Full Nolah Original Mattress Review

In this review, we are evaluating the Nolah Original mattress, designed in their own foam material known as Nolah AirFoam.

They suffuse this foam with a plethora of tiny air pockets to support cooling. It is a comfortable and soft mattress that often absorbs and holds most of the heat.

The 10 inches memory foam offers pressure relief and enough cooling. It addresses common issues such as sleeping hot and slow responsiveness. Since health and sleep is extremely important, Nolah designed it in an exclusive way.

What Type Of Mattress Is the Nolah Original?

The Nolah Original mattress is a next-generation foam mattress that is superior to conventional memory foam on several points.

The award-winning mattress experts of Nolah have used their extensive background in mattress materials science to formulate today’s most advanced foam mattress technology.

Most notable is the fact that Nolah’s AirFoam is made without the heat-trapping Viscoelastic chemicals found in any memory foam.

This makes Nolah 100% temperature neutral and guaranteed not to trap in excess body heat as it’s a known issue with memory foam.

Secondly, since Nolah is made with Visco chemicals, it’s also significantly more durable than even the best memory foams and latex.

Lastly, due to the proprietary foam construction using billions of microscopic air capsules inside the foam, it’s proven to offer 4 times less peak pressure on the sleeper’s hip and back area resulting in better comfort than memory foam.

The unique technology used provides plenty of air pockets that allow air circulation all through the mattress layers.

It cradles your body and also provides definite support at the same time.

The cover design of the mattress is inspired by nature and Colorado mountains.

It indicates the sun rising above the horizon, and the wavy portrait of the mountains below.

It is truly original, and one of the only mattresses having a complete 360 degree encased luxury cover.

How Firm Is It?

It is universally comfortable and has a medium firmness. It is neither too soft nor too firm. It is just right, fitting any body shape and weight.

nolah mattress from the side

There is ample “give” whenever you push down onto it. The softness is good for side sleepers, but a little too soft for back sleepers. So if you are seeking a softer mattress, this can be the right choice.

The AirFoam foam is the soft upper 2” layer of the mattress.

For a heavier sleeper, the patented Avena support layer gives enough back and spine support for even the heaviest of sleepers up to 400 lbs per side.

How Many Layers Does It Have?

Nolah mattress has used the best yarns to create this mattress. It is made from natural viscose threads that absorb away moisture and expend excess body heat. This in turn provides more comfortable and cooler nights.

The cover is extremely sturdy and maintains its strength. The two inches top layer is the Nolah Air Foam.

The exclusive pressure relief foam makes up the sleep surface of the mattress. This layer provides an extremely comfortable feel. As it is not temperature sensitive, so it contours better to the body’s curves and shapes.

The one inch middle layer of the mattresses comfort layer is made up of specialty latex alternative known as Avena foam. It is more durable and stronger as compared to Latex.

In addition to this, it also provides a responsive and healthy bounce to keep you comfortable at sleep all night. The final layer is the 7 inches polyfoam bottom layer, which is the foundation foam.

This high density foam layer does a wonderful job of giving support to the back sleeper.

How Is Motion Transfer And Sinkage?

The foam acts like memory foam, curbing any extra movement.

There is negligible transfer of motion, making it a good mattress for relationships.

Does It Sleep Hot?

The 100% temperature neutral Nolah AirFoam combined with the breathable Avena foam provides plentiful air circulation through the foam that keeps the heat away.

nolah mattress review - from the front

It can shame any of the other memory foam mattresses for being sweaty and hot in time.

It does not use temperature sensitive foam, which is why it allows cool air to pass through it. The covering material also wicks the body moisture away to keep the temperature under control.

This in turn makes it a a perfect choice for the hotter areas like Florida.

Does The Nolah Original Mattress Smell When New?

You may experience a little off-gassing with this mattress. It may take a couple of hours before its smell leaves the room.

Nolah performs well regarding to off-gassing, and the foam is all CertiPUR-US certified as proof for being made without known harmful substances.

Does It Require A Foundation?

You can use the mattress on box springs, flat bed frames, slats, or even on the floor. You can decide that but you do not have to change anything in the room.

The mattress does not require any foundation particularly.

What Type Of Cover Does The Nolah Original Have?

It has a premium knitted viscose cover that is inspired by nature.

The covering material covers it on all the sides, with black cover at the bottom, and white on the top.

What Is The Best Way To Care For It?

The cover of the mattress is not removable, and it is single sided. However, it can be spot cleaned with the help of a mild soap. If you wash the cover material, it may distort and shrink.

There is no need to flip it as the layer are stacked to provide the right comfort on one side only. However, you can rotate it to ensure an even wear over the years.

How Durable Is The Nolah Mattress?

Nolah is one of the most durable all-foam mattresses, and it’s backed by a full 15-year non-prorated warranty.

Nolah mattress is 100% made in the USA. The covering material and the foam are all from the USA itself and offer high durability.

Size And Shipping

the nolah mattress is shipped in a box

It is available in the sizes- California king, queen, full, king, twin XL and twin.

It does not involve any expensive return fees or shipping costs. Shipping and return is totally on the company.

Zero Risk For About 120 Nights

Nolah wants you to be 100% happy and satisfied with their mattress.

And that is why, the company offers you the chance to sleep on it, relax and dream on it for up to 120 nights before you actually make your final purchase decision.

How Is The Warranty?

The warranty is one of the only non-prorated warranties in the industry.

It’s longer than most other warranties that are often pro-rated from the 11th year and forward.

With Nolah you get a full 15-year warranty, which is better than normal.

The warranty protects against any manufacturing damages or defects. It’s also better in terms of covering indents in the foam of 1” or more compared to most other online mattresses that only cover indents in the foam above 1.5”.

How Much Does The Nolah Mattress Cost?

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SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$799$699
Cal King:$1,149$999

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Nolah Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The Nolah mattress is truly unique and a next-generation foam mattress not being made from Memory Foam like almost all the other online mattresses.

Nolah uses a newer and better type of foam not made with the same heat-trapping chemicals as found in any Memory Foam.

The result is the only 100% temperature neutral all-foam mattress solving the “sleeping hot” issue most sleepers have with Memory Foam.

It’s also more durable and offers 4 times better pressure relief, making Nolah exceptionally ideal for side sleepers seeking a bit more comfort than your average foam mattress.

A rare benefit with Nolah is that fact that all their uniquely features such as better pressure relief, cooler, and more durable have been proven using performance testing methods.

Normally, we do not see proven claims for most mattresses, but Nolah has the results and performance nailed down better than any other mattress we reviewed in the past.

Thanks to years of experience in the industry, the Nolah Mattress manufacturers developed a good product with a general appeal.

Although it competes in the very crowded market of the bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Nolah receives plenty of positive reviews thanks to its good technology combined with quality and a unique, nature-inspired design.

If you are looking for an overall good memory foam mattress without the bells and whistles of some of its more expensive competitors, the Nolah can be right for you.

Otherwise, don’t forget to have a look at our revised Best Mattress Guide, where you’ll find plenty of great ideas.

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Updated at May 11, 2020