DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Review

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The DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a good mattress overall, ideal for budget-conscious people looking for an entry-level memory foam mattress.



  • A bit too firm when new
  • Realtively new brand

Full DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam Review

If you are looking for a well-designed memory foam mattress that is quite comfortable and comes at an accessible price below $500, then the Dynasty Mattress 12-inch Gel Foam Mattress Cool Breeze is one of few better choices out there.

This mattress is innovatively designed to include gel beads inside its premium grade memory foam so as to deliver the ultimate mattress that guarantees pressure relief, comfort and better air circulation – which, of course, are all necessary for healthy sleep.

The best thing about this mattress is that it excels in providing comfort for highly demanding sleeping needs as shown by past buyers and users who have reported less back pain, more comfortable sleep and no numbness at all since they switched to it.

What is Gel Memory Foam?

Most modern mattresses are now using gel memory foam and consumers are responding by buying more of these products. Let us start by making this aspect of the Cool Breeze Dynasty Mattress a bit clear for the sake of those of us who are not well-versed with such technical jargon.

The gel memory foam is basically memory foam infused with numerous tiny gel beads. To appreciate the impact of these gel beads, let’s first consider the conventional memory foam mattress that had several issues. Among these issues was that it allowed users to sink into the mattress uncontrollably and sometimes became uncomfortably hot at night. By including such gel beads, the Cool Breeze eliminates the two issues.

Apart from that, the gel beads used in this mattress also increase airflow and promote additional cooling especially in those humid summer nights. It is also proven that these gel beads offer better support to the pressure points thus preventing users from sinking in deeply even as the bed ages.

How is the Cool Breeze DynastyMattress Set Up?

CoolBreeze 12-inch section viewThe mattress consists of four innovative layers of foam:

  • 3″ Gel memory foam that Dynasty calls the Sleep Cool Technology Foam
  • First 2″ Cool Airflow Foam layer
  • Second 2″ Cool Airflow Foam layer
  • 5″ High-density foam layer

This layered structure allows for greater air circulation, reducing sensibly the over-heating issues you might encounter in most memory foam mattresses of this category.

Also, the top layer being made of gel-infused foam rather than regular foam increases the cooling effect further while supporting even better the body’s weight, as gel beads add strength to the viscoelastic foam.

What can you Expect Regarding Comfort from this Mattress?

Comfort is an important feature that any mattress seeks to provide those who use it. The new DynastyMattress is carefully designed to offer sleepers a reasonable degree of comfort levels- especially at that price point.

This high comfort level of the mattress is achieved with its innovative multiple layers including the gel foam that remembers how you like to sleep and the high-density layer that guarantees adequate support for your whole body.

Even though some users have reported it is as somewhat firm, the level of comfort that you get with this mattress can be evaluated from the positive reviews of many customers, who have since slept better after purchasing it.

Is it a Durable Mattress?

The Dynasty Mattress CoolBreeze 12-inch in all its splendourMost people who are still undecided on whether or not to buy the Dynasty Mattress might be wondering if it is going to lose its quality and shape after just a few months of usage, as it so happens with many other mattresses in this price group.

However, this is far from what you should expect with this particular variant of DynastyMattress. Many users have reported that their Cool Breeze mattress was in great shape even after more than two years’ worth of intensive usage.

One aspect, however, that some users of this mattress noted was that it does become reasonably softer after a few months of use. Many people though regarded this as a positive benefit.

Even though it does not incorporate extra edge support, the mattress can support the weight of 265-lbs individuals on both its sides for significant periods without displaying any indications of wear.

How Does this Mattress Handle Temperature?

The Cool Breeze DynastyMattress has two airflow foam layers placed between the gel and high-density layers. The manufacturer specifically designed the airflow layer for the singular purpose of temperature regulation. A common complaint by users with the cheaper foam mattresses is the fact that they heat up at night, which makes sleeping an uncomfortable, sweaty experience.

This heating issue is not experienced when using the Cool Breeze DynastyMattress (just as the name suggests) since the airflow layer enables adequate ventilation and airflow to ensure it remains cool all night long.

How can I Maintain this Mattress? Is there a Warranty?

CoolBreeze Gel comes with a 30-year warrantyThe mattress comes with an elegant white cover with brown suede corners, which can be easily removed thanks to the zipper. It can be simply washed with a delicate program and machine dried at low temperature (although we prefer to let it dry in the wind).

In terms of replacement, Dynasty Mattress offers a 30-year limited warranty with some conditions. We are waiting to hear from the manufacturer about all the details.

Complaints to Consider Before Buying

Many users of the mattress have reported an indistinct odor coming from their mattresses, particularly directly after unpacking. This smell goes away with time and is not very bothersome to start with, but it could distract your normal sleep patterns in the first couple of days of usage. Furthermore, it is always good to give your mattress roughly 72 hours after unpacking before your start sleeping on it. Although it can be quite firm when newly opened, within a week it gets snug and pliable enough for a relaxed sleep.

Are the Claims of Pain Relief from Using this Mattress True?

CertiPUR-US logoThe multi-layered, high quality and CertiPUR-US certified construction of this DynastyMattress does a lot more than offer comfortable sleep. It helps in relieving strain and pressure from the muscles and joints of the people who use it.

From the high-quality gel foam to the high-density foam, the mattress guarantees pain relief, at least to some extent. The pain relieving benefits of the mattress has been asserted by many customers, including an arthritis patient who reported that the mattress adapted well to his form and offered significant pain relief.

