Full BedInABox.com Mattresses Review

The mattress brands of BedInABox.com are skyrocketing in popularity, as more consumers seek out economical and convenient beds.

Founded in the year 2004, the objective of BedInABox.com is to provide affordable and comfortable mattresses to everyone.

It offers both latex and memory foam mattresses that use an efficient packing process to deliver the mattresses in a compact box, right at your doorstep.

Their memory foam mattresses can help to ease joint and muscle pain, and provide the comfort required for your overall well-being.

So if you have been considering a new mattress recently, you can follow this guide that highlights all the mattresses the company offers, along with an in depth comparison.

Also, these beds get their namesake because they are thoroughly compressed and vacuum sealed into a box. In addition to this, they are designed particularly for shipping, thereby eliminating middlemen and minimizing costs.

Once unwrapped, the mattresses expand to their normal size, and are ready for you to experience a good nights’s sleep.


American Manufactured Quality

The company promises to offer quality mattresses that can ensure a restful night’s sleep, thus improving your overall wellness and health, which is the actual benefit of deep sleep.

Since it is difficult to find quality mattresses especially online, at BedInABox.com, the makers have spent good number of years developing high quality beds.

Their foam is unique, durable, innovative, and performs much better as compared to conventional types of foam. And that is why it chooses to use American suppliers, in order to skip out on imported foam that is usually unregulated and illogically poured.

This further ensures adequacy and best quality products. In addition to this, the company sends their products to independent labs, in order to make sure they do not contain any noxious chemicals, and are skin friendly.

Also, they have been pressure mapped, in order to make the users get maximum comfort.

Economically Priced

The company promises to offer high quality mattresses at the most economical price possible. It preserves energy and employs the most efficient means to assemble, package, and deliver orders.

The objective is to constantly improve the procedure and system to keep costs low, and thereby pass the savings on to the customers.

Their packaging allows them to ship promptly and economically from their facility straight to your doorstep, thereby excluding any commission to salesmen, markup for the middlemen, expensive fright, and marketing promotions that run in thousands of dollars.

The company does not pass any of these expenses to their customers, as they do not exist at all.

Off Gassing

Some mattresses give off particles when they are unpacked, accompanied by unpleasant off gassing that may last for a few days.

Although these mattresses are made from specially formulated foam- a polyurethane in which all plant based polyols mitigate the amount of petroleum derived oils, but they produce high degree of smells that may linger for several days.

Temperature Neutrality

BedInABox.com claims that the gel suffused in its mattresses helps to alleviate heat retention.

However, some users have indicated that these beds sleep uncomfortably hot.


The mattresses are engineered to provide a conforming, comfortable sleep surface that retains its original shape over time. This is due to the 2.4 PCF polyfoam that is used in their support core.

The company claims that their support foam lasts a longer period of time, however, this totally depends on how long and how well the customers use these mattresses.

Since all the mattresses are made in the US, and are CertiPur-US Certified, they strictly adhere to the industry standards in terms of durability, stability, performance, emissions, and content.

The mattresses tend to have a life span of minimum 6.5 years, and perform much better than the average mattress brands.

Motion Isolation

Since memory foam mattresses have been praised for superior motion isolation, all the mattress brands of BedInABox.com also offer superior motion isolation, which implies that motion does not really occur throughout the bed when someone shifts their position or gets up.

Customer feedback also indicates that the mattresses isolate motion, and alleviate motion transfer more effectively as compared to several other competing memory foam models.

Mattress Care

It is recommended to spot clean the mattresses with a mild upholstery cleaner or household fabric. Also, you must first test a small area, in order to make sure that the cleaner does not damage the fabric or cause any discoloration.

It is also advised to hold off using any thick bristled brush to scrub the mattresses as this can damage the fabric.

You can use a waterproof mattress protector, in order to keep your mattress stain free.

Customer Care

The customer service program is committed totally to the present as well as prospective customers.

The company offers highly skilled, professional, and friendly staff who are glad to provide you detailed information that will better suit your preferences and requirements, so that you can easily make your decision.

Also, it has employed state-of-the-art technology to immensely improve the efficiency of their customer care department. The representatives answer all your queries accurately and instantly, in a timely manner.

Free Shipping

Typically the mattresses are shipped within 2 to 5 business days absolutely free of cost.

Since they are compressed and rolled into a box, so the smaller size of the mattresses take up less inventory, save on shipping costs, and mitigate the carbon cost of getting a new mattress to you.

