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Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge Ratings

  • Motion Isolation
  • Heat Dispersion
  • Lifespan
  • Warranty
  • Price


The Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge mattress is a great combination between the most modern technology and Serta's long experience in the high-quality space. The result is a mattress easily adapted to most sleepers carrying a very reasonable price.


  • Great technology provides comfort at all levels
  • Very good motion isolation for a spring mattress
  • Longer lifespan than average
  • Competitive price - DISCONTINUED


  • Must use a frame or foundation
  • A bit delicate
  • Warranty could be more forgiving

Full Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge Mattress Review

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge mattress is an advanced coil mattress using the latest in gel, memory foam and coil technology to deliver a full night’s rest. Serta designed the Canyon Ridge in coordination with the National Sleep Foundation to address common sleep problems. This is a premium mattress that delivers consistent sleep night after night.

What Type of Mattress is the Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge?

The Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge is a luxury combination mattress that was designed by Serta in cooperation with the National Sleep Foundation to address the 5 most common sleep problems:

  1. National Sleep Foundation logoTossing & Turning
  2. Lack of Support
  3. Sleeping Too Hot or Too Cold
  4. Partner Disturbance
  5. Mattress Sagging or Roll-Off

The Canyon Ridge uses a combination of gel memory foam, soft memory foam, and progressive rate spring coil technology to address every one of these sleep problems.

How Firm is the Canyon Ridge?

The Canyon Ridge is a medium firmness mattress that feels comfortable to people looking for a soft feeling mattress, yet want to have enough back support to address chronic back pain. This is a comfortable mattress for side sleepers that want spinal and neck support, as the top layer of soft memory foam compresses enough to match body curves.

Likewise, the soft memory foam cradles the body so a side sleeper will not have their torso leaning forward or backwards, causing severe neck pain in the morning.

This is also a fantastic mattress for back sleepers that need spinal support but do not want to feel like the mattress is pushing against them. The combination technology provides the optimal level of support, while remaining comfortable. Stomach sleepers would probably want to avoid this bed as it is a bit more firm than most would like.

Does the Canyon Ridge Provide Good Motion Isolation?

The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress in a nice roomOne of the 5 most common sleep problems is partner disturbance caused by a lack of motion isolation in the mattress. Serta addressed this issue with a patented and exclusive TrueSense coil design. This spring coil design has a progressive spring rate, meaning as it is compressed it gets stiffer. The TrueSense coils get stiffer as the coil is compressed 33% and each spring is suspended within the mattress independently.

In addition, there are 825 spring packs, which keeps motion at one spot within the mattress. The technology in the Canyon Ridge virtually eliminates all motion transfer through the mattress.

However, motion can still be transferred through linens, so it is always a good choice to select bedding that fits the mattress well.

Will the Mattress Become Hot or Stay Cool?

Another common sleep problem addressed by Serta with the Perfect Sleeper Canyon Ridge is becoming too hot while on the mattress. It is also very common for people to develop night sweats from being too hot or too cold (needing to cover), which simply compounds the problem. Serta came up with two solutions, which combined make the mattress very effective in keeping the temperature under control:

  1. The first piece of technology used by Serta for this issue is Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam, which is a liquid-enhanced gel memory foam that is designed to dissipate heat away from the body. The liquid can absorb a lot more heat than a solid can, which promotes a balanced sleep temperature.
  2. The second piece of technology is the SmartSurface fabric technology with Cool Balance, which allows air to flow through it.

How Long Will A Serta Mattress Remain Usable?

Serta mattresses are high quality and are known throughout the industry for some of the longest lasting mattresses. The company projects the Canyon Ridge will remain usable for 20 years and offers a matching 20 year limited warranty to complement this lifespan.

A typical coil mattress will remain serviceable for anywhere from 10 to 15 years, so at the minimum the Canyon Ridge will last 33% longer than average.

Does the Canyon Ridge Have Any Smell When New?

No. The combination technology in the Canyon Ridge will not smell or require an off-gassing or ventilation period upon delivery. The Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam and soft support memory foam are produced in a proprietary process that eliminates any smell that is typical of other memory foam mattresses. The addition of the TrueSense coil spring layer helps provide airflow throughout the mattress, so no smell can accumulate even when stored.

