ReST Bed Full Review

In this review we are evaluating the ReST Bed mattress.

A plush mattress that certainly affords consumers a wide range of innovative features and health benefits, the ReST Bed is every bit customizable as it is comfortable and appealing.

With its advanced technology, consumers are able to customize the firmness levels on five areas of the mattress that best suit their personal needs.

That’s right: you can determine the exact firmness of different areas, or let the system do it for you automatically while you sleep.

Its ability to sense individual pressure needs, along with its other innovative features, has contributed to the fact that, according to our data, this mattress is fast becoming one of the most favored and sought after mattresses of choice on the market today.

What Type of Mattress is the ReSt Bed?

The ReST Bed is a luxury smart bed mattress developed and manufactured with the most advanced technology and three layers of comfortable memory and gel foam that provide a good deal of comfort and feel.

The ReST Bed sports a stretch cover that holds and supports the sensors.

The sensors are fabric and require no wires, cables or outlets. In addition, the ReST Bed mattress is equipped with a unique air support system constructed with five separate air bladders to adjust firmness or softness levels as desired.

How Firm is it?

Unlike all the other mattresses available on the market today, the ReST Bed mattress, with its unique advanced technology, allows sleepers to customize the firmness levels of the five primary areas of the mattress which includes the head, shoulders, lumbar, hips and legs.

the rest bed in a roomThis technology automatically senses and responds to the required pressure levels.

As one can understand, this innovative feature, in and of itself, contributes greatly to the overall popularity of the ReST Bed mattress.

The construction and design of this luxury mattress is modular, which simply means that consumers can replace varied parts of the mattress as needed quite easily thereby increasing the life expectancy of the mattress overall.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

Quite a unique and advanced smart bed mattress, the ReST Bed easily molds and contours to your body, with its multiple firmness level customizations and its multiple layers of memory and gel foam:

  • the mattress' layersTop cover with sensors for maximized sensitivity and responsiveness
  • 1” of gel memory foam which provides a cool and comfortable surface
  • 2” of gel memory foam
  • 1” of polyfoam that provides additional support as well as a solid platform, and
  • The air support system, consisting of 5 different air chambers individually regulated

the ReST Bed presents with a unique, but solid design and construction that, according to our research, contributes to the above average rating it receives in this category.

How are Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The ReST Bed mattress, like many of the memory, latex and gel foam mattresses available on the market today, absorbs motion easily resulting from the layers of memory and gel foam on top of the mattress.

However, research revealed that the sensors inside the cover cause a bit of motion transfer, but still not enough to disturb your partner’s sleep.

Despite the slight motion transfer issue presented by the presence of fabric sensors, overall the ReST Bed mattress presented with a good rating on the motion transfer test.

Does it Sleep Hot?

Unlike most other memory foam mattresses on the market, the ReST Bed mattress does not tend to sleep warm, even in the summer months.

With its unique air flow design, air is continuously flowing thereby reducing the temperature as you sleep.

Does it have any Smell?

The ReST Bed mattress presents with no off gassing or smell, unlike many of the other memory, latex and gel foam mattresses on the market today.

Does It Require a Foundation?

The ReST Bed mattress requires the use of a stable and very supportive foundation.

It is important to use a frame that has a center support that is solid and strong. When purchasing a Queen sized ReST Bed mattress it is imperative that you have at least one center leg for support while the King Sized mattresses require at least two legs for support.

When setting up your foundation or frame, be certain that all legs are level before attempting to place your newly purchased ReST Bed mattress atop the foundation or frame.

What Type of Cover Does It Have?

the restbed coverThe ReST Bed mattress comes with a stretch cover constructed with highly durable Lycra material.

The cover is both soft and breathable and accommodates the 100% fabric sensors without producing any discomfort to sleepers.

The high grade sensor technology of the ReST Bed is, by far, the best all round pressure mapping system found in any mattress in the industry today.

When spot washing your cover simply use a mild detergent and cold water even for removal of stains.

