Complete Purple Hybrid Mattress Review

In this review we look at the Purple Hybrid mattress. It is made by Purple, which today is a well known brand in the mattress space, thanks to its innovative technology and memorable marketing campaigns.

The biggest change we see from the Purple Mattress to the Purple Hybrid Mattress is the addition of coils for extra comfort.

As the mid-grade model right between the cheaper Purple Mattress and the more expensive Purple Hybrid Premier, this mattress is a good option for those looking for a mattress with extra support and more comfortable features.

Those that switch between a lot of positions while sleeping will generally love this mattress, as the coils offer bouncy yet soft support that keeps people from feeling stuck.

Because this mattress is made of polymer material instead of memory foam, sleepers find that the Purple Hybrid is much more responsive than what they’re used to.

What Type of Mattress is the Purple Hybrid Mattress?

view of the Purple Hybrid mattress with people on it

The Purple Grid is completely responsive and supportive without extreme pressure to sleepers.

In other words, we would recommend this bed for someone that enjoys a firm bed but doesn’t tend to have back pain or shoulder pain from sleeping.

Because the Purple Hybrid lacks relief aspects for these points, sleepers that need a solution should look to the Purple Hybrid Premier.

In addition, those who are seeking a cheaper alternative should check out the Purple Mattress.

How Firm is this Mattress?

One of the benefits of the Purple Hybrid is that there is no weight constriction.

Because of its support system, people of all different weights can be supported without feeling like they are bottoming out or getting pulled into the mattress.

As a whole, this mattress is firmer than some other hybrid mattresses. 

On the plus side, when you sit on the side of the mattress you won’t feel like you are going to fall off either – with suitable edge support, this is another plus for couples looking to shop for mattresses.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

the Purple Hybrid layers

The Purple Hybrid mattress has three layers.

  1. It starts with the base layer of coils that provide all of the new bounciness found in this model compared to the Purple Mattress.
  2. Next up is the transition layer, made up of poly foam that helps to cut between the grid and coil layers.
  3. Lastly, you’ll find the hyper-elastic polymer grid layer that is responsive, supportive, and breathable.

Just like the cheaper Purple Mattress, the Purple Hybrid contains 2” of the Purple Grid layer on top (and cushioned with the top cover).

Does the Purple Hybrid Mattress Sleep Hot?

Due to its Purple Grid, thousands of air pockets can transfer body heat out of the mattress.

Since there is a foam layer, though, there is still a noticeable level of heat buildup. 

Even though this brand tends to price their mattresses a little high, sleepers will still find value in the Purple Hybrid mattress’s grid structure and added comfort from the coils.

Alongside this, the Hybrid continues on the top-notch airflow benefit we see with the Purple Mattress.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

view of the Purple Hybrid mattress from the side with people on it

While you might be worried that with the addition of coils, there might be some added motion transfer in the Purple Hybrid – but you would be wrong.

The material of the top layer is what makes it so non-responsive.

The grid can deaden the movement from one side of the bed to the other, lessening the impact of having a restless sleeper beside you.

Sinkage is not an issue with the polymer grid system that Purple has patented.

When sitting or lying on the bed, your weight is fully supported and lifted by the mattress, so you don’t feel trapped inside of the mattress.

Does it Have any Smell?

For the most part, people don’t have an issue with a smell coming from their Purple Hybrid mattress.

If this does happen to you, setting it in a separate room and letting it air out for a few hours should make the smell go away.

Does it Require a Foundation?

While Purple does not recommend using a box spring for your mattresses, they do highly recommend some sort of foundation.

One small downside to this mattress is its weight – Purple Hybrid mattresses can weigh from about 80 pounds to 150 pounds, so it’s important to get a foundation that will properly support the total weight.

What Type of Cover does it Have?

view of the Purple Hybrid mattress from the top

The Purple Hybrid mattress comes with the Premier StretchMax Cover, a stretchy, comfortable fabric cover that doesn’t impede on the support of the Purple Grid while allowing air to continue flowing through.

As briefly mentioned, the cover is unfortunately not machine washable.

It is a good idea to shield the mattress with a proper cover, like the Purple Mattress Protector.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Mattress Durability

This mattress’s support coils increase the already extended longevity of the Purple Hybrid Mattress.

With the materials used in its construction and its 10-year warranty, you can expect to keep this mattress around long enough to appreciate the initial investment.

This mattress also has a 100-night in-home trial.

If you have any issues with the mattress or find any defects, you can go straight to the manufacturer for assistance!

How Much Does the Purple Hybrid Cost?

All of the Purple mattresses seem to be a little bit more expensive than what we see for other mattresses in the market.

Queen size is priced at $1,699

The main pricing difference, we can assume, can be attributed to the super-durable coils added into this model.

100-Night Risk-Free Trial

The company gives 100 days to see what you think of your new bed and get a full refund should you decide to return it.

view of the Purple Hybrid mattress in a box

The sleep trial is quite essential and you can expect the new mattress to feel different, and if you have been sleeping on the same bed for over 15 years, you are likely to notice that.

This is because the older and more accustomed you are to a certain feel the longer you take to adjust.

However, if you are still not happy with your new Purple mattress, you can return it within 100 days.

Furthermore, the company will send someone to your house to pick up the mattress at no extra charge.

There are no restocking fees.

The Purple Warranty

The company offers a 10 year warranty and it is also committed to offering superior product durability as well as quality so that you may accomplish healthful, comfortable rest.

The warranty is valid only if the buyer is an individual who thereafter uses the mattress for personal consumer use. However, the warranty no longer applies after any resale of the product whether new or used.

If the mattress is sold new in the USA by Purple or a Purple-authorized reseller, and is defective due to faulty materials or workmanship, the company warrants that, at Purple’s option, it will replace or repair the mattress.

The company undertakes no other responsibility and all other warranties, either express or implied including particularly the implied warranty of fitness for a specific purpose and the implied warranty of merchantability, are waived and disclaimed.

During normal, properly supported use, the warranty shall apply only if:

  • The materials of construction develop a visible indentation in the mattress greater than 1″ compared to the surrounding mattress areas after complete recovery from load.
  • If the materials of the mattress crack, split, or otherwise fail during normal use and normal handling which is in accordance with company’s care. This indentation must be of large enough width and length to be considered a body impression, and only applies to the bed and not to settling of the cover fiber-fill materials.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Review – Our Verdict

Overall this seems to be a good choice for a versatile combination of sleepers: back, stomach, side, and combo.

the mattress' label

With the extra responsiveness added with the coils, sleepers are better able to move around and switch positions at night than they could on the Purple Mattress.

With so many similarities and differences, we will leave the decision up to you to decide their total value!

If you are considering a cheaper alternative, check out the Purple Mattress!

Or if you prefer to look at other brands, check out our Best Mattress guide, freshly updated!

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Updated at September 30, 2021