IDLE Sleep Latex Mattress Review

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The IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid mattress has a high level of potential durability and an overall great level of customization.

With double-sided foam this mattresses lets you double the life of your mattress by flipping it routinely.

When you purchase the mattress, you can also customize the level of firmness for both sides of the mattress.

The IDLE Sleep Latex is slightly more expensive than the IDLE Sleep All-Foam and the IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattresses, and may not be entirely worth the extra money.


  • Double-sided foam
  • custom firmnesson both sides
  • Stays cool while you sleep
  • 120 night trial & free returns
  • Within a typical budget Get Queen for $1,874


  • Not many more features for the extra cost

Complete IDLE Sleep Latex Mattress Review

The IDLE Sleep Latex is an overall great choice for people who already know how a Latex mattress feels.

Latex mattresses are built to feel a tad firmer than average.

If this is what you prefer, then the IDLE Sleep Latex may be a great option for you to consider.

Just for the heck of it, you can make one side of the mattress medium, and the other side firm. It depends on what you want.

This mattress stands out from your typical foam mattress in its ability to take the heat out of your bed with it’s nice pocketed coil system while still providing enough comfort.

What Type of Mattress is the IDLE Sleep Latex?

the idle sleep latex hybrid mattress

The Latex Hybrid is really best for those who want a feel of sleeping on top of the mattress, rather than inside (like some memory mattress).

Just like the IDLE Sleep Hybrid, this mattress allows you to customize the firmness of both sides of the mattress.

The Latex Hybrid also has ThermoCool fabric, natural latex and an internal system of pocketed coils to keep you and the mattress cool all night long.

The mattress also has a 6″ pocketed coil system, which adds a little extra firmness than your normal mattress.

Made with organic cotton and natural latex, this is also the most eco-friendly option in the entire IDLE Sleep inventory.

To learn more about this wonderful material, check out this Latex article.

Two-Sided Mattress with Double Cushion

Like many of the various IDLE mattresses, the Latex Hybrid has a double-sided mattress.

Both sides of the mattress can be customized to your desired level of firmness.

Currently, medium and firm are the two choices that the purchaser can make.

Outside of the immediate benefit of customization that comes with this feature, you can also make it easy to switch between levels of firmness.

This also can double the life of your mattress since the average foam mattress is double-sided like this one.

Stays Cooler than Foam Beds

side view of the idle sleep latex hybrid mattress

One problem that people may sometimes face when they are sleeping in foam beds is a build up of heat.

The good news is that the IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid comes with a nice system of ventilation.

For example, the natural latex foam of the bed is aerated, providing an extra channel of air flow for heat to escape from.

Although there is no advanced cooling system like what we see in the Pod by Eight Sleep, the Latex Hybrid still stays nice cooler than most foam beds while you sleep.

How Firm is this Mattress?

Just like a standard Idle Sleep Latex mattress, the Latex Hybrid is built to have a firmer feel to it. The total level of firmness, though is also up to the purchaser.

For example, if you get a medium level of firmness, it would be around a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Those who choose the firm on one or both sides receive a mattress will have an overall mattress firmness which is about an 8 out of 10.  

Since there is a sturdy interior, choosing one side as firm and the other side as medium won’t have an overall effect on the mattresses combined firmness rating.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

The entire IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid mattress is covered with an outer layer of natural organic cotton.

Before you can enter the softer latex portion of the mattress, the Latex Hybrid has an additional outer layer of IDLE Quilting Foam to add some additional comfort.

The aerated natural latex layer works to both add softness and ventilation to the mattress.

In the center of the mattress, there is a 100% completely even 6″ pocketed coil system which helps promote firmness and air flow.

After you go through the inner portion of the mattress, there is an additional layer of natural latex and quilting foam.

This unique design adds two sides to the mattress, making it easy to customize your firmness at will by flipping the mattress.

The mattress is built with the following layers:

layers of the Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid mattress

  1. The outer layer of natural organic cotton.
  2. IDLE quilting foam
  3. 100% pure Talalay latex, gel-infused for cooling.
  4. 6″ Quantum Edge-To-Edge Pocketed Coils
  5. Layers 2 and 3 are repeated upside-down for the other side

Does the IDLE Sleep Latex Sleep Hot?

