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The Casper Essential is the second product offering from the Casper Sleep Company. Also in the collection are the Casper and the Wave.

Available for just $795 in Queen, this all-foam bed is the most basic product the company offers and comes with a charcoal colored, washable mattress cover.


  • Affordable enough to suit all budgets.
  • Comes with a removable, easy-to-clean mattress cover.
  • Supportive enough for all sleep positions.
  • 100 night in-home sleep trial.


  • Thin construction, making it not suitable for larger adults or partners.

Complete Casper Essential Mattress Review

The Casper Sleep Company has been manufacturing quality brand name mattresses since 2014. Initially. they started out with a single product offering – The Casper – since then, their lineup has grown to include the Essential and the Wave. 

Read our review of the Casper Wave here.

Of the mattresses in their collection, the Essential is the most affordable, it is also the one with the most standard construction. 

Unlike the Wave, which was manufactured to target heavier or larger individual and couples, the Essential is thought to have been designed to meet the sleep needs of children, teens and smaller adults. 

This all foam bed is the ideal choice for anyone wanting a decent quality bed-in-a-box, but not wanting to spend a fortune. 

What Type of Mattress is the Casper Essential?

With three distinct layers, the mattress is constructed entirely out of polyurethane and visco-elastic foam. At 8.5″ thick, the bed might not be durable enough to support the weight of larger individuals. 

One feature that sets the Casper Essential apart from most of the other foam mattresses in the market is the removable, upholstery grade charcoal colored mattress cover.

The lovely smoky gray cover not only provides a sleek look and feel to the mattress, but it also helps to hide stains or accidental spills. 

How Firm is the Mattress? Will I get a Good Nights Sleep?

Given the ‘no frills’ look and design of the bed, we were a little skeptical about its ability to provide decent pressure relief – expecting to just sink into the foam and end up fighting to free ourselves from a marshmallow-like cocoon.

the Casper Essential mattress in a simple roomLuckily, the results were the exact opposite of our expectations. The Essential, much like the Casper original, provided decent pressure relief over a number of different sleep positions.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being soft and 10 being firm, we would rate this mattress a high 6. 

Lighter individuals (those weighing less than 150lbs) will find that they experience even weight distribution and shouldn’t sink further than the primary layer of OmniFlex comfort foam.

Back sleepers will immediately notice how that same layer of comfort foam contours to their lower back, providing support at the curve of the spine.

In fact, the bed is supportive enough for all sleep positions – and combination sleep positions. Whether you lay still, or you start on your stomach, flip to your side and then do some sort of mid-REM acrobatics, you should enjoy a good nights sleep. 

What About Motion Transfer? Will I Wake my Partner if I Roll Over?

Motion transfer isn’t really that much of a concern with mattresses that are constructed entirely out of foam, not as much as it would be with a spring or coil-type mattress.

Our research tells us that this bed does a particularly good job of absorbing lightweight motion, which is good news for anyone who might share a bed with a pet or for someone who tosses and turns a lot.

Where reviewers did mention noticing the most motion was when two average sized adults laid side by side and one attempted to get into and then out of the bed. 

As far as materials go, the Essential is decently made. However, there are some limitations with regards to its ability to absorb motion.

This bed might not be suitable for all couples – but smaller individuals or children should have no issue with motion transfer. 

How are the Layers of the Casper Essential?

The bed is constructed using three layers of high-quality, premium foam – Totalling 8.5″ in thickness. 

  • First, 2″ of omniFlex comfort foam is used to help regulate temperature and increase the responsiveness of the foam by providing ‘bounce’.
  • Next, 1.5″ of visco-elastic memory foam contours to tired, heavy limbs and provides support and pressure relief for aching muscles. Because memory foam is known to conduct heat, Casper routinely places the memory foam layer deeper towards the middle of the mattresses they make to ensure that any sort of heat that the mattress absorbs doesn’t radiate onto the body.
  • Lastly, a 4.5″ layer of polyurethane foam acts as the support and foundation of the bed. 

An upholstery-grade, charcoal colored mattress cover that zips off for easy cleaning.

Does it Come with a Mattress Cover?

The Casper Essential comes with a 100% polyester mattress cover.

Casper Essential's coverIt is available in an attractive gray color that makes it more aesthetically pleasing than the standard white covers offered by other manufacturers.

Aesthetics aside, the cover is extremely durable and should repel stains easily. More importantly, it isn’t so thick that its hard to feel the benefits of the foam beneath it. 

Does the Mattress Sleep Hot?

