Full Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress Review

Allswell is a bed brand that launched in the year 2018 to take on the direct-to-consumer bed industry and present some new innovations.

In an effort to reach a large user base, the company offers two types of beds, that is, the softer and firmer models.

The original Allswell is an all-foam bed with a plethora of memory foam comfort layers, while the firmer Luxe Hybrid bed is composed of individually wrapped coils for additional back support.

The mattress measures a full 12″ tall making you wonder how it ever fits in a box.

It features Allswell’s breathable memory foams along with 13-gauge coils for extra support and a built-in plush topper that offers premium softness to the bed.

Also, the materials used in the bed keep you comfortable throughout the seasons, and the company has designed this bed with natural ingredients to make sure you get a good night’s sleep and when you wake up rejuvenated and refreshed you will understand why this bed is such a classic.

For a price that is so competitive, Allswell is a brand that any user should consider!

What Type of Mattress is the Allswell Luxe Hybrid?

It is a bed in a box bed and is sold exclusively online.

the Allswell Luxe hybrid mattress in a roomWithin a short span of time, this mattress has gained popularity in the United States.

The bed has a very specific and chic look to it that makes it stand out next to competition, and not only is this bedding line an extra touch of glamour to this brand, but the beds themselves have a plethora of features that have classic qualities.

It is a thick hybrid bed that pairs pocketed coils with memory foam along with an attached soft topper for additional comfort.


This bed creates a firmer firm feel ideal for back and stomach sleepers who like more support.

Furthermore, it works well for the occasional side sleepers and is also the best mattress option for couples.

The bed also features solid pressure relief due to the presence of the soft foams used in its top layers so you are sure to experience instant comfort when lying on the mattress.

How Firm is it?

This bed falls on the firm end of the firmness spectrum, thus making it a good option for bulkier users and stomach sleepers.

It is rated a 7 on 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the firmest.

Also, its cushioning cover offers good conforming as well as pressure point relief.

For back sleepers, it evenly distributes weight and offers great pressure relief, but leaves you feeling a little stuck.

While it is pliable and soft, the bed still retains enough firmness that you can sleep comfortably on your back.

It keeps your spine properly aligned and also supports your lower back adequately.

For side sleepers, it helps to alleviate pressure at both shoulders and hips, thereby making a great option for those who sleep on their sides.

For stomach sleepers, it may cause a little sinkage into the structure.

For bulkier sleepers in search of quality support, this may be the ideal bed for you as it features a lot of bounce along with some strong lift, so it can be great for those users who tend to feel stuck in other mattresses.

How Many Layers does it have?

It is made up of a polyfoam comfort layer and a pocketed coil support core, as well as a polyfoam/memory foam quilted cover.

The Luxe mattress' layersThe top layer of the bed is composed of 1″ of Airflow foam which is quite similar to memory foam but it responds way slower, offering better contouring, sinkage, and contouring.

This layer sits beneath the quilted cover and is totally breathable.

The second layer is made up of 2.5″ of soft polyfoam material which serves as a good transition point between the firmer pocketed coils and softer top layer.

This is where you will get a feel for the bed’s buoyancy.

The last layer is made up of 7.5″ of pocketed coils and this offers you a bouncy feel along with excellent support.

Each coil is wrapped and ensures proper isolation of motion while encouraging airflow.

These individually wrapped coils along with the transition layer will leave you feeling like you are sleeping “on top” of the bed as opposed to “in” it.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The bed fares quite well in this category as motion isolation is a fundamental strength of this model, which absorbs and alleviates motion transfer to a great extent.

Motion transfer between partners is great and there is virtually no disturbance at the other end of the bed when you move your body.

Couples can sleep peacefully without continuously disturbing each other while sleeping.

The memory foam in the bed helps to limit disruption from another person’s movement while sleeping.

The added springs from the coils in the bed generally contribute to slightly more motion transfer.

In addition to this, the bed offers great edge support along with minimal sinkage at its perimeter over time.

You can also expect a good amount of conforming from this bed given its memory foam comfort layer.

It offers the right amount of contouring to your body without cratering.

Does it Sleep Hot?

This bed sleeps fairly cool.

Like most of the other hybrid beds, the Allswell Luxe Hybrid allows good circulation of air and generally does not sleep hot for most.

The coils in the bed allow for good heat dissipation and the firmer feel of the mattress doesn’t let you sink in too much, thus making for a temperature neutral sleep surface all night long.

In addition to this, the quilted fabric of the bed feels cool to the touch, thereby offering a cooler sleep surface.

Does it Have any Smell?

CertiPUR-US logoThe foams used to craft the Allswell bed are CertiPUR-US Certified, implying they are good for you as well as the environment as no chemical deodorizers are utilized to build the mattress – the company utilizes natural ingredients such as plant-derived oils.

However, you can expect some off gassing with this model, however, the odor is neither excessively strong nor too long-lasting.

This is a natural scent while unpacking and it will dissipate within a few hours when the bed is well ventilated.

If you experience any such strong smell, then you must leave your bed to air in a well-ventilated room for a couple of days before sleeping on it.

Does it Require a Foundation?

No, this bed does not require any specific foundation.

You can use any bed frame, as long as it is sturdy as well as in a good condition – this includes slats, adjustable bed, and box springs.

It is all about your personal choice and requirement as any foundation will work well with this bed.

Any kind of support system or foundation that offers minimal to no flex will be compatible with this bed, and the options include most platforms and box spring foundations.

What type of Cover does it have?

The company focuses a lot on the design of their beds, so that they are designed to look more luxurious as well as modern.

hands touching a mattressThe top surface of the bed looks luxuriously soft and is white in color with beautiful diamond patterns while the sides are very light brown.

