Full Brooklyn Bedding Rubix Mattress Review

Rubix is a custom bed from the renowned Brooklyn Bedding.

The top layers of this bed can be swapped for different firmness options, thus offering you a customizable sleep experience.

The bed comes with a unique Euro top that you can unzip so you can rearrange the top two layers.

For further details, you can read the review below and refer to this summary page for details about its warranty, sleep trial period, off-gassing, foundation, shipping, and returns.

What Type of Mattress is the Rubix?

The Rubix is a 14.5 inches of superior hybrid bed which comprises of foams as well as coils.

This bed comes with 3 different 2 inches of foam layers which vary in firmness levels.

These include – a firm, medium, and soft layer.

From there, you can select the two layers that you prefer to be included in the bed and further decide how exactly you wish to arrange them.

For instance, if you desire a very firm bed, you can select the firm and medium layers, and arrange them so that the firm layer is on the very top.

How Firm is it?

The Rubix mattress on a platform bed in a roomRegardless of the foam layers you select to pair, you will mostly feel the quilted, soft pillow top.

However, the 2 Energex foam layers along with the quilted topper offers a neutral-foam feel.

This implies that the mattress has more of a universal foam feel as compared to the bouncy feel offered by a latex bed or the conforming sensation offered by a memory foam mattress.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

The bed comprises of 6 layers which are as follows:

  • Quilted Topper: This is a 1.5 inches of quilted cover which is very plush and soft.
  • Second Layer: The company offers you three different 2 inches of Energex foam layers to select from.
  • Third Layer: This is a 2 inches of transition layer. It acts as a transition between the softer top layers and the firmer coils beneath.
  • Fourth Layer: This is a 6 inches of Ascension pocketed coils that serve as the chief support framework for the mattress. Depending on which mattress size you choose, the Rubix bed will contain about 1,024 individual coils.
  • Bottom Layer: This is a 1 inch of dense support foam layer. It also acts as a foundation for the pocketed coils above to rest on.

Does it Sleep Hot?

No, the Rubix bed does not sleep hot!

The breathable cover of the bed as well as the airflow through the pocketed coils help to keep the temperature of the bed neutral while you sleep, thus ensuring you do not get up sweaty.

How is Motion Isolation?

A perticular of the Rubix by Brooklyn BeddingAlthough the foams of this bed are responsive but they capture vibration at its source and inhibit most of it from moving across the mattress, thus faring well in this category.

In addition to this, the pocketed coils help to cut down on motion transfer.

However, you may feel some disturbance when your partner moves around at night, but the bed performs great for a hybrid model and will not keep you awake.

What Type of Cover Does it Have?

The cover of the Rubix bed is crafted from soft quilted material that helps to promote greater airflow for a cool night’s sleep.

How to Care for The Cover?

Although you can unzip the Rubix bed, but the company suggests you must not machine wash it.

In case you spill something on it, the company suggests you spot clean the affected area with warm and some mild detergent.

In addition to this, you can opt for a mattress protector in order to safeguard the bed from stains, spills, dirt, and dust.

What is the Price of the Rubix Mattress?

Given the high quality construction as well as the different firmness options of this bed, Rubix is certainly a solid value for users. More so now that Brooklyn Bedding is running a 20%-off promotion!

The current prices are as follows:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$949$759
Cal King:$1,499$1,199

Rubix Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The Rubix is a 14.5 inches of customizable superior hybrid bed.

What makes this mattress unique is that you can more or less personalize the top layers of this bed according to your personal sleep preferences.

The Rubix mattress seen from the front

The bed saves you the concern of choosing a level of firmness as the comfort foam layers of this bed can be adjusted.

Additionally, the mattress is a combination of coils and foam that offer the benefits of both materials, including the body conformance and comfort of foam with the bounce and airflow of coils.

It also fares well in motion transfer and does not sleep hot.

In addition to this, the Rubix bed comes with a 10 year warranty, free shipping, 120 night free sleep trial – all of that at an economical price, thus making it a great choice to consider.

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Stacey Morgan


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Updated at September 17, 2020