The position you take when falling asleep at night as an interesting thing.

It’s something you probably don’t even think about that much unless you’re having a hard time getting comfortable at night.

After all, it’s just the way you sleep!

It might not even occur to you to try out too many different sleep positions from night to night, or you might feel physically or mentally uncomfortable if you try sleeping in a way that you’re not used to.

We’ve mentioned before that the position you take when falling asleep at night can have a major impact on your health.

But did you know that the way you sleep might also have something to say about your personality?

Strange as it sounds, this is actually backed by research.

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, ran a study of 1,004 individuals and found some correlation between personality traits and sleeping positions.

It turns out that the way you sleep might actually have a lot to do with the way you think!

How Seriously Should We Take This?

Before we get into the fun stuff, let’s first be completely clear – you should probably take these findings with a grain of salt.

The study all this is based on was a survey, so a lot of what you’re going to read about here might really say more about what people think of themselves than what other people think of them.

It’s also important to keep in mind that all of this is just a correlation.

The way you sleep probably doesn’t actually impact the way you see the world (unless you’re having trouble sleeping, of course).

Still, it’s definitely interesting.

And who knows – you might even realize something new about yourself!

The Fetus Position: Tough But Sensitive Personality

The most common sleeping position in the world is the fetal position, which about 41% of all people find themselves in at night.

In this position, you sleep curled up on your side, with your knees tucked in towards your chest.

Mystical illustration of a fetusIt’s about two times more popular among women than among men, and according to Idzikowski, people who sleep in the fetal position tend to be outwardly tough, but inwardly quite sensitive.

There’s a disconnect between the way they treat the world and the way they see themselves and the people they’re close to.

Fetal sleepers sometimes shy upon meeting people, but are very personable once they get to know you.

According to Somnium Beds mattress designer Susanne Flother, the fetal position also offers a certain degree of comfort.

It is, after all, the position people often take when under extreme stress.

Curling in on yourself like that protects your head and vital organs.

All in all, it’s a very defensive sleeping position.

The Sex Lives of Fetus Sleepers

It’s definitely not the least bit scientific, but writer Lara Rutherford-Morrison has come up with a speculative guide to the sex lives of people who favor different sleeping positions.

According to her rigorously unscientific research, people who sleep in the fetus position might be reluctant about reaching out to others in both an emotional and a sexual sense.

As they start to open up to others, they become more outgoing and receptive to the needs of their partners.

Log Sleepers: Trusting and Easygoing

Though if you say you “sleep like a log” you probably aren’t meaning it this literally, the “log position” is another side sleeping position Idzikowski commented on.

Lumberjack with axe15% of people sleep this way, on their sides with both arms pressed tight against their body.

People who sleep in the log position tend to be easygoing and sociable.

They like being part of the “in-crowd,” and they’re also much more trusting—sometimes maybe even a little more trusting than they should be!

The log position is definitely a lot less defensive than the fetal position, after all.

Instead of curling your arms and legs in front of yourself the way most side sleepers do, you’re leaving yourself totally open.

The Sex Lives of Log Sleepers

Rutherford-Morrison says that log sleepers tend to be more willing to experiment in the bedroom.

They’ll definitely be fun to hang out with, although you might want to watch out in relationships if you’re a log sleeper yourself.

After all, it’s not always the best idea to be that trusting of people, and you might end up with your heart broken.

The Yearner: Open But Cynical

The yearner is the least common side sleeping position, held by just 13% of all people.

If you’re a yearner, you sleep on your side with both arms outstretched – as if reaching for something you can’t white grasp.

According to Idzikowski, these kind of sleepers tend to be naturally open, but paradoxically, also suspicious of others and cynical  about the world.

They take a long time to make up their minds about things, but once they do, that’s it.

They’re not going to budge.

The Sex Lives of Yearners

In Rutherford-Morrison’s opinion, yearners aren’t likely to just jump into a relationship.

They’re cynics by nature, after all, and they take their time getting to know you.

They’re not about to have their hearts broken like log sleepers – at least, not if they can help it!

If you’re lucky enough to have a yearner as a partner, though, you can take their word seriously.

They’ve made up their mind to be with you, and they’re not likely to change.

Right Side vs Left Side Sleepers

According to a 15,000-person British survey by the mattress company Sealy, which side you sleep on can also make a difference.

People who sleep mostly on the left side of their body are the most likely to have a college education, and they’re more likely to work in either marketing and advertising or for a local authority or healthcare trust.

In fact, 78% of left side sleepers work in one of these fields!

Right side sleepers, on the other hand, are more likely to be heavy smokers and caffeine drinkers.

 They’re also more likely to work in the transportation or manufacturing industries.

Freefallers: Social But Defensive

People who sleep on their stomach with their hands wrapped around the pillow are said to be in the “freefall” position.

Just 7% of sleepers choose this position.

Girl in freefallThese kinds of people really tend to enjoy company, and they often may tend to make poorly-calculated decisions.

Underneath that outgoing exterior, though, freefallers are really sensitive to negative feedback.

They don’t deal well with criticism or intense situations.

All in all, they sound like some of the first people to die in a horror movie!

According to Sealy, stomach sleepers tend to work in agriculture or fishing.

They’re often quite heavy drinkers, taking down 7 to 10 standard drinks each day (remember, this study was done in Britain).

The Sex Lives of Freefallers

Rutherford-Morrison says that freefallers are often very fun and adventurous in the bedroom, although they may actually be pretty insecure about themselves.

They act like they’re confident, but don’t push them too hard – they’re fragile souls on the inside, and they need your love!

Soldiers: Quiet, But With High Expectations

Soldier standing at attentionPeople who sleep in the soldier position sleep flat on their backs, with both arms pressed tight against their sides.

As a rule, people who sleep in this position tend to be a little bit more reserved than others.

They don’t like the make a big deal out of things.

At the same time, though, they hold themselves and the people around them to high standards.

 The Sex Lives of Soldiers

Soldiers aren’t as adventurous in bed as other kinds of sleepers, Rutherford-Morrison says.

They tend to stick to what they know, doing their best to satisfy their partners, and expecting their partners to do the same.

Don’t bring drama into these people’s lives, though.

They’re not about that kind of life.

Starfishes: Selfless Listeners

Starfishes are the rarest of sleepers, and also the rarest of friends.

Just 5% of people sleep in this position – on their back, with their arms and legs out away from their body.

StarfishIt’s a much looser body configuration than the soldier.

Starfishes aren’t as worried about things.

They’re not incredibly tight-lipped, but don’t let the openness of this position give you the wrong idea: starfishes are in no way interested in being the center of attention.

Instead, they’re great listeners and great friends.

They’re always willing to lend an ear and offer help as needed.

These sleepers tend to be younger than the others, in the 25-34 age bracket.

They’re also more likely than any other group to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

The Sex Lives of Starfishes

According to Rutherford-Morrison, starfishes are extremely generous lovers, attending to the needs of their partners.

However, they might not speak up to often about their own needs.

If your partner is a starfish, take the time to talk to them about what they want, since they might not talk about it as easily as you do.

Conclusion About Sleep Position and Personality

Your sleep position can say a lot about how you are.

After all, it’s the way you present yourself for a third of your life.

The way you sleep can offer a unique little window into your subconscious mind, maybe even giving us a glimpse of who you really are.

Sweet dreams!

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Updated at November 9, 2020