Essentia Energie Opus and Classic 8 Mattress Review

Essentia Energie Opus and Classic 8 Ratings
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  • Heatiness
  • Lifespan
  • Warranty
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The Essentia Mattresses are a much needed innovation in the industry, bringing together great technology, comfort and natural materials at a price usually reserved for medium quality products.


  • Natural latex memory foam, no fumes
  • Air flow provides a cool mattress
  • Very good lifespan


  • Cost is way above average for memory foam mattresses
  • Other mattresses have higher user ratings
  • Heavy mattress can be difficult to move alone

Full Essentia Mattress Review

Essentia produces only the finest natural memory foam mattresses that leave completely rested in absolute comfort. The Energie Opus and Classic 8 are high performance mattresses that reduce motion transfer, minimize pressure points and provide a clean air environment.

What Kind of Mattresses are the Energie Opus and Classic 8?

The Energie Opus and Classic 8 are memory foam mattresses made from natural compounds that gives a truly luxurious feel, yet does not have the volatile organic compounds that off gas like other memory cell foam mattresses.

Other manufacturers make their memory foam from organic chemicals that create noxious fumes, even if you cannot smell them, which can have harmful effects over time. The Opus and Classic 8 eliminate this problem with a proprietary memory foam that is not only healthy, but it also addresses sleep issues with therapeutic designs.

How Firm are the Essentia Mattresses?

a nice essentia bedThe Energie Opus is a soft-medium mattress that for side sleepers that like to feel cradled by their bed, yet want support for their spine. This mattress is great for stomach sleepers desiring support for their neck, but do not want to feel like it is being pushed back by the mattress.

If you are a back sleeper that wants to feel encased in your bed with plush luxury, this is also a good option as it eliminates the numb arms that many back sleepers feel with a coil mattress.

The Classic 8 is a medium mattress that is optimized for back sleepers that want to have definite spinal support. There is enough give in the memory cell foam so it will contour to the curvature of the spine, yet it will not push on any points. This is a truly pressure point free mattress that any back sleeper will love.

Do They Provide Motion Isolation?

The Energie Opus and Classic 8 are designed to for complete motion isolation. The first layer of the mattress is made of a tight open memory cell foam that nearly eliminates motion transfer, such as when you move around throughout the night or get in or out of bed. or off of it.

This helps your partner from being disturbed throughout the night. The memory foam is made of natural polymers that stretch and reduce vibrations that can be felt throughout a traditional coil mattress. This is a truly positive feature for anybody that sleeps with a sleeper or someone that moves throughout the night.

Will They Become Hot While I’m Sleeping?

Essentia knows that most people like to remain at a consistent temperature throughout the night, and both the Classic 8 and Energie Opus are designed to help dissipate heat that often keeps people awake.

The proprietary natural memory foam allows for positive air flow from the sides and bottom of the mattresses through the sleep surface, so heat will not build up where you are sleeping.

The first layer of memory foam is a 3 inch open core that has millions of air pathways that pull cooler air through the mattresses and from the spots where you are sleeping.

The mattresses will stay cool enough for you to get a perfect night’s sleep, yet remain comfortable enough so you are not constantly reaching for covers and then taking them off.

How Long Will the Essentia Classic 8 and Energie Opus Last?

two people sleeping on the essentia mattressEssentia is known for producing the highest quality memory foam mattresses that are natural, sustainable, and durable. Each mattress is backed by a prorated 20 year warranty and the company estimates that their mattresses will remain usable for that figure, given nightly use.

Most memory cell mattresses will last an average of 7 years, so Essentia’s Classic 8 and Energie Opus will last nearly triple the market average.

Do They Smell When New?

No. Essentia uses a natural latex from rubber trees that is designed to eliminate any smell or noxious fumes that often come with other memory cell foam mattresses.

The mattresses are given an out-gassing period at the factory in a negative pressure vacuum that leaves the mattresses free of any odors or chemicals that can be problematic for people with allergies, sensitive smell or other issues.

The mattresses are ready to be used when unpacked and does not need to be ventilated. This is a good upside of Essentia’s mattress that cannot be claimed by other manufacturers.

How are the Mattress Layers Structured?

  • The bottom layer of the mattress is a dovetailed weave of cotton designed to ensure it will not slip and slide on the foundation.
  • The next layer is a Dunlop latex that has seven different zones to create a progressive spinal feel for optimal alignment throughout the night. There are channels in the Dunlop layer that provide superior air flow.
  • After this, a natural memory foam layer from the rubber tree, which is Essentia’s claim to fame, takes comfort to a new level as it provides a truly cradled feel with tons of air flow. The memory foam cores are fused together with a proprietary process that gives tremendous edge support so the entire mattress surface can be used and eliminates motion transfer vibrations.
  • The mattress is wrapped in a Bucaneve cotton cover that prevents friction and wear on the mattress.
  • The outside of the mattress is covered in a Zebrano certified organic cotton fabric that is Essentia’s signature.

Both the Classic 8 and Energie Opus are layered in the same manner, though the natural foam core is of a different firmness.

How Big Are the Mattresses and Will They Fit My Room?

