Full Element Classic and Copper Mattress Review

With about 127 years of experience, and specialized knowledge, the Element Mattress offers hand crafted beds by craftsmen dedicated to the art of manufacturing mattresses by utilizing integrated high quality fabrics and materials.

Here is a combined review of Element mattresses including Element Classic and Element Copper.

Similarities between Element Classic & Element Copper Mattress

Where are Element mattresses made?

They are made in the US, and each mattress is completely hand crafted, and no part is imported from oversees.

Since they are manufactured in the US, they strictly adhere to the industry standards and norms, and everything from the original idea to the end day delivery right at your doorstep- is all American made.

How Comfortable & Firm are the Element Mattress models?

girl resting on element classic mattress Both the Element mattresses are comfortableprovide a good night’s sleep, and work best for side or back sleepers.

If you suffer from hip or back pain, while sleeping on your back, both the element mattresses are soft enough to offer you a good comfort level, and also firm enough to help alleviate your pain issues.

The mattresses are slightly on the softer side. And since they are on the lighter side of medium firmness, so they are considered to be  good mattresses for back pain.

How many Layers do they have?

The composition of each mattress consists of three layers of foam, along with a cover. While they are foam mattresses, they are also considered hybrid mattresses as they use a wide array of foams to formulate the best possible mattress.

the layers exposedThe middle and base layer is the same, however, the top layer is different for each model.

  • The Bottom Support layer: This is made up of high density support foam layer.

    This layer builds a more durable mattress that will last longer. In addition to this, it implies that there is a lower chance of things such as, mattress sagging. 

    Since it is the foundation layer, Element mattresses take that to heart, making sure you have the best support and foundation available.

    Most foam mattresses on the other hand, are formulated with a lighter foam in order to save money, and this type of foam may also lead to an early breakdown of your bed so that you purchase a newer one. However, Element uses first-class foam to avoid this issue.

  • The Middle Serene Foam: This layer is similar to memory foam, and gives you all the benefits of memory foam, while eliminating any of the adverse effects associated with it.

    This technologically advanced foam is temperature neutral, which implies you won’t overheat when sleeping on it. This is often a huge drawback in most of the memory foam mattresses.

    Serene foam will also contour to your body, and provide a good amount of pressure relief.

    Plus, it won’t break down or soften over time, and it will keep you fresh and cool through the night.

How is Motion Transfer & Sinkage?

There isn’t too much sinkage reported by the consumers.

element mattress classic bareThanks to their two layers of higher tech memory foam, and you get all of the comfort of a memory foam mattress.

In addition to this, couples can enjoy minimal motion transfer that both the Element mattresses offer. So rolling over or getting out of bed will not wake up your sleep partner.

What kind of Foundation do they require?

You can place the Element mattresses on the ground, a slatted, or a box spring foundation.

100 Night Risk Free Trial

The best thing about Element mattresses is that you get a 100 night risk free trial. Once you receive the mattress, the company lets you try it out at home, in order to allow your body to adjust to the new mattress.

However, if you find that it is not appropriate for you, simply contact the company. This trial period is a sure way of affording users the time required to completely try and experience the mattress as well as its appealing features.

The company will have the mattress picked up, and also refund your total purchase amount in case you decide to return it.

Element Mattress Warranty

It offers a 10 year warranty with full replacement. In addition to this, the Element mattresses are built to last.

This warranty period implies that for 10 years from the date you purchase your mattress, if you experience any defect covered under its warranty, the company will either repair or replace your Element mattress at absolutely no cost.

Differences between Element Classic & Element Copper Mattress

Type of Cover

  • Element Classic: The layers are all wrapped in a breathable hand sewn cover.

    element classic mattress from top

    This cover is affixed with a light quilting, along with a special backing material which allows each layer of the mattress to breathe easier, thereby regulating its overall temperature, and helping to prevent any moisture buildup.

