Full Modway Aveline Mattress Review

Modway is an arm of the Lexmod company, a large furniture designer and manufacturer based in the US.

Their furniture has been featured aon a veriety of industry publications and are the products of choice for many interior designers, architects and other specialists.

In this review we look at the Aveline, the most popular mattress manufactured by this brand.

What’s this Mattress Made Of?

The Modway Aveline is a memory foam mattress that comes as a “bed in a box.”

This means it’s literally shipped to you inside a box, which you then take it out of so it can inflate.

This usually doesn’t take too long, though, and before you know it this bad boy will be ready for sleep.

There are three different models of this mattress you can purchase: the 6”, the 8”, and the 10”.

These are all covered over with a diamond patterned stretch knit which should be fairly breathable as you lie down.

Beneath this, you’ll find two layers of memory foam: one on top that’s gel-infused, and one on the bottom that’s just a responsive polyurethane base foam.

In the 10”, you get 3” of gel-infused stuff on top and 7” of the base.

On the 8”, meanwhile, you get 2” of gel-infused memory foam and 6” of base, while the 6” gives you just 1.5” of the topmost layer and 4.5” inches of the bottom one.

How Much Does the Modway Aveline Cost?

The absolute biggest advantage to the Modway Aveline is almost certainly its price.

This thing is a true bargain – honestly, one of the best deals you’re likely to find anywhere on the market.

Image: Aveline mattress with the box it came in

Here are the prices you’ll be looking at if you decide to go for the 10” thickness:

This low price includes free shipping.

How Firm Is This Mattress?

The Modway Aveline is marketed as a “universal comfort” mattress, which means most people should find it fairly comfortable.

It’s designed to be soft enough that you won’t end up with any nasty pressure points from poorly-distributed weight, but not so soft that your back sinks in too far.

Most people are very happy with the firmness level on this mattress, which is probably somewhere around a six on the 1 to 10 mattress firmness scale.

There are, however, some complaints about it being too firm for some people’s tastes.

After all, there is no silver bullet to mattress comfort!

How Good Is Its Support?

One somewhat serious drawback to this mattress, however, is its support. 

Especially if you only opt for the Modway Aveline 8 or 6, you’re only getting 2 or 1.5 inches of that topmost layer of foam.

That’s thinner than many mattress toppers, so people at all on the heavier side may find themselves sinking all the way to the support core.

That’s obviously not good.

It can lead to feelings of being totally unsupported, making it feel like you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s a lot firmer than this actually is.

Heavier people will probably want to either opt for the 10” option or purchase this along with a mattress topper to avoid back pain.

How Good Is Its Temperature Regulation?

The upper foam layer of this mattress is made with gel-infused foam, which allows for a much cooler sleep than standard memory foam.

Image: cutout of the Aveline mattress

Gel allows a material to maintain a cooler temperature for a longer amount of time once you lie down.

Basically, it just takes more heat to get it to an uncomfortable temperature, so you should stay decently cool at least until you’ve finished drifting off.

The memory foam in this product is also open cell, which means that – unlike in closed-cell memory foam, which traps your body heat in tiny air pockets – air gets a chance to diffuse away from your body.

It’s also poked full of little holes for better ventilation.

Put it all together, and you’ve got a product with pretty solid airflow and basically no major complains about too-hot sleep.

Will There Be Any Chemical Smell?

Once you take this mattress out of its box, there will be a brief amount of time during which it will emit an unpleasant chemical smell (also known as “off gassing”).

This is typical of bed-in-a-box products, but thankfully, it really doesn’t last that long at all.

Most consumers found their mattress was smell-free within just a couple hours – so if you unpack this product sometime in the afternoon, it should be ready to sleep on before bed.

So while you can’t expect to just take this thing out of the box right before bed and go right to sleep, off gassing really should not be a serious issue.

How Is Its Motion Isolation?

Thanks to its classic memory foam construction, the Modway Aveline has pretty strong motion isolation.

One of the biggest advantages to working with memory foam is that it can usually absorb the movements of even the most restless sleeper.

It might not be quite as advanced as some of the higher-end products out there, but it gets the job done.

You’re no likely to feel anything if your partner gets up or shifts around much throughout the night, since if the foam is doing its job, all that movement will just get dissipated.  

How Bouncy Is the Modway Aveline?

On fairly minor disadvantage to this mattress is that it has basically no bounce.

Image: aveilne mattress

This is a pretty common issue with memory foam products, though some are definitely better at it than others.

There’s always a tradeoff, after all – you can either get some nice bounciness, or you can give a product with lightning-fast responsiveness that really lets sleepers sink in.

Obviously, Aveline opted for the second approach.

This isn’t really a priority for most sleepers, and you’ll probably be able to get along just fine without the kind of bounce you might be used to.

If bouncy memory foam is that big a deal to you, though, you might want to check out the Nectar mattress.

How are Modway’s Warranty and Trial Period?

This mattress comes with a fairly decent warranty policy, offering a full 10 years free of any kind of manufacturing defects.

That’s slightly on the shorter end of mattress warranties, but 10 years is still a pretty long time to go – especially for a product of this price!

One of the major downsides to this mattress, however, is that its producer does not list any kind of trial period on the mattress’s description, and we were not able to find this information in our research.

This is especially worrisome since it’s basically impossible to get this a bed back in its box after it’s been taken out.

Thankfully, Amazon does provide some consumer protection when it comes to returns, so hopefully, you should be able to return this product if you realize you don’t want it within 30 days of purchase.

However, if you think there’s a chance you might end up returning this product after you’ve bought it, it would likely be smartest to privately contact Modway before your purchase to double-check their policy on returns.

How Eco-Friendly Is the Aveline?

The Modway Aveline is CertiPUR-US certified, which means it’s guaranteed free of a lot of the most harmful chemicals certain memory foams may contain.

According to the product description,

“you can be sure it’s made without formaldehyde, heavy metals, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, and is low on VOC.”

Basically, this doesn’t have anything in it that’s likely to hurt you in any way, regardless of any medical conditions.

This is pretty standard as far as memory foam mattresses go.

How Big Is It?

As we’ve already mentioned, this product comes with three different thicknesses: 6”, 8”, and 10”.

Beyond that, it’s 80” in length by 60” in width for a queen-sized bed (which is industry standard).

One downside to this product is that it does have limited options when it comes to size.

All they have is twin, full, queen, and king.

Most people should have no issues with this, but if you’re in a dorm room with a bed frame already assigned to you, you might find yourself needing some of the funkier mattress sizes.

In that case, you’re unfortunately out of luck.

Modway Aveline Mattress Review – Our Verdict

All in all, the Modway Aveline mattress is a surprisingly high-quality product for such an affordable price.

It has about all the classic features you could hope for in a mattress, and the vast majority of reviewers offer overwhelmingly positive reviews.

To be sure, this isn’t the kind of luxury mattress you might someday dream of buying, but it really should get the job done.

This thing has a lot of seriously satisfied customers out there… so why not make the next one you?

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Updated at April 26, 2020