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The IDLE Sleep All Foam is a premium, 2-sided mattress. This implies that you can sleep on either side and flip the mattress to make it last longer.

The mattress is made with soft quilting foam, avena, IDLE custom buoyancy foam similar to memory foam but with faster reaction, and quantum edge-to-edge coil unit, thus offering great comfort and support.


  • Good value for your money - Get Queen for only $1,174
  • 120 Risk Free Night Sleep Trial with free 100% money back guarantee
  • 2-Sided Design – being able to spin and flip allows this mattress to wear more evenly and extend the life span of the mattress
  • 12 year limited warranty


  • Slight new mattress smell

Full IDLE All Foam Mattress Review

IDLE Sleep was developed by two industry veterans with over 18 years of experience in the mattress industry as sales reps & factory leads, and thus have designed many mattresses for the retail markets.

The main proprietary foam the mattresses use is the IDLE Buoyancy foam which has up to 4X better pressure relief than memory foam, and it also sleeps cooler.

The mattresses are designed to have top notch pressure relief without giving you a “stuck” feeling.

Chances are if you are in the market for a new mattress, it is majorly because your mattress has large dips & impressions or you are experiencing a “roll to the middle” sensation.

IDLE  is one such company that sees the need and want for 2-sided mattresses coming back to the market because they last longer.

When a mattress is slept on night after night it is the top comfort layers that wear and develop sag and body impressions.

On a 1-sided mattress you are able to spin the mattress but not flip it.

However, with 2-sides you are able to wear the foams more evenly by turning and flipping periodically to extend the life of the mattress.

What Type of Mattress is the IDLE?

Idle Sleep offers a mattress for everyone.

The IDLE Sleep all foam mattress in a room

With 4 models to pick from along with several firmness levels, they are sure to have something that will work for pretty much every body and every sleeping type.

The Idle model is their entry level mattress that comes with 2 sides.

This implies that the company offers the buyer a choice of firmness along with a simple flip.

How Firm is the IDLE Sleep All Foam Mattress?

The mattress is available in Medium on 1 side and and Luxury Firm on the other side.

Thus, the mattress is ideal for all types of sleepers.

How Many Layers Does the IDLE Sleep Mattress Have?

Here are the different layers of the IDLE Sleep bed:

Medium Version

  • Cover ThermoCool Fabric works with the bodies natural thermal capabilities through smart fiber cross sections
  • 1” of quilting foam on each side – 1.512 density
  • 3” IDLE buoyancy Foam – 3.5lb
  • 6” High Density Foam Core – 1.835lb
  • It has same Comfort foams on the flip side

The foam core is above the standard 1.5-1.8 and the mattress is 14” thick so there is no bottoming out.

the mattress' layersLuxury Firm Version

  • Cover ThermoCool Fabric
  • 1” of quilting foam on each side – 1.512 density
  • 1” of IDLE buoyancy Foam – 3.5lb
  • 2” of Transition Poly foam 1.828lb
  • 6” of Foam Core 1.835lb
  • It has the same Comfort foams on the flip side

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage with the IDLE Sleep Mattress?

The bed fares well in this category and it has the absolute best motion reduction.

However, you may encounter minimal motion transfer at times, but it will certainly not disrupt your sleep every time your sleep partner moves at night.

Additionally, the mattress offers superior edge support, so that you can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep.

Does it Sleep Hot?

No, it does not sleep hot!

The IDLE Buoyancy foam in the top layer of the bed was created without heat trapping visco chemicals like memory foam.

Additionally, this foam will feel the same in any temperature room where memory foam will get stiff in a cold room and not maintain support in a warm room.

Furthermore, the cover is a ThermoCool cover which allows good airflow.

Thus, the overall experience on the IDLE bed is very pleasant.

Does it Have any Smell?

Although bed-in-a-box mattresses usually have a slight odor initially as they are compressed and packed in plastic for shipping, but the IDLE bed does not have any degree of off-gassing, and thus fares well in this category.

The materials as well the foam used in the IDLE bed are CertiPUR-US certified, which means that it is crafted without any noxious chemicals including, heavy metals, ozone depleters, formaldehyde, mercury, PBDE flame retardants, and lead.

