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How to Get Better Sleep without Spending Too Much on Your Mattress

8 min read · Updated: Monday, Sep 6, 2021 by Ted Wilson

Despite what you might hear at the sleazy mattress store down the street, a you should never have to pay an arm and a leg for high-quality sleep.

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What to Look for in an Organic Mattress

9 min read · Updated: Wednesday, Apr 22, 2020 by Ted Wilson

Organic mattress makers often like to show off their many certifications – but do you actually know what these mean? Don't let shady marketing fool you!

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How to Fall Asleep When You’re Not Tired

9 min read · Updated: Monday, Sep 6, 2021 by Ted Wilson

Late night, huh? It's alright – we all get them from time to time. Turn counting sheep to catching ZZZ’s with the help of these techniques.

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What Mattress Comfort Layer Material Is Right for You?

9 min read · Updated: Tuesday, Apr 28, 2020 by Ted Wilson

Everything you need to know about mattress comfort layer materials. Cut through all that marketing hype and find the product you need!

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What Is (And Isn’t) Included in Your Mattress Warranty

9 min read · Updated: Monday, Jan 17, 2022 by Ted Wilson

Don’t be fooled – mattress warranties aren’t as simple as you might think. Here’s what you need to know to avoid getting TRICKED by a slippery contract!

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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Airbed

8 min read · Updated: Tuesday, Apr 21, 2020 by Ted Wilson

While airbeds might not be the most popular model of mattress around, they come with some surprising perks. Here's what you need to know before buying one…

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Dreams: Why Do We Have Them and What Do They Mean?

8 min read · Updated: Monday, Sep 6, 2021 by Ted Wilson

Dreams have always been one of the great mysteries of this world. Are they just random firings in your brain, or could they mean something more?

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How Often Should You Wash Sheets

8 min read · Updated: Monday, Sep 6, 2021 by Ted Wilson

When was the last time your cleaned your mattress? Though it's not something you likely think about much, a dirty mattress can have serious consequences…

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Memory Foam Mattresses: Finding the Right Firmness and Density

8 min read · Updated: Thursday, Apr 30, 2020 by Ted Wilson

Choosing the right density and firmness is one of the most important steps in selecting a memory foam mattress. Discover a better way to sleep!

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The Art of the Power Nap: When, Why and How

8 min read · Updated: Saturday, Jun 13, 2020 by Ted Wilson

Naptime's not just for the kiddies anymore. Discover how smart sleep can offer the secret to a happier and more productive day!

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