foam mattress, this shopping guide can help you make the right decision for both your budget and your needs.

Amerisleep Foam Mattresses

The most notorious of these game-changers and our top pick for the category is the Amerisleep AS3 Mattress (get $250 off  by using this link only and applying our exclusive TS250 coupon at checkout). The mattress used to be called Amerisleep Liberty.

Although it provides premium quality, it’s priced like a mid-range memory foam mattress. This is reflected in how consumers rate this mattress, as it consistently earns excellent ratings in mattress reviews, delivering an overall very high degree of satisfaction.

Nectar Sleep Foam Mattresses

A close contender in this space is the Nectar Sleep Mattress, which employs very high quality materials and delivers an outstanding sleeping experience according to our readers.

This strong feedback combined with a one-year risk-free trial, a lifetime warranty and an unbeatable price make it a very serious option to consider. You can even get $125 off  + 2 free pillows with our code TED125.

Puffy Foam Mattresses

Next, we just added Puffy, as it’s been strongly recommended by so many readers who had a chance to sleep on it for a while.

This mattress has been dubbed “the Internet’s most comfortable mattress” and we agree to a large extent, although as you can see it’s not our top pick.

The secret is their made-to-order Cooling Cloud foam, which delivers great comfort and coolness without breaking the bank.

In fact you can get it for just $900 with their current $250-off promotion.

Bear Mattress Foam Mattresses

Not too far behind is the Bear Mattress (get $60 off with our coupon TED60), featuring innovative materials at a very contained price. More and more athletes and active people are choosing this mattress thanks to its technology dedicated to heal and improve the body’s recovery speed.

Nolah Foam Mattresses

Next is the Nolah mattress, which employs a proprietary foam which performs better than the usual memory foam and still costs less than many of its high-quality competitors.

Nolah has been growing steadily in popularity also thanks to its support for endangered species: every time a mattress is sold, they adopt one wildlife animal of a species of your choice. Well done Nolah!

With our TEDSTACEY coupon you can even get $125 off the regular price, making it an even better deal.

Other Foam Mattress Brands

If money is not an issue, then you should take a closer look at the Contour series from Tempur-Pedic where the satisfaction rate is beyond 83 percent.

Tempur-pedic is one of the most popular foam mattress brands, which is understandable as they have been making them for decades and the quality of their products is well-established.

However, we think that several other mattresses outperform it thanks to new materials and much better pricing.

For a lower budget, you could check out Perfect Cloud on which consistently receives positive reviews from customers – earning them an impressive client satisfaction rate of eighty five to ninety percent.

On the same quality/price level, the Sleep Innovations Shiloh (also on is definitely going to be a good candidate, as we deem a very good mattress for the money.

Satisfaction rate is also high at 82 percent and the discounted price is usually lower than 500 dollars (read our comparison of the Sleep Innovations mattresses here).

2019 Memory Foam Mattresses Compared:


Amerisleep AS3

  • Our rating: 4.8
  • Eco-friendly with superlative reviews sleeps cool
  • 100 days return, 20 years warranty
  • Price: $1,149 only with this link (then apply TS250 code)


Nectar Sleep

  • Our rating: 4.7
  • Very high quality materials, unbeatable warranty and low price sleeps cool
  • 365 days return, lifetime warranty
  • Price: $725 + 2 free pillows with TED125 code


  • Our rating: 4.7
  • Great foam technology with raving reviews sleeps cool
  • 101 days return, lifetime warranty
  • Price: $900 with BESTPUFFY code

The Bear Mattress

  • Our rating: 4.7
  • The preferred choice among the athletes
  • 100 days return, 10 years warranty
  • Price: $780 with TED60 code

The Nolah Original Mattress

  • Our rating: 4.6
  • Great foam, good price and big heart
  • 120 days return, 15 years warranty
  • Price: $724 with TEDSTACEY code


Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus

  • Our rating: 4.5
  • Very popular for good reasons sleeps cool
  • 30 days return, 10 years warranty
  • Price: $450 on

Sleep Innovations Shiloh

  • Our rating: 4.4
  • Best quality for this price level
  • 30 days return, 20 years warranty
  • Price: $382.60 on

Tuft & Needle

  • Our rating: 4.4
  • Known brand with good value
  • 30 days return, 10 years warranty
  • Price: $600 on


Best Price Grand Memory Foam

  • Our rating: 4.1
  • Good choice for the cost conscious
  • 30 days return, 10 years warranty
  • Price: $340 on
Mattress NameHighlightWarranty/
Price (Queen)Rating
Best Memory Foam Mattress of All:
Amerisleep AS3
sleeps cool
Eco-friendly with superlative reviews20 years

100 days

$250 off code TS250
only with this link
Top of the Line:
Nectar Sleep
sleeps cool
Very high quality materials, unbeatable warranty and low priceLifetime

365 days

$125 off code TED125
sleeps cool!
Great foam technology with raving reviewsLifetime

101 days

$250 off code BESTPUFFY
The Bear MattressThe preferred choice among athletes10 years

100 days

$60 off code TED60
The Nolah Mattress
sleeps cool
Great foam, good price and big heart15 years

120 days

$125 off code TEDSTACEY
Good Quality:
Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus
sleeps cool
Very popular for good reasons10 years

30 days

Sleep Innovations ShilohBest quality for this price level20 years

30 days

Tuft & NeedleKnown brand with good value10 years

30 days

Tempur-Contour SupremeThe inventors of memory foam10 years

30 days

$2,099 4.2
Best Price Grand Memory Foam Good choice for the cost conscious10 years

30 days

(Out of stock!)
Signature Sleep Memoir (12-Inch)Good if you can’t afford anything else!1 year

30 days


2019’s Best Innerspring Mattresses

hand pressing down on springs, with a glass of red wine
Innerspring mattresses have been around for the longest time and are the preferred choice of many demanding sleepers.

Innerspring mattresses are by far the oldest and most popular variety of mattress we’ll be covering in this article.

Because of this, the category of “innerspring” actually covers a huge variety of mattress types for all kinds of sleepers.

However, although innersprings have seen many improvements over the years, ratings and reviews still see them less favorably than their foam counterparts.

You can read more about various pros and cons of these two mattress types here, but the most common complaints are their excessive motion transfer, support, and durability.

Certain kinds of innersprings have risen to this challenge by trying to pull together both the springiness of the innerspring with the comfort of memory foam.

These advances in technology and beds that take advantage of both the support of innerspring mattresses and the comfort of memory foam have made innerspring options worth exploring.

There are new players in the market, willing to change the game for good by offering a premium product at a very reasonable price.

Saatva Innerspring Mattresses

Without any doubts, the Saatva Mattress has been the big surprise in this space, landing directly at our top spot for this category a couple of years ago and staying there ever since.

DreamCloud Innerspring Mattresses

We also added the DreamCloud mattress, as it’s a great new product getting raving reviews around the web. The no-small-print “Everlong Warranty” is a solid guarantee about the high quality of this mattress, both in terms of materials and manufacturing.

The DreamCloud is a very good addition to this space, as bot often we can find a hybrid mattress with these qualities at this price level.

And you can get $200 off with our TED200 coupon! Just give it a try, with 365 days to return it at absolutely no cost.

Nest Bedding Innerspring Mattresses

Next, not too far away, is the Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress, which earned countless positive reviews over the past few years, without any stop in sight.

Nest Bedding focuses on quality, natural materials and manufactures all of its products by hand here in the USA, even though costs are higher. So its success is well deserved!

Thanks to our exclusive coupon TED150 you can even get $150 off, making it a very good bargain.

Tomorrow Sleep Innerspring Mattresses

Following several suggestions, we just added the Tomorrow Sleep mattress manufactured by Serta, the industry veteran. Featuring the a smart combination of pocketed coils and quality foam, it is rapidly becoming one of the preferred brands by our readers (use our exclusive coupon TED100 for $100 off).

Other Innerspring Mattress Brands

There are other innerspring mattress brands to consider, too – such as traditional brands like Simmons and smaller manufacturers like Sleep Master (on, which also produce quality beds.

And just remember – no matter what low-quality producers and sleazy salespeople say, the real quality of an innerspring mattress is determined by materials in the toppers and the coil type, not the number of coils.

2019 Innerspring Mattress Brands Compared

The most widely acclaimed innerspring mattress among consumers between 18 and 55 years of age is the Saatva Mattress.

