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The Luxi offers consumers an affordable, luxury multi foam mattress with attractive, state of the art features that truly set it apart from other foam mattresses.

It's 3-in-1 adjustability feature, coupled with its four layers of varying foam materials, provide consumers with support, contour and comfort like no other foam mattress on the market today.

Luxi, with its state of the art, innovative features, such as its SBT Foam Technology feature, appears to have earned a comfortable position in the industry.

Offering a high quality product at affordable prices, the unique Luxi mattress, according to consumer feedback, is recognized for its top-rated features and overall durability and comfort.


  • Great price - just $1,149 with our TED150 coupon
  • Unique Flip-It and Split–It Feature
  • 1000 Night risk-free sleep trial
  • 3-In-1 Firmness Adjustability
  • Innovative Support Balancing Technology
  • Made in the USA


  • A bit of initial off-gassing
  • Edge support could be better

Full Luxi Mattress Review

In this review we are evaluating the Luxi foam mattress. A plush mattress that offers consumers a wide range of features and benefits, the Luxi is every bit affordable as it is comfortable and attractive.

With its unique 3-in-1 adjustability feature for firmness and its innovative SBT Foam Technology and its four layers of multi foam comfort and contour, this mattress is fast becoming one of the most popular mattresses on the market today for consumers in search of a conforming, multi-firmness, contouring foam mattress at an affordable price.

What type of Mattress is the Luxi?

The Luxi is a luxury foam mattress developed and manufactured with unique customizable layers for firmness.

It affords sleepers the option of changing the feel and the firmness of their mattress to their own individual needs and also affords a notable level of body contour with a perfect snug and hug feel.

the luxisleep mattress in a nice roomIn addition, unlike most other foam mattresses, the Luxi mattress presents with a combination of latex, memory foam, and poly foam in multiple layers that deliver greater overall performance for sleepers of all types.

The Luxi sports an attractive quilted cover with four layers, including a white surface fabric, a FR Fire Fiber Barrier, a half inch conventional foam layer, and a quilted inside layer.

It also includes a designer purple border that contributes to the fashionable design of the cover.

How Firm is the Luxi Mattress?

Unlike most other types of foam mattresses available on the market today, the Luxi has a 3-in-1 unique adjustability feature with three different firmness levels or feels to choose from – soft, medium and firm.

With a zipper on the outside of the mattress, consumers can simply unzip the cover and flip the foam elements on the inside to create their own individual feel.

luxi mattress layers being adjustedThe Flip-It and Split-It features allow you to set the firmness of the mattress to your individual needs with the Queen, King and California King mattresses being split down the middle allowing you and your partner to independently set varying sleep preferences.

The unique Split-It feature allows each sleeper to personalize their own side of the bed for a relaxing and comfortable sleep night after night without interfering with the sleep requirements of their partner.

Changing the feel of your Luxi is fast and simple. Each of the top three layers are encased within a Lycra covering made of an elastic polyurethane fabric that allows for quick and easy flipping.

If you are seeking a medium firmness or feel to your mattress, the order of foam layers will be latex, memory foam, memory foam heads, and poly support form.

If you desire a softer feel or firmness you will need to change the order of foam layers to memory foam heads, memory foam, latex, and poly foam support.

Finally, if you prefer a firm feel to your Luxi mattress move the poly support foam to the top, followed by the memory foam heads, the memory foam and lastly the latex.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

The Luxi mattress is unique to most other foam mattresses as contains four layers of varying foam that can be manually flipped and switched around to present with either a soft, a medium or a firm feel to the mattress.

The luxi mattress layersThe unique construction of the Luxi includes a 3.5” “Support Balancing Technology” layer, featuring a patent-pending new foam material which provides great support without sagging and sinking.

The second layer of the Luxi is composed of 1” of memory foam. This layer provides pressure relief for sleepers and acts as a transitional layer between the latex and the foam heads.

The third is a 1.5” layer Dunlop latex designed to provide cooling and comfort for all sleepers. This layer is aerated and allows the foam to breathe and maintain a consistently cooler sleep surface.

These 3 layers can be adjusted at will to provide different levels of support and firmness.

Finally, the fourth and bottom layer consists of 3.5” of polyurethane foam that provides the shape of the mattress and acts as a support and foundation for the overall mattress.

 Quite a supporting and conforming mattress, the Luxi mattress easily and effectively molds and contours to your body, with its multiple foam layers that allow body weight to be distributed equally.

