Full Metta Bed Mattress Review

Metta® Bed is a natural alternative to conventional, online mattresses.

Made with premium natural, botanical latex (which in this case means latex that is at least 95% pure), certified organic cotton, and certified organic wool, the Metta Bed mattress is entirely free from chemical fire retardants and synthetic flame barriers.

It is also GREENGUARD Gold certified for low emissions, VOCs, and pollutants, to help ensure indoor air quality as well as contribute to a healthy home environment (you can confirm this certification by clicking on the GREENGUARD Gold logo on the Metta Bed website).

Starting at just $799, with free shipping, and 0% financing available, Metta Bed delivers on the promise of comfort and safe, natural sleep affordably and
conveniently for the first time online.

In addition to this, Metta Bed offers three different comfort levels at the time of purchase (plush, medium or firm), then allows comfort to be adjusted as needed by way of a completely free, 120-night comfort layer exchange policy.

Furthermore, the mattress features a quilted zipper cover and two separate, 3” latex layers (total mattress height is 7”).

Also, the Metta Bed sleep system is simple, yet innovative featuring just three natural and certified organic materials: Natural, botanical latex, wool and cotton.

  • Natural latex: It is springy and supportive, and is used for support and comfort. (Note that most of the industry sleeps on latex. It’s known to be a premium material).
  • Wool fiber: It is within the quilted cover and helps you sleep cool by wicking moisture away from your body. It also acts as a natural flame barrier in place of fire retardant chemicals or synthetic fire barrier products. Also, it is interesting to note here that while this is not the only mattress that features wool as a replacement for a synthetic fire barrier or FR chemicals, the manufacturer of the Metta Bed mattress – OMI® – was the first company in America to pass flammability testing without synthetics and chemicals. That’s a really neat story.
  • Organic Cotton Fiber: This is naturally beautiful and breathable while also being soft and durable.

Metta Bed requires almost no assembly at all, it is easy to move and comfort adjustments are fast and simple (just swap a layer).

If you like, you can read more about OMI here.

Their founder wrote two books on safe, non-toxic sleep, and is considered a true pioneer in the sleep industry.

Known for an obsessive devotion to quality products that can be made responsibly without environmental impact, OMI isn’t your average manufacturer (and Metta Bed isn’t your average mattress).

What type of Mattress is the Metta Bed?

Metta Bed is a new, online, natural mattress-in-a-box brand that features premium natural and certified organic raw materials.

It is a high quality mattress from a known and trusted manufacturer.

With most online mattress brands still in their “infancy,” Metta Bed, while a new brand name itself, is backed by a 20-year warranty, from a company that has actually been in business for more than 20 years (something the startup brands simply cannot say).

the metta bed from the frontThe mattress is composed of 2, 3” premium natural latex layers, individually upholstered for longevity and ease of handling, and a quilted organic cotton and wool cover.

This natural alternative to the conventional bed-in-a-box is manufactured by OMI(a family-owned and operated manufacturer who introduced the first certified organic mattress in America), at OMI’s Eco-Factory.

The mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified which implies that it meet UL’s highest standard for low emissions, VOCs and pollutants, to help ensure indoor air quality as well as contribute to a healthy home environment.

The Metta Bed website explains more about GREENGUARD on their “Purity” page.

The cotton and wool fibers, fabrics, and threads used in the Metta Bed mattress, as well all of Metta Beds bedding accessories (sold separately) are handmade and certified organic to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

According to the Metta Bed website, “Materials and products displaying the GOTS label are produced under the watchful eye of independent organizations who regularly audit manufacturers and material producers to ensure strict compliance with the federal standards, from crop growth and harvesting all the way through to final production of textile products.”

How Firm is it?

The Metta Bed mattress is available in 3 different comfort levels – plush, medium, and firm.

But regardless of which comfort level you choose at the time of purchase, Metta Bed’s 120 night comfort layer exchange policy allows you to change the comfort of your mattress as needed – a great feature.

You should know though, that latex generally is considered to be more firm than memory foam or other conventional foams, and you should consider these mattresses to be a bit on the firm side overall.

How many Layers Does it Have?

the metta mattress' sectionThe Metta Bed mattress features two, 3” latex layers that are flat on both sides.

Does it Sleep Hot?

No, the Metta Bed mattress does not sleep hot!

It sleeps cool as almost all latex mattresses do.

In addition to this, the organic cotton fabric is very breathable and durable, and promotes airflow, while wool fiber fill that is found within the quilted cover wicks moisture away from your body.

This simple sleep system is designed by nature for cool sleep.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

As a latex mattress you should expect minimal motion transfer with Metta Bed.

As for sinkage, latex is springy generally and while you can expect surface comfort and a ‘cushiony’ feel, you don’t sink into latex.

Natural latex is a different feel all together than memory foam, and so you can expect to feel supported rather than cradled.

Does it Have any Smell?

As with most if not all latex mattresses, you can expect a slight, not harmful latex odor when the mattress is new and first opened.

However, this odor dissipates quickly, if you notice it at all.

And remember, the Metta Bed mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified, so any odors you do come into contact with, you know to not be harmful.