This isn’t a surprise to people who have been watching mattress reviews for the past few years – with rave reviews, Saatva mattresses have earned their place among the best beds available.

We like DreamCloud, as it’s been launched very recently but has been able to quickly make a name for itself thanks to its winning combination of quality materials, affordable price and unbeatable warranty.

As mentioned earlier, Nest Bedding has seen great success in the past few years thanks to its natural approach and a solid line of handmade products.

The rest of the highest rated innerspring mattresses with a customer satisfaction of more than seventy percent include products from the big 3 (Simmons, Serta and Sealy) whose beds come with a price tag that in some cases is not proportional to the increase in quality and benefits.

So we left out most of them as the market offers very good alternatives.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly solution while sticking to the traditional manufacturers, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Select (on is a good option to consider.

By the way, make sure to read our guide on finding the ideal mattress at at every price point, where you can find good picks for any budget.

Best Natural Latex Mattresses of 2019

best mattress made of latex
Latex mattresses are the only ones that can be truly called 100% natural.

While latex mattresses are not quite as popular as innerspring and memory foam mattresses right now, they’re often touted by bed aficionados as some of the best products you can find.

Whether or not they’re right is something you’ll just have to see for yourself.

While there aren’t too many major brands to choose from right now, 100% natural latex mattresses come with a ton of benefits, from enhanced durability to increased comfort in many sleepers.

Although there are some synthetic latex options you can have a look at, natural latex mattresses are the only totally organically-based products on the market today.

These are made entirely from the by-products of rubber trees, while synthetic latex mattresses are manufactured through a chemical process.

Some latex mattresses also use a combination of these two.

However, user satisfaction remains highest for products using 100% natural latex.

There are three different ways latex mattresses are produced – called the Talalay, Dunlop, and Continuous processes – but our research shows there’s not a significance difference in the performance of latex mattresses produced with any of these techniques.

So, one less thing to worry about!

Zenhaven Latex Mattresses

The top latex mattress currently is the Zenhaven, which comes from the manufacturers of the very popular Saatva mattress (featured above).

Following their success with innovative innerspring and memory foam products, this new mattress has already taken over a huge part of the latex mattress market.

Spindle Latex Mattresses

Another great latex mattress with many positive reviews is the Spindle Mattress, which has been developed and refined by a 4th generation mattress maker on a mission to deliver a great mattress at a contained price.

The company sources the natural materials directly and assembles the mattresses in the US, which means they can exercise high quality control and great attention to detail.

Other Latex Mattress Brands

According to our research, the other best beds in the latex mattress category are mainly internet brands, with Plushbeds and Ultimate Dreams being at the forefront and scoring very well among all natural and mid-range brands.

2019 Latex Mattresses Compared:


Zenhaven Luxury Plush

  • Our rating: 4.8
  • Best-loved brand with excellent reviews sleeps cool
  • 75 days return, 20 years warranty
  • Price: $1,899


The Spindle Mattress

  • Our rating: 4.5
  • Completely natural with adjustable firmness sleeps cool
  • 365 days return, 10 years warranty
  • Price: $1,300 with TEDVIP coupon

 Plushbeds Botanical Bliss

  • Our rating: 4.5
  • Fully customizable to ensure great comfort
  • 100 days return, 10 years warranty
  • Price: $1,999


Ultimate Dreams Total Latex

  • Our rating: 4.4
  • Good quality from a trusted traditional brand
  • 90 days return, 10 years warranty
  • Price: $1,699

Ultimate Dreams Eurotop

  • Our rating: 4.2
  • Cheaper version of the UD Total Latex
  • 90 days return, 10 years warranty
  • Price: $899


LUCID Latex 10 Inch

  • Our rating: 4.1
  • Nice mattress for the less sophisticated latex lover
  • 30 days return, 25 years warranty
  • Price: $262 on
Mattress NameHighlightWarranty/
Price (Queen)Rating
Best Latex Mattress of All:
Zenhaven Luxury Plush
sleeps cool
Great product from the makers of Saatva20 years

75 days

Top of the Line:
The Spindle Mattress
sleeps cool
Completely natural with adjustable firmness10 years

365 days

$200 off code TEDVIP
Plushbeds Botanical BlissHigh quality and eco-friendly25 years

100 days

$1,999 4.5
Good Quality:
Ultimate Dreams Total LatexAdjustable comfort layer for more flexibility10 years

90 days

Ultimate Dreams EurotopCheaper version of the UD Total Latex10 years

90 days

LUCID Latex 10 InchNice mattress for the less sophisticated latex lover25 years

30 days


Best Air Mattresses In 2019

Couple happily sleeping on an airbed
Airbeds can be both convenient and comfortable, if you know where to look.

Now, before we begin to get into all the details of air mattresses, let’s first get something clear: we are not talking about the $50 inflatable thing you probably use for guests and visitors.

The air mattresses we’re talking about here are completely different from that.

These is really quite sophisticated technology, and each has its own type of air chamber design, bladder materials, and air pumps.

Toppers also differ a good bit, with everything from latex tops, to more expensive memory foam tops, to super affordable quilted tops.

The big advantage of air mattresses is that you can easily adjust the pressure for a firmer or softer level, depending on your nights.

All in all, it’s clear the air mattress industry has come a long way from the rinky-dink inflatable camping rigs of the last decade.

2019 Air Mattresses Compared:


Natural Form Air Spring Euro

  • Our rating: 4.9
  • A fantastic mattress, also ideal for people with back conditions
  • 100 days return, 10 years warranty
  • Price: from $2,800 


Personal Comfort A8

  • Our rating: 4.5
  • The premium model of this copycat brand offering much better value
  • 30 days return, 25 years warranty
  • Price: $1,949 on

Innomax Luxury Support Medallion

  • Our rating: 4.5
  • A great air mattress system from a solid company founded in 1975
  • 30 days return, 25 years warranty
  • Price: $1,899 on

Personal Comfort A5

  • Our rating: 4.4
  • A similar, slightly less sophisticated version than the A8
  • 30 days return, 25 years warranty
  • Price: $1,449 


Innomax Luxury Support Harmony

  • Our rating: 4.5
  • Medallion’s junior version, still packed with value
  • 30 days return, 25 years warranty
  • Price: $1,699 on


Personal Comfort A4 10 Inch

  • Our rating: 4.5
  • The entry-level model for the award winning A-series
  • 30 days return, 25 years warranty
  • Price: $1,224 on

Sleep Number C2 Bed

  • Our rating: 4.2
  • A budget model by the most famous name in the air mattress world
  • 100 days return, 25 years warranty
  • Price: $799
Mattress NameHighlightWarranty/
Price (Queen)Rating
Best Air Mattress of All:
Natural Form Air Spring EuroA fantastic mattress, also ideal for people with back conditions10 years

100 days

from $2,8004.9
Top of the Line:
Personal Comfort A8The top seller of the copycat brand offering much better value25 years

30 days

Innomax Luxury Support MedallionA great air mattress system from a great company founded in 197525 years

30 days

Personal Comfort A5A similar, slightly less sophisticated version of the A825 years

30 days

Good Quality:
Innomax Luxury Support HarmonyMedallion’s cheaper version, still packed with value25 years

30 days

Personal Comfort A4 10 InchThe entry-level model for the award winning A-series25 years

30 days

Sleep Number C2 BedA budget model by the most famous name in the air mattress world25 years

100 days

$799 4.0

Best Waterbeds of 2019

lady in a waterbed
Waterbeds have made tremendous progress, but they still make up just a small part of the larger premium mattress picture.

Waterbeds are marked by three main qualities: they’re affordable, durable, and totally hypoallergenic.

Although they’re pretty rare these days, and they’re certainly not for everyone, the right waterbed can give you a sleep experience unlike any other.

When it comes to choosing a waterbed, though, there are a couple challenges.

Although there are quite a few modern waterbed manufacturers, a lot of them don’t have too many real customer reviews – making it hard to collect detailed client satisfaction scores for each brand.

The brands with the highest sales, like American National, Strobel Technologies and Comfort Craft (on, have generally good customer satisfaction, and they also offer a good amount of customizability in terms of materials, technology, and price.

Softside waterbeds, for instance, enclose the bladders so they function and look like a normal mattress.

Hardside waterbeds, on the other hand, are designed to easily fit inside hardwood frames.

