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With over 20 years in the industry and owning its own manufacturing plant, Brooklyn Bedding affords consumers a plush, luxury latex foam mattress built with three firmness levels as well as comfort options to satisfy every type of sleeper.

The design, construction, and unique comfort and feel of Brooklyn Bedding has earned the company abundant positive reviews and strong ratings.


  • Great value – Just $750 in Queen
  • Fast & free shipping plus 5% off purchase with this link
  • Made in the USA
  • 120 Night risk-free trial, with free 100% money back guarantee
  • Full 10 year warranty


  • Not overly supportive, some sinkage complaints
  • Edge of the bed support minimal

Full Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

In this review we are evaluating the Brooklyn Bedding latex foam mattress. A plush, luxury designed mattress that offers consumers a variety of attractive features and benefits, Brooklyn Bedding not only minimizes motion transfer and costs less, but is every bit as comfortable and contouring as it is attractive.

With its innovative three firmness levels and appealing body contour and hug features, this mattress is quickly climbing the consumer charts as one of the most conforming and comfortable latex foam mattresses available on the market and, according to data used, is being billed as the #bestmattressever.

What type of Mattress is the Brooklyn Bedding?

Brooklyn Bedding is a state of the art latex foam mattress developed and manufactured right in their own factory with top of the line fabrics and ultra-dense latex foams that give the mattress its overall contour, comfort and support.

The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress review ladyThe mattress comes equipped with a versatile two-way stretch core cover that protects the foam core and an ultra-soft, removable/washable top cover that contributes to a new mattress feel year after year.

With its unique construction, Brooklyn Bedding outdoes its competitors with a 100% latex comfort layer measuring 6” and delivering added bounce that alleviates any ‘quicksand’ effects or feelings that are common to other foam mattresses.

How Firm Is It?

Unlike most memory foam mattresses available today, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress is available in three firmness levels – soft, medium, and firm.  The soft model offers much in the line of contouring, while the medium and firm models provide sleepers with varied levels of support and comfort.

Our research revealed that the soft mattress was rated a 4 out of 10, the medium a 6 out of 10 and the firm mattress an 8 out of 10.

If you are uncertain as to which level is best suited for you, then play it safe and order the medium level since statistics have proven that more than 80% of sleepers prefer a medium firmness to their mattress. 

How Many Layers Does it Have?

More than just a conforming mattress, the 10” Brooklyn Bedding mattress offers consumers three layers of foam for added comfort.

  1. The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress' sectionThe top 2” Talalay latex layer provides consistent comfort across the entire surface.
  2. The middle 2” Dunlop latex layer adds even more comfort, cooling and bounce, but with an added durability and longevity.  A slight bit firmer than the top layer, this Dunlap latex layer gives a more deep compression supportive feel to sleepers.
  3. Finally, the bottom 6” high density polyfoam layer serves as a supportive foundation for the mattress providing breathability and shape.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress, much like many of the memory foam beds today, absorbs motion easily.  This latex mattress does a great job of controlling motion during the night and presented with very little motion transfer.

Our research revealed that the latex foam minimizes any type of motion, providing sleepers with an overall comfortable sleep,

As for sinkage, when in a back lying or side lying position the Brooklyn Bedding mattress presents with a typical 1.5 to 2” sinkage, considered average by most consumers.

Does it Sleep Hot?

Unlike typical foam mattresses, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress with its plush latex foam has more breathability and temperature control, giving it a rather high rating in this category.

Consumers indicate the mattress does not sleep hot, but rather offers cooling and provides comfortable temperatures throughout the night.

Does it have any Smell?

CertiPUR-US logoWhen you first remove your Brooklyn Bedding from the packaging, there is a noticeable ‘latex smell’ present.

However, this smell, much like all new mattress smells, dissipates in just a matter of a few hours.

Eco-friendly construction with CertiPUR-US certification as well, this mattress, as our consumer research revealed, has little to no off gassing and again, a very slight odor.

Does It Require a Foundation?

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress can be used with any type of a support system and does not necessarily require a specific foundation.  As long as the support system has no extreme flex, it will work appropriately with the Brooklyn Bedding mattress.

If consumers prefer, the mattress can also be used on the floor, but it is important to keep it away from any excessive moisture.

What Type of Cover Does It Have?

The Brooklyn Bedding comes with a quilted cotton, polyester cover.  Made of blended fabrics and extremely soft, this polyfoam layered cover offers consumers a pillow top feel along with great breathability.  A unique design and style gives this cover a stylish, innovative look.

The cover is easy to clean and maintain with just the use of warm water and a mild detergent.  Be certain to never use any harsh chemicals on the cover, such as bleach, and always dab rather than rub when spot cleaning the gentle surface.