However, you may experience some new mattress smell which dissipates quickly, but there is absolutely no strong or harmful off-gassing.

Furthermore, the bed is evaluated by independent and authorized testing labs for any harmful emissions as well as durability.

Since the IDLE bed is made to order in the USA, the mattress is also allowed to ventilate in the factory before actually being rolled and packed.

Does it Require a Foundation?

No, the IDLE bed does not require a particular foundation, but it works well when placed on any flat and firm surface.

It can be placed on any foundation, including a coiled box spring, adjustable bed, wooden slats as well as on the floor.

Also, if you have any existing foundation at your home, you can easily use it for your IDLE bed as long as it is not damaged or curved.

What type of Cover does the IDLE Sleep All Foam Mattress have?

The cover of the mattress is made up of ThermoCool Fabric which works well with the natural thermal capabilities of your body through smart fiber cross sections.

The cover is also quite attractive and appealing.

Furthermore, it comes with handles in order to make it easier and quicker to spin and flip.

What is the Best Way to Care for the IDLE Mattress?

The company recommends to rotate the bed after every couple of months and also flip it at least twice in a year in order to keep its structure in good condition and also ward off any sagging.

In case of any stains, you can use the spot cleaning method.

Additionally, you can use a mattress protector in order to protect your bed from any dirt, dust, or any spills which may occur due to sweat, accidents, or other bodily fluids which may soak into your beds and downgrade it over time.


Many mattresses lack durability that forces the user to replace it, and over time, some of them may start to sag too, thus disturbing the user while sleeping.

However, this is not the case with the IDLE bed as it is crafted from premium quality materials that are specially designed to keep the bed durable as well as in shape, thus, making it last a longer period of time and provide many years of comfort and support.

Additionally, its 2-sided unique feature over other mattress brands online allows you to wear the foams more uniformly in order to help extend the overall life of the IDLE bed.

Furthermore, the bed is 100% manufactured in America and backed by a forever warranty.

Size and Shipping for the IDLE Sleep Mattress

The mattress is shipped to your doorstop totally free of cost.

It arrives in about 5-10 working days, and you can easily and promptly set it up.

For that you simply need to place it in your room where you wish to keep it, and then remove the mattress from the box, put it on the foundation you desire to use, and take off its outer plastic.

The last thing to do is just unwrap it and take off its inner plastic wrap.

It will gradually start to expand to its complete size and is usually ready to sleep on within 30 minutes, however, it may take a bit longer if you are in a cold climate.

120 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

The mattress has experienced a very low return rate because of the quality and feel of their mattresses are well above average.

The company provides a 120 night risk-free sleep trial and since their foam layers are a premium quality as compared to other similar beds, they may need some time to adjust to your body.

The company however, recommends you to try the bed for at-least a month in order to let your body adjust to it and reap its full potential benefits.

In case, after these 4 weeks, you are not totally happy with your new bed, you can return it and the company will refund all your money back without charging you any shipping costs.

The trial period simply allows users to try out the bed at the comfort of their house.

In case you feel that the this bed is not appropriate for you, all you need to do is get in touch with their customer service department, and they will make all the necessary arrangements for your mattress pickup.

Once the company receives the mattress, they will email you back to inform you that they have received the returned bed.

Also, they will also inform you if they have rejected or approved your refund, and in case it is approved, then you will get your refund within 10-15 working days.

IDLE Sleep All Foam Mattress Warranty

It comes with a ‘Forever Warranty’ and this extends to only the original buyer of the mattress.

This original buyer of the mattress is basically the first buyer of the mattress from IDLE or a certified retailer of the company.

This warranty lasts only for the span of time the bed is possessed by its original buyer.

Furthermore, it is non transferable and you are also required to keep a xeroxed receipt as a purchase proof.

It warranties any flaws in craftsmanship as well as materials forever from the time of purchase, when you sleep on it normally, and place it on a foundation that fundamentally supports the weight of the sleeper and the bed.

Here are the flaws that the company warranties:

  • A defective manufacturing that influences the performance of the bed.
  • Any deterioration that causes the bed to have a visible indentation bigger than 1.5 inches that is absolutely not connected with a sag or indentation occurring from use of an inappropriate bed base or box spring. Regular wear requires that a bed be continuously supported by a proper and supportive foundation with an appropriate bed frame adequate enough to support both the weight of the bed and the foundation.
  • A physical flaw in the bed that destroys foam material and causes it to break even if it is properly handled or used normally.