Customers can also choose between various options to customize their bed.

Both waveless and free flow designs are available – and if you’re interested in getting a softside, there are options on the market that are made with many different types of foam.

Through our research, we identified the following six waterbeds as the most common and best rated among the liquid enthusiasts.

Waterbeds Brands Compared:


Strobel Organic Complete Softside Waterbed Futura-3

  • Our rating: 4.8
  • From the maker of waterbeds since 1974
  • 60 days return, 30 years warranty
  • Price: $3,467


American National Sorrento Water Mattress Set

  • Our rating: 4.6
  • One of the crown jewels of the most famous manufacturer
  • 60 days return, 20 years warranty
  • Price: $1,661

Comfort Craft Perfections Softside 750

  • Our rating: 4.5
  • A popular choice thanks to its good price for value
  • 30 days return, 20 years warranty
  • Price: $798 on


Strobel Organic Complete Softside Waterbed Spectacular Bid

  • Our rating: 4.4
  • Strobel’s less advanced model, still packed with great features
  • 60 days return, 30 years warranty
  • Price: $1,925


American National Naples Water Mattress Set

  • Our rating: 4.2
  • Sorrento’s lighter version
  • 60 days return, 20 years warranty
  • Price: $1,394

InnoMax 600 Waveless Mattress Set

  • Our rating: 4.1
  • Great set providing plenty of bang for the buck
  • 30 days return, 20 years warranty
  • Price: $332 on
Mattress NameHighlightWarranty/
Price (Queen)Rating
Best Waterbed of All:
Strobel Organic Complete Softside Waterbed Futura-3From the maker of waterbeds since 197430 years

60 days


Top of the Line:
American National Sorrento Water Mattress SetOne of the crown jewels of the most famous manufacturer20 years

60 days

Comfort Craft Perfections Softside 750A popular choice thanks to its good price for value20 years

30 days

(Out of stock!)
Good Quality:
Strobel Organic Complete Softside Waterbed Spectacular BidStrobel’s less advanced model, still packed with great features30 years

60 days

$1,925 4.4
American National Naples Water Mattress SetSorrento’s lighter version20 years

60 days

InnoMax 600 Waveless Mattress SetGreat set providing plenty of bang for the buck20 years

30 days


The Best Reviewed Memory Foam, Innerspring & Natural Latex Mattresses

A baby sleeping on his best mattress
Sleep like a baby again with your new mattress!

Our top picks for the absolute best mattresses of 2019 come from a huge amount of research and reader feedback, as well as an intensive analysis of customer reviews on sites like Amazon and

All the beds and brands features in this guide excelled in various ways, with ratings much higher than any of their competitors.

They have better ratings, better reputations, and better satisfaction.

Below, you can see our top-rated mattresses of every type except water and air (because it just wasn’t possible to pick any single model of these).

The mattresses you see below are the absolute best ones available.

All you need to do is pick the one that best fits your needs!

2019’s Best Memory Foam Mattress

Winner: Amerisleep AS3 (get $250 off with our exclusive TS250 coupon!)


2019’s Best Innerspring Mattress

WinnerSaatva Mattress Luxury Firm


2019’s Top Natural Latex Mattress

WinnerZenhaven Luxury Plush

Of course, you do always have to bear in mind that just because other people had great experiences with any particular mattress, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll feel the same way.

Every person needs something different from their mattress, and we’d be lying if we tried to tell you there was one perfect solution for everyone.

As you continue your search for the right mattress for you, always remember to consider things like your sleep habits, comfort preferences, and other factors that might play into your overall satisfaction with a bed.

If you want, you can learn more about things like this over on the mattress guides section of this very website.

In any case, we hope this guide has provided some helpful information for your mattress search.

Always remember that we couldn’t do any of this without your support.

So if you have any personal tips and picks for 2019’s best and worst mattresses, we’d welcome your feedback in the comments below.

Thanks so much!

Read this if you suffer from lower back pain: According to serious research, memory foam mattresses are the best solution to alleviate pain thanks to the well distributed support. Click here to jump directly to our selection of best memory foam mattresses for this condition!

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I just bought an amerisleep A3 and the verdict is still out. I’ve been sleeping on it a week now and although some of my symptoms from sleeping on a 14 year old mattress are alleviated the biggest one is not yet.

I was experiencing a lot of shoulder pain and all over back pain. I would slowly move getting out of bed because my lower back was in so much pain. My lower back pain has been resolved with this mattress and some of my shoulder pain. However, my mid-upper back pain is still apparent and has not been relieved. So I will give this mattress at least 30 days but the mid-upper back pain is enough to make me return it if it doesn’t subside. With this type of back pain do people have more success with going firmer or softer? I’m willing to try another amerisleep but don’t know if I should go firmer or softer.

any suggestions.

Thank you


While a mattress can make an important difference in how your body feels it cannot heal it. If you are still in pain like you describe go see a chiropractor, doctor, medical massage therapist, or another qualified medical professional.


Overwhelmed by choices. Have a 14 year old coil spring that feels like a sand bag. I am mostly a side sleeper, 5’4” 145 lbs, issues with shoulder and side of leg at times as well as neck. I have a bean curve pillow which really helps. Choices are limited as I live in Canada and not in Ontario. I do not want to pay more than $1200 CDN ideally for a queen. When travelling I like the puffy soft beds so I tend to think a softer bed is better but TBA. I have looked at Helix, Hamuq, Nova, Endy, Tuft n Needle, Leesa and Amerisleep AS4 ($1,700US with discount). What can you recommend?


I don’t know if they ship to Canada, but I would seriously look at the Nest Bedding options. I have done a freaking TON of research on virtually every bed, and I’m now on my sixth, trying to find the best fit for me and my wife. Bed #2 was the Nest Alexander Hybrid, which was really a phenomenal bed for my wife, who is similar to you in size and sleeping style. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me and my significant back issues (probably too soft for an exclusive back or stomach sleeper). But the quality of that bed was outstanding, and their customer service is unmatched.


I have 2 Essentia mattresses. Classic 8 and Tetami. HUGE MISTAKE! It took me awhile to figure out that the Essentia beds were causing my back pain but eventually due to my extensive travel schedule it dawned on me that my best sleeps were in hotel rooms.

Both models of Essentia cause low back and hip pain. The company did ship me a new mattress to try but I really wanted my money back! The new mattress caused just as much pain, ouch.

Given the thousands of dollars I spent I tried and tried and tried to make the mattress work but I’ve had to many sleepless nights and I’m tired of the pain. Even my most budget conscious work related travel in a 1 or 2 star hotel has yielded better sleep. Essentia just has no lower back support and maybe worse than that it has nasty pressure points. I’ve had enough, I’m buying a new mattress today! I’ve learned my lesson; a premium spend doesn’t yield a good nights sleep. These guys are laughing all the way to the bank!


Have you reviewed Avacado Green mattresses?? How often might these new mattress companies like Avacado and DreamCloud go under leaving buyers with no warranty in a few years??

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Kristen,

you can find our Avocado Green mattress review here.


I am looking for a new mattresss/box spring. I’m considering Saatva. My main considerations are: that the mattress “fits” mine and my husbands bodies for back support; that the mattress does not retain HEAT, as my body runs hot. Foam and I don’t get along. We’ve had a temperperic for about 10 years. I get very hot during the night. Also when I return to bed the indent of my body is still there and I can’t get comfortable. Is Saatva a good choice?


I bought a Tulo Sleepy’s semi-flex box with a standard frame. It rocks a little and has a mild squeak. Should I have gotten a different support?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Shawna,

the ideal base for a memory foam mattress is a platform bed or a slatted frame.


I have not seen any reviews about Winksbed,Please give me your thoughts. I am a side sleeper. I also have problems my lower back. Jan E.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

I am interested in a hybrid mattress. I am looking at the Alexander signature hybrid (I heard it just got firmer) the Brooklyn bedding signature med and their aroura as well as winkbed soft. Do you have idea between these? I like my mattress to hug behind my back on my side. But also to be firm enough so my back doesn’t hurt when I’m on my stomach. I am 110#. Thanks!


