Entire Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress Review

The Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress definitely holds true to its name.

Made with parts that are almost entirely organic and natural, Nest Bedding takes every single step imaginable to provide their customers with the ultimate eco-friendly bed here.

From the cover to the inner materials and latex foam included inside the coil system, it is designed to be completely organic.

Although the price of this mattress may be a little out of your budget, this is a wonderful example of a top-quality mattress which is arguably the best eco-friendly bed on the market. 

For additional information about the materials, have a look at our special guide to organic mattresses.

What Type of Mattress is the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress?

man sitting next to his Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress

This is a premium eco-friendly mattress which will be a top choice for anybody who wants a natural mattress and is willing to invest a little more than average.

The Certified Organic Mattress from Nest Bedding is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible while still providing the support and bounciness that come with a high-quality coil system. 

Although this mattress isn’t as affordable as some of the Best Mattresses on Amazon and various other marketplaces, it comes at a price which is arguably proportionate to the benefits you receive with the material quality. 

The inner coil system is surrounded by latex foam and placed in an organic cotton encasement, and also has a layer of latex foam both above and underneath the coils.

All-in-all, the mattress measures in at 12 inches thick. 

All Natural & Organic Materials Used

In order to create a product which many argue to be the best eco-friendly mattress on the market, various steps and production techniques are required.

For starters, a high-quality eco-friendly mattress like this which contains organic materials is very hard to come by.

As a result, anybody who is concerned with doing their part to help preserve the environment will love the design and manufacturing process of this mattress.

From the latex foam and covers used to provide support, comfort, and protection, all parts except for the coils are organic and natural.

How Firm is this Mattress?

Artistic view of the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress

Since this is a mattress that is made with an inner coil system, it offers the user the ability to feel like they are sleeping on top of the


In addition to this, coil systems tend to add some extra firmness and support to a mattress.

It is worth mentioning, though, that there are three different possible firmness settings: “Firm,” “Medium,” and “Plush.”

The “Plush” Settings tend to be soft enough to let you sink, whereas the “Firm” settings will keep you laying on top of the mattress. 

How Many Layers Does it Have?

This mattress has a nice blend of organic latex foam with an inner coil system.

The coil system is completely surrounded with organic latex foam and placed in an organic cotton encasement to add some extra comfort into the mattress.

With the exception of the coil system, all materials used in the design of this mattress are completely organic and natural.

From the cover to the layers of rubber latex foam inside the mattress, Nest Bedding really does a great job at using eco-friendly parts and materials.

Here are the layers of this mattress:

  1. Quilted Organic Wool
  2. Organic Natural Latex
  3. Pocket-Coil System
  4. Additional Layer of Latex foam
  5. Quilted Organic Cotton

Does the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress Sleep Hot?

When a mattress sleeps hotter than normal, it is usually a foam mattress where the user sinks in heavily into the mattress.

Since this mattress also contains a quality coil unit, it has the basic support to propel your body on top of the bed, rather than deep into it.

As a result, this mattress sleeps normally, and won’t spur you to produce a pile of sweat in your bed each night.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

texture of the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress cover

When you purchase a mattress with a coil system like this one, you will also tend to experience a little more motion transfer.

The same definitely holds true here. 

When two people share this mattress, the slightest movements tend to be transferred, but are also countered (minimally) by the layers of latex foam. 

The level of sinkage tends to depend on the firmness settings that you choose. 

Those who purchase a mattress with “Firm” settings will not sink too much into the mattress, whereas somebody with “Plush” settings will definitely sink in at a noticeable level. 

Does it Have any Smell?

When it comes to providing a natural and organic bed that is completely free of smell, then the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress is a great option for you to consider.

Since this mattress is processed in a facility where all steps are taken to avoid unnatural inclusions into their products such as what we witness with off-gassing, each mattress is smell-free.

If you are somehow able to receive a smell with your Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress, then it will go away within a week or so.

Just keep in mind that this won’t happen, and you will be free to use your brand new mattress right out of the box without any sort of lingering smell. 

Does it Require a Foundation?

In order to use a premium eco-friendly mattress like this one which comes at higher price than average, it’s important to use a foundation.

Although you can clearly get away without ever using a foundation with your Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress, this is not recommended.

Mattress foundations extend the life of your mattress by keeping them protected from unwanted harm and erosion from the ground. 

You can choose what type of foundation to use. This product supports adjustable bases, boxsprings, foundations, and any similar product. 

What Type of Cover does it Have?

This mattress comes with an organic cover which is made with organic wool and organic cotton.

The organic wool is used most prominently on the top layer of the mattress, whereas the organic cotton is placed more prominently on the bottom layer. 

The cover of this mattress is non-removable and designed to stay attached to the mattress for its entire life.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress?

There are two things that you should do right away after receiving this mattress should you want to ensure that it lives a long life.

For starters, make sure that you purchase a separate cover and place it over the mattress to add extra protection to the inner mattress components.

Next, place your mattress on a proper foundation that will keep it off the ground.

Make sure to vacuum, wipe down, and clean the mattress and sheets on a consistent basis and you should have minimal problems maintaining it. 

Durability of the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress

Side view of the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress

This bed features materials which are reasonably strong and capable of lasting a decade or so.

When you are finished using your mattress, it is completely recyclable since it is made with organic materials.

This mattress also comes with a lifetime warranty, granting you the peace of mind that it will be free of defects and problems throughout the entire life of it. 

All-in-all, the combination of the warranty along with basic know-how of cleanliness and mattress maintenance will be enough to help this mattress last plenty of time.

Mattress Sizes and Shipping Procedure

There is a reason that this mattress is priced a little higher than some other eco-friendly mattresses.

Due to the careful steps taken during the manufacturing process to ensure quality, it takes 7 to 10 business days for a single Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress to be produced and ready to ship.

Once you purchase your mattress, it will usually process and ship within a business day or so.

Those who live in the mainland USA, then your mattress will arrive free of charge within 2 to 5 business days.

Those who live in places like Alaska or Hawaii are not eligible for free shipping, and should also expect it to take a little bit longer to arrive at your door.

How Much Does the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress Cost?

As we have mentioned here, the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress is a top-quality eco-friendly mattress which contains parts which are exclusively natural and organic. 

The Nest Bedding manufacturers also take numerous steps to ensure that the mattress production process does nothing to harm the natural quality of the product.

As a result, expect to pay a little bit more to receive a top-quality eco-friendly mattress.

Currently, Nest Bedding offers a discount of $150! Just use our code TED150 at checkout to get these special prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$2,399$2,249
Cal King:$3,999$3,849

The level of firmness you want won’t have an effect on the price that you pay. Whether you want the “Plush,” “Medium,” or “Firm” settings, expect the same price. 

We like Nest Bedding very much because of the quality of their products and their consistently high reputation over the past many years.

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Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress is a great choice to consider if you have a high budget and want a premium eco-friendly mattress.

Arguably the best eco-friendly mattress, the interior of this product mixes both latex foam and a high-quality coil system to leave the customer with a bed which is both natural and comfortable.

Due to it’s price ($2,449 for Queen), you may not find that this mattress fits into your budget though.

Due to its design which adds both comfort and high-quality natural organic materials into the construction, the Nest Bedding Certified Organic Mattress is a wonderful choice to consider. 

If you want to see another great eco-friendly mattress which is a little more affordable, check out our Green Thyme Mattress Review.

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