However, if you are looking specifically for a lower-back pain relief mattress, please have a look at our dedicated page.

Is it Expensive?

This new mattress intends to be an entry-level memory foam bed for everybody and is priced below $500, even though the original list price is $1,500. We deem this price to be adequate to its overall quality, especially considering that the manufacturer is a new company.

We got ours from Amazon for just $439.

Are there any Extra Bonuses with Buying this Mattress?

Many mattresses at this price point seldom incorporate any extra bonuses for customers. However, the Cool Breeze DynastyMattress is unique because it offers two free matching gel pillows that are worth $100.

DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Gel Review – Our Verdict

The DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a good mattress overall, ideal for budget-conscious people looking for an entry-level memory foam mattress.

You can find it here for less than $500.

If you are looking for other ideas, don’t forget to check out our 2016 Best Mattress Guide!


  • Excellent reviews (you can read them here)
  • Superb comfort levels thanks to the multi-layered structure
  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Long warranty
  • Good price


  • It’s somewhat firm when new. But this shouldn’t be much of a problem as the mattress should be soft enough after several nights of use.
  • The brand is relatively young

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I bought this mattress in March of 2017. It was very firm at first. I would often defend its comfort, however, in online reviews. HOWEVER (and you knew there was one coming), it’s been less than 2 years and we cannot sleep on it anymore. I was waking up with massive low back pain. I am 5′ 6″ tall, 150 lbs. My husband is 6′ 5″, 250. We used a platform, because we were told it was essential. Okay. Got it. Couldn’t sleep on it well for 2 weeks, but eventually (with the help of a 2″ egg-crate mattress pad), we adapted. BUT NOW, there are divets where we sleep. The center is higher. The bed doesn’t feel super squishy, but it has deformed and it was AWFUL. 30 years warranty, good price, sounded great. But it’s not. Body impressions aside, laying in what feels like a scoop will kill your low back. I’m so disgusted! I’d kept my previous mattress (one of those no-name jobs from Amazon that was strangely comfy, but which also got body impressions after 3 years), wrapped in plastic, in another room. We pulled it out and the body impressions had poofed back out and it’s flat. We’re using that one. Again. It’s better than this one. Can’t seem to get response from the manufacturing company. So we’re stuck with a $550 useless hunk of…mattress. I cannot recommend this one. It was so weird that it held up for a year, then BANG! went south quick.

shelley guthrie

**UPDATE: COMPANY REFUSES TO RESPOND TO EMAILS OR CONTACT. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM UNLESS YOU WANT ZERO ASSISTANCE. A WARRANTY IS USELESS IF THE COMPANY REFUSES TO RESPOND! Their mattresses are not designed to work on adjustable beds. I took the pictures by other mattress stores and they cannot believe how bad these mattresses were and said they definitely are not suppose to fit this way. ** BUYER BEWARE! Pay a little more and get something that will last more than 2 months!!! DO NOT USE THIS SELLER**

I held off writing this review due to issues when I first received the bed such as not receiving the pillows (had to message multiple times and then one had a hole in it) mattress and base do not match the picture, beds separate all the time and the mattress comes off the base (I always have to push with my knee to get it back in line, was promised a bed strap but of course never received it) etc. but now that I have had a chance to sleep in the bed for a few months, I am not happy. It sleeps very hot BUT my complaint is just in two months time my mattress has a big bulge in it, so if I try to sleep laying flat, there is a HUGE hump in it. I had back surgery two months ago and having a good mattress is very important. I’m hoping the company can send a replacement for the defective mattress because a mattress (specifically for use on an adjustable bed, should not warp…esp after 2 months) VERY DISAPPOINTED and will be filing a dispute with my cc company if this mattress doesn’t get replaced as it is either total crap or defective.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Shelley,

sorry to hear about that. Please let us know how the company reacts.


What do you do when your shipment arrives and your mattresses are not constructed as detailed by dynasty?

Instead of 4 distinct foam layers as detailed in your review. The mattresses delivered to us by Dyansty have only two layers…1 3″ blue foam layers and one 9″ white foam layer with some perforations cut on both the top and bottom of this foam layer.

I would suggest all who buy this mattress take the time to unzip the covers and look to assure the product is as ordered

I do have a photo to share if needed…

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Chris,

I suggest you send it back! If you ordered through the link provided above, the mattress should be exactly this one. You can even check on that Amazon page, where they show a picture of the mattress section with the 4 layers. Please let us know how it goes.


How do we AIR OUT this mattress? It has a very strong chemical odor.


We own a Sleep Innovations bed, two of them actually. They call that initial smell ‘offgassing’. It usually goes away in 3-5 days. My wife and I setup our new mattresses and then closed the bedroom door and actually didn’t sleep in our master bedroom for about 4 days. We cracked a window and put a fan in there as well.

Offgassing is normal. It does stop. Just something memory foam mattresses do when they are unpacked.

We love our Sleep Innovations beds.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Jacqueline,

usually it’s enough to leave it unpacked for a while. If you can, open the windows to increase air circulation. It’s a normal occurrence due to the manufacturing process and it will go away very soon.


what if we buy the mattress and decide we don’t like it ? can it be returned ?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Paulette,

if you purchase it through Amazon it can be returned within 120 days. However, they might charge a return fee. Unfortunately the information is limited and when we enquired directly we didn’t get any answers.

If you want a more transparent experience, you might wan to look at our Best Mattress page where you can find other ideas with better terms.