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The Eight Sleep Mars+ is a hybrid mattress with a nice medium-firm feel, great support and pressure relief.

What really sets it apart is their unique smart coverr that easily slips over the mattress and connects to your phone.

This smart cover tracks your sleep habits, warms each side of the bed, and also has several other unique features.


  • Hybrid mattress for good value - Get a Queen for just $1,349 + 2 free pillows with our coupon code TED50
  • Unique Smart Cover with high-tech features
  • 10 year limited warranty


  • Some minor sinkage complaints

Full Eight Sleep Mars+ Mattress Review

Eight Sleep is a well known US based online mattress company that focuses on building a sleep system that utilizes technology to help sleep better.

Founded in the year 2014 with the objective of being as much a technology company as a bedding retailer, Eight Sleep has skyrocketed in popularity in the past few years.

Furthermore, it has jolted the bed-in-a-box industry with its unique data-driven approach to sleep.

Eight Sleep offers 3 bed options that include smart technology, and each Smart mattress is crafted with Eight Sleep’s signature Smart Tracker cover to track the user’s sleep patterns.

The cover connects to a smart app that helps to monitor sleep habits, adjust the temperature, programs alarms, as well as serve other functions.

The tracker collects data and allows the user to control elements of the mattress from their smartphone.

For those who like to be on the leading edge of technology and who want to examine data about their sleep habits, the Eight sleep mattresses are a great development.

The company’s new flagship bed – the Mars+ Smart Mattress – promises to bring quality slumber to the masses by utilizing this smart technology.

Although you can buy the mattress without this cover, but in many ways, it is what makes the Mars+ mattress unique.

You will ll receive daily notifications about your previous night’s sleep, learn all types of things like how long you attained a deep sleep, what temperature the mattress was, and how many times you woke up in the night.

Such details can allow you to determine patterns in your sleep and also help you to improve the quality of your sleep.

What Type of Mattress is the Eight Sleep Mars+?

The Mars+ is the only hybrid mattress option of all three models offered by Eight Sleep and it is great for every sleep style.

the eight mars+ mattress with a smart phoneIt is a medium-firm hybrid bed with the latex like foam on top.

If you have any sleep problems, this mattress is particularly helpful as it can not only track your sleep but also give you complete daily details about your sleep ways to improve it.

Furthermore, if you are a tech savvy person who desires to be able to track your sleep, sync other devices to your mattress, and also adjust the warmth of the surface, this mattress may be really good for you.

What are the Smart Mattress Features?

Aside from being a quality mattress as a starting point, the Mars+ packs the following smart features which leverage the latest technology to help you make the most out of your sleep:

  • Sleep tracking: This feature helps you to track over 15 factors about your sleep and health, including heart rate, deep sleep, and respiratory rate.
  • Temperature Control: This feature can be controlled and programmed from your phone. It helps you to regulate the temperature of your bed side.
  • Smart Alarm: This feature allows your mattress to detect when you are in light sleep and thus triggers the alarm when it is easier for your body to wake up.
  • Smart Home Integration: This feature lets you integrate your mattress with your smart alliances, and thus turn off your lights when you go off to sleep, or brew your coffee when you wake up. Additionally, iPhone and Android app offers quick access to your sleep stats as well as related settings.

How Firm is it?

This innovative model offers a medium firm feel with superior foams and a coil system that creates a comfortable and quality bed. It falls around a 6 on a firmness scale – 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest.

It is good to have a bed that offers a bit of both softness and firmness as it will appeal to more people. This is one of the reasons that the Eight Sleep Mars+ is a good option for any sleep position.

It works very well for back sleepers as well, thereby allowing great support and enough sink to mitigate pressure, and also create a sleep surface that cradles your shoulders and lumbar.

If you are sleeping on the bed with the sleep tracker, the feel of your Mars+ mattress will be slightly altered.

This removable cover does add its own feel to the bed, and thus may not appeal to all people – unless tracking your sleep pattern is essential to you the additional “smart” layer may not be for you.

How Many Layers Does it have?

Since this is the only Eight Sleep bed that is a hybrid bed so the construction is a bit different than you may find in the other models. It is 11 inches thick and made up of 4 layers as well as a smart cover.