One nice aspect of this mattress is that it has a nice aerated natural latex foam layer which helps support healthy levels of ventilation.

Then, there is a pocketed coil layer in the center which allows air flow to go through the mattress at a higher rate than your typical bed.

Working together, these two layers of the IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid help promote a well-ventilated and cool bed to sleep on.

As a result, this mattress will work really well in a hot climate where you might otherwise sweat in the bed, or in a cooler climate where you have enough blankets for cover.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

texture view of the idle sleep latex hybrid mattress

One area of slight concern might have when you have a coiled mattress like this one would be the motion transfer.

The good news with this mattress is that the coils work independently from one another, and have a better system of isolating motion than many other coil systems.

The 4-inch foam layers of the mattress absorb most of the weight of the user, adding no additional motion transfer for your partner.

In other words, the motion transfer of this bed is pretty minimal.

Does it Have any Smell?

When you get a new mattress, it is common to have a chemical smell when it is fresh out of the factory sealing.

This is due to a standard process known as off-gassing. This acts to seal the mattress in its perfect factory condition over the customer.

Although this mattress is also this way, allow a week or so before you finally notice that the new bed smell is gone.

Does it Require a Foundation?the idle sleep latex hybrid mattress in a ramped position

Whether or not you want a foundation with this bed is completely up to you.

The IDLE Sleep website encourages customers to use their mattress in many different manners.

You can choose to use an adjustable base, boxspring, foundation, slat, or even place the mattress on the floor.

In most cases, people will choose to put this mattress on a foundation of some sort.

If so, you will need to purchase this separately.

What Type of Cover does it Have?

Another one of the nice features of the IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid is that it comes with an outer layer of organic cotton

This helps the bed be a lot more eco-friendly while protecting the inner contents of the mattress.

If you typically add a separate mattress, keep in mind the that the Latex Hybrid already has a nice one.

As a result, most people will not put on another cover for this mattress.

What is the Best Way to Care for the IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid?

Since this is a double-sided mattress, it is important to flip the mattress strategically to help boost the life of the mattress.

When done properly, mattress flipping can help extend the overall life of the Latex Hybrid by several years.

Then, it is best to keep your mattress cover clean in order to prevent inner decay.

Unless you plan on buying a separate cover, make sure to always keep your bed sheets clean.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to consider a mattress protector to ensure the cover remains as good as new.

IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress Durability

The Latex Hybrid is built to last an entire lifetime.

If the original owner continues to own the mattress, the limited lifetime warranty will cover any sort of mattress defects.

Typically, manufacturers will place a warranty like this when they are confident in their product’s durability.

The materials used to construct the mattress and the warranty both make it a purchase that can last a lifetime.

Mattress Sizes and Shipping Procedure

The Latex Hybrid comes in all standard bed sizes. From Twin all the way up to California King.

When you order this product, another nice feature to expect is free shipping.

Even if you decide to change your mind during the 120-night trial, you can return the mattress completely free of shipping charges.

An order with IDLE Sleep is usually processed within a business day and the beds are immediately shipped out right away.

How Much Does the IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid Cost?

When we compare the IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid to many of the other designs from the same manufacturer, this bed is noticeably more expensive.

However, this bed also comes with a firm sleep-on-top feel and eco-friendly design which make it worth the extra money to some people.

Currently, IDLE Sleep offers a discount of $275 + 2 free pillows! Just use our code PILLOWS at checkout to get these special prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$1,509$1,234
Cal King:$2,449$2,174

One of the nice things about IDLE mattresses like this one is that they come in all different standard sizes.

Premium beds like this sometimes only come in larger sizes, making this product stand out for those wanting a smaller premium bed.

IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress Review – Our Verdict

These are the key features:

  • Double-sided mattress: customize the firmness on both sides
  • Wonderful ventilation and eco-friendly materials
  • Durable design with limited lifetime warranty
  • 120 night trial
  • Free shipping and returns

Although a little pricey ($1,874 for Queen size), the Latex Hybrid mattress is a good choice for anybody who wants a high-quality mattress that is built to last.

The IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid comes with a 12o night trial run where the user can test the mattress out, and a limited lifetime warranty.

For all these reasons, we see the IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid mattress as a great option for those who want to get a firmer-than-average mattress of premium quality.

If you are still unsure, have a look at our Best Mattress Guide for more ideas!

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