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Family-owned and California-based Keetsa has been offering their eco-friendly mattresses for over ten years and constantly trying to lower carbon footprint while maintaining durability and quality.

The Keetsa Cloud is one of the two all-foam mattresses the brand offers, which uses proprietary BioFoam, industry-standard fire barrier and organic cotton fabrics and well-designed, smart packaging to offer customers quality sleep and convenience. The “Cloud” in the name might be misleading for this mattress, which tends to be on the firmer side compared with others of its kind.

Its eco-friendly technology of manufacture means that customers pay a little more than for comparative, less eco-friendly models.

What Type of Mattress is the Keetsa Cloud?

The Keetsa Cloud is an all-memory foam mattress built with high density BioFoam. Most memory foam uses 100 percent petroleum in its manufacture, and has given rise to concerns of eco-friendliness and safety.

The keetsa cloud is a minimalistic foam mattressThe BioFoam made by Keetsa replaces 12 percent of the petroleum with plant-based castor bean oil. According to the brand, a higher percentage of replacement would compromise the durability and quality of the foam. However, the brand continues to develop techniques and manufacturing methods to increase the proportion of plant oil in the foam.

Like many high-end mattresses, the Keetsa also uses 100 percent unbleached organic cotton in its covers and PBDE-free fire retardant treatments on cotton as fire barrier.

All-natural mattresses usually run into the thousands of dollars: while the Keetsa Cloud is not 100 percent natural, it is one of the most affordable mattresses available today that uses as much organic materials as possible for the price.

The high support layer eliminates the need for a box spring foundation, as long as the mattress is placed on a flat, stable bed frame or surface foundation.

How Firm is the Keetsa Cloud mattress?

The Keetsa Cloud is not plush and soft as the name suggests, but can be considered as firm. It is ideal for back sleepers and stomach sleepers, and anyone else looking for a firm mattress similar to the Japanese futon. The memory foam comfort layer is only 2.5 inches and is made of high density (3 lbs) memory foam. This is followed by 7.5 inches of support foam, so there is not much of a comfort layer to sink into. However, the manufacturer claims that this structure is enough to embrace the body’s contour to provide a high level of comfort.

This means that side sleepers should be careful: the mattress does not cushion the shoulder and hips and even back sleepers with an exaggerated curve in the lumbar section may find the mattress uncomfortable. For users who find the Cloud too firm for their comfort, a good mattress topper may help to soften sleep experience.

In general, Keetsa uses a slightly different scale of softness: a  “medium” mattresses should be considered firm and “soft” mattresses will be “medium”.

How Is The Keetsa Cloud Structured?

The Keetsa Cloud has the following structure:

  1. Keets acloud section layersA 100% organic cotton cover, unbleached to reduce chemicals.
  2. A fire safe top cover.
  3. 1 inch quilter memory foam
  4. 1.5 inch memory foam
  5. 7.5 inch support foam
  6. Bottom fabric

The top two memory foam comfort layers are high density foams, separated by a fire safe inner cover. A fire safe bottom cover is placed below the support foam, and side covers are also fire safe. All fire safe fabrics are 100%cotton treated with PDBE-free substances according to Federal regulation standards and is tested by SGS labs.

A green chenille border gives the sides a soft, feathery finish.

Does the Mattress Provide Good Motion Isolation?

Users have found the mattress to offer good motion isolation, as is expected from most foam mattresses. The high density foam (3 pounds per cubic feet) in the upper 2.5 inches of memory foam absorbs the movements of one person so that couples sharing a bed can have undisturbed sleep even when there is movement on the other side of the bed.

Motion transfer doesn’t end with the mattress though and very movement-sensitive partners should use separate bed sheets as well.

Will The Keetsa Cloud Get Hot?

The Keetsa does not use any special heat-dissipating technologies unlike several premium memory foam mattress manufacturers, like for example the Casper mattress and some Comforpedic Beautyrest products.

However, users have not complained of the mattress trapping too much heat during sleep. It may get a little warm but not too hot. The breathable organic cotton covers may also help to keep the surface dry and cool.

Does The Mattress Smell When New?

CertiPUR-US logoWhile some off-gassing is expected of new memory foam mattresses, Keetsa users have not complained of any chemical odors.

