Full Novaform Comfort Grande 14″ Mattress Review

This review evaluates the Novaform Comfort Grande 14″ Mattress, which gets impressive ratings on Amazon.com and other review sites.

The claim is that with the Novaform Comfort Grande, you will always be softly supported without the excessively firm feel of the conventional innerspring mattresses, thereby resulting in optimal spinal alignment and better circulation.

What type of mattress is the Novaform Comfort Grande?

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The Novaform Comfort Grande 14″ is has been designed by experts in the sleep industry.

It is made up of three distinct layers that combine well to offer you a balance of long-lasting support, comfort, and consistent temperature.

Its ultra-soft cooling fabric draws away moisture and heat from your body to keep you dry and cool. At the same time, its middle layer allows for enhanced flow of air, thereby keeping you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

The responsive foam provides personalized support by responding to your body pressure.

All of the foams used in the mattress are made in the U.S, and here we will go a bit deeper into each layer.

To help fight the typical heat retention that is present in memory foam mattresses, Novaform has cool-sleep innovations mattresses like the Comfort Grande Plus that comes with gel-infused memory foam. This disperses the heat evenly throughout the memory foam bed while sleeping and cools down your body gradually.

Additionally, there is a 3-inch proprietary EVENcor GelPlus memory foam in the top comfort layer, which draws away heat and maintains the right temperature balance on the surface of the mattress. The gel memory foam also gives this medium-firm mattress the proper support to hug the sleeping and contour around his body without too much give or too much pressure. This way, the memory foam mattress cushions potential pressure points in the shoulders, back, and hips. It conforms to all body types and positions and is why this all-foam mattress is suitable for side sleepers, back, and stomach sleepers.

Combination sleepers will be delighted to know that this is an advanced back support mattress with motion isolation. So, even if you or your partner moves a lot throughout the night, the other one won’t feel the movement that much because of the unique foam density, which will result in a restful night’s sleep.

Underneath the comfort layer of support foam, there’s an additional 3-inch air channel support foam. This breathable fabric enhances the mattress’s softness and acts as a support layer that allows air to flow through. Its construction has a ridge-like design similar to an egg crate which boosts breathability – something that most all-foam mattresses lack.

These grooves in the model make the puffy mattress provide utmost pressure relief and with its advanced back support. It lifts the lower back and prevents the spine from sinking in too deeply. All Novaform mattresses from this line have a medium-firm feel or a 6 on the 10-point firmness scale.

In its support core, the memory foam is 8 inches thick and constructed of a high-density polyfoam that provides a durable support layer that maintains proper spinal alignment.

As most Novaform mattress models, the Comfort Grande is encased in a quilted cover. Note that these memory foam mattress models have a 14-inch profile, so that they will require deep-pocket sheets.

With so many pressure relief layers, compared to other Novaform mattresses and various memory foam beds, the Comfort Grande Plus is an excellent mattress at a below-average price point.

Sometimes when found in a Costco warehouse, you can spot incredible discounts on all Novaform beds too, so it’s worth being on the lookout when you want to replace your old mattress.

Despite being slightly heavier than some foam mattresses due to their extra height, the mattress has sturdy handles on each side that allow customers to move it more easily.

This mattress is available in five sizes:

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California king

Novaform does not offer a twin XL option for their Comfort Grande mattress.

How Firm is it?

the novaform comfort grande in a room

The firmness level of the mattress is on point as recommended by doctors worldwide, yet far less expensive than many orthopedic mattresses.

Many people purchase memory foam mattresses as they are plush and soft, but there are also firm mattresses that provide a lot of support in the same way.

The Novaform Comfort Grade is an example of how much stability you can enjoy from a foam mattress.

Typically people with poor circulation or back pain require a firmer mattress, and if you also fall in this category, you must give this mattress a try.

It is an ideal mattress for people who sleep on their back as its firmness level helps maintain a fairly flat sleeping surface and conforms to your body shape to support a natural spine alignment.

In addition to this, the mattress will feel comfortable for stomach sleepers, too, when combined with a comfy pillow.

On the other hand, people who sleep on their side may find it a bit too firm. So in case you are a side sleeper, it’s better to skip this mattress and go for a softer one.

How many Layers does it have?

the mattress' section

The Novaform Comfort Grade 14″ mattress is made up of 3 different layers. It has been specially constructed to alleviate tossing and turning by uniformly distributing body weight and phasing out pressure points.

The top of the mattress is a 3 inches gel memory foam layer, specifically designed to provide comfort. It offers cradling support that makes sure you have a restful night’s sleep.

The middle of the mattress is a 3 inches air channel foam layer that helps to regulate temperature. It serves to keep an optimal sleeping temperature.

The base is an 8 inches support foam layer that offers stability. In addition to this, it ensures longevity and firmness.

This is because it is specially designed to hold its shape over time, thereby phasing out the requirement to rotate or flip the mattress.

Layer Support By Body Weight

Here you can read about all sleeping positions and the comfort in each one depending on your body weight.

Side Sleepers

The Comfort Grande Plus Mattress is very suitable for side sleepers. This mattress’ support is quite comforting for the position thanks to the ample cushioning the memory foam provides around the shoulders and hips.

Additionally, according to many Novaform Mattress reviews, what makes their mattresses superb in terms of support is the gel-infused memory foam and air channel foam cushion. This combination softens pressure points while the 8-inch high-density polyfoam in the support core helps keep hips and spine aligned. Such 3-layer construction will prevent pressure buildup, and pressure relief is significant when it comes to waking up rested.

If you weigh 230 pounds or less, you will get enough cushioning and support from the Comfort Grande Plus Mattress.