Essentia offers six different mattress sizes:

Twin – 39” x 75”
Twin XL – 39” x 80”
Full – 54” x 75”
Queen – 60” x 80”
King – 76” x 80”
Cal King – 72” x 84”

The Energie Opus and Classic 8 are available in all six sizes and every mattress Essentia makes is 8 inches thick.

Do I Need a Bed Foundation?

Essentia recommends the use of one of their mattress foundations with the Energie Opus and Classic 8 to provide the complete therapeutic, ventilation and durability. The mattress may be laid the floor, given it is level or it can be laid on a box spring foundation in excellent condition. Regardless, however you decide to lay the mattress, the warranty will remain in place.

Can I use a Mattress Pad?

No. A mattress pad cannot be used with any Essentia mattress because it will hamper airflow through the mattress and the performance will be completely degraded. Likewise, the use of a mattress pad will negate any of the therapeutic qualities of the mattresses.

How do I Care for the Essentia Mattresses?

essentia mattress covers can be easily washedEvery Essentia mattress does not need to be flipped or rotated.

The Bucaneve cotton cover can be removed for quick cleaning in a washing machine.

If the mattress is soiled, use a small amount of anti-bacterial soap and lightly dab the area with warm water. Do not saturate the mattress with water and make sure it is well ventilated. Do not use bleach on the memory foam.

Is There a Comfort Guarantee?

Essentia offers a no-hassle 60-Day guarantee for a refund or exchange for mattresses bought through their website only (see our link below), but they charge a 9% fee on these two particular models (they charge 18% on more expensive ones).

It’s enough to call them at 1-888-764-4116 and they’ll send somebody to take care of it.

It is important to remember that for this comfort guarantee to be valid, the mattress must be kept in good condition and the original instructions, warranty and purchase papers must be available.

What is the Warranty Offered by Essentia?

Essentia offers a 20 year warranty on the Classic 8 and Energie Opus. This is a prorated warranty covering workmanship, structure, and materials. The warranty designates that the company will either repair or replace the mattress. The proration schedule is as follows:

first through tenth year full warranty;
• eleventh year maximum 50% of MSRP;
• twelfth year maximum 48% of MSRP;
• thirteenth year maximum 45% of MSRP;
• fourteenth year maximum 40% of MSRP;
• fifteenth year 35% of MSRP;
• sixteenth to twentieth year maximum 25% of MSRP.

How Much Do The Essentia Classic 8 and Energie Opus Cost?

Essentia sells directly to the public rather than going through distributors and resellers, which invariably spike up prices without adding much value. The following are the prices listed on the website

Energie Opus:

  • Twin – $2868.00
  • Twin XL – $2868.00
  • Full – $3511.00
  • Queen – $3687.00
  • King – $4739.00
  • Cal King – $4958.00

Classic 8:

  • Twin – $2255.00
  • Twin XL – $2255.00
  • Full – $2704.00
  • Queen – $2779.00
  • King – $3860.00
  • Cal King – $4114.00

What are the Pros and Cons of the Energie Opus?


– Natural latex memory foam designed for targeted support and no fumes
– Soft-Medium for side and stomach sleepers
– Air flow provides a cool mattress
– 20 year warranty


– Cost is above average for memory foam mattresses
– Prorated warranty
– Mattress weighs a lot, can be difficult to move with one person

What are the Pros and Cons of the Classic 8?


– Natural latex memory foam designed for therapeutic support, no volatile organic compound outgassing, and sustainability
– Medium firmness is perfect for back sleepers
– Complete air flow for a cool mattress
– No motion transfer to wake up sleep partner
– 20 year warranty


– Cost is above average for memory foam mattresses
– Prorated warranty
– Heavy mattress can be difficult to move alone


These Essentia mattresses are without question of very high quality and deserve to be seriously considered by sleepers with a high degree of sensitivity toward the environment and favoring natural materials.

Howvere, although Essentia is getting a lot of attention from public figures like Dr. Oz, we believe that there are better alternatives that are less pretentious and definitely more accessible in terms of price for the average sleeper.

In particular, we think that the Saatva Mattress can provide a comparable (if not better) sleep experience for a fraction of the price, and you can try it out for 75 nights for free.

For other ideas, please have a look at out Best Mattress Guide, just updated to include the wave of new generation mattresses that promise to change the mattress world for good!


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Our entire experience with Essentia has been very disappointing. It took over a month to receive our mattress and now less than 2 years later it is sagging to the point where we can not sleep on it anymore due to back pain. Now, the warranty process is nitpicking a few inches on our frame as a reason to not replace the bed. This just just seems like very poor business and customer service. I’ve never really written bad reviews about companies on social media, but I’m afraid that is my only option at this point.


I have Essentia mattresses for all my kids and for me and my spouse. They’re great. They do take time to ship, that’s normal. You won’t get the same communication as an Amazon order. They do have some odor as it is a new productt. That odor fades within a week or less. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experiences.