Latex odor is nothing like the chemical smell that is often experienced with conventional, synthetic polyurethane foam mattresses.

Does it Require a Foundation?

The Metta Bed mattress can work well with your existing foundation or platform bed so there is no need to purchase a separate foundation (see warranty for details), but should never be placed on the floor.

What type of Cover does it Have?

The mattress comes with a quilted, zipper cover that is made with certified organic cotton and wool.

the mattress' internal wool

The substantial zipper pull and chain are impressive (made from brass), and the zipper glides easily and effortlessly.

The zipper pull even includes a hand tied pull, which is really a classy touch.

Organic cotton fabric is not only durable and breathable but also naturally beautiful.

Additionally, quilting provides for a comfortable, ‘cushiony’ surface feel.

The quilted cover prevents shifting of fill over time to ensure a smooth and comfortable sleep surface for the life of your mattress (you generally find quilted covers on luxury products exclusively).

You can expect an “understated,” natural-looking cover and absolutely no contrasting zippers chains or bright colors.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Metta Bed Mattress?

According to the manufacturer, the Metta Bed mattress is designed for long-lasting performance without the need to ever be flipped or rotated.

The internal layers may be flipped, but are not required to be.

In addition to this, the Metta Bed mattress cover is not washable and should be spot cleaned only (consider the cover contains wool).

Also never use any bleach or harsh chemicals on the surface.

The manufacturer recommends a mattress pad to best protect the beauty of the Metta Bed mattress.


It doesn’t get much more durable than latex – known to be the premium mattress making component in the industry.

Additionally, Metta Bed features a 20-year warranty and it’s likely to outlast it.

This is a very well made product.

Size and Shipping

The Metta Bed mattress will be handmade to order in CA and shipped free to your door within 7 to 10 days.

Exact product dimensions are available at the manufacturers website, with helpful diagrams showing the shape of each size mattress.

In Queen, the Metta Bed mattress is 60” x 80” x 7” and has a shipping weight of 75 lbs.

In addition to this, Metta Bed mattresses are roll packed in a single box and include a copy of the warranty along with and an assembly guide (although really there is no assembly required).

It is quite easy and quick to set up your new Metta Bed mattress.

According to the website, all that you need to do is unpack the mattress and position it on a stable flat surface.

Then unroll the roll pack and carefully remove the plastic film.

Your mattress will immediately begin to expand and within a few minutes your new Metta Bed mattress will be fully expanded.

Place it on a properly supportive bed frame, foundation or box spring, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

120-Night Comfort Layer Exchange Program

The Metta Bed mattress describes the comfort guarantee program as follows:

Metta Bed features a custom-comfort system allowing you to change the comfort of your mattress from plush to medium to firm.

Two independent 3” natural latex layers can be interchanged or exchanged by way of a comfort guarantee program to ensure your mattress has just the right feel.

You can sleep on the mattress for as many as 120 nights (from the date of delivery).

If you are not completely satisfied with the comfort of your mattress, you can complete a comfort exchange request form to start the layer-exchange process.

Thinking about this program, it is clear that this is not a free mattress return program like you would see with most other brands.

When asked about this, Metta explained that they don’t believe in “returning” a product to the landfill, and prefer to fit a mattress to their customer if the feel isn’t quite right.

As an environmentally conscious company, this makes sense as too many mattresses are getting thrown away by other manufacturers.


The Metta Bed mattress comes with a prorated 20-year warranty that extends to the original purchaser of the mattress only.

a lady sewing the mattressThe Purchaser must retain a copy of the original order receipt as proof of purchase.

The warranty covers defects in the workmanship and material.

You should review the warranty that comes with your mattress, or visit the Metta Bed website for details.

How much does the Metta Bed Mattress cost?

The Metta Bed mattress is economically and competitively priced, if not under priced.

As a handmade product featuring premium natural and organic materials, this is a very different product than what you find at other online mattress sites.

At the time of this review, the following are the lowest prices we can find:

The Metta Bed Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The Metta Bed mattress is made by and backed by a top, experienced manufacturer – OMI.

The brand is new but the company has a long history in the mattress industry and manufacturers highly sought after luxury sleep products.

a happy girl on the Metta bedUnlike most online mattresses, Metta Bed is made with natural and certified organic materials to promote healthy sleep and limit exposure to pollutants that may off gas from conventional products.

You would be hard pressed to find a product of this quality at retail for less than $2500 or more and so you should consider Metta Bed a real value.

The mattress, starting at $899 in Twin size, is priced very competitively, in the same general range as conventional foam mattresses and memory foam competitors, despite being entirely different in terms of build and quality.

In addition to this, the mattress allows 3 different comfort levels – plush, medium, or firm, and is customizable by way of the company’s comfort layer exchange program.

The Metta Bed is quick and easy to assemble, and ready to use the same day it arrives.

Also, certified organic bedding accessories are available to complement your Metta Bed mattress and to build your perfect organic “nest”, and currently that includes sheets, pillows and a comforter.

The company also makes a mattress pad, but at the time of this review that product was not yet online for order.

With a dedicated team of caring, experts and professionals ready to assist you, the Metta Bed mattress is a category leader without question.

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