  • The Mars+ with visible layersResponsive Foam: This is a 2″ of Responsive Foam layer which is made up of 3lb density. It is intended to have the benefits of a latex foam along with more bounce and responsiveness. It also offers a comfortable and cool sleep.
  • Transition Foam: This is a 2″ of 1.8lb density comfort layer that not only provides support but also helps create a transition between the top foams and the base foam.
  •  Sleeved Coils: The 4″ of sleeved coils are surrounded by poly foam that offers good edge support. Furthermore, this layer provides the core of the support as well as bounce, heat dissipation, and springiness.
  • High Density Support Foam: This is a 3″ of 1.8lb density foundation foam that provides the support of the mattress and creates durability as well as stability for the foam layers on top.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

Between all the comfort foams, the individually wrapped coils, and the dense base foam, the Mars+ will absorb most vibrations and also make for very minimal to absolutely no motion transfer to be felt.

That is why, this mattress is great for anyone who shares a bed as there will be very little disturbance when getting in and out of bed.

In addition to this, the edge support feels fairly consistent and creates an edge to edge usable sleep surface.

The transition as well as base foam provides the necessary support to give the mattress a solid foundation, including its edges.

Furthermore, there is an additional layer of foam around the coil system that ensures a fully usable surface.

Sleeping on the Eight Sleep Mars+ mattress you should feel stable across the entire top of the bed. as it offers a good amount of bounce on top so that you do not feel stuck, and it also gives a good amount of body hug to help relief pressure points.

In addition to the foam being responsive, the coil unit helps in this areas as well by providing more bounce than a foam core.

Does it Sleep Hot?

The Eight Sleep Mars+ is a hybrid mattress so the coil system allows for heat dissipation which helps to keep it cooler.

The coils give your mattress room to circulate air, thereby making it a good choice for those seeking a cooling mattress.

That said, with this smart mattress features you can easily control the temperature of the mattress – so if you find it too warm simply adjust the temperature of your bed and you will be good to go in minutes.

The top layer has the consistency and is meant to feel more like a latex foam, and by having a more responsive layer on top further helps with some heat dissipation.

Does it Have any Smell?

During the unboxing process you may notice a bit of off gassing, however, it should be very minimal.

Also, it should be fine within a few hours but if you are more sensitive to certain smells, then letting your mattress breath up to 12 hours will probably be a good idea.

With most boxed mattresses, you may experience a little bit of smell once it is allowed to unroll and take shape, but Mars+ is made in the US which helps immensely with cutting down on any harmful odors.

Does it Require a Foundation?

The Mars+ mattress is designed for use on certain types of foundational support systems.

The Mars plus mattress from the sideWhen setting up your new mattress, it will require a foundation that provides a flat and even surface to support the weight of the sleeper as well as the mattress.

It also will require to be the right height for the sleeper as well as be aesthetically appealing.

The Mars+ mattress can work great on a box spring with or without a frame, a platform bed, an adjustable base, or slatted bed.

What Type of Cover Does it Have?

The cover of the mattress is a simple, breathable, light weight polyester fabric.

It is recommended to put a mattress pad on this mattress to keep it clean.

It is meant to be covered with the sleep tracking mattress cover, thus simplicity of this cover helps to create a better surface for the tracker to work.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Mattress?

It is recommended to put a mattress pad on this mattress to keep it clean.

In order to remove any stains, it is suggested to use the spot clean method, and all that you need to do is simply rub the affected area in circulation motion with a mild detergent and water solution.


The mattress has not been on the market long enough to judge its durability over the long-term.

The top 2” of the comfort layer on has 3 PCF density, which is less than the 3.5 PCF that is typically preferred to see in a top layer.

However, most of the internal components are of average density, which should provide an average level of durability.

It may also be essential to keep in mind that the technology layer is likely to have a shorter lifespan than the Mars+ mattress itself, and as a result, users may need to buy more than one sleep tracker to last the usable life of their mattress itself.

Size and Shipping

Eight Sleep ships the mattress anywhere in the continental United States and standard shipping is absolutely free to all the addresses.

The mattress is made to order and most purchasers receive it within 7 to 10 business days.

The Eight Sleep Mars+ mattress is compressed, vacuum-sealed, and shipped in a box. This box measures 16W” x 46L” x 16H”, and weighs about 90 pounds.

The technology layer, however, comes in a separate box measuring 17 1/2″W x 22L” x 12H” with a weight of about 17 pounds.