The return process seems to be non-existent. This is my second Essentia mattress. The first one was fine (a single bed), so we purchased a second one (king) for our master bedroom. We had problems with the “feel” and it was just too soft. We contacted them within the 60 day return period. While it took a while to coordinate the return, the mattress was finally picked up on September 11th. Since then we have had a few e-mails with head office, and they confirmed that the mattress was received in late October. At that time they said they would contact me to get the credit card in order to process the return. We have not heard a word since then, in spite of numerous e-mails requesting an update of the status. It has been at least three weeks since they acknowledged receipt of the mattress, but not a word from them. We will continue to try to get the refund processed, but to date the customer service has not been adequate.


Purchased an Essentia Energie Opus primarlly based on reviews and promised of no odor. However, there was a very strong odor which we could not eliminate or diminish doing everything suggested. We even slept downstairs on a different bed an left the master bedrooms wide open with no sheets covering the bed. We even pulled back the organic mattress covering. Nothing worked. We arranged a return and was told it would take “up to 45 days from mattress pick-up” to have our funds returned. It has been over 50 days and no refund yet. I called the Essentia customer service contact and she said she would check on it. Another few calls/emails to her and she told me I would be hearing from Accounting by the “end of the week”. That week ended. No calls; no email. I have not had any success in contacting with “management”. I will update this comment when things are resolved. I am not able to recommend Essentia based on our experience.


Hi FogRider, I’m in a similar situation where it’s getting close to 90 days without a refund. Did you ever received your money back?


We paid over $3,000 for our Essentia mattress from their store in Fishkill NY. First of all they brought it in a Jeep with two guys who lugged it in. Then it proceeded to sag on one side within months of having it. The customer service number in the USA sent us to their Canadian service. When I told them of the problem they wanted us TO SHIP IT BACK TO CANADA TO GET IT LOOKED AT! It was so ridiculous that it boggles the mind. They kept stringing us along until, of course, we gave up. Too much stress. WE WILL NEVER BUY OR RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY AGAIN. WHAT A SHAM.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi JT,

did you make a warranty claim?



I paid a lot of money to Essentia for a product that never shipped. Customer care tried to deceive me that it had shipped and that a refund had been processed. After much effort, I finally got documentation that they agreed to a refund, yet I STILL don’t have my money back after a very long delay. I have reported this as fraud to my credit card company. My experience with Essentia has been terrible. My impression is that Essentia is a sketchy business. I do not recommend this mattress-buying experience to anyone.


On Dec 8 2016, I ordered a mattress, 2 pillows and a mattress protector from Essential. On Dec 9, Essentia charged my credit card >$2500. I never received any shipping confirmation or tracking number and so on Dec 17, I emailed Essentia to cancel for a full refund (which is clearly outlined as within the cancellation policy on the Essential website). I never heard back from them and on Dec 19, I called customer care, speaking to Natasha on the phone. Natasha tried to reassure me that my order had in fact shipped on Dec 19 and would be arriving the same day, despite my concern that I was never forwarded a tracking number and also did not understand how multiple items from a mattress factory could be shipped across the country and received in the same day. I continued with my request for cancellation and full refund. Since she had stated that my order had already shipped and was in transit, I asked her what I should do when my order arrived. She stated that I should refuse acceptance of the shipment. This conversation with Natasha happened on (Dec 19, 2016) and as of this writing (Jan 5, 2017) there still has been no notification of shipment, no forwarding of tracking number, nor any arrival of items. I believe that Natasha lied to me on Dec 19 that my order had shipped, given that there has been no evidence to date to suggest that it ever did. On Dec 22, I called Natasha 14 times, all unanswered. My issue on Dec 22 was that on Dec 19, she had agreed to process my cancellation and full refund, yet the money had not been returned and I had not been forwarded any receipt of this refund. Only after a voicemail stating that I would pursue legal action if my refund was not processed did I receive a receipt for refund dated Dec 22, not the day she had agreed to process the refund, which was Dec 19. This receipt for refund on Dec 22 requested that I wait 3-5 more business days for my funds to be returned. On Dec 30, I emailed customer care again because no funds had been returned – did not get any reply. On Jan 4th, I began tweeting at Essential CEO Jack Dell’Accio (you can find these tweets by searching Twitter with #Essentia) to release my >$2500. On Jan 5th, I get a phone call and an email from Natasha of customer care stating that the accounting department “approved” of the refund on Jan 5th. She offered me a free pillow for the stress that all of this has caused, which I declined – I want my >$2500 back. As of Jan 5th, the refund is still not in my account and I filed an official dispute with my credit card company – I have documentation stating on Dec 22 (even though it should have been Dec 19) that I should expect my refund within 3-5 business days.


Hi Jason, I am going through a similar situation trying to get my refund from Essentia since February of this year! I am hopeful that you did eventually get your refund. Did you?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Jason,

sorry to hear about your ordeal. We hope you’ll get your refund soon. Keep us updated!


Stacy: Can you escalate my concern regarding my return of funds? It has been over 50 days and I have not heard anything from Accounting as promised by the customer service representative Andrea.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Fog,

unfortunately we don’t have any contact with Essentia. Keep on pushing support until they give in, or get your credit card company involved. They usually help speed things up!