Full Avocado Green Mattress Review

In this review we are evaluating the Avocado Green premium hybrid mattress.

A plush, luxury  mattress that offers consumers a wide range of eco-friendly features and benefits, the Avocado is every bit state of the art and affordable as it is comfortable and attractive.

With its two firmness levels afforded in the standard model, and its Pillow Top and European-Style Pillow Top along with its gentle softness yet firm presence, this premium mattress is fast climbing the charts, according to our research, as one of the best hybrid mattress buys for the money.

Recently, an even more eco-friendly model was released, aptly name the Avocado Vegan mattress. Plus, we just finished reviewing the new Avocado Luxe Crib mattress… worth reading if you have a little child!

What type of Mattress is the Avocado Green?

The Avocado is a luxury hybrid mattress developed and manufactured with sustainable eco-friendly materials, and a top layer of hand tufted Joma wool with a natural organic cotton cover.

The tufted feature not only adds to the attractive appearance of this hybrid mattress, but also prevents lumps from appearing and holds the mattress securely in place.

With latex middle layers and a durable, yet solid base layer of 16 gauge pocket innerspring coils, this plush mattress is a true buy for anyone in search of comfort, durability, support, and noticeable pressure relief.

couple on the avocado green mattressDesigned and developed with the most innovative features in mind and the ability to satisfy and support sleepers of any position, the Avocado, according to our data, appears to have successfully met these goals.

Providing just the right amount of sinkage and ideal pressure relief for critical pressure points as well, consumers find this premium mattress satisfying all the features and benefits required to deliver a restful and therapeutic night of sleep, night after night.

How Firm is it?

 Unlike many of its competitors, the Avocado mattress offers consumers a gentle, soft feel while delivering a balanced level of firmness which has proven to add to the popularity of this quality hybrid mattress.

The gentle, soft feel of this mattress cradles and contours without causing that ‘sinking’ feeling, while delivering a true balance of support and comfort regardless of your sleeping position.     

In addition, the Avocado is a remarkably bouncy mattress, which has proven to be its most recognized and distinctive feature according to our research.

The standard model provides a firm level while the pillow top affords a perfect medium firmness.

This popular quality hybrid mattress is ideal for side, stomach and back sleepers, but for those individuals who are light in weight and prefer a side sleeping position only, the Avocado may be a slight bit too firm.    

How Many Layers Does it Have?

Quite a comfortable and  conforming mattress, the Avocado easily molds and contours to your body without delivering excessive sagging.

the avocado green coverThe layers are as follows:

  • a top layer of hand tufted Joma wool atop its organic cotton cover
  • a middle layer of  2 inch all natural Dunlop latex, with the middle layer of the Pillow Top model sporting an additional 2 inches of the all natural Dunlop latex
  • a base layer constructed with individual 16 gauge pocket coils that presents with a 3 zone split design and layout that provides appropriate support where you need it most.

Consumers can enjoy a plush hybrid mattress that easily molds and contours to your body without presenting with any real distractions and delivers a cool, comfortable and relaxing night of sleep no matter what the season may be.

Winter, Spring, Summer of Fall, consumers are sure to take note of the gentle firmness and overall comfortable temperatures and performance of this quality hybrid mattress.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The Avocado, much like other premium hybrid mattresses, absorbs motion easily, thereby causing little to no disruption by a partner’s movements.

A mattress that delivers both bounce and resilience- if your preference is a mattress that affords you a good amount of bounce then surely the Avocado may be the ideal choice for you.

In addition to this, quality mattress presents sleepers with a true foam feel without all the sinking and, according to our data, many consumers say the Avocado offers an “on the mattress feel” rather than an “in the mattress feel.

Though latex does not typically perform quite as well in this category as memory foam, the Avocado appears to be the exception to this rule.

It performs well when it comes to isolating motion and, according to research, fares quite well in this category.

Does the Avocado Green Sleep Hot?

Unlike so many memory foam and hybrid mattresses on the market today, the Avocado mattress is naturally breathable so you are able to sleep cool and comfy all night long.

With its 100% natural Dunlop Latex, known for being one of nature’s best surfaces for sleeping, individuals can enjoy pressure relief, support and comfort all the while experiencing the cool temperatures this plush mattress offers all night long.

Does it Have any Smell?

 Though many of the foam mattresses today present with odor and off-gassing issues, the Avocado Green Mattress is not only safe and non-toxic, but also odor free and presents with no significant off-gassing.

Our research revealed that the Avocado fared very well in this category with only a mere 4% of consumers reporting any issues with odor or off gassing.

Those expressing concern indicated that in humid climates primarily, a slight natural odor was detected when first opening your new Avocado mattress.

However, this very slight odor, according to consumer comments, dissipates very quickly.     

Does it Require a Foundation?

Although a foundation is absolutely not required, the company highly recommends U.S. Box Spring if you prefer the use of a foundation.

