Complete Brentwood Crystal Cove Mattress Review

Singles and couples both will love the minimal motion transfer and varying sinkage of the Brentwood Crystal Cove Mattress.

This mattress is created with a combo of non-toxic and natural materials to keep unnecessary chemicals and allergens away from their customers.

When looking at the cost to customers, we believe that they are getting quite a bit for their dollar in this case.

As a whole, this is a good dual-sided mattress to consider.

Brentwood Crystal Cove Mattress

What Type of Mattress is the Brentwood Crystal Cove Mattress?

The Crystal Cove mattress is a hybrid dual-sided mattress.

This is a good bed for anybody who wants nice support all-around.

It incorporates a 5-zone support coil system with charcoal memory foam, natural Dunlop latex, built-in breathability.

This mattress is certified vegan and designed for eco-conscious individuals

How Firm is this Mattress?

Each side of the Crystal Cove mattress provides a different level of firmness.

On the Luxury-Plush side, you can expect about a level 5 firmness, while the Gentle-Firm side will rank at about a 7 on the scale from 1 to 10 (10 being very firm).

The mattress is designed to be able to flip between the sides for whatever side the sleeper needs at the moment.

However, this is not quite as firm as the Hybrid Latex mattress from Brentwood.

Regardless, most people picky about the firmness of their mattress would find a good choice in the Crystal Cove, as there are two options to pick from!

How Many Layers Does it Have?

The Crystal Cove mattress contains four layers in all. It starts with a 2” layer of natural latex and is specifically created to provide Brentwood Crystal Cove Mattress on a bedbreathability on the firm side.

The next layer is the 8” individually pocketed coil layer with zoned support for the best shape.

The third layer is all about softer foam as it transitions to the Luxury-Plush side.

This 1” foam is plushy and better transitions the sleeper into the supportive coils.

The last layer is 2” of charcoal memory foam, designed for even weight distribution throughout the mattress and focuses on temperature regulation.

While this is a relatively simple design, those that are looking for mattresses with a vast array of benefits and features might check out the Cedar Natural Luxe or Oceano Luxury Hybrid mattresses.

In summary:

  1. 2-inch all-natural latex
  2. 8-inch individually-pocketed coil layer
  3. 1-inch flow foam
  4. 2-inch charcoal memory foam

Does the Brentwood Crystal Cove Mattress Sleep Hot?

With the simple design and layered breathability, the Crystal Cove mattress is a nice option for those that overheat.

While the charcoal helps to regulate, the coils help to aerate!

Both sides of the mattress provide their natural aerations and temperature regulation features so that not one side is better than the other for most people.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

Brentwood Crystal Cove Mattress in the roomAlthough this is a hybrid mattress, the Crystal Cove does a fairly good job of reducing motion transfer.

While the latex side will be more prone to showing movement, the Luxury-Plush side should be better able to hide motion.

Sinkage can also differ between the sides, with the Gentle-Firm providing less sinkage and the Luxury-Plush providing more.

The best part of this mattress is that when one side is not fitting your needs right, you can just flip it over!

Does the Brentwood Crystal Cove Mattress Smell When New?

Even though this is a vegan mattress, you might expect a little bit of off-gassing on the Crystal Cove mattress when unpackaging.

However, by leaving the mattress to sit for at least a few hours (preferably a couple of days) the smell should go away.

Although most boxed mattresses will smell a little when first opening, natural products are much less likely.

Another Brentwood mattress that is less likely to smell when opening is the organic Cedar Mattress.

Does it Require a Foundation?people on a Brentwood Crystal Cove Mattress

We do recommend that customers use some type of foundational support underneath their Crystal Cove mattress.

Slatted bases, platform beds, box springs, and the like should all work well to protect the mattress so you can get the most out of your investment.

If you are looking for a Brentwood foundation, they do offer a few options on their website.

Be sure to also check out our top 5 adjustable bases!

What Type of Cover does it Have?

The Crystal Cove mattress cover is a blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex.

While not recommended for removal, it can be spot cleaned if it is stained with water and simple soaps.

Interestingly, this cover is not very eco-friendly, although it is vegan.

However, the mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meaning that it has no VOCs or bad pollutants.

How Durable is the Brentwood Crystal Cove Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are well known for lasting quite a long time before needing to be replaced or repaired.

The Crystal Cove mattress is no exception.

We expect this mattress to last a bit longer than the average lifespan of a mattress due to its durable construction and quality materials.

Also, because the mattress is flippable, the durability is increased as well.

How Much Does the Crystal Cove Mattress Cost?

When looking at similar dual-sided mattresses, this mattress pretty fairly priced, especially considering the unique vegan design.

The mattress prices as we write are as follows:

Although there is not much customizability on this mattress like the Cypress Memory Foam mattress, it still offers quite a bit of bang for your buck.

people and mattressWarranty & Trial Period

Similar to the other Brentwood Home mattresses, the Crystal Cove mattress boasts a 25-year warranty, 1-year sleep trial period, and free shipping.

These are all nice additions to the value of the mattress, especially compared to other brand’s less extensive features.

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Mattress Review – Our Verdict

Dual-sided mattresses have become pretty rare, especially in the luxury mattress industry.

For the Crystal Cove mattress to not only be dual-sided but also vegan is especially surprising!

Even though the design is very simple compared to their other mattresses, it is obvious that a lot of thought and ingenuity has been put into the Crystal Cove.

For anyone looking for a versatile mattress without spending an arm and a leg, this is an option worth considering.

Still want to see some similar mattresses? Continue on with the Green Thyme!

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Updated at October 1, 2021