    The fact that these multiple layers hold off heat build-up basically helps the mattress to remain fresh and cool, which is an imperative part of getting restful sleep.

    Although big manufacturers use zippered covers as they are mass produced, and make production time faster, but handcrafting the covers allow this company to do something different.

  • Element Copper: On the other hand, the cover of this model is handcrafted, just like the Element Classic one at a time, but with high tech fabric which is spun from CuTEC29 copper ion yarns.

    Since CuTEC29 is monopolized, that is, made in only one location all across the globe, and proven to be effective in consumer as well as medical applications, so Element decided to reap its benefits to offer consumers a revitalizing sleep experience.

    This also implies that all night long you will be in constant touch with a fiber that is clinically proven to fend off noxious bacteria, improve your skin tone, and trigger collagen and elastin production.

    In addition to this, it is an inexpensive, and permanent treatment that will not wear out.

    Plus, the company’s quilting process builds a breathable layer between the core of the mattress and the user, thereby wicking away excess heat and moisture, embracing the air, and refreshing your body every night.

Top Layer of the Mattresses

  • Element Classic: The top layer of the mattress is made from Futuratex Foam, which is quite similar to memory foam, and is known for its prompt response time.

    The difference is that this type of foam adjusts to your body quicker as compared to memory foam.

    In addition to this, people usually sink into a conventional memory foam mattress, and can find it difficult to get of it. However, the Futuratex Foam allows you to feel cozy, and also adjusts promptly as you move, making your movement easier on the bed.

    Plus, it remains temperature neutral and does not cause overheating, thereby eliminating any tossing and turning during sleep.

  • Element Copper: The layer is made of Copper infused latex support foam as it is soft, helps in eliminating pressure points, and increasing longevity.

    element mattress copper from the sideSince copper is known for its therapeutic and medicinal properties for centuries, and is a base element that is required for life, the special mix of copper in latex helps to improve the temperature regulation of the foam.

    In addition to this, its special cover construction and other temperature neutral ingredients keep you comfortable, cool and fresh all throughout the night.


Although both the mattresses are made in the US with the highest quality control standards, but the Element Copper presents with a greater longevity of life as compared to the Element Classic.

This is because a mattress that is manufactured with copper ion fabrics will last much longer as compared to the one that is manufactured with regular textiles as the copper will act as a microbial inhibitant and natural bacterial.

This is also a good news for those who are allergic to antibacterial treatments that various textile manufacturers use.

It gives you a non-synthetic and non-chemical means for your bed to resist the growth of allergens and bacteria so that you can sleep comfortably and soundly at night.

Are These Mattresses Expensive?

The difference in the Element mattress price depends on the size of the mattress you select. They mattress prices and sizes are as follows:

Element Classic

  • Twin $1,299
  • Twin XL $1,499
  • Full $1,699
  • Queen $1,999
  • King $2,399
  • Cal King $2,399

Element Copper

  • Twin $1,799
  • Twin XL $,1899
  • Full $2,199
  • Queen $2,499
  • King $3,199
  • Cal King $3,299

Element Mattresses Review- Our Verdict

The Element mattresses use technologically advanced foams as well as handcrafted covers, thereby providing you good support and comfort, while keeping you temperature neutral so that you stay cool and never overheat during sleep.

Unlike other conventional foam beds, the Element mattresses tend to breakdown slower over time.

the shipping box

If you are a back sleeper, suffer from back pain, or just seeking a firmer mattress which is medium firm, then Element mattresses may be a good option for you.

The sleep trial period is comparable to several other renowned mattress companies, and although its prices are higher as compared to others, but aren’t unreasonable.

The Element manufacturer wants each mattress to last as long as possible, and also to see you sleeping comfortable and easy while you are on it.

Although the Element mattresses differ to some extent, but overall they offer a good sleeping experience, along with luxurious support.

We suggest you give a look to our Best Mattress Guide to find other mattress ideas which could be a better fit for you.

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