Full Birch Mattress Review

The Birch mattress is the organic, eco-friendly line of the popular Helix Sleep brand, famous for its customizable mattresses and its consistently high quality.

The Birch Mattress is a good choice to consider if you want a mattress that is firmer than average.

In addition, this mattress stands out for its eco-friendly design and natural materials that are used.

This is also a little more reasonably priced than many similar mattresses. 

Unlike other eco-friendly mattresses such as the Avocado Vegan Mattress, the Birch Mattress stands out for being firm.

What Type of Mattress is the Birch Mattress?

View of the Birch Mattress with no sheets

As the world becomes more eco-conscious, we expect more high-end natural and organic mattresses to come out.

This is one of the prime selling points of this mattress, along with its high level of firmness.

Heavier sleepers, in particular, find the firmness levels to be just right to suit their weight.

Due to its high level of firmness and eco-friendly design, people who want these features tend to see this as a great option.

How Firm is this Mattress?

The firmness of the Birch mattress depends on whether or not you choose to go with the pillow-top option.

Having a pillow-top will make your mattress a bit softer and allow you to sink in a bit more.

On the other hand, without the pillow-top, we would place the mattress at about a 7 in terms of firmness on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being very firm).

While the top of the mattress is not hard, laying on top allows you to press into the firmer layers that will support you more.

Due to its firmness, this is popular among heavier sleepers.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

The Birch mattress has 6 layers. Starting at the bottom, the base layer is made up of natural wool batting for stability.

The second layer is where the individually wrapped coils are housed to provide support.

Edges of this second layer are reinforced to better support the edge of the mattress.

The next layer is built for pressure relief and is made of natural latex.

The fourth layer is considered a comfort layer and has organic wool for coolness and elasticity.

Next up is a layer dedicated to protecting its sleepers from fire – it is made of a combination of rayon and wool fibers as a fire retardant.

The very top layer is the organic cotton cover, designed to be breathable and allow stretch and airflow.

In summary:

View of the Birch Mattress layers

  1. Base wool batting layer
  2. Support coil layer
  3. Latex pressure relief layer
  4. Birch wool comfort layer
  5. Wool fire retardant layer
  6. Organic cotton cover

Does the Birch Mattress Sleep Hot?

Many of the materials used within the Birch mattress make it naturally cooling: the latex, organic cotton and wool, and even the coil layer.

Each of these allows for breathability and helps to maintain a cooler temperature for the sleeper.

Therefore, this is a decent option for those that tend to sleep warm at night. 

The support of this mattress keeps the user on top and helps them avoid sinking in and heating up. 

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

While Birch says that the coils are what minimized motion transfer, this is not usually the case with spring mattresses 

Mostly memory foam mattresses can limit motion transfer because they absorb movement

Coil mattresses, on the other hand, provide more bounce.

On the plus side, the coils do reduce sinkage, so sleepers should not feel like they are sinking into the depths of this mattress all that much.

Does the Birch Mattress Smell When New?

Because the Birch mattress is pretty naturally breathable, it should not hold onto any odors when unpackaged.

the brand name printed on the mattressHowever, this is always a risk that comes when you buy a new mattress.

Although many people don’t experience an odor out of the box, don’t assume that you won’t!

Even if there are smells present, they typically go away very quickly with a natural mattress such as this one.

Does it Require a Foundation?

In order not to void the warranty, the mattress must be properly supported by some type of foundation.

The warranty leaves the exact type of foundation up to the user, but providing solid support and protection is crucial to the longevity of the mattress itself.

Birch does offer its foundation to be used.

What Type of Cover does it Have?

The Birch mattress cover consists of an organic, stretchy cotton material that is designed to be airy and soft.


This organic cotton cover is highly breathable and soft to touch.

However, it is not removable and will need to be spot-washed. 

The cover is also GOTS Certified and completely natural.

How Durable is the Birch Mattress?

Like with most natural mattresses, the Birch mattress is almost guaranteed to last longer than most.

While polyfoams and chemicals can be dangerous, they also tend to break down fairly quickly.

Natural materials are durable and last quite some time.

We find that those who follow manufacturer instructions have no issues making their bed last as long as intended.

Warranty & Trial Period of the Birch Mattress

View of the Birch Mattress with a man on it

Features such as a long trial period and extended warranty are also benefits to purchasing the Birch mattress.

The Birch mattress provides a 25-year warranty and a 100-night trial period.

Best of all, this mattress also comes with free shipping and handling!

How Much Does the Birch Mattress Cost?

Here is the current price list:

In terms of bang for your buck, the Birch might just be your best bet as we can see above.

We believe that this is a good deal when thinking of all the benefits that play into this mattress.

Birch Mattress Review – Our Verdict

This mattress is complex in design with six layers, yet fairly moderate in terms of price.

Those looking for the best value in a durable mattress but want to ensure their money is being spent on an all-natural product has found a good option in the Birch mattress.

Those that want a firm eco-friendly mattress, in particular, tend to see this as a good option.

As a whole, it is reasonably priced, durable, and overall high-quality. 

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Updated at May 28, 2020