How are Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The Luxi, like most other foam beds, absorbs motion easily and effectively causing little to no disruption to your sleep by your partners moving.

Depending upon your sleep position, lying on your back or your side, the sinkage will vary from 1.5” to 3.5” and when sitting on the edge of the bed or standing in the middle of the mattress will vary from 3.5” to 7”.

Overall, the Luxi presented with a good rating on the motion transfer test.

Does the Luxi Sleep Hot?

Much like most other foam mattresses, the Luxi, specifically if you opt for the soft or medium firmness levels, tends to sleep a little bit warm especially in the summer months.

However, with its airflow design, air is continuously flowing thereby affording consumers cooler temperatures for a more comfortable nights sleep.

Does Smell when New?

CertiPUR-US logoWhen you first take your Luxi out of its packaging, there is a slight “new mattress” smell, and a little off-gassingHowever, it typically disappears quickly, within a couple of hours. Opening the window to encourage air circulation will speed up the process considerably.

The Luxi is also eco-friendly and CertiPUR-US certified as well.

Does the Luxi Require a Foundation?

Most consumers opt to put their Luxi on a platform bed. However, if you prefer to have your mattress higher off the ground or perhaps you have a bed frame that you want to use, then we recommend you purchase a box spring to give continued support to your Luxi mattress.

In addition, your Luxi will work effectively and efficiently with adjustable beds of nearly every type and if consumers are in need of an adjustable base, they can purchase one from Luxi directly.

According to LuxiSleep, the mattress can be used on the floor too. As long as it’s a flat, smooth surface without humidity, anything goes.

What Type of Cover Does It Have?

The Luxi comes with a ¾” quilted cover made up of four layers.

the luxi mattress cover as reviewedThe first layer is a white surface fabric that is 73% poly, 23% viscose and 4% elastane.

The second layer is an FR fire fiber barrier with the third layer being a half inch of conventional foam.

The fourth and final cover layer is the quilted inside which is 100% poly.

Designed with an attractive purple border, this quilted cover, because of its layer of memory foam sewn into it, should not be washed.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Luxi?

For typical cleaning, simply use cool water and a mild dish detergent if your mattress becomes dirty or even stained and be certain to rub the surface gently with circular motions when removing any dirt.

How Durable is the Luxi?

The Luxi is manufactured right here in the USA. Data available to us during our review indicated that the lifespan of the Luxi is better than that of other types of foam mattresses.

The Luxi is manufactured with superior quality control standards and eco-friendly materials that contribute to the high quality of the product.  Our data used indicated 85% owner satisfaction.

Size and Shipping

lady pulling the luxi mattress out of the shipping box to review itThe Luxi is available in the typical Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King Sizes.

Easy to lift and move, the weight of the mattress is dependent upon the model and size of the mattress.

Made and manufactured right here in Southern California, USA, the Luxi comes with free shipping to the mainland USA, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada and ships within three to five days.

The LuxiSleep 1000 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

LuxiSleep stands firmly behind their product with their 1000-day, 100% money back guarantee. Yes, that’s one thousand days.

If after 30 days and during the 1000 days, you find you are not satisfied with your Luxi mattress, then the company will arrange for pickup of your mattress and provide a full refund.   

This 1000 night risk-free trial affords consumers the opportunity to sleep on their new Luxi in the comfort of their own home and affords consumers sufficient time to try out and experience the multiple features of this luxury mattress.

The company wants to make certain that all customers are 100% satisfied with their product which is why they give consumers 1000 nights to make certain that they are enjoying a relaxing and restorative sleep night after night with their state of the art multi foam mattress.

Luxi Mattress Warranty

The Luxi presents with a 10 year warranty that covers all the typical features as well as the design and workmanship of the mattress and allows for either repair or replacement of the mattress should any of these problems arise.

Our research revealed that consumers are giving the Luxi warranty an average rating overall.

How Much Does the Luxi Cost?

The Luxi usually ranges in prices from $799 to $1299, but with our TED150 coupon you can get $150 off any size .

These are the prices you can get with our offer (simply use our coupon TED150 at checkout):

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$999$849
Cal King:$1,599$1,449

According to our research, the Luxi fares well in comparison to other types of foam mattresses that are more costly.

With favorable consumer ratings on comfort, construction, and overall satisfaction, the Luxi, in our opinion, is a very good buy for the money.

Luxi Mattress Review – Our Verdict

LuxiSleep affords consumers a truly state of the art, quality product at affordable prices.

