Full Nest Bedding BKB Review

The Nest Bedding BKB is a wonderful mattress for anybody who is seeking an affordable bed for their kids. 

Featuring a low price, this mattress manages to outcompete many other all-foam mattresses by supplying us here with a very affordable and overall high-quality bed for kids. 

The Nest Bedding BKB only comes in sizes which traditionally sleep one person, making it great for kids.

Anybody who has been seeking a high-quality mattress to give their children without spending too much money will see this a great option

On this page, we will break down everything that there is to know about the Nest Bedding BKB so that you can decide if this mattress will suit your needs or not.

What Type of Mattress is the Nest Bedding BKB?

A girl laying down on a Nest Bedding BKB

Anybody who wants a kid-friendly mattress is in for a treat with the Nest Bedding BKB.

Nest Bedding is the first company to bring a mattress-in-a-box product that is designed and priced just for kids. 

Since this is an all-foam mattress, this model is softer and plusher than your typical spring mattress.

If your child has been asking for a plush mattress that doesn’t have springs, this is probably the most affordable option you will find. 

Best of all, this doesn’t imply that the quality of this mattress took a big hit. 

This is a high-quality foam bed which serves as a great affordable option for kids.

Kid-Friendly Design & Sizes

Getting an all-foam mattress can sometimes imply that you need to pay an extra price.

The Nest Bedding BKB is one of the exceptions to this rule, though.

With such an affordable price ($499 for Full), this foam mattress will be an immediate top option for many people.

Before you decide whether or not to purchase this mattress, it’s imperative to understand that the largest size this mattress comes in is the Full size.

Even though this mattress is so affordable, the total number of size options are limited. 

How Firm is this Mattress?

Since this mattress is made exclusively with foam materials, it will have a softer feel than a typical spring mattress. 

It’s important to note that although this mattress is made with foam, it isn’t entirely thick though.

Compared to top foam mattresses, the Nest Bedding BKB only has a fraction of the total amount of foam. 

Although this mattress is softer than many spring mattresses, there are also many foam mattresses which come with more soft foam. 

How Many Layers Does it Have?

The layers inside the Nest Bedding BKB

With 7 total inches of thickness, the level of layers is where this mattress took the biggest hit.

There are only two layers of foam in this product, which is partly why this mattress is thinner than your typical all-foam bed. 

The mattress is covered with a simple cover that is made with a balance of cotton and polyester.

Underneath the cover, there are two different layers of foam which are where the comfort features come into play.

The most noteworthy layer is the layer of Energex foam, which is the softest portion of the bed’s two layers of foam.

The mattress is built with the following layers:

  1. Cotton & Polyester Cover
  2. 2.8 lb. Energex Foam
  3. Edge Support Base Foam

Does the Nest Bedding BKB Sleep Hot?

People who use all-foam mattresses like this one will be a lot more prone to having problems with sleeping hot.

This is due to the user sinking into the foam of the mattress, blocking airways for ventilation which would otherwise exist.

However, there are two reasons why this mattress sleeps cooler than your typical foam bed.

For starters, this mattress isn’t as thick as other foam mattresses, making it harder to sink into.

Then, this mattress is also designed to be firmer than many other foam beds, making it easier for the user to sleep on the top.

A girl jumping on a Nest Bedding BKB

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The level of motion transfer shouldn’t be as much of a concern if only one person sleeps on this mattress (as is intended). 

Regardless, the motion transfer is still minimal with this product. 

Slight movements don’t transfer all the way across the bed, and cups with liquids don’t spill when a user jumps on the opposite corner.

Additionally, although the user sinks pretty noticeably into this mattress, it is minimal. 

Does it Have any Smell?

Nest Bedding Mattresses are popular for having a natural manufacturing process.

The manufacturer makes a special effort to avoid the inclusion of any unnatural smell when your bed arrives fresh out of the box. 

This is our experience with the case with the Nest Bedding BKB too.

in the rare event that you receive a mattress with a smell, simply let it sit and air out for a week and it will be gone.

Does it Require a Foundation?

Due to the affordable price of this mattress, you might not consider getting a separate foundation.

After all, most mattresses (including this one) don’t require you to use any sort of foundation at all.

The people who will choose to use a foundation with this mattress will be those who wish to take proper care of their Nest Bedding BKB. 

Or, those who already have a base or foundation ready for use. 

What Type of Cover does it Have?

The cover included along with the Nest Bedding BKB has simple cotton and polyester composition.

Side view of the Nest Bedding BKB

It is also very thin, making it common for people to add on their own cover and layers on the top of the mattress.

In any case, keep in mind that the cover of the Nest Bedding BKB is one of the potential problem areas for you to be aware of.

To take some initiative, consider adding on your own cover or layers to ensure that the mattress stays both protected and comfortable.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Nest Bedding BKB?

As with just about any other purchase, it’s important to take proper care of your mattress to make it last as long as possible.

One thing you need to understand right away is that the included protection features on this mattress are a little below average. 

To counter this, simply throw on a separate cover to keep the mattress and the internal layers of foam free of dirt and germs.

If you are motivated enough, you can also vacuum this mattress for deeper cleaning. 

Nest Bedding BKB Mattress Durability

When you look at the price of the Nest Bedding BKB, the total level of durability will probably be less of a concern.

After all, you can buy several BKB mattresses for the price of one standard premium mattress.

Regardless, our friends at Nest Bedding still manage to include a limited lifetime warranty and a 100-night free trial period.

These should be enough for you to be happy with the total level of durability this mattress has.

However, when we look at the materials used in this mattress it is clear that the total level of quality that we expect in Nest Bedding mattresses didn’t take a large toll with the BKB. 

Mattress Sizes and Shipping Procedure

View of the Nest Bedding BKB next to its box

One of the reasons that people love Nest Bedding products is that they can come included with free shipping and handling. 

The catch here is that you need to live inside the mainland USA. 

Those who live in Alaska or Hawaii will not be eligible for free shipping, and will also need to wait a little longer than the standard shipping time.

Those who live in the United States will receive free shipping and have their mattress delivered within 7 business days. 

How Much Does the Nest Bedding BKB Cost?

If the price is your top concern, you are considering one of the best products.

This mattress features an extremely affordable price and availability in all smaller sizes.

The lowest prices we could find when writing this review are the following:

As we can see, the level of affordability that is offered by Nest Bedding with the BKB mattress is impressive. 

Nest Bedding BKB Review – Our Verdict

This is an overall great option for anybody who wants to find an affordable mattress which comes in sizes that are suitable for kids.

For this price ($499 for Full) you would have a difficult time finding a mattress that comes with high-quality foam like this one.

Due to the price and competitive specifications of this mattress, this should be a top option for anybody that wants a nice all-foam mattress for their child.

If you are still unsure if the Nest Bedding BKB is right for you, have a look at our Best Mattresses for Children to see some further ideas!

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Updated at June 5, 2020