Full Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid Mattress Review

Bloom Hybrid is another popular bed by Brooklyn Bedding that mainly targets eco-friendly users who prefer organic and natural materials.

You will find out below that this bed also uses a combination of natural fabrics, fibers, and foams.

Also, the Bloom Hybrid bed is a part of the Brooklyn Bedding family, and you can refer to this common page for detailed information about its shipping, warranty, sleep trial period, and foundation.

What Type of Mattress is the Bloom Hybrid?

The Bloom Hybrid mattress

It is a naturally mattress made with from Talalay latex, which is Oeko-Tex Class One Certified. This means that it’s free from any chemicals and it’s even suitable for babies.

This naturally crafted bed comes with a premium Euro top that is made up of organic cotton and Joma wool, thereby making the bed an ideal combination of support and comfort.

How Firm is it?

It is available in 3 firmness levels so as to offer a personalized level of support and comfort.

However, the company recommends to select the soft level of firmness if you are a side sleeper and like being ’embraced’ by your mattress.

Also, Brooklyn Bedding suggests to select medium level of firmness if you often change positions and firm level of firmness if you are  a back or stomach sleeper who does not wish to sink into their mattress.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

The bed is comprised of 4 different layers that totals 13.5 inches thick.

  • Cotton Topper: This is a 1.25 inches of organic cotton and quilted wool topper. It gives the mattress a comfortable and soft feel. The wool used in this layer is Joma wool, a natural fiber grown in New Zealand. This wool is not only resilient but also fluffy.
  • Second Layer: This is a 3 inches of Talalay latex foam layer. Talalay latex is natural, superior foam which is obtained from the sap of rubber trees. This layer not only offers a soft transition from the pocketed coils below but also provides good comfort for the user sleeping.
  • Third Layer: This is an 8 inches of quantum edge pocketed coils layer. It contains about 1,189 coils and serves as the fundamental support structure for the bed.

Does it Sleep Hot?

No, it does not sleep hot as the mattress is temperature neutral!

The combination of latex with coils offer natural cooling abilities.

Latex is open-celled by nature, thus allowing air to flow freely so that heat does not build up.

Innerspring coils further let air flow through the bed so hot air travels out and cool air can move in.

How is Motion Isolation?

hand pushing down on the mattress

The bed does a good job of minimizing motion transfer.

The top layers perform well in mitigating the bounce from the coils in the mattress.

Additionally, latex foam is well known for its responsiveness, so you shall certainly feel that with this bed.

This is a good option for users who usually toss and turn throughout the night.

Also, you will not feel like you are “stuck in the bed”, which can make it uneasy to switch positions.

Furthermore, it offers a solid edge support.

Does it Have Any Smell?

No, it does not have smell as it is crafted in the US, thus ensuring that superior quality materials are used.

Furthermore, it is OEKO-Tex Class 1 certified, which implies it has cleared rigorous testing process and is free from any dangerous emissions, chemicals, and heavy metals.

What Type of Cover Does it Have?

The bed has a non-removable, premium cover.

It is comfortable and soft, and gives the mattress a luxurious look.

How to Care for The Cover?

You can take good care of your cover by using a mattress protector as it will safeguard it against dirt and spills.

The Bloom's organic coverIn case your bed gets dirty, or you have some liquid accident, the company suggests you spot clean it with water and a mild detergent.

Also, the company recommends you to dab the affected area instead of rubbing it.

What is the Price of the Bloom Hybrid Mattress?

The mattress bed is priced close to the higher-end of the mattress industry.

These are the current prices you can get with our coupon FALL20, granting a discount of 20%:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$1,249$999
Cal King:$2,199$1,759

Bloom Hybrid Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The Bloom Hybrid is a comfortable, premium bed that comes in various firmness options and also accommodates sleepers of all sizes and shapes.

The Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid Mattress in a nicely decorated roomIt does well in isolating motion, thus you won’t be bothered by your partner’s movement while sleeping.

Also it offers good edge support, so if you roll over towards its side, you will certainly feel well supported.

Although the bed offers some bounce due to its coils, but it is way more comfortable than a conventional innerspring bed.

In addition to this, the bed neither actively cools you down nor warms you up at night.

Furthermore, the 120 night trial period, 10 year warranty, and free shipping makes the Bloom Hybrid bed a good choice to consider.

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Updated at May 11, 2020