100 Night Risk Free Trial

You can put your mind at ease about whether or not the Eight Sleep Mars+ is for you.

the mars+ mattress has separate heating capabilitiesThe company allows you to try the mattress at absolutely no risk to you.

The company gives you a 100 night risk free trial, and there is no mandatory break-in period; you may opt to return the mattress at any point during the trial period in exchange for a full refund.

So if you are unsatisfied you can let Eight Sleep know, and if they cannot make it right, they will fix up a time to have the mattress picked up.

To initiate the return process, you must email Eight Sleep and the company will typically respond within a couple of days to coordinate a date and time for the mattress to be picked up.

A refund will be issued two to three business days after the bed has been removed.


The company offers a 10-year limited warranty for the Eight Sleep Mars+ mattress. This warranty begins on the date of original purchase.

The company will, at their sole discretion, either repair or replace the mattress that is deemed defective.

Furthermore, it will cover costs related to repairing or replacing a defective bed, but the owner will be responsible for all handling, transportation, and inspection charges.

The warranty will cover the following mattress defects:

  • Visible sagging or indentation in the top surface that measures one inch or deeper.
  • Physical defects in the foam that cause the material to split or crack despite proper foundational support.
  • Manufacturing defects in the mattress cover, including broken or cracked zipper. However, the Smart Tracker cover is not protected under the limited warranty and a separate one-year warranty is issued for the tracker.

The limited warranty does not cover any normal increases in softness of the foam that does not affect the pressure-relieving qualities of the mattress, or sagging or indentations that do not measure one inch deep. These problems are considered standard wear and tear.

Furthermore, replacement or repair requests that occur due to changes in the owner’s sleep comfort preferences, and burns, cuts, stains, tears, and other types of physical damage resulting from improper cleaning, misuse, or inadequate foundational support are not covered in this limited warranty.

How Much Does the Eight Sleep Mars+ Cost?

While this is the most expensive bed that is offered by Eight Sleep, it is also the only hybrid bed. Additionally, it is still a fair price for the value you will get from this smart mattress.

The price of the mattress varies according to the size. By applying our exclusive discount code TED50 you can get $50 off + 2 free pillows resulting in these prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Cal King:$1,549$1,499

How is Mars+ different from Jupiter+ and Saturn+?

  • The Mars+ is a hybrid mattress model and its comfort layer features a 2″ top layer of memory foam and a bottom layer of transitional polyfoam. The support core is crafted with a top layer of pocketed coils and a foundation layer of high-density polyfoam.
  • The Jupiter is a plush mattress which is made up of three layers in the comfort system: a top layer of ‘Reactive’ memory foam, a middle layer of ‘Contouring’ memory foam, and a base layer of transitional polyfoam. The support core is constructed with high-density polyfoam.
  • The Saturn+ is an all-foam mattress which is built with a top layer of memory foam in the comfort system, followed by a base layer of transitional polyfoam. The support core is constructed with high-density polyfoam.

Follow these links to read our Jupiter+ and Saturn+ reviews.

Eight Sleep Mars+ Mattress- Our Verdict

Eight Sleep proudly offers their customers a unique sleep tracking technology that is specially designed to track individual sleep performance.

In fact, with the help of its Smart Cover, you can easily monitor your nightly data as well as sleeping behavior.

Plus, you can warm up each side of the bed as you prefer, all from your smart phone.

So the Mars+ is an innovative mattress with premium foams and a coil system that creates a quality and comfortable bed.

It offers a medium firm feel, thus it is not the firmest Eight Sleep bed and not the softest either, making it very comfortable.

The Mars plus mattress from the sideThe coil construction and the foam that encases the mattress helps to prevent sinkage, thereby making it a great option for bulkier sleepers.

Furthermore, the mix of foam and coils seem to help limit the motion transfer.

You won’t feel your partner moving in bed and if they get up before you, it is likely that you won’t even notice they have gotten up.

It is also worth mentioning that thanks to the hybrid nature of the bed, this is a mattress that will appeal to more people and it will be suitable for both thin and bulkier people and those who sleep in the most common positions.

For all these reasons, we believe that the special price of just $1,349 for Queen (with our coupon TED50) + 2 free pillows is a very good price for this advanced, high-quality mattress.

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