The mattress is delivered in a breathable membrane that keeps moisture from penetrating, yet allows for ventilation so no mold or other pathogens can grow with moisture buildup, which is a common issue that causes an unpleasant smell.

How is the Canyon Ridge Layered?

  • Section of the serta mattressThe top layer of the mattress is a European-style pillow top, called SmartSurface with MicroSupport Gel. This layer provides pressure relief comfort and therapeutic back support, while providing heat dissipation technology to maintain a balanced sleep temperature.
  • The second layer is the Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam, designed to get rid of the body heat very efficiently
  • Next is a layer of extra deep soft memory foam that gently cradles the body.
  • Below this is the TrueSense coil spring layer that promotes complete back support, motion isolation, air flow and comfort.

How Big is the Canyon Ridge? What Sizes are Available?

There are six different mattress sizes available:

Twin – 38” x 74.5”
Twin – XL 38” x 79.5”
Full – 53” x 74.5”
Queen – 60” x 79.5”
King – 76” x 79.5”
Cal King – 72” x 83.5”

The mattress thickness is 14.5 inches. The Queen and both King-sized mattress are offered in split mattresses. This feature allows for delivery into any room so there is never any issue with the mattress not being able to fit into a room. This feature is only for delivery and it will not take away from the performance of the mattress nor will the split ever be felt.

Does it Need a Bed Frame or Foundation?

Serta requires Queen and King-sized models to be supported with a bed frame or foundation, but this is not required for the other models. The warranty requires bed frames to have a center support brace that is supported by legs on either the center of the brace or on the sides of the frame. If the bed frame uses wooden slats, the center slat must have a leg to support the mattress. There is no requirement for a box spring.

Does the Canyon Ridge Need a Mattress Pad?

No, but the use of a mattress pad is not prohibited by the warranty. On the contrary, the use of a good transpirant pad helps protect against soiling which could void the warranty. Serta actually suggest to use a mattress protector in any case, to extend the fabric’s lifespan.

How do I Care for the Canyon Ridge?

Sheep sleeping on a serta mattressThe Canyon Ridge can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The use of cleaning fluids, including soap, will void the warranty because they may damage the fabric and materials in the mattress. When cleaning the mattress, lightly dab the damp cloth on the soiled area, but do not press down hard so the water will penetrate into the mattress. Water penetration or other liquid penetration will cause the materials to compress, which will result in damage that can invalidate the warranty.

The mattress cannot be flipped as it has a distinct top and bottom, but can be rotated as you wish. Normally, it is suggested to rotate once every 6 months.

What is the Warranty Offered by Serta?

Serta offers a 20 year limited warranty on the Canyon Ridge. The mattress will be replaced or repaired at no charge, exclusive of transportation and inspection charges, for material, structural or construction defects for a period of 15 years. This also covers body impressions and sagging of more than 1.5 inches. After 15 years, the cost to repair or replace the mattress is limited to 1/20th the dealer price, times number of years from purchase date.

The warranty is completely void if electric blankets are used on the mattress or if a person smokes on the mattress.

Here is Serta’s Warranty Brochure with some additional information.

How Much Does the Canyon Ridge Cost?

Although the official Serta list price is above $1,200 we have found a great offer at Amazon for about $900. That’s about 25% discount which considering the quality and popularity of this mattress, combined with Serta’s strong reputation, is a very good bargain.

The price includes “enhanced delivery”, which is a fancy name meaning that they’ll bring the mattress to the room you want and get rid of the packaging material, if you don’t want to keep it.

In case this is not the mattress for you, make sure to check out our updated guide for this year’s best mattresses: there are plenty of great alternatives!


  • Technology laden mattress that addresses major sleep issues
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Mattress maintains balanced temperature
  • Competitive price


  • It needs a bed frame or foundation for Queen and King sizes
  • It’s somewhat delicate and the warranty is easily voided
  • May not be soft enough for stomach sleepers

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Updated at March 26, 2020