What is the Best Way to Care for Brooklyn Bedding?

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is not flippable since it is designed with its comfort layers on the top and support layers on the bottom. A corner of the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

With state of the art, high quality materials that have a longer life expectancy than other mattresses, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress does not require turning at all.

Again, when cleaning your Brooklyn Bedding mattress simply use warm water, a mild detergent and gentle dabbing motions.

Never rub, or use chemicals of any kind, even when cleaning stains.  If you feel you will be susceptible to spills or stains, it is recommended you purchase a mattress protective cover.

What about Durability?

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is manufactured right here in the USA in their very own factory.

made in USA signRecognized as one of the most established mattress manufacturing companies in the country, Brooklyn Bedding and its redesign and development of their “#bestmattressever” seems to have earned themselves a noticeable spot on the rating charts, as revealed by our research.

This same research indicates that Brooklyn Bedding has a lifespan that exceeds that of other mattresses and continues to advance their position in the marketplace today because of its durability among its many other attractive features.

Size and Shipping

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress comes in a wide range of sizes, including the typical Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Queen short, King, California King and split California King sizes.  The mattress is quite easy to maneuver and lift as well, with the weight entirely dependent upon the model and size of the mattress.

The company offers free shipping anywhere in the continental USA.  Compressed in a box, this latex foam mattress typically ships in 3-4 days and is easy and quick to unbox.

120 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

Brooklyn Bedding stands behind all their products, including their superior mattresses and plush pillows as well as their luxury sheets.

The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress with its shipping boxOffering their 120-night, risk free, 100% money back guarantee on their mattresses, the company requires you to keep the product for at minimum 30 days.

However, after the thirty days, should you still be dissatisfied with the product, you’ll get a 100% refund. The mattress has to be donated to a local charity in order for the refund to be requested. The Brooklyn Bedding support team will help you sort things out.

Also, if you want to do an exchange for another firmness level avoiding to remain without a mattress for a few days, you’ll have to purchase the new mattress first and then dispose of the previous one to get the refund.

This 120 night risk-free trial, found to be among one of the best risk free return policies in the industry, affords consumers the time needed to fully experience the Brooklyn Bedding mattress and make a proper decision on its effectiveness and ability to satisfy consumer needs.


The Brooklyn Bedding mattress comes with a full ten-year warranty.  The warranty covers body impressions measuring in at more than 1” as well as any other defects.

In addition, the company offers a three-year replacement warranty for material defects for their pillows and a one-year replacement warranty for material defects with their sheets.

Our research revealed that consumers are giving Brooklyn Bedding a slightly above-average rating on overall and are every bit excited about their pillows and sheets as they are about their mattresses. 

How Much Does Brooklyn Bedding Cost?

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress ranges in prices from $450 to $1050, depending upon the size of the mattress.

  • Twin $450
  • Twin XL $475
  • Full $650
  • Full XL $700
  • Queen $750
  • Queen Short $750
  • King $900
  • California King $900
  • Split California King $1050

The mattress does fare quite well in comparison to other mattresses that are more costly. With its overall consumer satisfaction, the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress is a very good buy for the money. 

Currently there is a 5% discount off, and a bonus of two free shredded foam pillows with the purchase of any sized mattress which you can find at this link.


Brooklyn Bedding offers consumers a quality product that satisfies many of the requirements consumers are in search of.

From the comfortable bounce and great cooling temperatures, to the body contour and hug features, coupled with the three firmness level options and great motion transfer with little to no sinkage, consumers are giving the mattress very good ratings across the board.

In addition, the fact that the mattresses are manufactured right in their own factory, Brooklyn Bedding can afford its customers a great price break along with fast shipping.  This 100% latex foam mattress is quick becoming a consumer favorite, as indicated by our data used.

Children jumping on the Brooklyn Bedding MattressFrom firmness, quality materials, durability, and reliability, to superior customer service, free shipping and very affordable prices (Queen is just $750), is it any wonder that consumers today are not only rating the Brooklyn Bedding mattress high on the charts but setting it apart from its industry competitors as well.

Overall, we find the Brooklyn Bedding mattress (#bestmattressever) out of the gate has proven to be quite a success both in the industry and with consumers, making it a good purchase option.

Further, the company offers a wide range of quality products at affordable prices, including their plush shredded foam pillows, and their attractively designed, plush pillow cases.

If after our review, however, you find you are uncertain as to whether or not the Brooklyn Bedding mattress is the right mattress for you, then be sure to check out our Best Mattress Guide that offers a wide range of other mattresses in your efforts to find the perfect mattress for your individual needs.