All of these factors save money, and mitigate fossil fuel as compared to shipping a regular full-sized, regular bed.

120 Night Risk Free Trial

If for any reason the mattress falls short of your expectation, and you are not completely happy and satisfied with it, you can return it for a refund according to the company’s return policy.

The mattresses can be returned within a period of 120 days of date of purchase, and you just need to contact the company’s sleep specialist department.


The mattress are covered by a 20 year warranty.

This warranty covers any deterioration in the cell structure of the fabrics that may cause the mattress to have a visible dent bigger than 1 inch during the initial 5 years of the warranty, or bigger than 1.25 inches during years 6 to 20, not caused by a sink in the platform, adjustable bed, or box spring.

If such defects are found during the initial 10 years of the 20 year limited warranty, then the company will at their option, either replace or repair the mattress.

The company will replace it at a prorated charge from years 11-20. However, this warranty does not include any increase in the softness of the mattress, which is normal, and also does not impact its pressure relieving quality.

However, PacBed Lite is the only mattress brand which is covered by a 10 year warranty, which is specific to any faulty workmanship, or manufacturer’s defects.

And if such defects are found during the initial 10 years from the date of purchase of the mattress, then the company will at their option, either replace or repair the mattress.

Also, the warranty does not extend beyond the time period of 10 years from the date of purchase.


Mattress Types


PacBed Lite 9″

the pacbed liteThis is the latest version of the lighter and leaner version of the PacBed Original 11″, and it also offers great support and comfort at a lighter price.

Since lower priced mattresses are skyrocketing in popularity especially with youngsters who are just starting out, so this new version of PacBed mattresses was developed recently.

The 9 inches high density mattress is designed as a supportive and medium firm mattress that comes wrapped in a soft knit cover with a neutral gray tone.

The mattress is particularly suited as a step-up bed for youngsters, guest rooms, first apartments, or college campus living- essentially anywhere where someone desires a good mattress at a budget price.


PacBed Original 11″

bedinabox.com pacbed originalThis is a supportive mattress with a medium feel.

It features CoolRest gel memory foam especially designed to conform to the natural shape of the body, and also relieve pressure.

The mattress allows you to experience restful and deep sleep without compromising quality. Since the gel is well known for its cooling properties, and is also a heat sink, so it helps to absorb body heat at the bed’s surface, and then draws this heat away from the bed’s surface to where it dissipates.

In addition to this, it is processed with an open cell structure which triggers air flow through the mattress, thereby keeping it fresh and cool.



bedinabox serenity on the floorThis is the coolest mattress offered by the BedInABox.com.

It offers medium to medium soft firmness, allowing you to softly float on the bed’s surface, yet still feel comfortable and supportive.

It is specially designed to pamper you with its CoolRest Adaptive Technology using two different types of material in combination with their CoolRest gel memory foam, in order to offer a bed that sleeps more comfortably than you can think.



the tranquility mattressThe mattress with natural TENCEL is one of the most popular memory foam mattresses.

The fibers in TENCEL basically come from eucalyptus tree. It is moisture wicking, soft, and sustainable resource, and also restricts the growth of bacteria.

In addition to this, no noxious chemicals are used to produce the eucalyptus fibers, and with softer hand than silk and much more breathability than cotton, the mattress is specially designed with TENCEL, in order to reap its amazing benefits.



the adagio mattressThis is one of the newest and most innovative mattress’s introduced by BedInABox.com.

This multi comfort bed offers the support of conventional innersprings with the soft, contouring features of the memory foam.

It is a fusion of separately wrapped zoned layers and coils of proprietary specialty foams that enable you to flip the mattress for two different feels.


Silk Symphony

the silk symphonyThis is a multi comfort bed that uses both its sides to offer two distinct feels.

It provides ultimate luxury and versatility, and also supports and cradles your body for a restful night’s sleep.

In addition to this, as your body changes, the mattress can also change with you.

