Complete IDLE Plush Mattress Review

The IDLE Plush mattress is a soft mattress focused more on a luxury-cushion feel with boosted cooling technology.

Anyone looking for a mattress that tends to sleep hot at night will find that all of their problems have been solved with the IDLE Plush!

Almost every layer is designed with breathability and airflow in mind.

Best of all, this mattress is both high-quality and affordable enough to meet the budgets of many people.

What Type of Mattress is the IDLE Plush Mattress?

The IDLE Plush mattress is seen as the step up from the original IDLE mattress.

It is a luxury memory foam but with gel-infused layers and 500GSM natural cotton covers that make it a cooling mattress.

As a whole, this is a nice option for those who want a high-quality and reasonably priced mattress. 

The plush comfort is what separates this mattress apart from other IDLE models.

How Firm is this Mattress?

Compared to the IDLE original, the IDLE Plush is just that – softer and more cushioned.

A woman hugging her bed

Sleepers should expect about a level 5 firmness for this mattress with all of its added plushness built-in.

Back and stomach sleepers needing a bit more support might not like this mattress as much as other IDLE mattresses like the Hybrid or All Natural Latex.

For added support under your head, you might consider purchasing the IDLE sleep pillow as well.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

The IDLE Plush mattress contains 5 layers underneath the cotton cover.

It all starts with an 8” base with a 2.4lb core foam density, all wrapped in a fireproof cloth and washable cover.

On top of the base lies a layer of thermal neutral memory foam that quickly snaps back into shape.

The next layer is a gel-infused buoyancy layer, offering faster reactions and even better pressure relief while simultaneously cooling.

The second to last layer is a fire-resistant barrier made completely of natural cotton without any synthetics, chemicals, or toxins.

The last layer underneath the cover is another inch of buoyancy foam.

The buoyancy foam works to cool, react, and support while allowing for more breathability.View of the IDLE Plush Mattress layers

In Summary:

  1. Dense foam base
  2. Neutral memory foam
  3. Gel-infused buoyancy layer
  4. Fire-resistant cotton
  5. A final layer of buoyancy foam. 

Does the IDLE Plush Mattress Sleep Hot?

Anyone sleeping on the IDLE Plush mattress should never feel hot.

This mattress is a combined total of 4” of cooling foam and two covers of 100% natural cotton.

For this reason, the mattress will easily keep a sleeper cool and regulate the temperature throughout the night.

Out of all the IDLE mattresses, the Plush offers the best cooling technology.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

With the many layers of memory foam, there is little to no motion transfer to worry about between partners sharing the Plush mattress.

On the other hand, there can be quite a bit of sinkage with the extra layers compared to the original.

This means that it might not be the best fit for anyone not liking to sink a bit into their mattress.

Those looking for a mattress that does not sink quite a bed might find a better option in the IDLE Hybrid of IDLE All Natural Latex.

Does the IDLE Plush Mattress Smell When New?

View of the IDLE Plush Mattress with a woman working on it

IDLE mattresses tend not to smell when being unboxed.

On the off chance, it does have a chemical odor while being unpackaged, leaving the mattress to off-gas for a few hours before sleeping on it should get rid of the smell.

Because of IDLE’s use of some natural cotton, the chance of the mattress smelling is pretty low.

Does it Require a Foundation?

IDLE mattresses should be supported by some type of foundation to increase their longevity and boost the support they can provide.

If you are looking for an option within the IDLE brand, we would recommend using the IDLE Adjustable Base as it offers a lot of customization and features you probably will not be able to find elsewhere.

What Type of Cover does it Have?

The Plush mattress’s cover is made of 500GSM natural cotton for a breathable, soft feel.

Unlike the IDLE original, this cover is specifically made to be cooling for the sleeper’s comfort. Additionally, the Plush cover is easily replaceable if stained.

How Durable is the IDLE Plush Mattress?

View of the IDLE Plush Mattress with a woman and her child

Instead of following the industry standard, the IDLE brand focuses on going above and beyond.

For their base cores, they have increased the density by 0.6lb to boost the mattress’s overall durability.

Utilizing natural cotton also increases the lifespan of the IDLE Plush mattress, and we would not expect a customer to need to replace the mattress for many years with the right upkeep.

How Much Does the IDLE Plush Mattress Cost?

As of today, IDLE Sleep is giving a special discount of 50%! To benefit from it, just use code TED50 at checkout and get these lower prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$849$425
Cal King:$1,499$750

While there are some extra cooling layers within the Plush, we are not sure it warrants the jump in price as you get to the bigger mattress sizes.

Unless someone is looking for an extremely cooling mattress, the original IDLE might be the better (and more inexpensive) choice.

Warranty & Trial Period of the IDLE Plush Mattress

IDLE mattresses have an amazing lifetime warranty that covers any type of defect that might pop up at any point you own the mattress – something that most online mattress brands do not offer.

Additionally, IDLE allows customers to take up to 18 months during their trial period to decide whether or not the mattress is for them.

While some other mattress companies offer a yearlong trial period, IDLE blows them out of the water.

With free returns and shipping, it is hard to find a better customer-focused mattress company.

IDLE Plush Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The IDLE Plush mattress continues the IDLE focus on cooling technology with even more breathable layers and airflow opportunities through natural cotton covers.

View of the IDLE Plush Mattress with the covers on it

The IDLE original and Plush share a similarity in limited motion transfer.

However, the Plush provides a lot more sinkage and cushion for those looking for a less firm option.

While some of the extra cost for this mattress is warranted with the extra cooling technology, there seems to be a disproportionate cost for no apparent reason.

For anyone that is not specifically looking for a mattress that has extra cooling layers, we would probably recommend a different mattress.

Still shopping for a plush mattress? Check out our top foam beds for under $500!

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Updated at September 15, 2020