If there is a slight smell on initially on unboxing, Keetsa recommends removing the outer covering and airing the mattress. Any strong smell should fade in a day or two.

The mattress is CertiPUR-US approved, so users can rest assured any VOC (volatile organic compounds) emitted will be within safe levels, and any scent is harmless.

How Big Is the Keetsa Cloud?

The Keetsa Cloud is available in several standard sizes:

  • Twin: 39 inches x 75 inches
  • Full: 54 inches x 75 inches
  • Queen: 60 inches x 80 inches
  • King: 76 inches x 80 inches
  • California King: x inches by 84 inches

All the mattresses expand to a total height of 10 inch when unpacked and decompressed.

Does It Need A Foundation Or A Bed Frame?

Keetsa claims that the Cloud does not need a support foundation such as a box spring because of its support layer. Instead, it can be laid on a solid, firm surface or bed frame as long as it is “approved” by Keetsa. Foundations you can use include an existing box spring bed in good condition and without flex or a slatted platform bed with no more than 2 inch wide slats set no more than 4 inches apart.

To avoid voiding warranty, do not place the mattress on the floor, a non-breathable, solid foundation, an adjustable foundation or a Murphy bed.

Can I Use a Mattress Pad?

Mattress pads can be used with the mattress and are recommended by the company for protection. Those who prefer a softer surface will benefit from a topper on the firm Keetsa Cloud. However, according to Keetsa, the surface will soften naturally after a while.

How Do I Care For the Mattress?

the cloud mattress is very simpleThe mattress covers are not removable or washable. Stains should be spot cleaned with a little mild detergent and warm water. The foam layer should not be wetted at all, as it can damage the foam. The cleaned area should also be completely dry before replacing bedding. A hair dryer can be used to dry larger areas.

The mattress can be rotated head to toe every six months, but shouldn’t be flipped.

The mattress should never be folded or bent after unpacking as it might void the warranty.

How Long Will the Mattress Last?

Users have varying experiences with longevity for the Keetsa Cloud. Some users have been using it for over 5 years with no complaints, while others have found the mattress gets soft and uncomfortable in the third year.

Is There a Comfort Guarantee?

Keetsa does NOT offer any comfort guarantee. In case you are unhappy, they suggest you call one of their “Sleep Consultants” at this number: 1 877 753 3872. they are supposed to recommend the right mattress topper to help you get the most of the mattress.

You can return the mattress in within the first 90 days (only after you have tested for 30 days), but they charge a 25% fee based on the mattress’ purchase value.

What Is the Warranty that Keetsa Offers?

All Keetsa mattresses come with a 12 Year Warranty covering manufacture defects, which is slightly better than the industry standard of 10 years but not as impressive as the 20-25 year coverage that some premium brands offer.

The warranty covers sags of 1.5 inches or more, which is the standard, but is again beaten by some other higher-end brands like Tempur-pedic which offers coverage at 0.75 inches and over.

For any warranty claim, you need to retain the original invoice to show you are the purchaser as the warranty is not transferable.

How Is It Shipped? How Long to Decompress?

the keetsa box is efficient with 2 wheelsKeetsa has managed to transfers transport cost savings to customers through its highly efficient, patent-pending compressed packaging system.

The mattress is compressed up to 75 percent of its volume during packaging, making it easily fit in the back seat or trunk of a standard vehicle.

Keetsa claims this is possible because of the highly responsive and durable materials used in its mattresses.

After opening the sealed bag, users will find the mattress decompresses quickly and recovers about 80 to 90 percent of its volume. It fully recovers in one to three days, but it can be used immediately on opening as well. Initial wrinkles and rounded corners will firm up after full recovery.

How Much Does the Keetsa Cloud cost?

The Keetsa Cloud is available on the official website for $1,048.95 in Queen.  This puts the mattress at the mid-level price range for memory foam mattresses, although is made in China and it doesn’t feature any amazing properties aside from its ecological consciousness.

Keetsa Cloud Review – Our Verdict

Overall, the Keetsa Cloud is a reasonably priced memory foam mattress for those seeking a firmer feel and a potentially smaller carbon footprint.

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