Full Layla Mattress Review

Layla was started by two young Silicon Valley brothers who actually grew up in the mattress business. Combine technology, two lifetimes of experience in mattress crafting, and a partnership with some of the greatest bedding experts in the business and you’ve got the Layla mattress.

But the Layla is not just another copycat mattress company. On the contrary, this mattress sets itself apart from the rest for these three reasons:

  1. Layla’s memory foam is infused with copper meaning this mattress is cooler to sleep on and is supportive on the body (keep reading to find out why this is so important)
  2. The Layla mattress is flippable meaning it has a firm side and a soft side. Therefore you have two chances to determine whether or not it is the right mattress for you.
  3. The mattress cover is lined with THERMOgel technology causing the bed to react to your body’s sweat in order to keep you cool all night.

What Type of Mattress is the Layla?

Although still considered a memory foam mattress, Layla stands out from the pack because of the type of memory foam, and the amount that is used.

the Layla mattress in a roomMost mattresses you buy in stores or see online advertising memory foam will use anywhere between half an inch to two inches of a basic mid-density viscoelastic memory foam. The Layla is equipped with a total of four inches of high-density premium memory foam infused with copper cell technology.

Your Layla mattress will have two firmness levelssoft or firm. This is different from other mattresses that we have reviewed because both options are available within the same mattress.

That’s right, with the other brands you would have to order your mattress with the specified firmness level, however the experts at Layla have brought double sided (or flip) mattresses back. One side is soft, and the other is firm.

Why Copper?

After interviewing foam manufacturers we have found that the so called “gel” infused foams are little more than a marketing gimmick to fool people into thinking that their memory foam mattress won’t get hot.

It looks like the creators of Layla also realized this and for that reason have developed a copper infused memory foam.

In addition to improving blood circulation and reducing pain resulting from joint inflammation, it looks like Layla has figured out a way to actually keep you cool while sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

Copper is a good thermal conductor, meaning that it’s good at transferring heat from a hot place (your body) and dissipating it into a cooler place (the room), with the result of providing a constant cooling sensation.

How Firm is It?

As said above, many new brands offer one mattress at one firmness level claiming to be the perfect fit for all body types.

closeup of the Layla double cover

Layla reports that they disagree with this assumption.

For this reason, you will have a choice with your Layla. Soft or Firm.

We really appreciate the fact that Layla allows their customers to be twice as likely to be satisfied with their mattress over their competitor’s.

The creators of Layla have a simple message for their valued customers:

Try one side for a month or two and if it is too soft or too hard, just flip the mattress and try that side for another month or two. If you still don’t absolutely love your Layla, we’ll give you all of your money back!

According to our research, the soft side of the Layla is often reported by users as the softest yet most supportive sleep. On a scale from 1 to 10 in terms of firmness, this site would be between 3 and 4, slightly softer than other popular mattresses on the market.

While the firm side is often compared to Brooklyn Bedding‘s or Tuft & Needle‘s feel or firmer, it is still comfortable and supportive. On the same scale as above, this side is around a 6 or 7 out of 10, 10 being the firmest.

How Can I Change the Layla’s Firmness?

Changing the firmness level on the Layla is not as simple as just flipping the mattress. There is a little work involved.

When first taking your Layla out of the box you should know that the mattress has been configured to the soft side.

If this is not to your liking and you want to use the firm side, you must simply flip the mattress so the top part that was facing the ceiling is now facing the floor. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Afterwards you can enjoy a different firmness level without having to buy a different mattress or a mattress pad.

How Is The Layla Mattress Structured?

The Layla mattress is made up of 4 layers:

  • the mattress' layers3″ Comfort Layer (Soft side up): 3″ of high density immersed memory foam to provide cooling & improve blood circulation
  • 2″ Air Flow Layer: 2″ of convoluted foam that provides airflow & support for the comfort layers on each side
  • 4.5″ Base Support Foam: 4.5″ of 2.o ILD Poly Base foam to provide overall support for the mattress in both comfort configurations
  • 1″ Comfort Layer (Firm side): 1″ of the same high density copper immersed memory foam as 3″ layer.

A beautifully soft, yet cool ThermoGEL cover wraps everything up.

Does the Layla Offer Good Motion Isolation?

Yes. We looked for complaints specifically on the motion transfer of the Layla, and instead we found raving reviews from customers and a bowling ball test that someone did showing almost zero motion transfer.

So if you have a sleeping partner that tosses and turns, or is bothered by your movement, this mattress is a good choice.

Will the Layla Mattress Get Hot?

As mentioned above, Layla has developed a copper infused memory foam mattress that blows the “gel” foams out of the contest.

Copper acts as a cooling agent which is why copper pipes are used for many mechanical cooling systems.

In addition to the copper, the Layla is also made with a convoluted base layer or egg crate foam which allows for breathability and airflow in and around the bed.

But the most impressive feature of Layla’s focus on cooling is the THERMOgel cover.

Layla is the only mattress we have seen so far with a solution specifically for this problem.

