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The Eight Smart Juniper+ smart mattress offers consumers an innovative luxury affordable mattress with top of the line features that not only make your sleeping experience comfortable and relaxing, but will also afford you a tracking report that analyzes the overall quality of your sleep each and every night.

Though the features of this all foam mattress are of a high quality, it is the unique sleep tracking technology coupled with the quality construction of this mattress that sets it far apart from most other mattresses on the market today.


  • Great Value for the money - Only $1,049 in Queen + 2 free pillows with our TED50 code
  • Smart Mattress with advanced sleep tracking technology
  • Consistent feel throughout
  • 100 Night risk-free sleep trial
  • Good responsiveness and memory foam hug


  • Comes with only one firmness level
  • The warranty could be better

Full Eight Jupiter+ Mattress Review

In this review we are evaluating the Eight Sleep Jupiter+ smart mattress (formerly known as the Eight Sleep Smart Mattress and also sold at with the name Eight Sleep Bliss).

A plush mattress that offers consumers a variety of unique, quality features and benefits, including its state of the art sleep tracking technology, this Eight Sleep model is every bit as innovative and unique in its design as it is comfortable, therapeutic and attractive.

With its unique sleep tracking technology and its four layers of contouring and support memory foam as well as its unique proprietary technology that not only tracks your sleep patterns, but also warms up your bed and easily connects with a variety of other smart devices, this newly released Eight Sleep Jupiter+ Mattress is fast making its presence known in both the industry and the marketplace.

What type of Mattress is the Jupiter+?

The Jupiter+ is an elegant all foam mattress developed and manufactured with the highest quality components and materials.

the eight sleep smart mattress with remoteThis truly innovative mattress designed and constructed with four layers of contouring and supporting foam and a durable technology layer, according to our data, is shown to appeal to consumers of all sleep ages and sleep styles.

This Eight Sleep model sports a simple but attractive 100% polyester cover that is all white in color with small pores that contribute to its overall breathability.

The cover easily maintains its elasticity, protects the four foam layers below, provides a softer top feel and breathes well.

In addition, this mattress is equipped with its one of a kind sleep tracking technology that monitors and analyzes sleep patterns to allow sleepers to identify sleep adjustments needed in order to experience a comfortable and relaxing night of sleep, night after night.

How Firm is it?

Designed and constructed with only one firmness level, medium firmness, this smart mattress affords sleepers a well-rounded, quite balanced feel.

With above average levels of both support and pressure relief, consumers can enjoy minimal sinkage and a comfortable hug.

Offering a noticeable combination of memory foam hug along with responsiveness, the Jupiter+ and its memory foam core create a satisfactory hug and contour while still delivering a bit of a bounce from its top layer.

The firmness level of this plush mattress comes in at the midpoint between one and ten, with ten being the most firm.

This Eight Sleep model, according to our research, with its comfortable medium firmness satisfies the sleep requirements of all individuals, whether a side, back, stomach or multi position sleeper which is one of the favored features that contributes greatly to the overall popularity of this newly released all foam mattress.

How Many Layers Does it have?

Quite a conforming and supporting mattress, the Jupiter+ mattress sports a top cover layer, four layers of blissful comfort along with a single layer of sleep tracking technology.

The jupiter+ layersThe four all foam layers provide support with no pressure, easily mold and conform to your body without minimizing the bounce and provide a sleeping temperature that, the majority of the time, is not too cool or too warm.

This 10” all foam mattress is designed and constructed with four separate layers.

The top layer, which contributes to both comfort and cooling is 2 inches of a reactive poly foam. It affords sleepers both cooling temperatures and unique comfort.

With this more responsive top layer of foam, sleepers easily benefit from the consistent comfort as well as enjoy a faster response time without the typical ‘stuck feeling.’

The second layer designed for contour sports a layer of 2 inches of memory foam that, ideally situated below the responsive top layer, affords sleepers the contouring needed for a comfortable night of sleep.

The third support layer consists of 2 inches of transition foam.

This layer is specifically designed to provide sleepers with ultimate support while serving as a transitional layer between the top layers of foam and the bottom base layer.

Finally the bottom foundation layer is designed and constructed with 4 inches of a high density support foam that not only acts as the foundation/base but also provides sleepers with much needed compression support.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The Eight Sleep Jupiter+ mattress, like most other memory foam beds, absorbs motion easily, thereby causing minimal disruption by your partners moving.

However, our data revealed that consumers suggested some motion transfer issues, rating it below average in this category.

Because of its one medium firmness level, those people weighing in excess of 220 pounds found there to be issues with sinkage and some support.

Our research further revealed that with the top layer of reactive poly foam, this model presents with a more than satisfactory level of bounce which is not typical of memory foam mattresses.

As for motion transfer, data used indicated that the Jupiter+ was not necessarily the best because the response and bounce levels caused a bit more motion to be transferred all across the mattress.

Does it Sleep Hot?

Though the Eight Sleep Mattress features a breathable cover that contributes to both cooling temperatures and comfort, much like many other memory foam mattresses, it tends to sleep a bit warm especially in the warmer months.

Does it Have any Smell?

Much like all other brands of memory foam mattresses, the Jupiter+ does present with a slight “new mattress” smell, and a little bit of off-gassing.