We purchased the Spindle after exhaustive research on all the various types of Mattresses. We decided the latex was the right choice. Looked at all the vendors and decided the superior pricing and the guarantee of 100% natural latex was the closer for us. The support and service made it the best online purchase we’ve ever made. The company has a good web site and since I have some shoulder issues I felt a call to the company was necessary. I received great cuatomer support. I put it together in easily and quickly/ Nothing difficult at all. And saved $800 over the competition.

It sleeps perfectly, really plush but still supportive. Highly recommended


Want the best mattress I can reasonably afford. Never had a memory foam mattress but based on all the reviews I am considering the Amerisleep. All the reviews point to the A3 but I like a very firm mattress. Amerisleep’s firmer ones are not rated, are they not as good as the A3? Also, is heat produced from the foam? How are returns handled? Do I have to pay to ship it back? Thank you!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Leslie,

all Amerisleep mattresses are of very good quality and you can get a firmer one without worries. Returns are free and handled very professionally.


Stacy, I have found no mention of the Avacodo mattress in your evaluations. It was ranked number one by Consumers Magazine. Could you give an opinion?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Art,

you can find our Avocado review here.

Michael Burchard

I have tried several mattresses and cant seem to find one that i like . I have ordered the wright bed which i think is too firm and i also sleep light so the mattress retains alot of heat. I have had two different wink beds one the standard and the softer version. I hated the softer version because it sounded like i was sleeping on bubble wrap. I hated the firm version of course because it was too firm.

I constantly change sleeping positions during the night but almost never sleep on my back idk if thats for comfort reasons or its just something that feels awkward. Im looking for a queen sized mattress that allows me to sleep however i like but that isnt too firm. I also dont want something that retains heat since im a light sleeper.

I was looking at the saatva but am no longer sure if thats what i should go with from reading reviews.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

HI Micheal,

I’d give latex a try. It’s a completely different feeling which could be the right solution for you. Have a look above for our picks, but we really like the Zenhaven!


Curious how/why the Purple latex mattress didn’t make (any) list? I bought one last year (2017) and my-then-GF and I both fell in love with it… very firm, yet confoundingly yielding to the touch (I guess that’s why those eggs don’t break!). FF to summer 2018, and I am with a new GF who wants to upgrade her 10 yo mattress. Consistent category leaders appear to be Puffy; Tomorrow; Zenhaven and… still, the Purple. We both prefer med/firm and, like everyone, don’t want a “hot” foam-topped mattress. What are your thoughts, both about Purple, but also a firm –> med/firm mattress for side and back sleepers?


No answer to my question….let’s try again. I’m looking for a new mattress and am currently leaning toward the Luxury Firm Saatva. However, have no way of knowing if this is a good choice for me. I’m a bit over-weight at the present time (hopefully not for long!), about 200 lbs., and have no back, neck or other problems except for arthritic knees. I’m a side and back sleeper. Do you think the Saatva would be a good fit for me?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Claire,

I think it could be fine for you. Just give it a try and return it if you are not 100% happy!


Hello, I’m a side sleeper, 6’1, 155 pounds and I just ordered a Leesa. I’ve been sleeping on a super firm hybrid and finally got fed up with it. Did I make a good choice here? I noticed it’s not on your list of best mattresses. Honestly I think just about anything will be better than this mattress in a box I got from Walmart that hasn’t gotten any softer in 2 years of owning it but I want to make sure the Leesa was a good choice before they ship it. I got the deal for a Twin + pillow for only $412 after taxes but I was looking at Layla and Nectar as well. Ultimately I decided that with the metal frame I had (one of those stainless steel deals with the bars spaced about a 2.5-3” spacing across the frame), the Layla would probably not work at all while the Leesa should have enough support on the bottom.

I’m probably overthinking this – like I said, it’s hard to imagine something worse than what I have now – but I’m on a fixed income so while $412 might not seem like much to most, it’s more than a quarter of my monthly income for me.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Robert,

I think you made the right choice and Leesa is a great brand. If you aren’t 100% happy after a couple weeks though, don’t be shy an return it for free, so you’ll get a chance to try another one. These mattresses should last more than 10 years, so the impact on your income is definitely worth it.


Thanks so much for the reply Stacey. I actually LOVE my Leesa! I’ve never been a back sleeper (I fact I often would have panic attacks lying on my back) but on the Leeaa, I find myself falling asleep on my right side and waking up on my back or my left side. Since I had a collapsed lung that requires surgery on my left side, sleeping on that side is generally quite painful but the Leesa is perfect. I paired it with the Nest Bedding cooling mattress protector and I’m totally in love.

The mattress doesn’t make me feel trapped like my friends Tempur-Pedic does which is fantastic because I hate that stuck in the mud feeling.

I have noticed that where I tend to sleep in the middle is already significantly softer than the rest of the mattress though which has me questioning how well it will hold up over time.

I did get a bunkie board for it so the support thing with any mattress is no longer a concern.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

I’m really glad you are happy with, Robert!


Do you have a review for the Puffy mattress?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Yes, it’s right here.


Now I am seriously considering buying The Amerisleep AS3. Let’s see how it turns out


I need the name of a mattress company that honor’s their warranty. Right now I have a 16 month Simmons mattress that is already sagging and getting nothing from the company. I’m put on hold when I call and their web site is impossible. I’m looking for a reputable mattress company before I buy a new one


I currently have a Beautyrest Pioneer X Plush queen mattress which I would like to replace. I am sure this mattress is no longer in the Beautyrest line because of it’s age, but I would be interested in your opinion as to which Beautyrest mattress would most closely compare with this mattress. Your opinion would drastically reduce my hunt for a new mattress.


Freeman Grover

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Freeman,

we are not Beautyrest enthusiasts, as there are so many new brands with a much more favorable price/quality ratio. Surely Beautyrest beds are good, but they aren’t the only ones.


I am a 6′ 3″ slender male side sleeper who sleeps hot and have been researching beds. Most mattresses I have tried were all too hard and multiple type toppers have been tried. I have been interested in the Layla and saw your very positive review (equal with Loom and leaf) but noted it did not appear in the 2018 list, so that clouds my thoughts regarding that choice. Were the user reviews so bad that it didn’t make the list? It makes me wonder where to find a mattress for my requirements.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Dan,

We try to keep the “top list” very short, picking one or two representative of each price level. It’s hard, because sometimes we have to leave out good mattresses. So to answer your question, we think the Layla is very good and the feedback we got is definitely positive so far.


Hi! My husband and I have a hard time because we feel every move each other makes in bed. Also I have a condition that it would be good to be able to prop up my head in bed. But I hate to bother him. I’m a side sleeper he’s a back sleeper. Any suggestions?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Michelle,

pretty much all mattresses in high positions in this guide have very good motion isolation. As for the propping up, there are plenty of adjustable bases around. We love the Saatva Lineal!


I am 5 ft tall, weigh 110 lbs and a back sleeper. I can’t find seem to find a mattress that works either they are too hard and my shoulders hurt or too soft and my lower back aches. from laying on a bunch of mattresses in stores (approx. 20 minutes a peice) I think I’m a medium soft (or soft medium ) – I think the tempur pedic flex supreme is pretty close to the best firmness – what mattress would you recommend ???? At this point I really don’t care the kind of bed as long as I get some comfort and a good night sleep


Any suggestions????

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Karen,

have a look at Helix, which lets you customize the mattress according to your body.


Hi! Thanks for the great information! My husband has Parkinson’s and is starting to have great difficulty getting out of bed. He is a back sleeper and keeps his side of our Sleep Number bed at 100, which works against him when getting in and out of bed because the air mattress middle portion is then higher than the foam edge. I am a side sleeper and keep my side at 35, but still get soreness in my hip area. I think it is time to buy a new mattress, but need to consider the differences in our firmness needs, and also need to consider my husband’s mobility issues. Any suggestions on best mattresses for us to consider?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Susie,

Have a look at Natural Form. They are specialised in beds for medical institutions and have a fantastic customer service to help you figure out the best solution together. Really good people. Just tell them Ted & Stacey sent you and you’ll get the VIP treatment!


I currently own a Serta, I’ve hated it since day one. Considering a Bear Mattress. Not a huge fan of mattresses on the floor. Can I put this mattress on a bed frame? Can I use my current box spring for it or should I purchase the one from Bear? Thank you for your reviews, they have made my shopping a lot easier.


Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Luie,

you can place the Bear mattress anywhere. The only thing with a boxspring is that it might make the mattress less firm overall. Give it a try and maybe it will be right. No risk with the free return guarantee!


