Full Newton Baby Crib Mattress Review

Ready to get a mattress for your baby that is portable, easy to clean, and comfortable enough to last your child’s growing period? Then the Newton Baby Crib Mattress might be exactly what you are looking for.

This mattress is designed with some of the best safety features possible and has been tested by third-party sources for overall safety.

It is also very comfortable, plush, and supportive enough for your baby’s satisfaction. On this page, we will break down everything that you need to know about this mattress. 

What Type of Mattress is the Newton Baby Crib Mattress?

Newton Baby Crib MattressTo be clear, this mattress is not for adult use. This is a baby crib mattress that is designed to fit into your existing crib to provide a higher degree of comfort for your baby.

This mattress is designed with the fragile nature of babies in mind. For this reason, the manufacturers go through special hoops to ensure safety, including by getting a Greenguard Gold certification. 

This mattress has a nice balance between plush comfort and firmness to ensure that your baby sleeps peacefully all night long. 

100% Breathable

This mattress is designed to let air flow through all portions of the mattress. This helps ensure that your baby stays at a safe temperature all night. 

Adults don’t like sleeping on a mattress that easily heats up and leaves them in a pool of sweat. In the same manner, a baby also will not like this. 

Babies don’t have the privilege of informing you that their mattress is too hot. For this reason, it is a good idea to take the proper initiative and get a 100% breathable mattress like this one for your infant. 

Completely Washable

It would be very inconvenient as the parent to let your baby use a mattress that isn’t easy to clean. After all, we know how messy a baby can be!

The good news is that this mattress is designed to be very easy to clean. To wash the mattress, remove the cover and run it through the washing machine.

The mattress itself can be cleaned out in the shower all the way down to the core layers. Simply let it dry while standing up and then re-use it. 

How Many Layers Does it Have?Newton Baby Crib Mattress

This is a relatively simple mattress in design. In other words, there is not much going on when we look at the layers and composition of them.

The 3D cloud cover is soft and breathable. It is also removable, making the interior core easier to clean.

The core of the mattress is 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer. Both the cover and core work together to make the mattress breathable and easy to clean. 

Here are the official layers of this mattress:

  1. 3D cloud cover
  2. Wovenaire Core

Are There any Safety Features of this Mattress?

This mattress was tested in a CPSC accredited laboratory for overall safety and low chemical emissions.

This is a prestigious award that is only given out in rare circumstances to exceptional products such as this one.

Does it Have any Smell?

Off-gassing in adults is generally a lot safer to experience than it is for babies.

Especially when we consider the fact that the baby will not be able to easily voice their opinion if the mattress smell is uncomfortable. They will simply cry.

However, this mattress is designed to have no smell out of the package. Therefore, you won’t need to even worry about the potential for off-gassing.

What Size Cribs Can it Fit in?

Newton Baby Crib MattressThis is a standard crib mattress that will fit a minimum size of 27.25″ x 5.625″ crib. The mattress itself is 5.5″ thick.  

If you are unsure whether or not your crib is of a standard size, it is highly recommended that you take out a tape measure and ensure that this mattress will fit.

The weight of this mattress will not be an issue in most cribs since it only weighs 9 pounds. Make sure to check the weight capacity and size of your crib before

When the time comes to transition over to a toddler-sized bed, you can still use this mattress. Simply change out to a new foundation. 

What Type of Cover does it Have?

The mattress is made with a 3D cloud cover that is 100% polyester. This cover is both completely breathable and easy to wash.

Polyester is a great material for various purposes. For starters, polyester is resistant to liquids such as urine. This way, if the diaper doesn’t work there will still be protected.

Due to the small size of the mattress, the cover does not need to be removed in order to wash the mattress.

Firmness & Comfort Features

This mattress is designed to be firm enough for your baby to sleep on without sinking in too much. If the mattress was plusher, it could easily leave your baby with a sweaty back.

As a whole, this mattress is designed to have a nice balance between firmness and plush comfort.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Newton Baby crib in its Original version has the following prices:

Newton Baby Crib Mattress Review – Our Verdict

As a whole, this is a great mattress for anybody who wants their infant to be comfortable and safe during their sleep.

This mattress contains wonderful cleaning specifications that make accidents easily cleaned up.

It also fits into a standard size crib, making it have a one-step installation process. As a whole, this is a great option in terms of comfort, safety, and also for its reasonable price. 

Before you make your final purchase, be sure to read up on how to help your baby transition over to a toddler mattress when it is time.

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Updated at June 5, 2020