Knowing that the mattress is slightly thinner than the other beds in the Casper collection, we expected it to have some challenges with temperature regulation. 

Many reviewers felt that this bed was designed uniquely for smaller adults or possibly even children and teens, although we weren’t able to find any information from the manufacturer to support this claim.

Much to our surprise, we were pleased to learn that when temperatures rose, the bed experienced minimal difficulty remaining cool to the touch.

This is likely because the memory foam layer (the foam that typically retains heat) is placed further down in the bed and not right next to the body.

The open cell design of the top layer of foam also helps with airflow. 

In any event, we still wonder if someone who sleeps hotter than average (or in really warm temperatures) if a foam mattress this thin would cool down quickly enough to allow for a comfortable sleep.

What About Off-Gassing? Does the Mattress Smell?

When purchasing a foam mattress there is always a concern about odors, especially if the bed is made using cheap, foreign foam – or worse, plastic. 

CertiPUR-US logoThe Casper Sleep Company manufacturers all of their beds in the United States, and they use premium grade foams certified by CertiPUR-USMeaning they meet or exceed environmental standards for chemicals or emissions. 

Any noticeable smells aren’t likely to be coming from the bed itself, but rather from the packing materials used to ship the bed.

These scents should disappear in as little as three days, but turning on a fan or opening a window should help to speed things up a little. 

How Long will the Mattress Last?

Like most foam mattresses, you can expect the Casper Essential to last 8 to 10 years, maybe even longer with proper care and rotating. 

All Casper-branded mattresses a backed by a 10-year limited warranty, so if defect or default occurs within that timeframe, it might be possible to obtain a repair or replacement.

How Should I Care for the Casper Essential?

Most mattresses, regardless of what they are made out of, benefit from being flipped and/or rotated at regular intervals. 

This is particularly true of foam mattresses – especially if you are someone who regularly sleeps only on one side of the bed, or if you have a sleeping partner who weighs much more than you. 

You might even choose to remove the mattress cover and launder it every so often to keep it smelling fresh and stain free.

Outside of that, there are no special requirements for caring for this bed. You may want to look at our Mattress Care guide

Where is the Mattress Made?

The Casper Sleep Company is a privately-held, U.S.-based company, headquartered in New York.

Each of the mattresses in their collection is made in one of two facilities – In Georgia and Pennsylvania.

How Big is the Bed? Will it Fit in My Room?

The bed is 11″ thick and comes in six bed sizes, ranging from Twin to California King.

Measurements include:

  • Twin: 39″ x 75″
  • Twin XL: 39″ x 80″
  • Full: 53″ x 75″
  • Queen: 60″ x 80″
  • King: 76″ x 80″
  • California King: 72″ x 84″

Do I Need a Foundation or a Bedframe?

You can buy a foundation or a bed frame, in fact, Casper manufactures and promotes their own brand of bed frames, adjustable bases, and other bedroom furniture. 

The Casper Essential and it's shipping boxBut, it isn’t completely necessary to have a bed frame or a foundation in order to get the most out of your Casper Essential mattress.

Depending on your tastes, you might choose to purchase a bed with a box spring, an adjustable base, a slatted base, or even bunk beds. You could also just as easily place the mattress on the floor.

So long as the mattress is placed on a solid, steady surface, you should be able to sleep soundly. 


Casper offers a 10-year limited mattress warranty every one of the beds it manufactures.

This warranty is non-transferrable and applies to the original purchaser only. Proof of purchase is required.

In addition warranty, the company also offers a 100-night trial period and 0% APR financing through their financial partner, PayBright.

Complete warranty details can be found online.

How Much Does the Bed Cost?

Unlike other Casper mattresses, that can range in price upwards of $2,500, the Essential helps get you into a decent quality foam mattress, without emptying your pocketbook. 

If you were to purchase the bed today, direct from the Casper website, you would expect to pay the following prices:

Shipping and returns, within the USA and Canada, are always FREE.

Casper Essential Mattress Review – Our Verdict

All-in-all offered at just $795 for Queen, the Casper Essential is a decent mattress for the cost. 

The Essential mattress in a modern roomEven at only three layers and 8.5″ in width, it is still possible to get a pretty decent sleep, without much interruption caused by motion transfer.

Still, individuals heavier or larger than ‘average’ might find that they require more support in their hip and back areas, especially if they are side or stomach sleepers – This is where the Casper Wave really excels.

We like the idea of this mattress for use in a child or teenagers room, but an adult – who might have a partner – might find that they are quickly going to need to invest in a higher grade bed.

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