However, it disappears in just a matter of hours.

Our research revealed that less than 10% of consumers reported any issues with off gassing and smell and those who did report issues indicated that the smell was minimal.

Does It Require a Foundation?

This Eight Sleep mattress does require a foundation and fits all bases.

From a box spring, slatted base and adjustable base, to a typical foundation and platform bed, it suits every type of base available, with each offering both comfort and support to this state of the art mattress and sleep tracking system.

What Type of Cover Does It Have?

The Jupiter+ sports a very simple but appealing cover.

As for its aesthetics, the cover is designed in an all white color scheme and has multiple small pores all along the top portion of the cover that contribute to its overall breathability.

Constructed with 100% polyester, the cover maintains its elasticity and delivers a softer top feel to sleepers.

The rest of the mattress doesn’t contain any polyester.

When ordering your mattress with the specialized sleep tracking technology the cover serves as your actual tracking system which is why the company avoided creating a fancy eye-catching cover but rather a cover that supports the advanced technology this smart bed offers.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Smart Mattress?

The smart cover has a zipper so that you can simply remove it and wash it in the washing machine with a delicate program.

Alternatively, simply use cool water and a mild detergent with a clean cloth right on the spot.

What about Durability?

The Eight Sleep Mattress, according to our research, fared quite well in this category.

This plush, innovative mattress provides equal support to sleepers whether sleeping in a stomach, back or side position.

The four individual layers of reactive, memory, transition and high density support foam ensure sleepers great comfort and support along with enough contour and hug for a therapeutic and relaxing night of sleep.

The mattress proves to be quite durable and, according to our data, has a long life expectancy.

In addition, this unique mattress with its high quality construction, varied benefits and advanced sleep tracking technology, according to our research, presents with an 80% owner satisfaction rating.

Size and Shipping

The Jupiter+ mattress is available in Full, Queen, King, and California King Sizes.

The company offers free shipping in the United States and a 7 day delivery time.

Upon delivery, your luxury mattress is easy to unbox and will be ready for your pure enjoyment in just a short span of time.

100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial

Eight Sleep stands firmly behind their newly released Jupiter+ with their 100-day, 100% money back guarantee.

Consumers can try it out for 100 nights and if they find that they do not absolutely love the mattress its advanced sleep tracking technology the company will arrange a pick up of the bed and refund your purchase price, all for free.

Upon receipt of your box you’ll have 100 nights to experience its comfort and advanced features and benefits.

If you determine that the mattress is not suited to your individual needs, then simply contact the customer service department and they will gladly refund your money.


The Eight Sleep Mattress comes with a 10 year warranty.

Our research revealed that many consumers rated Eight Sleep lower than average in this category, citing that a better warranty should be offered.

How Much Does the Eight Sleep Jupiter+ Cost?

These are the current Jupiter+ prices, including the special discount of $50 + 2 free pillows you can get with our exclusive coupon code TED50:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Cal King:$1,249$1,199

The prices will vary for NYC purchasers depending upon whether or not they choose to take advantage of the company’s “white glove service” (only offered in NYC).

The mattress does fare very well in comparison to other memory foam mattresses that are more costly.

With highly favorably consumer ratings on comfort, contour, construction, the advanced sleep tracking technology, and overall satisfaction, this newly released Eight Sleep bed with sleep tracking technology is a very good buy for the money.

Eight Sleep Smart Technology

Eight Sleep is proud to offer consumers a sleep tracking technology that is specifically designed to track individual sleep performance.

the mattress' sideThis innovative tracking system provides an insight into how individuals sleep and the steps needed to improve their overall sleeping habits.

With this added advanced technology, the Jupiter+ has earned its spot on the charts for its fully integrated smart home technology, which includes a smart alarm, smart data and trends, home integration, a white noise player and bed warming.

The sleep tracking system measures the exact time individuals fall asleep, when they wake up, each time they toss or turn and even measure the exact time that sleepers enter into their REM sleep cycle, all information that, after a few days of tracking, helps sleepers recognize changes they need to make to their own sleep habits.

The only real downside to the tracking technology is the fact that it will change the overall feel of your mattress by a slight bit.

Eight Sleep Jupiter+ Mattress – Our Verdict

Eight Sleep offers consumers a truly quality Smart Bed at a low cost.

With its comfortable, medium firmness level, noticeable bounce, and its four separate layers of comfort foam, the Jupiter+ delivers both features and benefits that definitely set it apart from its competitors.

the eoight sleep jupiter+ from the frontAbsorbing motion easily, causing minimal disruption to your partner’s sleep, contouring features, and comfort features as well make this smart bed an all-round good purchase.

In addition, its 100 night risk free sleep trial, 10 year warranty, very competitive and affordable prices, Advanced Sleep Tracking Technology, free shipping, and easy return/refund process finish off the long list of attractive features and options afforded consumers when purchasing this plush, Smart Bed mattress.

Overall, we think the Jupiter+ is a very good purchase option at just $1,049, with our TED50 discount code giving you $50 off any size + 2 free pillows.

However, if you feel that a smart bed is not the ideal mattress for you or are simply uncertain for any reason at all that the Jupiter+ is not suited to your individual needs, then check out our Best Mattress Guide with a wide range of other mattresses available on the market today.

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