Number of Layers

PacBed Lite 9″

  • Comfort Foam Layer: This is a 3 inches of CoolRest advanced gel suffused memory foam that perfectly contours to the natural shape of the user’s body, thereby providing improved pressure relief to alleviate tossing and turning.In addition to this, its open cell structure boosts air flow, thereby contributing to a cooler sleep.The 2.5 lb density foam promptly takes its shape, making it easier for the user to change positions.This layer also helps to mitigate motion transfer, thereby allowing the user to move without waking up their sleeping partner.
  • Support Foam Layer: This is a 6 inches of high density layer designed to support, and correctly align the user’s spine, so that they can sleep better with minimal tossing and turning.The layer is formulated to work well with the CoolRest gel memory foam, and offer ideal support for long lasting sleep.Plus, it helps to distribute the user’s weight uniformly across the bed to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

PacBed Original 11″

  • Top Layer: This is a 3 inches of CoolRest gel foam that optimally contours to your body, thereby providing better pressure relief.The 3 lb density foam promptly rebounds, thereby making it easier to change sleeping positions.Its open cell structure promotes air flow, and alleviates motion transfer, thereby contributing to a cool and deep sleep.
  • Sure Align Foam: This is an 8 inches of support foam layer that is especially designed to accurately align your spine, so that you sleep comfortably.It is more durable as compared to traditional foams, and is good for all types of sleepers.Plus, it helps to distribute your weight uniformly, thereby providing an ideal support.


  • Quilted Top Layer: This is a 2 inch cover which is gel infused, super soft, and contours and cradles for additional pressure relief.The phase changing material in the layer uses minute capsules ingrained in the cover to balance temperature between the mattress and the sleeper.The quilted cover absorbs and releases heat for perfect thermal comfort.
  • Second Layer: Underneath is the 3 inch comfort layer- 1 inch of CoolRest gel memory foam relieves pressure and contours by forming a cradle according to the shape of your body, no matter what position you sleep in, and the remaining 2 inches of AirRest Adaptive foam uses all the trapped air to provide support, relieve pressure and contour.Together with the top layer, it helps to support areas of the body, such as the lumbar.
  • Third Layer: This is an 8 inches of support layer that accommodates back as well side sleepers.The 4 inches of soy-based transitional, high quality foam progresses from contouring to supporting, and the remaining 4 inches of support foam helps to align the spine and distribute body weight uniformly.


  • TENCEL Cover: It is specially designed to be soft for sensitive skin, and posses good moisture wicking properties.
  • Comfort Core Layer: This is a 3 inches of  CoolRest gel foam layer that ideally contours to the natural shape of the body.The company claims that it is an advanced memory foam that improves pressure relief in order to fend off tossing and turning.The gel embedded in the memory foam helps to act as a heat sink, thereby drawing away heat from the body, and dissipating it so that the bed does not get too warm.In addition to this, it helps the mattress to be more supportive without actually losing its conformability.
  • Sure Align Foam: This is an 8 inches of support foam, which contains some amount of plant based polyols that help to alleviate he amount of petroleum derivatives.In addition to this, it provides ideal support by distributing weight uniformly across the mattress.


  • Smooth Top Cover: This is a soft knit cover formulated with a rayon blend, along with CoolRest Adaptive finish applied to its surface for more temperature neutral sleep.The flip side is flat stitched, and is a soft-knit breathable cover formulated with a rayon blend.It has a 1 inch of quilting panel along with firming foam to provide extra support for those who desire an extra firm bed.It has another 1 inch of Sure Align support foam beneath its coil system working together with the coils to offer a more supportive feel and ease of movement.
  • Comfort Layer: It has a 1 inch of PurResponse foam that has qualities of both latex and memory foam.Additionally, it has a CoolRest Adaptive finish that strengthens its temperature regulating properties.The first layer is resilient and soft, and does not sink in too far.Another 1 inch of Adaptive foam utilizes trapped air to offer some pushback, while still possessing qualities of memory foam.It offers additional support as compared to the top layer, and is not impacted by air temperature.The next 2 inches of Sure Align foam is the transition layer just before the support of the coils come into action.It completes the top layers, and offers a little more push back to give a progressive feeling of cradling as well of building of support.
  • Zone Pocketed Coils: These foam encased coils have 8 turns of tempered steel that offer support as compared to other leading competitors with just 6 turns.These coils are 15 gauge in the middle third of the bed and 16 gauge toward the foot and head.This in turn allows for greater push back, and support the body requires where weight is more.In addition to this, these coils offer targeted, independent support that moves with you without disturbing your partner.

