Amerisleep is a well-established name in the mattress industry.

Their solid business reputation is backed by excellent reviews and very few complaints, a testament to their quality service.

Amerisleep provides detailed information on each mattress model they offer for full material and layer transparency.

Each mattress is made using high-quality materials and encased in a unique fabric all at a reasonable price point.

What Types of Mattresses Does Amerisleep Offer?

Amerisleep offers five memory foam mattress models and three hybrid mattress models.

Amerisleep Memory Foam Mattress Models

The amerisleep mattress series models

Amerisleep offers a line of five memory foam mattress models.

Their mattresses range in firmness and are tailored for varying sleep needs.

How Firm are the Mattresses?

The firmness varies between firm and soft, depending on the mattress model.

Each mattress is recommended for different sleep needs:

  • The Amerisleep AS1 is a firm mattress recommended for stomach and back sleepers. It’s Amerisleep’s only mattress model without a transition layer of Affinity foam, so the AS1 is notably firm.
  • The Amerisleep AS2 is a medium-firm mattress recommended for back and stomach sleepers as well as sleepers with back pain.
  • Amerisleep’s AS3 is their best-selling model. Designed to be a true medium, the AS3 offers an even balance of comfort and support. Amerisleep recommends their AS3 for side, back, and combination sleepers. The AS3 is also a good mattress for couples with different sleep styles or preferences.
  • The Amerisleep AS4 is medium-soft, featuring 4 inches of pressure-relieving memory foam as the comfort layer. The AS4 is great for side sleepers seeking a soft, cloud-like mattress.
  • Amerisleep’s AS5 is their softest mattress and it’s recommended for side sleepers and combo sleepers who like a soft bed. The AS5 is also a great mattress for sleepers over 230 pounds because it contains a layer of ultra-responsive Active Flex foam to keep you lifted in the mattress and prevent sleepers from feeling “stuck” in the layers of foam.

How are the Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

Memory foam has excellent motion isolation, absorbing motion transfer and preventing sleep disturbances.

The level of sinkage a customer may experience depends on the model, but Amerisleep’s breathable, responsive foam layers prevent the customer from sagging and feeling “stuck” inside the bed.

Each mattress model contours to the body to relieve pressure points, no matter the firmness.

How are the Layers?

  • The typical memory foam layersBio-Pur® is a plant-based memory foam that’s more breathable and responsive than traditional memory foam, and offers excellent pressure point relief.
  • Affinity with HIVE® technology creates a 5-zone support system, with softer support under the shoulders and hips and firmer support under the head, back, and legs for even pressure relief.
  • Active Flex is a highly-responsive foam layer that provides extra softness without losing support. Active Flex is only found in the AS5 model.
  • Bio-Core® is a durable, high-density foam base that provides consistent support over time with little risk of sagging.

Amerisleep Hybrid Mattress Models

Amerisleep offers a line of hybrid versions of their three most popular models (the AS2, AS3, and AS5). These hybrids are called: the AS2h, AS3h, and AS5h.

How Firm are the Mattresses?

The firmness varies between medium-firm and soft, depending on the mattress model.

The AS2h is medium-firm, just like its memory foam counterpart. Amerisleep recommends the AS2 hybrid to back and stomach sleepers who want a bouncier bed. The AS2 is also a great option for those with back pain.

The Amerisleep AS3h is medium in firmness and bouncy. It’s a great mattress for side, back, and combination sleepers, as well as couples.

The AS5h is Amerisleep’s softest hybrid. It’s great for side and back sleepers as well as sleepers over 230 pounds who need a cushioning but supportive mattress.

How are Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

There is some motion transfer from the coiled base, but since the coils are individually-wrapped in fabric and with the presence of memory foam, motion is restricted.

Similar to the memory foam line, sinkage also depends on the firmness you choose, but each hybrid mattress contours to the body to relieve pressure points with pocket coils keeping the body resting on the surface.

How are the Layers?

  • Bio-Pur® is a plant-based material, where petroleum partially replaces castor oil to produce a breathable, more responsive memory foam. Bio-Pur® forms to the body’s natural curves, relieving pressure points for a better night’s sleep.
  • Affinity is a transitional layer that provides extra firmness and support.
  • Active Flex provides extra softness and cradles the body without the loss of support.
  • Pocket coil support system provides 3-zone support with a softer feel above the shoulder and below the hips, and a firmer feel for your back, providing targeted pressure point relief.
  • Base foam reinforces the shape of the mattress and ensures its long-lasting support.