The THERMOgel cover reacts to your body’s sweat and activates a cooling agent which will then reduce your body’s temperature giving you a better and deeper sleep.

We found reviews online showing this in real time with a heat camera which proved the Layla to be among the coolest or quickest to cool down.

How Long Will the Mattress Last?

We found that Layla uses premium foams and higher quality materials than most of the other online brands.

The company states that the expected lifetime is between 10 and 12 years.

We were puzzled by this because we know what it costs to make, and we understand that businesses exist to make a profit.

With this in mind the Layla mattress should be considerably more expensive than what it is.

Does The It Smell When New?

Like many foam mattresses, Layla does have a slight “new mattress” scent upon opening and usually the first night, which is the most subject to complaints.

CertiPUR-US logoHowever after the first night or so, the mattress is reported smell-free.

Layla goes to great lengths to make sure that their foams, and their partners are all CertiPUR-US certified to ensure no toxic off-gassing.

While others may use petroleum based foams, Layla makes sure to use water or food based solutions.

In any case, if you happen to smell a new mattress odor of any kind, you can leave the mattress in the open (with open windows).

After a few hours, or at worst a couple of days, the smell will dissipate.

In general, this phenomenon is normal for foam mattresses, within safe standards and not harmful.

How Large Is the Layla Mattress? What Other Sizes Are Available?

All Layla’s are 10″ high in profile. The most popular Queen-size mattress measures the industry standard 60 by 80 inches and arrives highly compressed in it’s roll-packed packaging.

The mattress expands quickly and is ready for use almost immediately. The available sizes are:

  • Twin (38″ x 74″ x 10″)
  • Twin XL (38″ x 80″ x 10″)
  • Full (54″ x 74″ x 10″)
  • Queen (60″ x 80″ x 10″)
  • King (76″ x 80″ x 10″)
  • California King (72″ x 84″ x 10″)

The fact that it comes in a relatively small box allows to place it anywhere in the house without worrying about narrow staircases or other space constraints.

Does It Need A Foundation Or A Bed Frame?

Like many of the online bed in a box mattresses, you can place your Layla on the floor, on top of a box spring, a platform bed, a slatted bed, etc.

As long as the surface is flat, it works fine. It even works fine on an adjustable bed.

Layla now offers a matching foundation for the mattress on their website for a reasonable price.

Can I Use A Mattress Pad With the Layla Mattress?

Yes, you can use a mattress pad with this mattress. Layla recommends the use of a protector to help keep the mattress clean.

You can also use zippered encasement-style protectors with allergen filters etc. that can give the sleeper an extra layer of protection as well.

According to the manufacturer, you can even use a heating pad without risking any damage or voiding the warranty.

Layla is also in the process of launching a mattress protector on their site (may be available for sale by the time you are reading this).

Layla has also announced that in an effort to give customers even more comfort options, they will be soon launching a Copper Topper (added 2” of copper infused memory foam) which you can purchase and place on top of your Layla mattress.

How Do I Care For the Mattress?

Caring for the mattress, as with other memory foam mattresses, is easy.

a hand on the coverThe cover can be removed and dry-cleaned. But as a first line of defense Layla recommends a breathable, waterproof mattress protector.

Again, one of the unique features of Layla is that it can be flipped. So feel free to flip the mattress as much as you like.

However, Layla does recommend you rotate the mattress (ie switching head and foot keeping the same side) at least once every three months for a longer lasting bed.

Is There a Comfort Guarantee?

The return policy is very strong: 120 night free returns. Layla will coordinate your mattress to be picked up by a local charity.

Once your mattress is in the hands of someone needy (we found usual wait times to be as early as 1 day but no longer than 5 days), you will receive your full refund instantly.

What Is the Warranty Offered by Layla?

The Layla mattress has a lifetime warranty. According to them, you don’t really need a rhyme or reason for a warranty claim, they will pretty much service you no matter what as long as you haven’t mistreated the mattress. But we suggest you check out their warranty page for details.

From what we found, the only reason why you may be denied a mattress replacement is if your Layla was purchased for commercial use, in other words rental properties, motels, hotels or other non-authorized non-personal use.

How Much Does the Layla Cost?

For what you’re getting the Layla mattress is very attractive.  Actually, it delivers more value than the more famous, well established competitors.

Currently, Layla offers a discount of $100 + 2 free pillows! Just use our code TED at checkout to get these special prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$749$649
Cal King:$1,149$1,049

a happy Layla Sleep customer

As in the case of other new generation manufacturers like Saatva and Helix Sleep, Layla Beds are able to offer such a great price because they eliminate the middleman and ship directly to customers.

And of course, Layla offers free shipping and free returns.

We also appreciate that Layla contributes a portion of all sales to the San Francisco homeless shelters.

In summary, here is a quick list of its characteristics:


  • Soft and Firm in the same mattress (double sided)
  • 120 night risk-free trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Handcrafted in the USA


  • A bit of initial smell, but it dissipates very quickly

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Updated at December 5, 2021