Freya by Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

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Freya is a 13.5 inches of premium hybrid bed which strikes an ideal balance between support and comfort. This medium soft bed is specially crafted for users who sleep hot and spend most part of the night sleeping on their side.

The medium comfort and absolutely no heat build-up of this bed appeals to a wide array of users.


  • Good value for your money - Get Queen for just $1,500 with coupon MD25
  • High quality materials, manufactured in the USA
  • Uses unique TitanCool to ensure a cooler sleep surface
  • 120 night sleep trial and 10 year warranty


  • Not for users who prefer to sleep warm

Full Freya Mattress Review

Freya bed is one of the latest products from the notable online bed brand – Brooklyn Bedding.

Well-respected for crafting high-quality mattresses, the company’s Freya mattress certainly carries on the tradition.

For further details about the company’s warranty, sleep trial period, shipping, off-gassing, and foundation, you can refer to the dedicated summary page here.

What Type of Mattress is the Freya?

Freya is a superior hybrid bed from Brooklyn Bedding which is specially crafted for hot sleepers.

Using a unique hybrid construction with advanced technology inspired foams suffused with innovative and natural cooling properties, the Freya is not just a cool bed to the touch, but also a completely cool sleeping bed.

How Firm is it?

The Freya by Brooklyn Bedding reviewedThe Freya is a medium firm mattress which scores between a 4.5-5 on the firmness scale.

The medium firmness is great for users who sleep in any position.

The bed is soft enough to offer pressure relief for users who sleep on their side and firm enough to keep stomach sleepers from sinking into the bed.

In addition to this, back sleepers can enjoy the conforming foams as well as the support offered by the base layers.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

It is a 13.5″ bed that comprises of 5 layers.

  • Top Layer: This is a 2 inches of visco-elastic memory foam layer. It is comfortable, soft, and offers a good amount of pressure relief.
  • Second Layer: This is a 1.5 inches of copper-gel suffused Energex foam layer. This patented foam offers deep support as well as responsiveness.
  • Third Layer: This is a 1 inch of transition foam layer that simply acts as a transition from the firm pocketed coils below to the softer foam above.
  • Fourth Layer: This layer comprises of 8 inches of pocketed coils. These coils serve as the chief support structure for the bed.
  • Base Layer: This is a 1 inch of dense foundation layer that acts as a foundation for the pocketed coils.

Does it Sleep Hot?

No, the Freya bed does not sleep hot as it is specially crafted to keep the users cool.

Closeup of the mattress coverThe useful combination of copper, gel, a breathable coil layer, and phase change technology makes Freya one of the best cooling mattress’s in the industry.

The top two layers of the bed are suffused with a unique material known as, “Titan Cool”.

This is a phase change, water-based molecule that draws heat away from the body, thus providing a cool sleep surface.

Also, this material is specially crafted to keep the temperature of your body around 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

How is Motion Isolation?

The bed integrates the motion transfer powers of memory foam with individual pocketed coils, and thus fares well in isolating motion.

Furthermore, the pocketed coils are encased and separated, so as to minimize transfer of motion across the bed.

What Type of Cover Does it Have?

The Freya mattress on the floorThe bed has a nice, soft, and non-removable cover.

It is suffused with a unique material that actually makes the mattress feel slightly cool.

Thus, the cover of the bed is cool to the touch and you are easily able to differentiate in temperature between the mattress and your body.

How to Care for The Cover?

The company suggests you to buy a mattress protector for your bed to keep it from dirt, and dust.

However, if you happen to accidentally spill something on the mattress, the company suggests spot clean method.

This requires you to simply clean the cover using a mild detergent, and you must dab the affected area and not rub it.

What is the Price of the Freya Mattress?

Given its superior-quality construction along with unique cooling materials, the Freya is priced close to the higher-end of the mattress industry. Luckily though, Brooklyn Bedding is offering a hefty 25% discount on all its mattresses, simply by using MD25 as coupon code during checkout.

These are the prices at the time of this writing:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$1,449$1,087
Cal King:$2,399$1,800

Freya Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The Freya is a luxury hybrid bed that is Brooklyn Bedding’s coolest mattress model to date.

The Brooklyn Bedding Freya from an angleThe bed comes with a mixed-foam feel and it is more responsive as compared to a conventional memory foam mattress.

Also, the bed promptly pops back to its original position after pressure is released due to the presence of coils as well as the Energex foam.

This medium soft bed is quite accommodating and cradles the shoulders and hips well.

In addition to this, the mattress incorporates a unique phase change material in its top two layers and cover, thus making the bed cool to the touch.

All in all, it is a good option to consider!