Is a Hybrid or Memory Foam Mattress Better?

Deciding whether a memory foam or hybrid mattress is better comes down to personal preference.

One of the mattresses from the frontThe biggest difference between these two mattresses is their responsiveness.

Memory foam mattresses contain multiple foam layers, so they are cushioning, contouring, and described as feeling like a “big hug.”

Hybrid mattresses, on the other hand, contain an innerspring coil system, which gives them a lot of bounce.

Hybrid mattresses, despite having a lot of bounce, are still contouring and cushioning because they contain upper foam layers.

We suggest hybrid mattresses to those who need the pressure-relief of foam layers but prefer a bouncier mattress.

Whereas memory foam mattresses are better for people seeking a more “cloud-like” sleeping surface.

Do Amerisleep Mattresses Sleep Hot?

Amerisleep mattresses are designed to keep sleepers cool with their plant-based, open-cell foam layers, pocket coils, and breathable cover for better air circulation inside the bed.

Investing in bed sheets with a thread count less than 350 can also help maintain a cool and comfortable sleep experience, particularly if you sleep hot.

How Long Will the Mattress Last?

Amerisleep prides itself on its durable mattresses—lasting between 10 to 12 years and backed by their 20-year warranty.

Where are the Mattresses Manufactured?

All of Amerisleep’s mattresses are built in the USA.

Does it Smell When New?

Amerisleep’s mattresses have little to no off-gassing odor.

How Big is the Mattress? Will it Fit my Home?

All Amerisleep mattresses are shipped in a boxCurrently available mattresses sizes cover the standard dimensions:

  • Twin: 38” by 74”
  • Twin XL: 38” by 80”
  • Full: 54” by 75”
  • Queen: 60” by 80”
  • King: 76” by 80”
  • California King: 72” by 84”

Mattress height ranges between 10” to 14”, depending on the model.

Each Amerisleep mattress arrives at your door, compressed and rolled up inside a box, for easy transportation and setup.

Does it Need a Foundation or a Bed Frame?

Any of the Amerisleep mattress models are compatible with a solid, flat foundation or a slatted frame with slats no more than 3” apart.

These beds can also be placed directly on the floor, though it’s better to use a bed frame long-term.

Amerisleep mattresses are not compatible with box springs, but if you already have one, place a ¾-inch piece of moisture-resistant plywood under the mattress for optimal support.

100-Night Comfort Guarantee

Amerisleep backs its mattresses with a 100-night sleep trial, where customers can try their new bed within the comfort of their home.

Customers don’t have to worry about any hidden fees.

If, for any reason, should they not like the mattress, Amerisleep will arrange to pick up and donate the mattress before issuing a full refund.

Amerisleep Warranty

Amerisleep offers one of the best warranties in the mattress industry, covering any mattress defects which could damage the bed and sagging greater than 0.75”.

Its 20-year warranty is broken up into two parts: during the first 10 years, Amerisleep will repair or replace the mattress at no cost to the customer.

During the last 10 years, Amerisleep will repair or replace the mattress at a prorated charge, with the customer also covering shipping fees.

How Do I Care for the Amerisleep Mattress?

The mattresses don’t require any flipping, due to its one-sided structure.

The high-level of response in foam prevents any lasting indentations.

We recommend occasionally rotating the mattress to ensure even wear.

How Much Does the Amerisleep Mattress Cost?

Prices range, depending on the model, size, and mattress type, between $649 for a twin-size AS1 to $2,499 for a California king-size AS5 hybrid.

Amerisleep Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The Amersilseep shopEach of Amerisleep’s mattress models is designed to provide optimal comfort and support through excellent pressure relief, eco-friendly and high-quality materials, cool comfort, and a low price tag.

Amerisleep is one of the top contenders among high-priced competitors. Here’s what we liked most:

  • Made in the USA
  • Eco-friendly, high-density foams
  • Breathable and responsive materials built to last
  • FDA-determined Celliant® technology incorporated in the mattress cover
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 20-year warranty
  • Easy returns and refunds

You can find more detialed information and reviews directly on Amerisleep’s official website.

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