Full Signature Sleep Reset Mattress Review

The Signature Sleep Reset bed is a latest innovation by Signature Sleep.

This mattress is designed to boost quality sleep which in turn boosts a quality lifestyle.

Additionally, the bed comes with a unique Nanobionic technology which is a patented high-tech coating that transforms the heat of your body into Far Infrared Rays and further reflects these rays back to your body.

Thus, it helps to recycle the body’s energy, thereby minimizing cold hands and feet, optimizing thermoregulation, and promoting faster recovery from your daily life.

What Type of Mattress is the Signature Sleep Reset?

The Signature Sleep Reset is a Nanobionic bed which is crafted with next Gen bio-functional material that helps to enhance the overall energy of the body.

The 12″ memory foam mattress offers everything you desire for a comfortable night’s sleep – support, pressure point relief, durability, airflow, and density.

The Reset mattress by Signature Sleep in a roomIdeal for those sleepers who are active, this bed also has Talalay latex for pressure relief, responsive comfort as well as support from the pocketed coils.

Not only the bed is crafted with several layers of comfort, but each one of it has its own objective and also claims to help the body recover while sleeping, so that you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

In addition to this, it comprises of charcoal suffused memory foam layer that helps you wake up feeling restored.

Also, the unique Nanobionic technology keeps you cool during the night.

All these layers function together to offer balanced support while you slumber.

How Firm is the Reset Mattress?

The Signature Sleep Reset bed comes with a firm level of comfort and offers optimal pressure point relief.

In addition to this, it distributes weight uniformly, thus providing balanced support no matter how much you move during the night while sleeping.

This in turn supports your hips and spine, thus preventing any orthopaedic problems.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

This is a 12″ bed which is made up of several layers.

It is crafted with 4 different layers in its pillow top which utilizes convoluted foam that offers great pressure point relief while also promoting breathability and airflow.

The gel suffused memory foam and charcoal layer regulates body temperature and offers a cooler sleep surface.

Next is a Talalay latex layer that allows free flow of air, thus drawing heat away from the body and allowing you to sleep cool.

Following, is the core of the bed that is constructed with independently encased coils that not only alleviate motion transfer but also relieve pressure, contributing to a restored sleep.

Does the Reset Mattress Sleep Hot?

The mattress close-upNo, the Signature Sleep Reset bed does not sleep hot as it incorporates a unique Nanobionic technology!

This technology converts the heat of the body to infra red light that helps to soothe your body so that you feel more refreshed.

In addition to this, it uses natural Talalay latex that allows superior flow of air, thus enabling you to sleep cool.

Also, the bed uses charcoal that helps to regulate the temperature of the bed, allowing you to enjoy a restful and cool night’s sleep.

How is Motion Isolation?

The Signature Sleep Reset bed fares well in this category.

The independently encased coils help to isolate motion well so that your partner does not get disturbed.

In addition to this, the waterfall edge design offers the freedom to move around without disturbing the other partner while sleeping during the night.

Is There Any Off-Gassing Or Smell?

No, there is no off-gassing or smell!

The Signature Sleep mattress on a white backgroundThe bed incorporates gel suffused memory foam as well as charcoal that helps to eliminate any odors.

Furthermore, it is CertiPUR-US certified, which implies that the mattress is crafted without the use of any harmful chemicals such as, mercury, lead, flame retardants, phthalates, formaldehyde, ozone depleters, and other heavy metals.

The foams used in the mattress are tested as well as certified to meet specific criteria for indoor emissions, performance, and environmental stewardship.

Does It Require A Specific Foundation?

No, it does not require a particular foundation but the use of an improper one may invalidate the company’s warranty.

It is recommended that you must use a matching foundation which is supportive and rigid.

Also, you can use the bed directly on a slatted bed system, making sure that the slats do not have gaps wider than 3 inches.

California King, King, and Queen platform beds as well as slat system bed-frames used for your Signature Sleep Reset mattress require at least one middle support beam.

What Type of Cover Does it Have?

