Complete Awara Mattress Review

The Awara Mattress is special for the organic materials that make it one of the most eco-friendly mattresses on the market!

It has a mixture of coils and latex foam that work together well to provide both firmness and plush comfort. 

This also means that this mattress sleeps cooler than many other hybrid mattresses since latex tends to be cooler.

Below, we will cover all you need to know about this new mattress.

What Type of Mattress is the Awara?

This is a hybrid mattress that balances a coil system with a layer of natural Dunlop Latex foam.

View of the Awara Mattress set up in a bedroom

It stands apart from other mattresses for its eco-friendly materials and features. 

In addition to its organic materials, the Awara mattress is able to hold up a high standard of comfort. 

Although a tad expensive, the organic and natural materials that are used can explain the higher price tag.

How Firm is this Mattress?

With its multiple layers and special coil system, this mattress ranks at about a 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

As stated, latex foam tends to be the better option for those who want a foam bed that they can sleep on top of. 

Other types of sleepers might not like how firm the mattress is because they will be unable to sink into it like with other mattresses.

With its coil system, the mattress does lend to a bit of a bounce as well.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

Awara mattresses have three distinct layers that make up the total 13” of thickness.

the Awara mattress layersStarting from the bottom layer, we find 4” of sustainable Rainforest Alliance-certifed Dunlop latex for contoured relief.

The next layer up consists of 9” of individually wrapped zoned coils to support your body as you lay on the mattress.

The coil layer is what especially contours to your body as you sleep, supporting where it’s needed and softening in other areas.

At the top layer, we find a soft organic wool cover designed to allow air to move through and cool you down.

In summary, the mattress is built with the following layers:

  1. Soft organic wool cover
  2. 9″ of innerspring coils
  3. 4″ Dunlop Latex. 

Does the Awara Mattress Sleep Hot?

Because latex, the material highlighted within this mattress, is already naturally aerated, this mattress should sleep fairly cool for most people.

Where memory foam mattresses tend to hold on to heat, latex does not.

While it isn’t built specifically to help those that overheat during the night, it does have breathable fabric and other materials built-in.

Just because the mattress isn’t specifically formulated to be cool doesn’t mean this mattress runs hot.

Sleepers can expect a fairly cool night due to the mattress’s breathable cotton and wool covering and aerated latex layer within.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

As far as motion transfer goes, the Awara mattress does a fairly good job of isolating motion.

view of a corner

For couples, this isn’t the best choice just because there is some motion transfer, but we wouldn’t say that it’s the worst option available.

Edge support is top-notch, however, and sleepers shouldn’t feel like they are about to fall off the side at all.

Sleepers also won’t notice much of a sinking feeling either with the zoned coils underneath that provide bounce.

Does the Awara Mattress Smell When New?

Unlike mattresses that are created with chemicals, the Awara mattress is completely organic.

However, there’s still a chance that it will smell when unwrapped for the first time by a customer.

This is because there are still materials that carry an odor in the bed’s materials.

Regardless of its organic status, you should expect there to be some smell for a short period of time when using a new mattress.

On the other hand, those with allergies will likely love this mattress because of its antimicrobial materials.

Due to these materials, the Awara can prevent allergens and won’t cause any reactions.

Does it Require a Foundation?

Solid foundations are recommended with Awara mattresses.

Whether it’s a box spring, platform, or some type of adjustable frame, it’s wise to have a base.

This helps it to keep off the ground to maximize support and breathability.

Additionally, Awara offers multiple bed frames that aren’t too expensive.

What Type of Cover Does it Have?

Awara mattresses come with natural wool and organic cotton cover certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard for its green creation.

It includes no unnatural chemicals and is incredibly soft.

How Durable is the Awara Mattress?

From what we’ve seen, these mattresses are very durable.View of the Awara Mattress from the front

Its organic materials don’t break down fast at all and should serve consumers quite a long time.

Compared to other similar mattresses, we expect the Awara Mattress to hold a high level of durability.

Warranty & Trial Period for the Awara Mattress

Unlike Casper and Purple mattress that boast 100-night trial periods, the Awara mattress includes an extra-long 365-night trial with its “Forever Warranty.”

This more than triples the amount of time that people can wait to understand how their body adjusts to their new mattress!

If there are any defects, the customer can easily get a full refund.

How Much Does the Awara Mattress Cost?

The Awara Mattress prices are pretty expensive when we look at many other hybrid mattresses with latex foam on the market.

Perhaps this can be attributed to the eco-friendly materials that we find in this mattress!

Currently, Awara Sleep offers a discount of $300! Just use our code SUMMER at checkout to get these special prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$1,299$999
Cal King:$1,699$1,399

If you are seeking to find a mattress that has premium eco-friendly specifications, this is a good option to look at.

However, those who want these sorts of features are usually prepared to pay a little more. 

Awara Mattress Review – Our Verdict

Although this mattress does tend to cost a lot, those looking for a humanely-sourced and environmentally friendly option will love this mattress.

It has many certifications for its use of water-based adhesives and fire retardants without chemicals.

If you like the firmness of a coil system but want to have some plush comfort that can come with latex foam, this is a good bed to consider.

If you would like to see another eco-friendly option, check out the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress or the very popular Avocado Green mattress.

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Updated at March 13, 2022