I bought Purple 3 weeks ago and love it.

First night was a bit tough as I was coming from a pretty used pillow top plush kinda mattress. Purple is definitely on the firmer side.

It took me 3 nights to really adjust and I really like it so far. My husband to. We are both light weight, side sleepers but toss quite a bit.

I would definitely recommend.

Why don’t you cover it with a proper review ?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Anne,

you can find our review here.


I can’t seem to decide which is the best choice for our situation. My wife and I have had a pillow top king mattress for over 10 years and got tired of waking up with low back pain. We switched a month ago to the Dreamfoam Bedding mattress and the pain is even worse. The reviews show the Amerisleep 2 to be great for low back pain, but also that the Amerisleep 3 is great too. Same with the Nectar. Any suggestions on those 3 would be greatly appreciated, as they all sound nearly the same! Thank you!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Kevin,

if lower back pain is the main concern, I would first try the Amerisleep AS2.


Great article. We’re trying to choose a mattress for a murphy bed. We’re leaning toward one of the memory foam or hybrid mattresses in your article. Do you have any insights on whether having the mattresses standing upright for extended periods change your ratings? We understand there is a “slumping” issue to consider because of the upright storage. Weight will also probably come into play because it will add to the effort on closing the wall bed. Thanks!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Peter,

we have no experience with wall beds, but usually the brands we cover suggest to store the mattresses flat at all times. I would check directly with the manufacturer.


Trying to decide on a new mattress and just overwhelmed by all the options. Interested in trying a foam mattress and have considered Loom and Leaf, Nolah, Novosbed, and Nectar. I’m 6’2″ 220 side sleeper and partner is 5’10” 180 side sleeper…concerned about sleeping hot but also support…would have already bought the Nolah but wondering if we need something deeper than 10″. And Nectar has great reviews but have just heard nightmares about how long it takes to get the mattress and how hard it is to return it..sort of looking at the Amerisleep A4 also.


Any review information on the Brentwood Oceania?

I am a side sleeper.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Richard,

not at this time I’m afraid. For now we just covered their bamboo mattress which is pretty interesting.


Hi. I had been getting 30 minutes – 2 hours of sleep per night for a lot of years now, mostly because the mattress directly beneath me was getting too hot. The loss of sleep is starting to take its toll.

I tried 3 sleep centers…none could stop the sleep problem.

I bought 13 “cool” mattresses…none let me sleep any longer.

I bought every “cool” device, sheets, fans, toppers that I could get…none helped me sleep any longer.

I finally found out why…its the materials used in the cover & padding. They all retain body heat.

(And, I am also a side sleeper, which means shoulder pain from sleeping on it.)

I found out about the materials making it too hot after buying an Intellibed topper and an Air Weave topper. Both got too hot for me to sleep on but I did not know why.

At first, I tried the Intellibed topper as it came it. But…it got too warm to sleep on. I gave up on it and bought an Air Weave topper. It also got too warm.

This made no sense, because the core layers should not get so warm that it wakes me.

That made me wonder…if the core is not the problem, then What? The only thing left is the cover on the topper.

I found out why even these “cool” mattress toppers get too warm: its the the materials used in the cover. They retain body heat. I did a simple test to make sure…

I pressed the cover fabric of the Intellibed topper between my hands for 15 seconds, then removed my hands.

I slid one hand back over that area of the fabric.

In the area of the fabric where my hands were was warm spot.

That tells me that the fabric itself is capable of retaining body heat.

I did the same test for the cover on the Air Weave topper…same results.

This tells me why mattresses are getting too warm directly beneath me when I sleep…the materials used in the mattress are retaining body heat.

So, I tried sleeping on the mattress toppers without the covers to see what would happen.

I slept on the Intellibed topper without its cover, sleeping directly on their gel grid and a sheet on it. My sleep increased to about 4 hours per night. By then, even the gel got too warm to sleep on. I am suspecting that the foam layer they use at the bottom is trapping pockets of air to collect inside their gel grid that eventually allow the air inside the gel grid to get so warm that I wake up.

I then tried the Air Weave mattress topper without its covers (both inner & outer) and a sheet covering their core layer. It stayed cooler but not that comfortable.

In doing research on what the rest of the world sleeps on for cooler surfaces is when I found out about a Chinese bamboo tile sleeping mat. This mat is made with very smooth tiles made with bamboo that are woven together and is very flexible. It is designed to, believe it or not, sleep on without a sheet. You sleep directly on the bamboo tiles.

I tried sleeping first with just the bamboo mat on the mattress.

But, it also got too warm. No way for air to circulate (to remove body heat) between the mat and the mattress.

Then, I placed the Air Weave core layer between the bamboo mat and the mattress, thinking I needed some air distance between me & the mattress cover & padding.

THAT DID THE TRICK! Having the Air Weave layer there prevents body heat from getting to the mattress.

No more waking up because the mattress directly beneath me gets too warm.

Now, when I first lay on the bamboo tile mat, it almost feels like it just came out of a fridge…it is that cold. It slowly warms up but not enough to wake me. Very easy to get to sleep now. If its too cold, I put on cotton pajamas.

To solve shoulder pain because I am a side sleeper, I was able to get a sheet of micro-coils used in high-end bedding. These are use for added comfort. I placed that layer between the Air Weave core layer and the mattress.

I am now sleeping on (from bottom – up):

1. The mattress

2. The micro-coil layer

3. The Air Weave core layer

4. The Chinese bamboo tile sleep mat.

This solves both shoulder pain (from side sleeping) and a too-hot mattress.

The trick is to provide air space between you & the mattress, so that the mattress does not have a chance to absorb & retain body heat.

Since I am sleeping thru the night now, this had proven that, if your mattress gets too hot beneath you, having a cool surface to sleep on lets you sleep longer & deeper. You have to keep the mattress from being able to collect & retain body heat.

When I did research about having something that separates me & the mattress, I found nothing online. I also got no help from any mattress manufacturer when i asked for advice. One manufacturer even said that I was just getting old and to take a pill. Cooling down the mattress will not help.

If no one would help, I had to do something…

This has, in turn, lead me to design my own air-cooled mattress topper, so that there are not all those loose, expensive layers to deal with. I found a way to have moving air between me & the mattress. The cooler I want it, the more I have air moving beneath me. If it’s too cold, I reduce or turn off the air moving beneath me.

Materials are in…I am putting it together this weekend. If I am correct, this should provide both support, shoulder pain relief and a cool place to sleep.


Did your combination work?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Gary,

this sounds very interesting. Please keep us updated with the developments!


I really need a new mattress at a decent price. I have spinal arthritis, scoliosis and a cartilage tear in my hip …so quite a few issues with comfortable sleep. Our bed is a firm Serra and it kills my back! We have a plush (softer) Serta in the guest room I’ve been sleeping on and though not great sleep my back doesn’t kill me when trying to get up.

We tried Sleep Number (most expensive one) $$$$ and it felt great.

What would you suggest for a medium plush for these issues?

Thank you.


You don’t have to buy the most expensive Sleep Number. I am very happy with my P6 and so are my friends who own it. The ILE goes on sale every holiday and they do model year end sales as well. I thought I was ready to move on from Sleep Number, but after trying other mattresses for the past year, I’m ready to go back. They really are the best for back injuries and arthritis, I suffer from both issues.


Greetings… Great mattress information…any thoughts or reviews on on adjustable bed frames?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Zack,

have a look at the Saatva Lineal here.


Hi Stacy,

I’m in the process of selecting a mattress but very confused with all the new features such as gel, cooling, foam, latex etc.

Interested in an innerspring mattress but many seem to have gel in them which is confusing to me. Not interested in a cooling set either.

Currently, I’m looking at the Ethan Allen Signature Plush queen set STA model.

With shipping, the price is $1728.00.

I’m willing to pay for a high quality mattress set as long as it has excellent quality and dependability .

My current set is 20 years old and has lasted probably due to only one person (me).

Would appreciate your opinion regarding the EA signature STA queen plush mattress set via email before making a final decision. Thanks!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Brenda,

Unfortunately we are not familiar with the EA models. However I have the feeling you’d be very happy with a Wright 1.27 mattress although it’s not innerspring and it has a gel component. Give it a try: they offer a 120 days comfort guarantee with no questions asked or fees.