For stains, rub the surface gently with circular motions and remember to never use any harsh chemicals or any type of bleach on your cover nor should you ever dry clean it.

What about Durability?

The ReSt Bed mattress is manufactured right here in the USA.

Data available to us during our review indicated that, with the modular design of the ReST Bed, the life expectancy of the overall bed is greater than that of typical memory, latex and gel foam mattresses since consumers can manually remove parts and order individual parts as needed thereby extending the overall lifespan of the bed.

Manufactured with superior quality control standards, the ReST Bed mattress complies with all industry standards and with its innovative features and automatic responsiveness the company believes consumers will find complete satisfaction with their top of the line, highly rated, smart bed mattress.

Our data revealed that consumers rated the ReST Bed mattress well above average in the durability category.

Size and Shipping

The ReST Bed is available in Twin XL, Queen, Eastern King, Split King, California King, and Split California King Sizes.

With a somewhat difficult setup, the ReST Bed requires a good deal of space and multiple electrical outlets for the unique air pumps.

Setup typically takes 30 to 60 minutes since there is quite a lot involved with this innovative smart bed mattress.


The ReST Bed presents with a 10 year pro-rated warranty.

Since ReST Bed mattresses are modular, replacement components typically resolve any issues that may arise over time and, therefore, the company does not normally replace the entire ReST Bed.

However, if you have the need to return your product, consumers must first contact the company’s customer service department and receive prior approval before doing so.

How Much Does the ReST Bed Cost?

For a short time you can get a discount of $600! Simply use our coupon code TedStacey in your shopping cart to enjoy these prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$3,799$3,199
Cal King:$5,599$4,999
Split King:$7,598$6,998
Split Cal King:$7,598$6,998

The mattress does come in on the much higher end of the price scale since it is, in fact, the first ever smart bed mattress designed and developed in the industry offering consumers advanced technology and a wide range of innovative features.

Despite its high cost, however, the ReST Bed has favorable consumer ratings on comfort, construction, innovativeness and overall satisfaction, making it a good buy for the money.

ReST Bed Review – Our Verdict

ReSt Bed offers a high quality, innovative mattress that best serves serious shoppers who are not concerned with the high cost of the mattress.

This expensive smart bed mattress comes with advanced technology that is unmatched in the industry.

lady looking at the rest bed data on a tabletFor consumers who are not leery of taking a chance on an innovative new concept in mattresses and have the money to purchase the ReST Bed, this mattress may very well be a good choice since it does offer a wide range of specialized features that offer consumers comfort levels and options that are not available on other memory, latex or foam mattresses.

Whether you are a couple looking for a unique mattress that affords you the opportunity features to customize each side of the mattress, an athlete that suffers from consistent soreness, a pain sufferer that needs a mattress that can be adjusted to provide firmness, softness or comfort to specific parts of your body, or just a consumer who values customizability because of multiple sleeping positions, then the ReST Bed is your mattress of choice.

With its advanced technology, automatic sensing and responsiveness to pressure, fabric sensors, and modular construction, the ReST Bed delivers features and benefits that definitely set it apart from industry competitors.

In addition, providing the utmost in comfort to athletes and those who live active lives, as well as typical pain sufferers and consumers in search of a customizable mattress, the ReST Bed is fast making its presence known in both the industry and the marketplace as well.

Overall, we think the ReST Bed is a good purchase option for those consumers who are not concerned about the price and are in search of a smart bed mattress. Don’t forget to use our coupon TedStacey for $600 off!

However, if you find the price is out of your range or you are just not certain it is the right mattress for you, then check out our Best Mattress Guide that offers a wide range of other mattresses available on the market today.

Stacey Morgan

Stacey Morgan


Stacey is the co-founder of Mattress Guides and continues to recommend and review countless mattresses. Together with Ted, Stacey makes sure that thousands of people are sleeping well and wake up healthy and ready for the day.

Updated at March 26, 2020