Comprehensive Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Review

A tight budget doesn’t have to mean a bad night’s sleep and the Brooklyn Bowery mattress proves that point.

With three different foam support layers, the Brooklyn Bowery Mattress provides a soft cushion and traditional foam mattress hugging feel without feeling like you sink within the mattress.

For those looking for lumbar pressure point support, this mattress delivers for the average sleeper. Heavier weight individuals may find it a little too soft and lacking support.

Motion transfer is very good, and couples should notice very little sleep disturbances throughout the night.

Edge support, however, is lacking and you may experience sinkage around the edge over time.

Brooklyn Bedding is a popular brand thanks to it constant commitment to high quality products and good customer support.

Other mattresses in their line include the Aurora and the most famous Brooklyn Bedding Signature.

What Type of Mattress is the Brooklyn Bowery?

The Brooklyn Bowery is an all-foam mattress.

the Brooklyn Bowery mattress from the frontIt offers three different layers of foam, with each layer targeting a specific sleep benefit, including comfort, support, and pressure point relief.

Brooklyn’s use of patented Energex foam combines both the pressure mapping characteristics of viscoelastic foam with the added response and movement of latex, creating a mattress that still provides pressure relief with a little bounce.

Covering the foam layers is a premium smooth top cotton weave designed to breathe and provide a soft, comfortable top.

How Firm is It?

This mattress rates medium in terms of firmness, though heavier sleepers may find it a bit softer.

As a medium firm mattress, the design works for all sleep positions and offers balanced comfort and support.

Heavier sleepers may not find the same support and can find certain positions, like stomach sleeping, uncomfortable.

Back sleepers may not find enough lumbar support.

How Many Layers Does It Have?

The Brooklyn Bowery is a 10” mattress comprised of three different foam layers.

These layers include:

  1. the Bowery's layers3” Energex Foam designed to be the perfect mix of properties from both visco and latex. You will find the quick recovery common with latex along with the pressure point relief of visco. Cooling gel infusion helps provide a cooler night’s sleep.
  2. 2” Transitional Comfort Foam offers a supportive transition between the top layer and the high-density foundation layer.
  3. 5” Support Layer provides deep compression support while providing a solid base for the mattress.

Does It Sleep Hot?

Some people may find this mattress sleeps hotter than others, but for the most part, this mattress sleeps cooler than other all-foam varieties.

While foam mattresses are often known for sleeping hotter than latex or hybrid varieties, the Bowery Mattresses performs well and provides for a relatively cool sleep.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

Motion transfer with the Brooklyn Bowery mattress is minimal, making it an excellent choice for couples.

Chances are you won’t even notice when your partner rolls over or gets out of bed.

As for sinkage, you will find natural conformity common with foam mattress, but not too much to where you feel as if you have sunk in.

For heavier sleepers, however, you may experience increased sinkage.

Does the Mattress Smell?

As an all-foam mattress, it arrives in a box, ready to open and set up.

Bowery photographed from an angleAs most foam mattresses do, this one does produce off-gassing when opened, but within a day the smell dissipates and is not noticeable.

To avoid this smell filling your home or bedroom, consider unpacking it in an open and ventilated area, such as the garage, and letting it rest for a day before putting it into place.

While the odor can be off-putting, it is not harmful and with this mattress, it does go away quickly.

In fact, all Brooklyn Bedding foams are certified by CertiPUR-US, which guarantees that no toxic chemicals (like VOCs) are diffused in your home.

Does The Brooklyn Bowery Require a Foundation?

The Brooklyn Bowery does require a foundation, though it works well with most platform, slat, and traditional box spring foundations.

In addition, this mattress is also compatible with any adjustable frame, like the adjustable bed by Nectar Sleep which doesn’t break the bank.

This leaves the options open for how you want to set up your bed.

What Type of Cover Does It Have?

the Brooklyn Bedding's mattress coverThis mattress comes with a premium cotton weave top designed for breathability and soft-touch comfort.

It has great bounce-back, so no worries about getting the cover bunched up underneath you while you sleep, as does happen with other mattresses.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Brooklyn Bowery Mattress?

Brooklyn bedding recommends that the Bowery be rotated every six to eight months to extend the life of the mattress.

There is no need to flip this mattress like traditional box springs.

Spot clean any stains (follow our cleaning tips for more help).

Size and Shipping

Brooklyn Bowery Mattresses ship for FREE so you experience no additional shipping charges.

Sizes and weights of the mattress are as follows:

  • Twin – 10” x 38” x 75” 35lbs
  • Twin XL – 10” x 38” x 80” 40lbs
  • Full – 10” x 53” x 75” 55lbs
  • Queen – 10” x 60” x 80” 70lbs
  • King – 10” x 76” x 80” 80lbs
  • CA King – 10” x 72” x 84” 80lbs

120-Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial

Brooklyn Bedding offers a generous 120-night trial for the Bowery Mattress.

That gives you an extra 20 days over most competitor’s typical 100-night trials.

They do, however,  require you try the mattress for at least 30 days from the date of delivery to give yourself time to adjust to the new mattress.

How is Brooklyn Bedding’s Warranty?

Brooklyn Bedding offers a 10-year hassle free limited warranty on the Bowery Mattress.

This warranty covers any defects or body impressions that measure over an inch.

How Much Does the Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Cost?

The prices for the Brooklyn Bowery mattress are very economical and present great value for the money.

Currently, Brooklyn Bedding offers a discount of 20%! Just use our code FALL20 at checkout to get these special prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$549$439
Cal King:$949$759

The Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The bowery mattress in a furnished room If you are on a limited budget and looking for a good night’s sleep, the Brooklyn Bowery mattress offers a good value.

The three layers of foam provide comfort and support for the average sleeper with all sleeping styles.

However, heavier weight sleepers may find the mattress too soft and minimal on support, unless they are side-sleepers.

The mattress provides for minimal motion transfer and is great for couples and those that move around a lot in their sleep.

All in all, the Brooklyn Bowery mattress ranks well in all categories and is a good value for budget buyers.

Ted Wilson

Ted Wilson

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Updated at September 17, 2020