The bed is crafted in a plush topper that is designed to add extra softness and it is wrapped in a breathable, smooth fabric that is cool to the touch.

It is quilted with 3” of super soft as well as memory foam and this unique combination of foams offer the user with instant pressure relief along with some nice cooling.

Overall, it is quite appealing and has an upscale appearance that sets this bed apart from other beds in the same price category.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Allswell Mattress?

You can spot clean the bed in case of any accident – simply clean the affected area in circular motion using water and detergent.

Allswell also offers a mattress protector which provides an additional barrier of protection.

This cover is not only removable but also machine washable, and it will safeguard your new bed from dust and dirt.

Additionally, it is breathable and helps to draw away moisture, thereby keeping the surface of the bed cool in summers and warm in winters.

Also, it is not necessary to rotate your bed, however, if you notice excessive wear on either side of the bed that happens if you sleep alone or you have some weight difference with your sleep partner, then you must rotate it every few months.

The company however, suggests that the bed should be rotated once a year but never flipped as it is crafted with comfort layers on top and support layers on bottom.

If you need more tips, have a look at our page dedicated to mattress care.


It is is a well- constructed bed with an expected lifespan of about 7 years, which is on par with that of the average hybrid model.

Dense foams in the bed provide decent longevity.

The addition of coils also add durability.

The bed has a durable coil system along with several layers of dense foam, the combination of which makes for a very durable edge.

This in turn makes fully using the sleep surface of the bed while sleeping as easy as can be.

Size and Shipping

The company offers free shipping as a bed-in-a-box bed.

The bed is rolled and compressed in order to fit in plastic packaging that is shipped directly to your doorstep in a large box.

When you remove the bed from this packaging, it will automatically expand to reach its full size.

Once it is properly placed, simply cut both plastic layers covering it, and the bed will start to expand and will inflate within 30 to 60 minutes, however, it may take up to 48 hours to reach its full size and shape properly before you sleep on it, due to the way the bed is compressed and wrapped in plastic for the purpose of shipping.

The company also offers white glove delivery, which implies that someone comes to your place to set up the new bed while also removing your old bed.

Simply pay $99 and the company will send one of its representatives to carry the bed into your room, unpack it, put it on the frame, and then clean up all the packaging.

This service, however, is offered absolutely free of cost if you waive off your 100-night sleep trial.

100 Nights Risk Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

The company offers a 100 night free sleep trial period which implies that you can test out your new bed in the comfort of your house for 100 nights, and if you discover it doesn’t work well for you, you can just return it for a full refund.

A girl sleeping on the sideThe company suggests waiting for at least three weeks before deciding to return the bed so that you give your body time to adjust to this new bed.

In case you are still not happy with your new bed, you can simply get in touch with the company to initiate the return process.

Your bed will be picked up from your place free of charge and there are absolutely no penalties or any restocking fees.

After about 12 business days, you will receive your full refund.

So the entire return process is quite easy and simple –  you just need to contact them and they will send someone to come pick up your mattress so, you don’t have to worry about packing the bed back in the box and shipping it to the company.


The company provides you with a 10-year limited warranty which covers any defects in materials or manufacturing of the bed.

However, users may be responsible for some shipping costs linked with the bed repair or replacement that occurs under this warranty period.

In the event of any flaw and in order to reap the advantage of this warranty, you must submit a detailed claim along with pictures of the defect and also provide proof of the original date of purchase.

Once the company receives it, they may request that you return the defected bed to the company and if there are any shipping costs for the same, you shall not be responsible for those charges.

As soon as their team evaluates the bed, they will either repair or replace the bed, or provide you a credit at their discretion.

Any shipping or transportation costs linked with returning the replaced/repaired bed is buyer’s responsibility, and no new warranty is offered on a replacement mattress.

However, this warranty will be voided in case an inappropriate base is used that causes the bed not to perform properly.

It also does not include any deterioration of the mattress foam, with an indentation of less than 1.5″, not linked with a sag in the box spring, platform, or bed.

How much does the Allswell Mattress Cost?

One of the most appealing features of this brand is its price point.

The bed is for just $585 for the Queen size.

While their bedding differs depending on the price of each item, this 12 inches thick bed has several layers of quality foams as well as coils to create a distinct feel – worth every single penny spent on it.

Though this brand is new in the marketplace, its beds are making a quick impact on the online bedding market, especially appealing to the younger women demographic.

At the time of this review, the following are the lowest prices we can find:

Through the Allswell’s referral program, you can also give your friends a discount of $50 with their first mattress order, and in turn you will get $50 credit for Allswell mattress.

Allswell Mattress Review – Our Verdict

Allswell Luxe Classic Hybrid bed is a little firmer than the signature Allswell mattress featuring hundreds of individually wrapped coils as well as memory foam that increase the firmness and curb motion transfer.

If you desire additional support and prefer a firmer feeling bed, this firmer hybrid option is appropriate for you.

The Allswell Luxe hybrid mattress in a nice roomThe model is quite suitable for users who weigh over 230 pounds as it is quite firm.

Since it is a firm bed, it will make a welcome addition to the bedroom of all stomach sleepers as the pocketed coils will keep the hips lifted up and also out of the mattress resulting in an appropriate spinal alignment.

The design of the bed is such that it offers both support and comfort.

The bed comes with thick comfort layers that offer great pressure relief and isolate motion as well, thus making it good for couples.

Additionally, it features great edge support, with very little compression.

For those who are experiencing pressure point pain, this model will likely do better as there are more comfort layers between you and its supportive pocket springs.

Considering you spend about a third of your life on your mattress, it is absolutely worth giving it a try and spending a little extra on a bed that is as comfortable for your specific sleep requirements as possible.

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