But the company does not warranty any kind of comfort preference, any regular change in softness of the foam which does not affect the pressure-relieving feature of the bed, any destruction to the structure as well as cover material, including but certainly not restricted to stains, cuts, burns, tears; provided, that these flaws are a result of such damage or physical abuse.

How much does the IDLE Mattress Cost?

The bed is reasonably priced for the superior construction as well premium materials employed in its manufacturing and the final product is a superior quality mattress at an economical price.

IDLE is running a great promotion giving $325 off on all models: just use the coupon code BESTPRICE to get these low rates:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$1,129$804
Cal King:$1,799$1,474

IDLE Mattress 12” Review- Our Verdict

The IDLE 12” All Foam is an impressive mattress and the overall feel of the medium is great.

It has a very good pressure relief and a fast reacting foam making it easy to adjust and help limit any stuck feeling.

The fact that the mattress is also thick at 14” is great as it does not bottom out, and will also work for all body weights.

The medium side is well suited for side sleepers but works well in all positions.

Additionally, the company offers a luxury firm version that will be firmer if you don’t want it quite as soft.

This and the medium hybrid will be the best options for side sleepers – the medium on this is firmer than the medium on the other models, which are a on the softer side of medium.

Perhaps the best part about the IDLE mattresses is that they are 2-Sided.

This feature was common for all mattresses in the past, and part of the reason brands went one sided is because they are cheaper to make with less premium foam and fabric needed.

Like IDLE states, ultimately the foam is what is going to break down and give you, sag so being able to flip it is a huge plus to make the mattress last longer.

This mattress is also recommend to anyone looking for a hybrid mattress.

Other IDLE Sleep Mattress Choices

IDLE Sleep offers 4 Models with 6 total choices.

The main proprietary foam that the mattresses use is the IDLE Buoyancy foam which has up to 4X better pressure relief than memory foam, and it also sleeps cooler.

The mattresses are designed to have top notch pressure relief without giving you a “stuck” feeling.

The two best sellers are the 14” Hybrid and the 14” All Foam – each of these are offered in a Medium (best seller) and a Luxury Firm.

IDLE’s least expensive mattress ($899) is the 12” Dual Firmness choice which features one side that is Medium and one side that is Luxury Firm.

This is a great choice for those looking to spend less and for people who are unsure what to get for firmness levels- with a simple flip you can have a choice.

Last they offer a 14” Latex Hybrid Dual Firmness Mattress which is a great option for latex lovers.

With a substantial thickness & natural elements, this model has one side with a Medium-Firm feel and one side with a Firm feel, thereby making it a great choice for those not sure what to get.

All of these mattresses are comparably priced to other higher end luxury brands but are a better deal since you have the option to flip the mattresses and get more for you money.

Which IDLE Sleep Mattress is Best for Whom?

  • The 14” Hybrid: This model is best for those seeking more of a traditional mattress feel that a coil unit provides. So those seeking a good combination of a foam feeling paired with bounce the coil unit adds can opt for this model. The Medium is best for combination sleepers who sleep in all 3 sleeping positions. The Luxury Firm is best for those sleeping on stomach and back and perhaps heavier sleepers.
  • The 14” All Foam: This model is best for those seeking the absolute best motion isolation and pressure relief. The Medium is best for combination sleepers who sleep in all 3 sleeping positions. This is the absolute best option for 100% side sleepers. The Luxury Firm is best for those sleeping on stomach and back, and perhaps heavier sleepers.
  • The 12” All Foam Dual Firmness: This option uses the same great foams as the other two but is best for those who are just unsure what to get. With one side medium and one side firm there are some options with this model. The medium here will be just a hair firmer than the medium options above. Its great for all 3 sleeping positions and those looking to spend less money.
  • The 14” Latex Hybrid Dual Firmness: This option is great for those seeking the latex feel with more of a sleeping on top of the mattress with a lot of bounce. Many people have not tried latex before buying one so the company made this option dual firmness as well. The medium side here will be the firmest “medium” and the Latex generally is a little firmer. This option will work for combination sleepers as well.

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