Though U.S. Box Spring does not make typical box springs, they do offer natural wool foundations that provide the highest level of support.

Note that these specialized foundations require some simple at-home assembly.

What type of Cover does it have?

The Avocado Green mattress cover is a unique button tufted cover with a 100% organic cotton composition.

hand pressing on the avocado mattressThe cover is both breathable and very soft and can be easily cared for with the use of cold water and a mild detergent.

If you encounter stains on your Avocado cover, then use only the cold water and mild detergent and light circular rubbing motions to work away the stain.

Never use harsh chemicals on your cover, nor choose to have it dry cleaned.  Made with certified organic cotton that is beyond soft and breathable, this premium cover offers a very comfortable and cool sleeping surface. 

What is the Best Way to Care for the Avocado Green?

 Because of its internal support coil system with its pocketed innerspring, the Avocado requires no flipping, but it is highly recommended that you rotate your new mattress once per month during the first 6 months of ownership, and thereafter rotate it once about every 3-6 months.

This rotation schedule will ensure continued overall performance.

Rotating your mattress will prevent body impressions that can otherwise be caused by the slight compression’s of the natural latex, natural wool and organic cotton that are present when you initially start enjoying your new mattress.

In addition, rotating your mattress can surely prevent it from wearing and sagging excessively over time.

What about Durability?

The Avocado Green is manufactured right here in the USA.

This premium mattress is 13 inches thick in total with a comfort layer of 3 inches of Dunlop latex for the standard model and 5 inches of Dunlop latex for the pillow top model.

With Dunlop latex being one of the most durable materials in the industry, our data showed that the Avocado fared quite well in this category.

Innerspring mattresses, including the premium Avocado, afford sleepers near to 30% more of cooling comfort all night long.

The base support layer, a truly advanced support system at that, is designed with individually wrapped coils that are constructed in three separate split zones, thereby affording sleepers support where they tend to need it most.

All of our research indicated that the Avocado presents with long term durability, delivers a more consistent sleeping surface and is 25% more durable than foam mattresses.

Size and Shipping

The Avocado mattress' handleThe Avocado is available in the typical Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King Sizes.

Easy to lift and move, they weigh between 59 and 122 pounds, which is dependent upon the model and size of the mattress.

Shipping is free in the continental United States and for optional in-home delivery and setup, the charge is a mere $99.

The Avocado Green mattress is made right in California.  It takes 5 business days to make your Avocado Green mattress and approximately 2 weeks to ship it.

Once you receive your mattress, simply open the box in the room where you want to have it set up, remove it from the sealed plastic, unroll the mattress, and wait about 30 minutes for the mattress to fully expand.

100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

Avocado stands behind their product with their 100-day, money back guarantee.

When purchasing your Avocado Green directly from the company, if at any time within the 100 nights, starting from the delivery date, you are not satisfied, you can return the mattress for a full refund.

Simply contact customer support before your 100 night trial expires to arrange your pickup.

Once the mattress is returned and confirmed to be in good condition for either recycling or purposes of a charitable donation, your refund will be processed.


The Avocado Green is covered by a 25 year limited warranty.  This warranty is specific to any manufacturer’s defects or any proven defects in workmanship.

Our research has revealed that consumers find this warranty to be above average in comparison to other hybrid and memory foam mattresses.

How much does the Avocado Cost?

As we write, these are the best available prices:

The mattress does fare quite well in comparison to other hybrid and memory foam mattresses that are more costly.

With favorably consumer ratings on bounce, resilience, comfort, design, and overall satisfaction, the Avocado Green is a good buy for the money.

Avocado Green Mattress Review- Our Verdict

Avocado Green offers a quality product at a very affordable price. 

With its many features and benefits, including cool sleeping surface, bounce, resilience, overall comfort and support, and even the stylish, convenient side handle design the Avocado appears to present with long-term durability.

Offering the three zoned construction design and layout, the Avocado successfully supports lumbar, pelvic, and shoulder areas alleviating excess aches and pains that typically occur when sleeping in the wrong position or tossing and turning all night.

child on the mattressThis feature surely sets the Avocado apart from its competitors and the perfect blend of coils and tufting techniques coupled with the Dunlop natural latex, the Joma wool and the 100% organic cotton have earned this mattress a thumbs up from many consumers, according to our research.

Able to absorb motion easily resulting in little to no disruption to you by your partner’s movements, manufactured right here in California, USA and the all natural, certified and organic material composition of the Avocado, makes this mattress an all-round good purchase.

In addition, its 100 night risk free sleep trial, 25 year warranty, competitive prices, and easy return/refund process finish off the attractive list of special features and options afforded consumers at time of purchase and thereafter.

Overall, we think the Avocado Green is a good purchase option.

However, if you are still uncertain as to whether or not the Avocado Green is the ideal mattress for you, then be certain to check out our Best Mattress Guide that offers consumers a wide range of other brands and styles of mattresses currently available on the market today.

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Updated at November 23, 2021