I have a Zinus 12″ green tea memory foam mattress and boy does it make a difference. After a hip replacement and cervical Disk replacement every morning was an adventure trying to get out of my Serta Postrapedic bed. I don’t even have to get KT tapped constantly to relieve the pain all over my body and the cost ($279) was fantastic after paying 4 grand for my last mattress years back.


I see you rate Saatva as the best innerspring mattress yet Consumer Reports has it rated as only 27 out of 39. How do you account for this discrepancy?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Mort,

we adopt a different rating system and we rely heavily on direct feedback from people who bought and used the mattress. In addition, price is also an important factor.


Hello, First of all thank you for the reviews on the different mattresses and types. Would like your input as we are just starting to look for a new mattress. We currently sleep on a water bed and have for 30+ years. Wanting to replace, with a “more traditional” mattress which will be easier to get in and out of bed as we are getting older. Love the support and no pressure points of the water bed. What type of mattress would you suggest we try for the same type of support? Memory foam scares me a little because of all of the comments on how hot they are. Does the newer “cool” ones really work? Would it be possible to use our waterbed frame as a bed frame with a traditional mattress it measures the same as a California King. I would want it to come above the frame which is approximately 8-1/2 ” deep.

Thank you,


Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Marie,

it’s always hard to give such recommendations. My suggestion would be to try the Amerisleep AS3, our current top pick for memory foam, and if you don’t like it you can simply return it. The memory foam mattress world has changed dramatically over the past 10 years and the heat problem has been solved by many brands.

I’m not sure about your existing frame, but if you get a trial mattress you’ll find out very quickly.


Great source of information here.

Question for Stacey….i read the article “best mattresses for lower back pain”, which is the problem i have, and in it the AS2 (MED-FIRM) is one of the top contenders, but the review to read suggested on the site is for the AS3 (MEDIUM). So for my lower back pain, and i kinda sleep in every position, which would be a better option of the 2 for me to try?


Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Anthony,

the AS2 is supposed to be better for back pain, although we hear that the AS3 does a good job as well.


I have bought 13 mattress in the last 5 years, spending over $12,000 on mattresses, toppers, sheets & cooling systems. All mattresses had 2 things in common: some type of foam (memory, cooling-technology, etc….and they all got too warm after about 2 hours (20 minutes for memory foam).

Am averaging about 3 hours of sleep per night.

I slept on my brother bed and it never got warm. It was an innerspring mattress with no foam as padding…used something else as padding.

Do you know of any mattress similar to this construction that do not cost $4,000?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Gary,

It must have been Latex, which is known for not becoming hot easily. If you look at our top picks for Latex they are all well below $4,000 and most offer a completely free trial.


Question: since the inner spring mattresses are overrated by memory foam. Would there be a heating problem?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Victor,

innerspring mattresses usually don’t have heating problems as the construction allows for good internal ventilation. The heating problem is mostly with older (or now cheaper) memory foam mattresses, as the foam mass absorbs the heat but can’t release it around properly, becoming hotter.


This is a good budget list. Simmons Black beds and Tempurpedics blow any of these out of the water but are going to be much more expensive. These are ok. Nothing beats the premium beds from the traditional companies if price is not a problem. I think you should do a real best bed comparison with more beds over $1500. You don’t really get into the category of best mattress until you spend at least $2500 plus to be honest.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi dc,

I have to disagree with you as several of these new generation mattresses are in the same quality space as the traditional companies. In some cases even the same materials are used, but selling directly to consumer without middlemen cuts off a big chunk off the price.


This is a really nice put together article for people looking for what the best mattress is without having to go to tons of different mattress sites and compare them themselves 🙂

My favourite mattress from the list above is the Tempur-Pedic mattress, although as you’ve mentioned is a little pricey!

Although if there is one area people should be willing to spend a little extra it is in the mattress department 🙂

My current obsessions and what I’ve been looking at recently is smart mattresses. I really like the fact they can be connected to other smart devices around the home and set to specific settings to help the user get a better night rest.

I’m really curious about what your opinion is on smart mattresses? Do you think they will take over traditional mattresses within the next few years?

Look forward to your opinion and reply

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Bobby,

the topic of smart mattresses is getting some interest, although we feel the bed should remain the one place where we can disconnect entirely from the devices which already dominate our entire day!


Thanks for your opinion on them Stacey 🙂

My opinion is smart mattress, especially as technology advances, can help with our sleep etc. But it’s great to hear what others think about them, especially someone with as much knowledge as you in the mattress section 🙂

Again thank you for taking the time to reply.

Paula Celeste Rich

I wonder why you did not include Nectar, which offers a 365 night money back free return (donation) guarantee? And Tuft’n’Needle offers the same type of return policy but for 100 nights; your chart says 30 days, which could throw some potential buyers off. Thanks for your efforts though! We got the Tuft’n’Needle Luxery Firm and have found it to be way too hard but they kindly have sent us a 2″ topper from their patented material which has helped in that regard, but now that we’ve taken off our winter electric mattress pad, I find myself waking up hot and achy after about 4 hours of solid sleep. (I wasn’t getting any solid sleep from my 20 year old Serta Perfect Sleeper top of the line–I was SO difficult to decide what to replace that wonderful but sadly used up bed!) I have ordered a Nectar mattress for a vacation rental I am remodeling and hope to spend plenty of time on it within the year period (stay-cation, yay) to see if it will work out better. I’m also going to ask the wonderful folks at Tuft’n’Needle what kind of summer topper they would recommend and see if I can make that one work before my 100 nights are up the first week of May. Good luck all!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Paula,

thanks for your valuable input. We just published our Nectar Mattress review here:

As for the Tuft & Needle trial, it depends on where you buy it. We noticed most readers feel comfortable in buying it from Amazon, and that’s their offer.


Very definitive guide for selection of next mattress. I appreciate your efforts for compile up this great post please keep updating in future also.


Please help! I am driving my husband crazy with my indecision regarding purchasing a new mattress. I’ve already canceled two mattresses before delivery! Current mattress is an expensive Simmons Beautyrest. It was replaced at four years for free due to indentation of 2 1/2 inches. This one is seven years and I’ve hated it from day one. Also has indentation in center, but not enough to be replaced. I am 64 and have fibromyalgia and lupus, as well as degenerative disc disease. I’ve already had surgery to my neck and have donor bone, a metal plate and screws in my neck. My back is also falling apart. I am a stomach and side sleeper. I was advised against foam mattresses. Won’t buy another Simmons. Store salesman recommended a Stearns and Foster, and I did like it in the store, but worry because I’m allergic to wool and it has wool in its cover. Salesman said with waterproof covering it won’t bother me. My husband refuses to let me order a mattress over the internet, he insists we try it out first. Do you think I’ll be ok with the Stearns & Foster? Its so expensive. Thank you!

Paula Celeste Rich

Hi, Marge. I, too, have fibromyalgia (since 1994) and also OA of the knees. I was also very indecisive about replacing my wonderful top of the line Serta Perfect Sleeper (they kind you could actually turn over, not just around), but seriously, it was 20 years old and even with TWO types of foam toppers, I was not getting any rest. I am also a stomach and side sleeper, rarely sleeping on my back (but I do toss and turn, so I sleep in every position at some point). You should read my comment about Tuft’n’Needle and Nectar. If I had the money (thousands, literally) I would sure consider another Serta, but I would never get a mattress with any wool (I, too, am allergic to it); why ASK for problems! That just sounds like the salesman is trying to make an expensive sale; there are better options with NO wool if you are allergic! There are a number of mattresses you can buy online that offer long trial periods and FREE RETURNS; to me that is a BIG issue. You and I seem to have a lot in common on the surface, and I will tell you I finally decided to try the Tuft’n’Needle Luxury Firm, since they have a 100 night trial period with FREE RETURN (actually it’s locally donated if you don’t like it, but at no cost to you). The chart on this website says 30 days for Tuft’n’Needle, which is not accurate. Although the jury is still out (they did send me a 2″ topper FREE OF CHARGE after I told them it was too hard, and I wouldn’t have ordered the softest one and then regret it being too SOFT, so that’s working out so far). Their customer service has been wonderful! However, I don’t love it enough to have ordered it for the local vacation rental I am remodeling. I am trying a Nectar mattress for that, which has a 365 day trial and the same policy of FREE RETURN (donation locally at no cost to you); I had not found them when I ordered the Tuft’n’Needle and still haven’t received the mattress. They keep postponing the delivery, saying it is on back order, so I hope for the best in THAT regard. At any rate, I don’t see the downside of ordering online IF you go with a company that will charge you NOTHING if you don’t like the mattress and it has to be “returned” AND that has a long trial period. Just my two cents worth. AND they are much less expensive than the traditional coil mattress. Don’t get the firmest one though! They seem to be firmer than the traditional pillow tops (which you can always add a separate pillow top mattress topper to your foam bed, too). I hope this gives you some clarity.