The Rest's Nanobionic coverThe cover of the bed comes with a Nanobionic technology that has been scientifically shown to help soothe muscles.

Also, the cover is soft and made up of breathable knit fabric which is non-removable.

How to Care for The Cover?

It is quite simple and easy to care for the cover.

Since it is non-removable, the company recommends spot cleaning method in case you accidentally spill something over it.

All that you are required to do is apply some warm water and a mild detergent on the affected area.

In addition to this, it is recommended to use a mattress protector so as to safeguard the cover from dust and dirt.

You can also rotate the bed after every 6 months.

Size & Shipping

The bed is shipped free of cost in a few days.

It is rolled, compressed, and finally vacuum-sealed in a box.

Also, once you receive the bed, it is quite easy and simple to assemble it.

All that you need to do is remove the mattress from the box, place it at a desired location, cut its outer bag, and let it expand completely.

The bed may take about a couple of days to expand fully.

Also, air it for a few hours after unwrapping the mattress.

No Sleep Trial Period

The company does not offer any sleep trial period.

If you buy through Amazon.com, you can get their usual 30-day return period, but you’ll have to pay for shipping yourself, which will be expensive.

Signature Sleep Reset Warranty

The Signature Sleep Reset comes with a 1 year limited warranty and the company warranties the bed to be free from flaws in workmanship as well as materials.

This warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of defective parts.

The company’s warranty begins from the original date of purchase.

Also, it does not apply to the bed that has been improperly used; subjected to abuse or misuse, or which has been repaired or altered in any law.

The following defects are warrantied:

  • Body indention or sagging that measures either 1.5″ and/or greater, providing that the bed has been properly handled and supported by a correct foundation as well as proper bed frame.
  • Any physical flaw in the bed that causes its material to crack or split, despite appropriate handling and normal usage.
  • Wires that are loose, broken, or protruding through the fabric.
  • Any manufacturing flaw in the zipper assembly of the bed’s cover.

We consider a warranty of just 1 year to be very short for a mattress at this price level.

What is the Price of the Signature Sleep Reset Mattress?

With Queen size at Out of stock!, the Reset is relatively expensive when compared to other comparable mattresses, such as the Nest Alexander signature Hybrid or the Helix Series.

The bed is available just in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes.

Signature Sleep Reset Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The Signature Sleep Reset is a 12″ four layered memory foam mattress that comes with a unique Nanobionic technology.

The Signature Sleep Reset reviewed on a white carpetThe company offers comfort without compromising on quality, thus providing a durable and economical product.

The unique technology incorporated in the bed helps to relax tired muscles, improve recovery time, and boost flow of blood.

The multilayer bed provides everything you love in a conventional memory foam bed and also brings it to the next level.

The Talalay latex brings about ventilation, thus preventing any build-up of molds, bacteria, and mites.

Additionally, the gel-suffused memory foam and charcoal not only keep your bed cool but also odor-free.

Furthermore, the coils in the bottom minimize transfer of motion and also offer an edge to edge support.

However, the very short warranty and lack of free trial make it a riskier investment than what we like, considering that there are good alternatives with better terms.

About Signature Sleep

Signature Sleep is a well-known cost-efficient mattress brand.

The Signature Sleep Reset as well as the Signature Sleep Honest are the newest innovations by the company.

Both the beds are low priced and made up of quality materials that are keeping Signature Sleep at the forefront in the mattress industry.

Thus, the company has recently moved from a relatively unknown bedding brand to one of the bestsellers.

Both the beds are economical as the company sells directly online, thus eliminating the middlemen.

Additionally, both the beds offer several benefits, including sufficient support, comfort, pressure point relief, and motion isolation.

However, both differ from each other in their firmness and cover.

The Signature Sleep Reset bed offers a firm level of comfort and its cover comes with a Nanobionic technology.

On the other hand, the Signature Sleep Honest offers a medium level of firmness and its cover comprises of Aloe Vera which offers moisture to all the layers of your skin.

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Updated at March 26, 2020