With its 3-in-1 adjustability feature, unique four layers of varying foam types, offering both contour and comfort, and its specialized Flip-It and Split-It features, the Luxi mattress provides features and benefits that definitely set it well apart from its industry competitors.

girl doing the luxi mattress reviewAbsorbing motion easily and effectively, causing no disruption to your partner’s sleep, manufactured in the USA, and eco-friendly processes make this an all-round good purchase.

In addition, its industry best 1000 night risk free sleep trial, 10 year warranty, competitive pricing (just $1,149 for Queen with our coupon TED150), fast shipping, and easy return/refund process finish off the long list of special features and options afforded consumers at time of purchase and thereafter.

Overall, we think the Luxi is a very good purchase option. However, if you are still uncertain as to whether this is the right mattress for you, then take a few moments to check out our Best Mattress Guide that includes a wide range of other mattresses available on the market today.

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I wish I would have known about this company’s complete lack of customer service. Unfortunately, I fall into the same category as the below posters in that I have been emailing Luxi’s customer service for months on end to establish a refund. I truly think they do not want to refund customers. I have sent countless emails and am resorting to calling them (no one ever picks up the phone because they probably are a scam) and leaving voicemails to no avail.


Almost impossible to get a refund! Beware, I’ve still not received mine after more than 6 months.


SAME HERE!!!!!!!!!!! Luxi sleep is a SCAM! NO refund after 30+ emails 15+ phone calls and 3 months!!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Jody,

if you give us the order number maybe we can help bring it to their attention.


I was originally pretty stoked to try out this bed in CALI King as my wife is a firm stomach sleeper, and I’m a medium side and back sleeper. We tried every variation we could but never could find anything that was even tolerable for more than a day or two. and the weird no-go zone in the middle is less than desirable. I asked for a return in the middle of last year and was contacted (after over a month of emails back and forth with customer service) by a gentleman that wanted to try sending us differently configured layer to see if he could make us something that worked. I agreed, however never heard back or received anything from them. So again after phone calls and emails, I finally just asked for a refund. They agreed and I filled out paperwork, set up the donation that they coordinated, and took photos as requested. The Only reply I’ve gotten from them since february is that the refund is in process. So now I’ve donated the mattress AND haven’t received a refund. Customer service has been nearly non existent since purchase last year. I based my purchase on all of the rave reviews, but I can see no possible way that there are great interactions with LUXI. At least I haven’t seen it.


I purchased a Luxi as I was looking forward to playing with all the layers. However my bed did not come with the latex layer as shown on their website. I sent a note and they replied that they took out the latex as some people can be sensitive to it. So instead of 4 layers, I have two layers glued together plus the base layer. I again ask for them to send me the latex layer, as still shown on their website today, or refund my money. I have yet to hear back from them.

So, Luxi is committing fraud for not refunding my payment as stated on their website, and false advertising for not sending customers the mattress shown on their website. You have now been warned.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Wayne,

how did this end up? We have never heard of any trouble with Luxi before.


This mattress is great. Kinda like the ‘Goldi-Luxi-Zone’. 3rd times a charm. We tried tried a big-named bed in box competitor earlier this year but she found too firm. It was ideal for me though with latex on top of gel foam. She slept on old guest bed due to pain and decided to go back to coil. We found a hybrid from the nearby store and it was also too firm and really opposite of what was claimed on site having high motion transfer, heat and pressure points. Then, while considering a split twin mattress option (with a crack between) we found Luxi. It didn’t take long to adjust. She loves the ‘soft’ option while the medium works for me. To try and describe mattress feel, it is not hard but is supportive. It does not sink in like a foam topper does. It has bounce/response similar to a spring mattress. You can get 7-8 hrs of solid sleep on Luxi. Then, you’ll get up because you are refreshed. She likes her side of the mattress so much though she wants to stay in bed. This reply is to help those who make sleep a high priority. It seems many of the online mattresses tend to sleep on the firmer side if you are lighter in weight. Luxi seems to have a true ‘medium’ feel and good on not sleeping hot, low motion transfer and no pressure points and you can customize with ease. If it weren’t for considering a slightly higher price range than the other boxed mattresses, after trying local store, we may not have found it. This seems to be a case where the price difference is justified as quality seems higher. Check out the Luxi and the company history/bio. It is worth it. BTW, I’m 5’11” 175 lbs back sleeper and she 5’5″ 135 lbs side/back sleeper. Semi-athletic build. Customer service is great too.