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The Importance of Your Bedroom Sleep Environment

6 min read · Updated: Wednesday, Apr 13, 2022 by Lauren Kendrick

Though science still attempts to understand the exact workings of sleep, at this point, most of us know how vital it is for our healthy functioning and even survival. Unfortunately, sometimes sleep is harder to come by than you would wish for, and before you finally drift off, you spend a considerable amount of your...

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What to Focus On When Choosing Your Next Mattress?

6 min read · Updated: Sunday, Mar 13, 2022 by Lauren Kendrick

Few things have such an impact on your quality of sleep as the mattress you use does. After all, your entire body lies on it for a number of hours per day. Choose a bad one, and you’re almost guaranteed to sleep badly and to wake up tired and sore, sometimes even worse than the...

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What Is It Like to Buy a Mattress Online?

9 min read · Updated: Thursday, Mar 24, 2022 by Ted Wilson

In the modern world, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t buy online if you look hard enough. Thanks to the free market and lack of overhead, it’s not unusual to find online retailers selling products at a fraction of the price you’d find them in a brick-and-mortar store. One of the fastest-growing online marketplaces out...

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Toddler’s Beds: How to Help Your Little One Transition

6 min read · Updated: Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020 by Ted Wilson

If you’re a new parent, you might be wondering: what, exactly, is a toddler’s bed? I don’t blame you! Not so long ago, I didn’t even know toddlers had special beds! But the truth is, friends, toddler’s beds exist, and they can be surprisingly useful. They’re designed to provide a transitional bed between a crib and a...

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Restless When Trying to Sleep? Try These Tricks!

8 min read · Updated: Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020 by Ted Wilson

How long have you been lying here? You roll onto your left side – your right side – your stomach. You just can’t seem to get comfortable! You look at the clock – it’s some ungodly hour of the morning. If you get to sleep right now, you’ll be able to get in a good...

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How Sleeping Position Affects Sleep Quality

8 min read · Updated: Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020 by Ted Wilson

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t pay that much attention to the position you end up in when you fall asleep. You probably move around a little – maybe tossing and turning a bit if you’re having a rough night – before you finally end up in a position that works. However, although...

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Comparing the Top Mattress Technologies: Which One Is Best?

9 min read · Updated: Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022 by Ted Wilson

Although most people don’t realize it, today’s mattress industry is in a constant state of change. Since the online mattress market started to take off in 2014, a huge number of new and innovative companies have sprung up, fighting each other tooth and nail for a spot in this changing world. As we enter this...

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The Pros and Cons of Midday Naps

8 min read · Updated: Monday, Nov 9, 2020 by Ted Wilson

If it’s partway through the day and you feel those eyelids start drooping, it’s often all too easy to just put your head down and let the sweet ZZZ’s carry you away. That said, when you consider all the problems that can often arise from ill-planned midday napping – afternoon grogginess, messed-up sleep schedules and...

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Does Your Mattress Match Your Sleeper Profile?

9 min read · Updated: Thursday, Mar 24, 2022 by Ted Wilson

Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night? Do you find yourself waking up multiple times before morning? Do you regularly get up feeling refreshed, or do you crawl out of bed still craving those extra minutes? If you’ve been getting low-quality sleep on a consistent basis, it might be time to reconsider your...

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What Is the Best Sleeping Position?

9 min read · Updated: Monday, Nov 9, 2020 by Ted Wilson

A lot of people are pretty consistent about sleeping in just one or two positions every night. We’re creatures of habit—we find something that’s comfortable for us, and we stick with it. The problem is, though, not all sleep positions are created equal. Sometimes, the position we’re the most familiar with can actually be causing...

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