I have had troubles with returns for online mattresses. One expected me to somehow rebox the mattress before they would come take it. Another company wanted me to drop it off at the ups store. They never explained to me that the ups store would package it for me, for a fee of course. I’m wary to try ordering from an online place again but I’ve tried every mattress store near me and can’t find a comfortable one. Well I found two sort of comfortable ones, but sort of comfy isn’t worth 1400 dollars.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Marge,

it’s very difficult to provide meaningful advice in a situation like yours. Where are you located? Stearns & Foster are generally OK, but they are extremely overpriced.

If I were you, I’d give Helix a try, as it’s customizable for both sides. Their customer service is very good and they will surely give you good advice.

But if you still don’t like it you can return it free of charge, so no harm in trying it out.


We decided to go with an Amerisleep Liberty queen and after two nights, its giving me some lower back pain and I am finding it to be a bit too firm to sleep on. We are both mostly back and side sleepers. Note they want you to try it for thirty days minimum before you can get a refund. I don’t know if I can last that long. The pain wakes me up in the middle of the night but goes away soon after I get out of bed. I’m thinking the memory foam beds might bot be for us and we are considering a Saatva Luxury Firm on our next trial.


Brian, how did you like the Saatva Luxury Firm?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Brian,

I’m confident that if you contact Amerisleep and explain the issue they’ll let you return the mattress before the 30 days. In the meantime, if you haven’t disposed of the old mattress I’d suggest you go back to it immediately.


You are correct! Amerisleep was very understanding, efficient and thorough with communication. We are proceeding to our next trial.

Cathy w bad back ,

Purchased adjustable queen temperpedic a few years ago. Put of warranty now,but motor for bottom doesnt work any ideas on where to take it to get it fixed without having to take whole bead apart? I’m disabled,but haven’t been able to use the adjustable feature for a long time.

Started looking on here for new mattress for my hubby! Thanks for all the awesome research you’ve supplied. Just thought I’d ask about my problem in case you had a suggestion…I’ve had bed a long time..hubby even longer!!!??

Happy President s Day…supposedly..good day to get a new mattress?!

Thanks again!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Cathy,

I would get in touch with whomever supplied the adjustable bed frame to see if it can get repaired. Those devices are really simple and they usually get fixed easily by replacing the small electrical motor. As for the mattress, I trust you read our recommendations above, so let me know if we can be of any more help!


Has anyone had problems with moving the mattress up the stairs? The movers had to “fold” the mattress and I do not think it is good for it? When I asked they said it is ok…there is no way else they could get the mattress up to the bedroom, but I was just wondering if anyone else noticed any lumps in their beds?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Lisa,

what mattress brand and model is it?


So Purple and alternative mattresses didn’t even do well enough to get a mention?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Our list is constantly reviewed with the input from our readers and other factors. If you bought a Purple and are enthused by it, please let us know!


Ok, just doing research right now.


Very helpful and detailed written I was searching for this from awhile. Thanks for the efforts please keep updating in future.


We concluded our research by purchasing a Casper king memory foam mattress, top-rated in its category by Consumer Reports (CR). Bought it a week before the price was raised from $950 to $1,150. Also bought two Casper pillows at a total cost of $95 after applying a $75 credit.

Very happy with these products. I was asked here how the March issue of CR could be quoted in January, two months before the magazine’s date. The reason is that subscribers receive the magazine two months ahead of the issue date. This one was a comprehensive issue whose cover is titled “Secrets To A Great Night’s Sleep.” It included 74 test results and ratings, along with companion articles titled “Help For People In Pain;” “Finding The Perfect Pillow;” and warnings about over-the-counter sleep aids.

I’m sure the top-rated memory foam mattresses on Ted & Stacey’s site are all worth considering. It’s been quite a (positive) change for us after years of sleeping on a traditional Serta innerspring mattress.


David, thank you kindly for your information!


My wife & I work out 5 days a week at minimum. We tend to be in the gym 1.5-3 hours a day. Our muscles & joints are constantly aching. We are leaning towards a Purple Mattress for the way it takes pressure off pressure points & keeps the spine aligned. We are playful adults & also like the bounce it provides. How does the Amerisleep & Leesa compare to Purple for those needs?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Tommy,

we keep on getting very good feedback on the Bear Mattress, as it’s designed specifically with physically active people in mind. It’s the choice of many professional athletes. I’d suggest you give it a try!


Hi Stacey!

Thanks for your response. We have read so many reviews & watched so many videos confusion has set in. It is tough to cross that threshold to purchased an item when you can not check it out before buying. I do realize you can evaluate most of these on a trial basis, which is awesome but if we all could make the purchase & move on. We will revisit the Bear Mattress. Happy sleeping all. Cheerio…..Tommy

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Yeah… it takes a bit of courage to go for the trial, but from what we see the vast majority of readers don’t regret it. It’s worth the trouble!


The price of box spring or foundation is not included in these reviews, but we need that too, correct?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Amy,

as the box spring or foundation is usually optional, we don’t include it. Do you really need one? It depends on your preference and on the mattress. Many models can be simply put on the floor, which is what quite a bit of people do… at least to start with.


My wife and I are looking for a new mattress. I am a side sleeper and she is a stomach sleeper. I prefer the feel of memory foam due to pressure points and arthritis. She is more comfortable on the firm coil mattresses. We are currently looking at the Temper Pedic Tempur Flex Supreme Hybrid mattress. Not sure where that fits in you reviews above. The Temper Pedic is pricey but would be worth it if we could both sleep better. We also like the lack of motion when one of us moves. Do any of your recommendations above fit what we are looking for?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Mike,

I’d suggest you try the Helix Sleep mattress, as it can be customized on each side and is much cheaper. Give it a shot, they run a 100-day risk-free trial, including free shipping.


We’re doing research on the best memory foam mattress to buy, and while I’m not challenging your ratings per se, I found it interesting that after reading so many positive reports elsewhere about the Casper mattress, and noting it is the top-rated memory foam mattress in the March 2017 issue of Consumer Reports, it doesn’t rate at least a mention in your review.


There is already a March 2017 Consumer Reports out on January 2?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi David,

here is our Casper review. Although it’s surely a good mattress, we try to give space to other brands that enjoy less marketing exposure but can deliver the same or better value.


This is such a great and very useful list of mattresses which are really affordable. Mattresses are a real necessity and they have to be good for our proper and good health.


This is a nice post about mattress. This post has given the picture of quality mattress which will help the buyer to select a quality mattress for their family. This mattress will help you to get a better sleep . So thanks for writing such a wonderful post.


I need a mattress that won’t make me hot. Memory foam seems to be too hot for me, but are more comfortable than innerspring mattresses. Any suggestions?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Wendi,

there are so many different brands of memory foam mattresses nowadays, and several have found ingenious ways to overcome the heat problem. For example, we just published our review of the PangeaBed, which in its copper version has a very strong coolness rating. With a 100-day free trial you can give it a try without worries. Alternatively, the top results for the memory foam category of this guide all have good coolness ratings. Just take one and give it a try!


I ended up here by mistake and bookmarked for future reference. The best mattress guide so far, and by far! Kudos!


Nice guide, thank you!


A guide like this should exclude dinosaurs like Serta and Sealy.


I got a Serta online from JCPenney that included the box spring for $500. I really like it ! No extra cost for taking out the old mattress either.


I can’t wait for my new king mattress to arrive!!! I just ordered a Casper and needed to share with somebody. So excited!!!!!!

Astrid Locatelli

I can’t make up my mind between the Canyon Ridge and the Beautyrest. Help anybody?!?!


Waterbeds? REally? What are we, in the 80’s?


