Complete IDLE Mattress Review

The balance of sinking foam and buoyant layers in the IDLE Mattress provide a cushiony, supportive firmness that most people will enjoy.

In terms of comfort, the IDLE brand prides itself on offering thicker foam support.

This also implies having stronger base cores to make their mattresses last longer than many others.

Compared to other similar mattresses, the IDLE mattress offers far better coverage and trial periods.

As a whole, this is a nice budget mattress to consider. 

IDLE Sleep is a very popular brand thanks to its innovation and dedication to quality. The current mattress line also includes the IDLE Plush, IDLE Hybrid and the IDLE Latex models.

View of the IDLE Original Mattress corner

What Type of Mattress is the IDLE Mattress?

The original IDLE mattress is made of extra-thick memory foam with cooling layers that provide better temperature control than typical mattresses.

Instead of using the industry-standard 1.8lb base, IDLE mattresses contain a 2.4lb base for more durability and life

In addition, this mattress uses natural cotton for a softer feel and fire resistance.

As a whole, this is a nice budget mattress to consider. 

How Firm is this Mattress?

As the “basic” mattress of the IDLE mattress line, this mattress conforms to an average firmness rating of about 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being very firm).

While the memory foam does create a large amount of cushion, the buoyancy foam also helps provide plush comfort.

However, those that enjoy being supported at the higher end of the mattress might consider purchasing the IDLE sleep pillow as well.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

This mattress contains 4 advanced layers with the quilted cover on top.

At the base is 7” of high-density foam and a durable core of 2.4lbs.

The base layer is also encased in a fireproof cloth and base cover that is machine washable to keep the mattress clean.

After the base layer comes to a transitional, breathable foam layer to encourage airflow.

The next layer is a blended, gel-infused foam that can react and relieve pressure off of a sleeper while providing cooling breathability.

The last layer before the cover is natural cotton that acts as a fire-resistant barrier.View of the layers

In Summary:

  1. High-density foam base
  2. Transition foam layer
  3. Gel-infused foam
  4. Natural cotton layer

Does the IDLE Mattress Sleep Hot?

This mattress has cooling technology built into the IDLE mattress

This includes a transitional layer and gel-infused foam to help ensure this mattress does not sleep hot at all!

The use of natural cotton within the mattress also helps to provide better breathability and airflow through the layers.

For a basic option, the IDLE mattress offers a lot of cooling features compared to other online boxed mattress brands.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

Because of the mattress’s usage of foam, it has the ability to absorb motion.

While it will sink quite a bit because of the memory foam, it is slightly balanced out by the buoyancy layer worked into the mattress.

For a base mattress, this is a pretty good option for couples.

Those looking for a mattress that offers just a bit more for couples, however, might consider the IDLE Gel Plush, Hybrid, or All Natural Latex.

View of the IDLE Original Mattress with a child on it

Does the IDLE Mattress Smell When New?

IDLE mattresses do not tend to have a chemical odor when being unboxed.

However, it is always recommended to allow the mattress to decompress and off-gas for at least a few hours after opening and before sleeping on it.

Because of the use of some natural materials in the mattress, the chances of having a smell when opening up the mattress are very low.

Does it Require a Foundation?

IDLE mattresses are recommended to have some sort of foundation and will work with box springs, even though many other boxed mattresses will not.

When a mattress is supported, they tend to last longer and feel better under a sleeper, so having something is better than nothing.

If you are looking to stay on brand, IDLE does offer many options including a foundation and the IDLE Adjustable Base.

What Type of Cover does it Have?

The IDLE mattress contains one of the few luxury covers that are washable (for some, this is a huge plus!).

As a quilted cotton cover, it is designed to follow along with a sleeper’s natural temperatures throughout the night to keep them cool when hot and warm when cold.

How Durable is the IDLE Mattress?

View of the IDLE Original Mattress with a hand pressing the cover

On cheaper mattresses, we tend to see cheaper materials that are not made to last that long.

With the IDLE mattress, this is luckily not the case at all!

Having extra-thick foams, Tier-1 450GSM+ natural cotton, the durability is above average.

Not to mention, IDLE has some of the most durable core bases in the industry.

Put plainly, the IDLE mattress is built to last.

How Much Does the IDLE Mattress Cost?

Comparing all of the technology and materials built into the IDLE mattress, one would expect a fairly high price tag, but prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

For a short time you can get a discount of 50%! Simply use our coupon code TED50 in your shopping cart to enjoy these prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$519$260
Cal King:$949$475

With everything that is worked in, this is a fantastic deal.

Throughout their website, they state that they don’t overprice their mattresses like other brands, and we would agree.

A happy family on the IDLE.

Warranty & Trial Period of the IDLE Mattress

The IDLE mattress boasts an extra-long 18-month long trial period.

This is plenty of time to help customers see whether or not the mattress is a good fit for them.

This is also one of the longest trial periods we have seen on any mattress!

They also offer a lifetime warranty for any defects that might be noticed throughout its life.

Additionally, they offer free shipping and free returns, making it one of the most customer-oriented brands we have reviewed.

IDLE Mattress Review – Our Verdict

Based off of all the durable and natural materials utilized within the IDLE mattress, the price seems to be a nice deal for everyone!

Those looking for a luxury mattress without the typical high-end tag should enjoy this “base” mattress that has a ton of features.

It is a good option for many types of sleepers and offers some decent benefits to couples as well.

As a mattress that incorporates natural materials without skyrocketing the price, customers will be hard-pressed to find a better budget option.

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Updated at September 30, 2021