Complete Lytton Plus Comfort Firm Mattress Review

The Lytton Plus Comfort Firm is an overall good option for those who want the best mattress that Lytton has to offer.

This mattress improves upon the Comfort Plush in a couple of aspects.

However, despite the fact that this model comes with an extra layer of foam to best support those with heavier body types, this model doesn’t offer much more benefits than the Comfort Plush from the same manufacturer.

On this page, we will cover what makes this mattress stand out, what differences it has from the Comfort Plush, break down the sizes and prices, and so on.

What Type of Mattress is the Lytton Plus Comfort Firm Mattress?

View of the lytton firm plus mattress This is a hybrid mattress that comes with both foam and a coil system.

This is great for those who want a nice level of firmness along with the ability to sink into the bed.

In particular, this mattress has a slightly higher level of all-around support than many other hybrid mattresses.

This is great for those with back pain since it will help keep your spine straight.

This hybrid mattress is great for those who want the benefits and comforts of plush foam balanced with nice adaptive support that covers all corners of the mattress. 

Why Is This Model Better than the Comfort Plush?

As briefly touched upon, the Lytton Plus Comfort Firm is definitely an improved version of the Comfort Plush from the same manufacturer.

However, these differences are not entirely drastic.

This mattress features an extra layer of foam and overall better support for heavier bodies. 

Therefore, this model is definitely best for two parties.

Those who want a little more support in their hybrid mattress and/or those who are a little heavier than average. 

How Firm is this Mattress?

This mattress is comparatively firm when we compare it to other hybrid mattresses.

On a scale from 1 to 10, the level of firmness this mattress has is a 7.5

The Comfort Plush from the same manufacturer, to put this in perspective, clocks in at a 5.5 out of 10.

This is why this mattress is a little better for heavier body types.

The higher level of firmness works well with the extra layer of foam to produce the comfort that you need.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

If you count the cover as a layer, this mattress comes with a total of 4 layers. The first two layers are made of foam.

The foam is where much of the mattress’ comfort features come into play. 

The first layer of foam is a gel memory foam that is designed to help the mattress stay cool.

The second, and a slightly thicker layer of foam, is directly underneath

The lytton firm plus mattress layers

The mattress is built with the following layers:

  1. Organic cotton cover
  2. 1-inch gel memory foam
  3. 3-inches of premium foam
  4. Quantum coil system

Does the Lytton Plus Comfort Firm Sleep Hot?

Since this is a hybrid mattress, it is naturally a little cooler than an all-foam mattress.

One of the reasons that this is the case is that the first layer of foam is specifically designed to control the temperature.

A typical foam mattress, on the other hand, will be a lot easier to sink into and create a pool of sweat while you sleep.

Since this mattress has a nice level of support and features to keep you cool, this is a great option for those who live in warmer clients and still want the comfort features that can come with foam.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

lytton firm plus mattress back alignment view

The motion transfer of this mattress is something worth mentioning. Since it has a coil system, it can easily bounce and wake up your partner while you move in your sleep.

The level of sinkage in this mattress is almost non-existent.

Although there is foam on the two top layers of this mattress, they are designed to be a lot firmer than average.

This is part of the reason why this mattress is recommended for those with heavier body types. 

Does it Have any Smell?

Just about any sort of new mattress that you purchase will typically come with some sort of smell that you will notice when you take it out of the packaging.

This model is not much different.

Although there is definitely a period where you will need to let the mattress air out, any sort of chemical smell should be gone within a couple of weeks or so. 

Does it Require a Foundation?

This mattress is designed to be used either with or without a foundation. Of course, it is always best to get a foundation if you want to best protect your mattress as well as make the most of it.

This mattress can be used with traditional foundations such as a box spring, metal frames, or even adjustable foundations. 

However, if you would prefer to make your own foundation or not use one altogether, you can do so confidently while knowing that the mattress will still hold up well.

What Type of Cover does it Have?

This mattress comes with an organic cover that is designed to be breathable and cool.

However, the cover is not removable.

This means that you will likely need to take special care of it and protect it from spills.

This is best done by using your own separate cover or an extra layer of sheets.

Lytton Plus Sizes and Prices

This mattress comes at all popular shapes and prices. These all come with a 100-night trial period and a 20-year warranty. 

As we write, these are the best available prices:

When you finish your purchase, you can also choose to put in organic luxury sheets, shredded memory foam pillows, apply for financing, and so on.

Lytton Plus Comfort Firm Mattress Review – Our Verdict

As a whole, this is a great option for those who want a high-quality hybrid mattress that is both great for heavier sleepers and relatively cool to sleep on.

This mattress combines the plush comfort of foam along with the firm support of a coil system.

As a whole, this hybrid mattress is a little firmer than many of the top competitors.

Therefore, we highly recommend this mattress for heavier folks that want a hybrid mattress that has enough support for common issues such as back pain, along with plenty of comfort features.

If you are still unsure what mattress to get, have a look at our Best Mattress Guide for more ideas!

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Updated at September 30, 2021