That’s amusing. I have a waterbed I bought in 1990. I still am using it and love it. My back never hurts, my neck never hurts, I never sink down in the bed. While everybody else is spending thousands of dollars on mattresses that they hate in a year’s time, I’m still loving my waterbed. The only reason I’m here is I’m trying to find a mattress for my daughter. I bought her a Serta full set about 5 years ago, and it’s amazing how much the middle sinks down. Her neck and back hurt constantly. My bed has lots of foam in it along with the water; the condition of it never changes. So, waterbeds may have seen their popularity wane but trust me – I get a good night’s sleep every night.


Do you know when there are sales? Will the prices change a lot or this are prices that are always low?


I’m really oversize: what’s best for me?


I’m not sure if it’s right, but aren’t memory foam matresses usually much more expensive than what you write here? Where is the catch?


Finally a mattress guide that makes sense. I just bought a Saatva and looking forward to test it very soon! Thank you.


Are you happy with your saatva purchase?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Yes. At first I wasn’t enthusiastic because it felt harder than I thought (I always had very soft mattresses in the past), but after sleeping on it for a few nights I realized it was the perfect choice. I don’t even have a stiff neck anymore, which bothered me for several months now. So it’s highly recommended.


We have a mattress store near our home and I am not even sure they have this many options for us to choose from. I guess we’ll just have to look in another city for a larger supplier.


Walter, I think you need to change your mindset. Today there is so much flexibility online that you don’t need an old store anymore. Just go with Saatva or Casper, which give you a great comfort guarantee and you don’t even need to move your butt from the couch!


You can try a Casper if you live near a West Elm furniture store!

Janice Crankly

I really never thought about how many different mattresses there are on the market. Some are very expensive, but I always thought that it was something like “you always get what you pay for”, type of thing.


It has been a long time since I had a water bed, but I would totally consider it again now that I see some of the technology has changed. Great reviews!


I used to think that mattresses were expensive if you wanted a “good” one. By the looks of the reviews that you have here, you got a few options that are in a good price range.


It is amazing that a mattress can cost so much. It looks like from the reviews that these mattresses are the cats meow. Of course it will depend on what comfort level you are looking for, but I think you get the idea.


Trust me, in the mattress world you get what you pay for. It’s true that there are new companies cutting costs on intermediaries etc, but a $500 mattress will never beat a $2,000 one. Sorry.


I’m not sure Ronald. Times have changed and a Saatva mattress is probably better than any Serta. You gotta try it to believe it…


I have always wanted to try a gel type of mattress. I am going to read through some reviews before I make that jump though.


We have a gem mattress and we LOVE it! We had to buy the king size version and that can get quite expensive, but we have not had a single complaint about it! Well worth the money!


I appreciate that there are this many mattresses to choose from, but at the same time, I hate to make decisions like this on the showroom floor. Are there any companies willing to take my mattress back after 30 days if it is not working out?


You obviously haven’t been shopping for a mattress. Every Mattress company I’ve check has anywhere from 30 to 120 and more days to try the mattress. Some are free returns others have a fee attached


I purchased a Botanical Bliss mattress from Plushbeds almost one year ago and I absolutely love it. It’s a very good quality mattress. 100% natural latex – no synthetics or blends and no chemicals. It is also an organic mattress so it’s healthy to bring into your home. I sleep so well on my Plushbeds mattress. It is very comfortable! 🙂


The airbed was always something that I thought was so comfortable and I am probably paying for that thought with my bad aches. Today, I sleep no a memory foam mattress and it seems to do the trick!


I never really knew what an “inner spring” mattress was. Now that I look at that photo, it is quite clear and just like the name says 🙂


Wow, I have heard about the Serta iSeries, but I never would have thought it was going to cost that much. On the other hand, you must get what you pay for right?


I bought a Saatva while shopping for a Serta… very happy for the past 2 months!


I like the memory foam mattress that we have on our bed. At first it seemed a little hard to get used to, but now that it has been “broken” in, my wife and I love it!


When I was younger I always thought that craft-matic would be awesome when I got older. LOL. I laugh now. The new model waterbed is where I am at now.


We have always had a traditional, inner spring mattress. We have been looking to “upgrade” so we are glad that we found your mattress comparisons here. This information has helped us a lot and we should be making a purchase very soon.


It is nice to know that someone else is getting this much good information here! We are also going to be looking to make a purchase soon and have been reading mattress comparison sites and looking through reviews. Thanks for all of the great info!


Eugene and Valarie:

I was just looking and saw both of you were getting ready to make a purchase back in May. …5,6 mos ago. So I was just wanting to check in to see which two mattresses did you purchase, and how’s it doing months later as for holding up, being hot, and lastly how’s each one held up this far, and how are your spouses (if applicable) enjoying, liking them and how have you set them up/displayed them? I was very curious about that as well, after having seen above, prior to this article about it is best for innerspring mattresses to be on a frame, or platform of some sort, and doing away with the box spring, well it’ll be two in our case. …due to having two twins under our king. But please, if both of you have time to get back to me and just see what you each ended up purchasing and how you’re liking them and if there’s ANY, ONE SINGLE THING you could have changed, would you? Thanks in Advanced for taking time out of your day to read, and hopefully reply back to me. I’ll definitely have my eyes peeled waiting, THX! Have a GREAT DAY!!



P.S. Maybe it would help lol, if I told you my husband and I have been looking at mattresses VERY VERY similar to both the Casper and I guess the Helix too since today was the first day ever hearing about lol. But we always deal with our furniture man, here locally, who’s been a lifelong friend. We try to shop local as much as possible, therefore we’ve bought ALL of our furniture from him, which is mainly Ashley. …except for the mattresses of course and maybe a few other odds and ends.

Again Thx for your time!?



I bought a Bear mattress about 3 months ago as I’m very active. I love it and I have no pain at all. Although it wasn’t really a big problem for me before, but whatever pain there was it’s gone. And it’s true about the muscle recovery. I feel so much more recharged in the morning.


I think this information should be shared. There is a good amount of it here that will help any consumer make an informed decision about mattresses and what they can do for us.


Do you think that the mattress technology is going to change very much over the next 5-10 years? I mean, how much different can a mattress get?


LOL, that is a good question. You should take a look back to see how much they have changed in the last 5 years, that will give you the answer!


I love these comparisons. It is just what my husband and I were looking for. Now we just have to decide which one is the one that we want to sleep on for the next few years 🙂


Exactly. Now you have all of the good information, but that was the easy part, LOL. I would do whatever you can to make the right decision so you are not stuck with a mattress that you cannot get comfortable on.

Johnny Boremen

I was thinking about getting a new mattress this year. Finding your comparison site here has been very helpful! Thank you!


For the Saatva Mattress Luxury Firm, that is a good price. We bought one of those about 2 years ago and paid a bit more for it then. As a good quality mattress, there is nothing better in the queen size!


I would have to agree with Brett on this one. The good quality rating on this site is spot on. We love our Saatva Mattress Luxury Firm and wished that we would have picked it up sooner!


Looking for a king size bed. What size did you get?


Brett and Chandler thanks soooo much for sharing I have spent alot of money on mattresses

due to back and neck problems. i purchased a sleep number bed and after an hour of trying to sleep i had to go and sleep in the guest bed room. i called the next day to make arrangements to return it and they insisted i had to sleep on it for 30 days before returning it

after much aggravation they agreed to have the bed returned. however i had to pay $350 to do so. needless to say had i waited the 30 days this may have cost me over $1000. i may sound like a difficult customer but i do know when a bed is the wright one for my needs.

i have been doing much research to find a bed that will give me much needed comfortable sleep. when i stay in hotel room i have noticed their beds ARE very comfortable .

so while searching for many hours and days i noticed that Saatva mattress commented that their mattress was as comfortable as a luxury hotel bed. i thought this is the bed for me.

i was still worried about making another mattress purchase having it delivered and finding out that this one is still not the mattress for me. thanks for your contribution in helping me make my choice. im going to make my purchase today and will update my experience with this product.


When you buy a memory foam mattress PAD, how long would you assume it would last for with two people sleeping on it each night?


We have used our 3″ memory foam pad for about 10 years. Since the bed is now starting to sag, so is the memory foam. We paid about $129 for a king size and ordered it from It really did add life to our bed which is about 25 years old. Highly recommend getting one.


I thought it was weird that Amazon sold mattresses at first. The reviews for these mattresses really help, plus the way you have them organized in categories is very helpful.