Silk Symphony

  • Silk Blended Quilted Cover: This is a 2 inches of quilted top formulated with a silk blend for durability, comfort, and beauty.Since silk has a high rate of absorbency, so it will help to draw moisture away from your body, and allow you to sleep cooler. The flip side has 1 inch of firming foam which is quilted into the cover to provide additional support for those who desire a firm mattress.
  • CoolRest Gel Foam Layer: This is a 3 inches layer that contours to your body, thereby offering improved pressure relief in order to alleviate tossing and turning. Its open cell structure helps to increase air flow and alleviate motion transfer, thereby helping you sleep cooler, and allowing you to move freely without waking your partner.
  • Sure Align Foam: This is an 8 inches of support layer that is designed to accurately align your spine so that you can enjoy a deeper sleep.It works in conjunction with CoolRest gel memory foam, and offers perfect support for long lasting comfort.In addition to this, it is more durable as compared to conventional foams, helps to distribute body weight uniformly across the mattress, and accommodates any sleep position.

Level of Firmness

PacBed Lite 9″: It is of medium firm feel.

PacBed Original 11″: It is a firm mattress.

Tranquility: It is of medium firm feel, along with a classic memory foam feel.

Serenity: It is a medium soft mattress.

Adagio: It is of medium feel.

Silk Symphony: It is firm on one side, and medium soft on the other.


PacBed Lite 9″: The mattress is economically priced, and costs $699 for a Queen. This is a good price for quality construction and fabrics used in the mattress.

PacBed Original 11″: The mattress is known by many as the economical memory foam mattress, and is also priced considerably less than several comparable models from major-name manufacturers. It is priced at $849 for a Queen.

Serenity: The mattress is priced at $1,899 for a Queen.

Tranquility: The mattress is priced at $1,299 for a Queen.

Adagio: The mattress is priced at a $,1424 for a Queen.

Silk Symphony: The mattress is priced at $1,599 for a Queen.

Type of Cover

PacBed Lite 9″

The mattresses has a soft polyester cover for stretch and comfort, and it is also breathable to keep the mattress cool and fresh. Polyester fabrics are ideal for memory foam mattresses as they are durable and strong, dry out promptly, and resist abrasion. In addition to this, the cover enhances the overall memory foam feel, and is perfect for all types of sleepers.

PacBed Original 11″

The cover of the mattress is breathable, soft, and ideal for memory foam. It not only aids in regulating temperature, but also helps in accentuating memory foam. The polyester material is durable, strong, and dries up promptly.


It has a plush quilted mattress cover that provides temperature control properties to make sure you sleep comfortably. It is a 2 inch cover that has two layers consisting of phase changing material. This in turn works together to absorb excess heat, and then release it to the body as required. This is based on technology that was originally formulated for use in astronaut space suits.


The mattress has a TENCEL cover that offers moisture management properties, thereby helping to absorb 50 percent more moisture as compared to cotton, and making it a highly effective performance material.

It allows the memory foam to promptly contour to your body for support and pressure relief without sinking into it. Plus, it adheres to the Biobased USDA standards for overall sustainability with low impact on the environment. The cover accommodates stomach and back sleepers.


It has a soft knit cover made with CoolRest adaptive fabric, thereby making it highly durable and resilient, and also offering ease of movement and pressure relief.

Silk Symphony

Its quilted cover layers offer a medium feel and conventional look on one side, and a more supportive feel on its other side.

The quilted side has a tufted, luxurious look and softer feel.

On the other hand, the flip side is flat stitched with a silky cover, and firm feel for maximum comfort.

BedInABox.com Mattresses Review- Our Verdict

No one bed proves right for every single individual, even if they claim to provide a ‘universal feel’.

What is most imperative is your individual preferences and requirements, not overblown marketing claims for fancy fabrics and materials.

Users noted BedInABox.com to have an overall above average comfort, and all of the brands in this category usually tend to offer good customer service, which is indispensable when you seek an online service.

The big plus to considering these mattresses is their price, the convenience of delivery, easy set up as well as the fair returns.

On average, you will have to spend about $1000 for a good quality mattress in this category as compared to other memory foam companies that are priced above $1500 for similar quality and materials.

They are good for people with average weight, and most sleepers have found them to be comfortable.

In addition to this, they offer good durability, absolutely no noise, and good motion isolation for the price being charged, and also earn good customer satisfaction ratings.

Also, shopping online is quite convenient as several consumers live far from mattress stores, and some lack the time to drive down. So overall, the mattresses earn good customer satisfaction and ratings with a fair return policy and warranty.

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