If you weigh 130 pounds or less, you may require a slightly softer mattress for deeper contouring, as this particular mattress was designed for individuals between 130 and 230 pounds. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, you will feel the mattress softness too much, and your shoulders and hips won’t get the proper support; hence will sink in, making your spin unaligned.

On the scale of firmness, this mattress scores a supportive 6. This is a 10-point firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest.

Back Sleepers


Back sleepers under 130 pounds will experience a deep pressure relief with any of the medium-firm Novaform mattresses. Their memory foam models provide advanced back support and a medium-firm feel that has motion isolation and will support your spine throughout the night.

This memory foam mattress with its top layer with supportive features will help align the spine and contour to the lumbar zone for maximum pressure relief when sleeping on the back.

Suppose you are between 130 and 230, again. In that case, the memory foam models by Novaform will be an excellent choice because they will notice how their upper body is cushioned without all the causing excessive sagging.

However, if you are used to sleeping on firmer mattresses, then you might prefer one that delivers more support for the lumbar spine than this one.

People over 230 may not feel the proper support from this memory foam mattress because a 6 on the scale of firmness isn’t enough despite its 8-inch support core.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers of 130 pounds or under will get good support from the Comfort Grande Plus mattress and find that their hips don’t sink, allowing the midsection to be adequately aligned.

However, people sleeping on the stomach who weigh more than 140 pounds or those above 230 pounds will feel the overly soft Novaform mattresses and feel that their hips aren’t supported enough; hence they sink. This will put a lot of unwanted pressure on the lower back and an unhealthy spinal alignment.

Does it Sleep Hot?

The mattress does a great job of keeping all hot sleepers cooler than most other memory foam mattresses.

The middle layer of the mattress creates smaller air pockets that help to disperse heat without actually impacting its cradling effect.

In addition to this, the top layer of the mattress, which is a gel memory foam layer, offers an additional cooling effect.

Finally, the entire mattress is covered in a soft fabric that draws away body moisture and temperature.

What type of Cover does it have?

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The Novaform Comfort mattress cover comes in US standard Queen size.

It consists of gel beads that make it cool as well as comfortable while making it have a good experience.

You do not have to worry at all about the sinking or divots that some mattress covers give.

Complete with a mattress cover, it is an out-of-the-box, easy-to-use cover that is simple to clean as well.

Does it Have any Smell?

You may notice a meager ‘new’ smell initially when you unpack your mattress. However, this smell is harmless and will dissipate in a very short span of time.

It is recommended to give your Novaform Comfort Grande mattress some time to air out.

So if you have had any bad experience before with foam mattresses having some chemical odor, you will be delighted to know that this mattress has a very low odor compared to most of the other memory foam mattresses.

How to Care for The Mattress?

the cover

No part is machine washable, so it is recommended not to remove the mattress cover and spot-clean it with a damp cloth. For this, you need to follow the complete care instructions on the mattress’s label.

In addition to this, it is suggested not to flip your mattress, and for best performance, you can turn it occasionally on the other side.


The estimated shipping time of the mattress will be between 5 to 10 working days. An additional handling and shipping fee may be applied at check out.,

The company is committed to offering the best value to its customers, along with a risk-free 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on both the merchandise as well as the membership.

The mattress can be found online on various websites. It is available in a compressed, rolled-up bag within a box, which makes bringing your mattress home extremely easy.

All that you need to do is remove it from the box, unroll and let it return to its full size. While this may be a bit different from purchasing a regular mattress, it is undoubtedly a popular idea.

Since this process phases out the requirement of an expensive delivery and middlemen of having it moved to your room, you end up saving your energy and time.

No Risk-Free Sleep Trial

It is reasonable to expect that a period similar to several online sleep trials like 100 days will be available for the mattress, but it is not.

Amazon.com sets the conditions, and there is no sleep trial as opposed to other specialized mattress brands like Casper or Tuft & Needle, which offer quality products in the same price range.

According to the company’s website, it is also imperative to note that you need to return it to the store if you are not happy with the mattress.

And this can be a tedious task for some customers depending on the kind of vehicle they own and how far they are from the nearest store.


The mattress comes with a 20-year warranty against any kind of manufacturing defects. During this period, the company shall either replace or repair a defective mattress.

This implies that the company will replace equal or higher quality materials if a similar product is not available.

Moreover, products will be substituted only once during the warranty period, which will be valid from your purchase date.

However, this warranty only covers its foam and not the cover of the mattress. In addition to this, transportation linked with any replacement or repair is not covered in this warranty.

Some of the things that the warranty may not cover include comfort preference, slight body impressions, imperfections of the fabric cover, or any damage caused by improper care or use.

How Much Does It Cost?

The mattress is available at a price $1,499 on Amazon.com  for Queen size, which includes shipping and handling.

Again, it is not extremely expensive, but you can find much better products around this price, like the Nolah mattress.

Novaform Mattress Review 14″ – Our Verdict

Overall, Novaform Comfort Grande is a good mattress primarily for people who sleep on their backs.

It can distribute your body weight throughout the night and provide gentle support and comfort, resulting in pressure point relief, thereby providing you a good night’s sleep without any tossing and turning.

the novaform mattress on a wooden bedframe

By putting a specially developed FlexTech foam on its top layer, Novaform has designed a mattress that reacts positively to movement and body pressure.

The ultra-soft memory foam layer beneath offers cushiony comfort and evenly distributes your body weight to avert the pressure points leading to tossing and turning.

In addition to this, the top two layers of the mattress combine for a soft/medium feel without the deep cradling of foam.

The 10 inches base layer offers long-lasting durability, thereby eliminating the requirement of rotating or flipping.

All in all, the mattress not only offers comfort, longevity, and firmness but also ensures a restful night’s sleep at an accessible price point.

However, for a lower price, you can get the Nectar Sleep mattress, which outperforms the Novaform on most fronts.

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